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T&T drawn with Honduras and Martinique for inaugural Concacaf Nations League

Trinidad and Tobago will tangle with Honduras and Martinique at the inaugural Concacaf Nations League, which kicks off this September. The Soca Warriors were pitted with the aforementioned football nations in Group C at the draw for the competition, which was held last night at The Chelsea in Las Vegas.

The three nations will square off in home and away fixtures at unconfirmed dates in September, October and November. The group winner advances to a semifinal and final round in March 2020 while the bottom team will drop into the lower tier.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago right back Alvin Jones (left) lunges into a tackle on Honduras forward Carlo Costly during 2018 World Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 1 September 2017.
(Copyright AFP 2017/Alva Viarrruel)

The Nations League was created to increase the frequency and competitiveness of matches between FIFA member associations and involve all nations within each confederation. In Concacaf, the 41 members are divided into three tiers with the six nations from the 2018 World Cup qualifying Hex automatically drawn in League A along with Haiti, Bermuda, Canada, Cuba, Curaçao and Martinique.

Incidentally, Trinidad and Tobago’s great regional rival, Jamaica, failed to qualify for the top tier and are in League B, while Barbados, who recently hired former World Cup 2006 player Russell Latapy as their head coach, are in League C.

The group winners in each tier advance to a semifinal and final round in March 2020 with cash prizes and bragging rights at stake. The four group winners in Group B and C will automatically move up one tier while the bottom placed finishers in Group A and B drop into the lower rung.

Warriors head coach Dennis Lawrence told TTFA Media that he was pleased with the draw.

“It’s a very good draw and even playing field for all as in the modern game there are no strong or weak teams. It makes for an exciting and hopefully entertaining Nations League for all.”

Trinidad and Tobago lost home and away clashes with Honduras during the 2018 World Cup qualifying series—inclusive of a 2-1 loss in Couva under Lawrence—while Martinique eliminated the Warriors from the 2017 Gold Cup qualifying series under Lawrence’s predecessor, Stephen Hart.

Photo: The draw for the 2019-20 Concacaf Nations League.

Lawrence led the twin island republic to a goalless draw away to Martinique last year; however, Trinidad and Tobago have not defeated either team since a 2-0 win over Honduras at the 2013 Gold Cup.

At present, the Warriors are preparing for the June 2019 Gold Cup with the Concacaf draw for the competition scheduled for 10 April in Los Angeles. Trinidad and Tobago lost 1-0 to a weakened Wales team in an international friendly in Wrexham on 24 March and are back in action on 29 May when they play Venezuela in Caracas.

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  1. Dan, if u all have nothing to say about the coach of my beloved country, u all should step back and watch ah professional coach, coach the team cuz right now he is the best around, and these results we are getting is good result dispite we lost but thing gone turn around real soon.

  2. Since May 29th is not a FIFA date, ah wonder what kinda lineup we go see for both sides for dat game vs Venezuela?

    • Nigel Myers Well that is obvious the Coach will finally have to give the players in our pro league and maybe some younger youth players who isn’t on contract as yet to be seen no matter if Venuezela beat us up 22 – 0 because right now it isn’t about the loosing because as I said before he will continue to be the most loosing Coach because as you know the 30 million dollars debt that the TFFA have cant afford a real professional coach abroad or Coach Terry Fenwick and if you remember I also said that it is long overdue that we have a real bomb squad team at home because these are the players that is trying to get a professional contact abroad and they will always be more hungrier than the ones who has already make it in the professional leagues abroad Them really good yes

  3. I see we getting a friendly against Venezuela

  4. Tom saintfiet was coach when we lost to Martinique. … Hart was already fired Lasana Liburd

  5. This is as good a group as we can hope to get. But before we get ahead of ourselves, remember that we have a losing record against Honduras. We have only beaten them 3 times in 18 meetings, with one win in the last 15 years. We also have a losing record against Martinique, only beating them 3 times in the last 10 meetings, last victory coming in 2010.

  6. Big game tt vs venezuela ,and plz dont stop bringin these type of game

  7. Lasana Liburd I’ll reserve my comment to a date to be announced

  8. The “easiest” of the 1 seeds, with Honduras being theoretically weaker than the usual big 3.

    Martinique will be a pain.

    We should be beating both teams at the Ato Boldon though

    • last time we were supposed to beat Honduras there, I cried in my car for an hour

    • Brendon Romero Correct. Men counting points but that is foolhardy.

    • Daniel J. Ringis Every time we should do this and should do that eh and it is always back to the drawing board eh and I will keep on saying until we acquire prolific goal scorers like my baller for life Cornell Glen, Devon Jorsling, Arnold Dawrika, Irasto Knights , Marvin Oliver , Russell Magician Latapy, Dwight Yorke, Stern John , Errol Mc Farlane ,Richard Chinapoo, Ron La Forre, Roderck Rambo Gibbs ,Keron Ballpest Cummings just to name a few we won’t be going anywhere Them really good yes

    • while i completely agree that our team doesnt have players comparable to the ones you listed out.

      We do have the ability to beat Martinique. We had every chance to beat Honduras, I was with brendon for that game and we SHOULD have won it.

      I know not to be counting points before the games happen. But this is in fact the most favourable of the draws for us when it comes to Honduras vs Mexico, Costa Rica and a rejuvinated USA.

    • Daniel J. Ringis Hahahaha so my second sweetest is rejuvenated and my last comment is we also need a real professional Coach the same like Coach Hart and that won’t be happening anytime soon because as we all know the TTFA is in dept of $30 million dollars and as we know acquiring a real top of the line Coach from abroad will cost plenty monies so we are stuck with bootleg Coaches that will continue loosing Them really good yes

    • Earl Mango Pierre Hart was amazing! And I would definitely prefer Hart to Lawrence.

      But given our situation. I feel complacent with Coach Dennis. As opposed to having another Saintfet situation. Or even worse…. Having a situation with the men’s team like what we have had with the women’s.

    • Daniel J. Ringis I hear you so we all will continue to support and really hope for the best to qualify for another World Cup sometime in the future

  9. We want Guerra and John Paul Rochford

  10. Hmmm pressure start hope we na bow out early