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A bad joke! Look Loy mulls over contempt proceedings against John-Williams and Camara

Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) board member Keith Look Loy is considering lodging contempt of court proceedings against local football president David John-Williams and his general secretary Camara David, after the duo allegedly failed to adhere to a High Court order regarding information related to the controversial Home of Football project and the TTFA’s finances.

On 20 March, Justice Ronnie Boodoosingh ruled that John-Williams and/or his general secretary’s failure to furnish Look Loy with the requested documents was ‘unreasonable and/or unlawful’ and gave the pair seven days to remedy the misdeed.

Photo: (From right) TTFA president David John-Williams, Sport Minister Shamfa Cudjoe and FIFA official Veron Mosengo-Omba inspect the TTFA’s Home of Football in Couva on 20 August 2018.
(Courtesy MSYA)

The documents listed in the order are: the TTFA ledger for the period of November 2015 to present, the contributions of FIFA, TTFA and the government for the Home of Football and the overall budget for same, the names of all bidding companies or parties in connection with the project, the TTFA personnel who selected contractors and sub-contractors for the project, the name of the project manager, the names of contractors and sub-contractors engaged, the quantum, duration and terms of all contractors associated with the project, and the current financial and construction status of the project.

Look Loy told Wired868 that, although he has received a ledger, he is dissatisfied with the information relayed by TTFA attorney Annand Misir in relation to the Home of Football.

“We got about 15 mostly PDF documents and at a glance, at least one of them does not state the quantum of the contract,” said Look Loy. “I know what a construction contract looks like and what they sent out is a joke; I know what a FIFA contract looks like and this in no way resembles that.

“But first, the court order is that I should be able to see and make copies of the documents and in the day of the word processor, I am not going to accept a PDF. I want to see original documents and I have not received that.

“They gave me a photocopied list of about 25 or 30 contractors but with no contracts; so now I want to see the contracts for each of them. This doesn’t satisfy the order of the court.”

Photo: TTSL president and FC Santa Rosa owner Keith Look Loy leads a march for peace in Arima on 17 March 2018.
(Copyright Annalicia Caruth/Wired868)

Attorney Matthew Gayle, who leads Look Loy’s legal team alongside Dr Emir Crowne and Crystal Paul, said he will decide—in conjunction with his client—whether or not the supposed omissions by the TTFA were inadvertent. If they believe John-Williams is defying the High Court, it could mean tougher sanctions against the beleaguered football president.

“On the face of it, it would appear that we don’t have all the documents,” said Gayle. “We will be going through documents today with a fine tooth comb and we will discuss [them]; and at that point we will take a definitive position.

“[…] Normally when one has to failed to comply with an order of the High Court, you would then proceed to enforcement—which is further court proceedings and the enforcement of sanctions up to and including jail time. So we would start contempt proceedings; but we are not getting ahead of ourselves.

“We are in the process of confirming whether there has been material non-compliance rather than inadvertent non-compliance.”

At present, John-Williams and David are in Las Vegas for the Concacaf League of Nations draw. Although the 28 year old David controversially travelled as TTFA general secretary while his predecessor Justin Latapy-George was still employed in that position, the current event marks his first official overseas trip as CEO of the local football body.

Photo: TTFA general secretary Camara David shares a taste of Las Vegas with his Instagram followers.

The TTFA’s First Citizen Bank account is frozen, at present, due to the John-Williams-led body’s failure to satisfy a court ordered payment of $544,943.82 plus interest to the National Futsal Team and their attorneys over a breach of contract.

The TTFA and the National Futsal Team will appear before Master Sherlanne Pierre on 4 April for a ruling on the impasse.

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  1. John-Williams said, “He’s not satisfied. We’ve complied with the court order and that’s it. The TTFA has nothing to hide. We’re even willing to open up our books to the media.”

  2. My dictator president not easy nah and he flew out our sweet country before the hearing date eh Them really good yes hahaha

  3. To paraphrase Jay-Z… “N***as In Vegas.”

    Bawl so hard…


  5. Scotty Ranking

    So the mighty King David has decided to outright defy a court order? Does he feel that he can skirt a court order like that and there would be no repercussions to come? Hmmm… Somebody please tell this man that the judicial system and process is not a ‘Goliath’ he needs to slay.

  6. Administrative error? Lol we knew and he didn’t? Lol I don’t think so…. he’s now drawing attention to himself by breaking the law ……good

  7. Hope it’s just an administrative error. But you just never know…

  8. Is KLL the only person on the Board fighting for transparency? I am so lost on why there is a Board of Directors and you have one man exposing his balls for transparency. Does that mean that the rest of the Board are in agreement with the President? As you all know I say it as it is …. cronyism and perks will always get these so called administrators or directors elected…

  9. So King David has decided to outright defy a court order? Hmmm… Somebody please tell this man that the judicial system and process is not the Goliath he needs to slay.