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Board members shocked as DJW allegedly puts daughter on ‘secret’ Home of Football committee

Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams appears set to continue acting as emperor of the local football body’s Home of Football, after allegations that he created a committee to meet UEFA officials on the controversial project—inclusive of his daughter, Renee John-Williams—without board approval.

The ‘Home of Football committee’ will supposedly be asked to create recommendations for the running of the TTFA asset and will benefit from a UEFA-run workshop on the facility.

Photo: TTFA president and W Connection owner David John-Williams (left) presents the winning cheque to his daughter and Connection director Renee John-Williams after their FA Trophy final win over Police FC at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 8 December 2017.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

John-Williams did not respond to questions regarding the scope and composition of the committee. However, Wired868 was informed that W Connection chairman David Martin, T&T Beach Soccer president Kyle Lequay, SSFL general secretary and TTFA employee Azaad Khan, W Connection CEO and his daughter, Renee John-Williams and former W Connection goalkeeper Anthony “Cla Tones” Clarke—a vociferous supporter of ‘DJW’—are among its members.

John-Williams is the owner of the W Connection Football Club.

UEFA marketing consultant Kenny MacLeod told the TTFA Media that their four-day workshop in Trinidad will pay special attention to the future of the Home of Football in Couva.

“[Our] focus will be firstly, the commercialisation of this project—the Home of Football—and the understanding of how to put the structure and planning in place,” said MacLeod, “for the opening and the long-term sustainability of this project.

“We want to make sure that it’s benchmarked with what we do as [far as the] professionalisation of the sales process [and] the look and feel of what will be sold as part of this project.”

UEFA’s know-how, apparently, will be passed on to officials handpicked by John-Williams. TTFA board members Collin Partap and Keith Look Loy confirmed that the board was not even informed about a Home of Football committee, let alone invited to be involved in the selection process.

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams (right) makes a point to UEFA officials Chris Milnes (centre) and Kenny MacLeod at the Home of Football on 23 January 2019.
(Copyright TTFA Media)

According to Article 36 of the TTFA constitution, the board of directors has the power to “set up ad-hoc committees if necessary at any time” and “shall pass decisions on all cases that do not come within the sphere of responsibility of the general meeting or are not reserved for other bodies by law or under this constitution.”

John-Williams, as TTFA president, is chairman of the board but does not have the constitutional authority to act without the approval of his colleagues.

Partap, an attorney at law and former MP for Cumuto/Manzanilla, said he was totally in the dark; and is not altogether surprised about that either.

“I have never heard of that committee,” Partap told Wired868. “I know there is a meeting tomorrow where board members were asked to attend a meet and greet with UEFA and Concacaf officials but no further details were given.

“Board members are supposed to know everything that is going in local football but instead we know nothing.”

Look Loy, who has taken the TTFA to the High Court for information related to the Home of Football, also said he was not informed about a committee related to the facility. And he was unimpressed with its supposed composition.

Photo: FC Santa Rosa owner Keith Look Loy reacts to action during his team’s 1-0 win over Marabella Family Crisis Centre in 2015/16 CNG National Super League action.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868

“From the construction of that committee, you can see it is a committee that John-Williams will control,” said Look Loy. “Because they seem to be made up of Connection members and employees of the TTFA and people who are beholden to John-Williams or the TTFA; that is not an independent committee at all.

“[…] Is it that this is one step towards turning the Home of Football into the W Connection training base or the W Connection technical centre? It reeks of nepotism.”

The TTFA board has not met since last November and the football body is obliged, according to the constitution, to have at least one board meeting every two months. Among the issues likely to be raised at the next conclave is the status of Men’s National Senior Team head coach Dennis Lawrence and the defunct Men’s National Under-17 Team, which should begin their Peru 2019 World Youth Cup campaign in roughly two months.

Partap, who has represented the Central Football Association (CFA) for less than a year, said nothing he experienced in his life—presumably including a tumultuous spell with the People’s Partnership—could prepare him for a seat on the TTFA board.

“I am so disenchanted as a board member with everything that is going on in football right now,” said Partap, who singled out the constant state of crisis in the preparation of national teams. “Nothing seems to be gong right and you can’t run football like this; there must be fundamental changes within the structure to start with and you need people who love football and are not just opportunists.

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams (centre), media officer Shaun Fuentes (left) and new Soca Warriors coach Dennis Lawrence at the TTFA headquarters on 30 January 2017.
(Copyright Allan V Crane/TTFA)

“[…] It is the first time in any organisation I’ve been in that there is this much disrespect for a board; and imagine the board is supposed to be running things.”

Partap pointed to discussions around a renewal for Lawrence—whose two and a half year contract ends on 31 July 2019—as an example of the bizarre manner in which John-Williams tries to run the local game.

“At the last AGM, we asked that details of [Lawrence’s] contract be given to the board, so we could at least see what we were voting on,” said Partap, “and the president said we should be able to vote without seeing a contract. How can you vote on something you can’t see?

“[…] For all I know, Dennis Lawrence already has a new contract now that was not approved by the board. I wouldn’t be surprised with the way they operate here.”

The TTFA’s AGM will be reconvened from 3pm on Sunday at the Cycling Velodrome in Couva, with stakeholders due to discuss constitutional amendments, the 2019 budget and ‘other business.’

Look Loy hopes to get the approval of members to raise the status of general secretary Latapy-George and his presumed replacement, Camara David.

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams (left) is assisted by Camara David (second from left) during a presentation to a swim club at the Home of Football in December 2018.
(Copyright TTFA Media)

John-Williams has allegedly intimated that Latapy-George’s contract will not be renewed beyond this month and he took David—rather than his current general secretary—to a FIFA workshop in Barbados last month. The workshop was meant for regional football presidents, general secretaries and financial managers. David was none of the above.

“If time permits, I am going to raise the issue of the TTFA general secretary and Camara David, who doesn’t exist within the firmament of TTFA and who is not an employee or associated with any body within local football,” said Look Loy, “but is always sitting at TTFA meetings and went to Barbados for the FIFA forward workshop.

“I want to know what is his status and I want the president, who attended that workshop, to confirm his presence there and tells under whose authority and under what role and function did he attend that meeting, which was meant for either the president, general secretary or financial manager—of which [David] is neither.

“I want to know who paid for Camara to go. If the TTFA paid for his transportation and room and board, then that is a fraud committed on the [TTFA’s coffers]; and if FIFA paid, that is a fraud on FIFA.”

In the midst of the internal turmoil, MacLeod and UEFA internal relations project specialist Chris Milnes are ostensibly trying to assist the local football body. MacLeod also vowed to help the TTFA conduct an operational review and will offer further assistance to the Pro League.

Photo: Defence Force left back Akile Edwards (far left) and winger Jameel Cooper (centre) clobber North East Stars right wing back Kerdell Sween (second from left) in the air during Pro League action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 18 August 2018.
(Copyright Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

“The second area which we will be looking at will be the TTFA themselves,” said MacLeod. “They are coming to an area and time when [they must] push on with a lot of projects they have… We are going to start an operational review, which will allow them to put together a five year plan to really see them through [and] develop the sport in this country.

“[…] We will look to see what progress has been made with the League over the past four or five months [since our last meeting] to the point where we can put a new plan in place for them to develop as well.”

Pro League interim chairman Richard Fakoory told Wired868 last week that they are yet to reconfigure their board in the manner suggested by UEFA, which changes the structure from 10 club owners to four owners, two independent members and one TTFA official.

However, Fakoory said teams are generally happy to adjust for the betterment of the local game.

About Lasana Liburd

Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the managing director and chief editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. this is trinidad,and that is the man what you expect

  2. This is a ‘new’ incredible.

  3. And the minions keep smiling and saying Boss you great

  4. 2 Thessalonians 3:3
    But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one DJW

  5. So this board have no teeth whatsoever. DJW does what he wants, is accountable to no one, and we keep bumping we gum about it but nothing changing. The TTFA needs a mutiny to get rid of the tyrant.

  6. It definitely wasn’t UEFA know how passed on to a few hand picked persons but more us giving them information so that a proper analysis can be arrived at we did P.E.S.T.E.L and S.W.O.T analysis where we gave them information regarding the local cultural behaviors. They would use the FREE information/analysis given by MBA grads to now prepare a document for the TTFA on the best way forward in commercialization of the project. So he needs to tell the board that he has asked a group of professionals specializing in various fields of marketing, legal, business, sport, procurement, etc to offer their services for FREE to assist UEFA in formulating their advice to present to the board. You’ll are bent on just being obstructionist and you say you love Football, try adding some value to improve the sport instead of only spreading negative propaganda

    • So it’s just one meeting you all had with the UEFA people? And Renee wasn’t there on that occasion but has she had any input at all?
      When the UEFA people supposed to present their advice to the board?

      And sports don’t succeed without proper administration.
      David seems to be your friend. So just tell him to follow proper procedure and get the board’s permission beforehand instead of doing stuff and telling them after.
      Good leaders are able to convince people to follow them. Especially if they have good ideas.

    • Chabeth Haynes Lasana Liburdand Keith Look Loy are also my friend’s FYI and we met for two days and NO Renee John-Williams was not present for either

    • You all get lunch? Who paid for it? Lol.
      I’m just joking.
      But if you are friends with everybody and try be a bridge and get some healthy dialogue going.
      Have a good day.

    • Chabeth Haynes yes we got breakfast and lunch I assume that bill was paid by the TTFA. Look Lasana Liburd I gave you the article for tomorrow “DJW pays for food for free advice from consultants without board approval” Hope I get commissions eh ?

    • All the quotes about what information UEFA is going to pass on were given by the UEFA official himself eh. And carried on the TTFA website.
      Nice to see you are now telling us how au courant you are with the Home of Football, Anthony Clarke.
      For months, you were saying here that you think it is a lovely idea as an independent observer but you have absolutely nothing to do with it and have chosen to bat for DJW only because you think him a visionary…

    • Cla Tones ..Now people know why you suddenly jumped on the scene with your rabid support of DJW and his monument. Soon they will know that your interest in this is not only political but also material #eatbrothereat

    • Chabeth Haynes ..He tells the Board nothing – before or after..

    • Keith Look Loy lol people could only think how they think, therefore you’re ascribing to me what your intentions would be and what you would do if you give support to someone. Fortunately I don’t think like you do my friend

    • Lasana Liburd and that was and still is the truth, if I’m asked to serve in any capacity that I think I can add value I will. I was asked two days prior if I had the time to give my opinion and I made the time for FREE

    • Cla Tones were you asked by the board? Or David John-Williams?
      Once it is by the latter person, you have not contradicted my story. And your committee is illegitimate according to the Ttfa constitution.

    • ..Playing smart with foolishness..

    • Lasana Liburd so you’re saying if any President wants to asked anyone to assist him in achieving his objectives he has to get approval from the board? Especially if it’s free advice, really?

    • Lasana Liburd so DJW wants to get someone to opinion on an issue and he has to get approval from the board? Alyuh not serious and people would see clearly that your agenda is not in the interest of football but personal

    • Chabeth Haynes Isn’t DJW under caution NOT to be running things on his own? The man is as arrogant as they come.

    • Cla Tones Transparency, teamwork, accountability = good governance and trust. Be careful mr cockroach playing with chickens.

    • Jo Ann I think your statement is bettered suited to you. Go take a look in the mirror and repeat your last sentence. Just put Ms. ?

    • Jo Ann He has been emboldened by Downer’s TWO motions to tap him on the wrist, tabled in opposition to the motion to dismiss him. .

    • Cla Tones I looked in the mirror. Like what I see thanks. I’m not the next idiot to line up hoping for breadcrumbs from DJW table after numerous players, coaches, administrators board members, debtors……have publicly spoken out about getting burned.

    • Jo Ann ok neither am I sweetheart, both Lasana Liburd and Keith ? Loy knows me well enough. FYI I’ve represented my country more than fifty times, those days you didn’t even get water at training at times, very short stint professionally overseas and very qualified. Only recently decided to give back to football and didn’t go to the big guns like W Connection but decided to give my resources to my community in San Fernando Giants (so putting my money where my mouth is). If I can assist in any way for the improvement of the sport I will. So your personal attacks on my character and intentions don’t bother me the least, question to you though. What have you done for football?

    • Cla Tones Tried to add a voice to those who are brave enough to come forward with their stories about getting screwed by the secret deals of the man you seem devoted to – athletes, coaches, hoteliers and others who are owed money, Board Members, futsall, Women, young people not training, administrators, people who think a legal constitution is worth something, people who don’t like bullies…..

    • Jo Ann there is a theme here of lack of maturity. If someone cannot abide by the rules or a constitution, then by all means step down, and allow someone else to do that. Don’t stay in the role and undermine the institution and ask folks to accept “imperial power”. It takes maturity, and a sense of ethics to abide by rules set forth in a constitution, as well as, to step away if one cannot abide by those rules.

  7. Alyuh good yes. If God come down himself this bunch would find something negative to say. Doesn’t matter that everyone in the room had an MBA in a particular area of expertise and we shared our view for FREE to help UEFA guide the TTFA in commercialization of the project. FYI Renee John Williams was not there or included

    • The credentials of the individuals isn’t the biggest problem. It’s the secrecy surrounding the process and whether said process is in keeping with constitutionality.

      So what allyuh tell the UEFA people and what decisions allyuh take?

      (Btw, MBA or not, I would hope everybody on the administrative side of the TTFA is doing everything for free since players struggling to get paid.)

    • Chabeth Haynes what secrecy? If the President wants to pee Keith Look Loy and Lasana Liburd wants to be informed. The President has to run the organization for the betterment and improvement of the sport. Ask Keith ? Loy if he paid clubs their prize money from his privately run league last year yet?

    • You cannot run an entity counter to the constitution and then tell people it is for their own good.
      Secrecy… the board apparently didn’t know about all these eminently qualified MBA folks offering their advice for free.
      What is the big deal in coming to the board with the idea and getting input and approval beforehand?
      The TTFA is not anybody’s private company and therefore should not be run as such.
      You in the inner circle so you’re not bothered.
      But if it was Keith and Lasana running it and not telling you anything, you might have a different view.

    • Chabeth Haynes don’t believe everything you read, just saying. This was also supposed to be another breach, I have just decided to correct their BS as my name was mentioned, DJW does not have time to waste with obstructionist he has the TTFA to rebuild Keith ? Loy benefitted from JW as he was handpicked to be a FIFA instructor by JW by he won’t mention that handpicking though. Just don’t believe everything you read especially on Wired they have an agenda which includes Harford

    • I’ve been reading wired868 for years. I think Lasana’s agenda always has been and always will be truth. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Chabeth Haynes that I agree with but recently he taking chain up from people with agendas, I will advise him to do proper journalism and investigate, get facts before taking the word of these informants with agendas especially when you decide to call my name in this crap. My name involved call me anytime you want (Machel voice) you know I hold no brief for anyone I’ll tell you like it is, then print. Ok.

    • Cla Tones to the best of your knowledge was you committee selected by the board? If it was not them, then you are party to a breach of the constitution since only the TTFA Board has the authority to create a board.

    • Cla Tones First place got the usual 46k credit. 2nd place got 35k. Third place got 25k. And you know that. You just trying to create camouflage for your master #liarstogether

    • Keith Look Loy so you not owing anybody?

    • Lasana Liburd firstly was it a commuter? Or did the President ask people who he thought could have helped UEFA in getting information to arrive at their determination? You’re intentionally wrongly ascribing his intention without asking a question

    • Cla the constitution doesn’t make such distinctions. It is the business of the board.
      The man who got caught speeding this morning had a explanation too. ??

    • Lasana Liburd what you’re implying is that if water for staff need to be replenished he has to get approval, nonesense

    • Cla Tones if you need to create a Water Purchasing Committee then the answer is yes.
      I love how allyuh like to pretend yuh never did comprehension in school when it suits the agenda. ???

    • Lasana Liburd I’m not in agreement with your argument. Your incorrect assumption was that some official committee was set up. You have been informed that was not the case, you’re been informed that Renee John-Williams was not present at any of the meetings, you’ve been informed that it was voluntary work offered by professionals with MBA’s in various fields, you’ve been informed that it was not EUFA that was extending their information or knowledge but rather it was the professionals giving their knowledge freely, you’ve been informed the context of the workshop that we conducted P.E.S.T, S.W.O.T and other techniques based on our professional knowledge of our local environment to help the EUFA consultants to come to their conclusions then to write a report to TTFA. Yet instead of correcting your Erroneous statements where you involved my name and character, you’ve decided to defend your falsehood. Doesn’t that prove that you have ulterior motives. I hold a post grad in Management and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management, this us an Entrepreneurial venture that the TTFA is entering, Keith ? Loy with his history qualifucations wanted to be their? Steups. Come on man

    • Cla Tones, I was told that Renee John-Williams was named on the committee. I’ve asked her and her father for comment. Because YOU say she hasn’t attended a meeting yet doesn’t conclusively say she isn’t a member of the committee.
      Are you the family attorney?
      In the second paragraph of the article, it says that committee will offer recommendations on the Home of Football. I can’t be held accountable for your failure to read properly.
      The quotes with regards to UEFA passing instructions on were given by the UEFA official and published on the TTFA website.
      If the UEFA delegates are mistaken and they are in fact here for an education from the likes of you, then feel free to correct them. But that’s a direct quote and 100 percent accurate.
      And your committee has now become unofficial? Hilarious. But I believe Article 36 in the TTFA constitution makes that matter clear. No matter how much you squirm.

    • Lasana Liburd again check your sources, wait for evidence then report. Secondly, whomever ascribed the title of committee could have easily said “group of advisors”, “consultants” whatever, at the end of the day none of TTFA’s funds were spent therefore, it should be of no concern to you and Keith

    • Cla Tones you’ve proven the story. I think I’ve exhausted your points on the matter now. Have a good day. ??

    • Lasana Liburd seriously? You say Renee John-Williams was there, you said that he formed a committee to get intellectual knowledge from UEFA officials all erroneous but your story has been proven. Power to you. There is a God above who is just. Beware.

    • Cla Tones we’ve exhausted your talking points. Cheers.

    • Class Tones I agree there is a God above ,and more importantly his spirit speaks reveals and exposes ,so with that said .if you have an ear to hear what he is saying about the TTFA ,please shout it on the mountain tops ,otherwise so as we could hear his counsel

    • Cla Tones I already know the outcome

    • Cla Tones , “proper journalism”? Was that a core course or an elective while you were doing your MBA?

    • I still remember the days when Cla Times used to give me a high five whenever he saw me and tell me what a proper journalist I am. Lol
      And DJW was even more gushing. But that’s okay.
      Obviously administrators would have their own ideas. But the least I’d expect is that they don’t break the rules. Once you break the rules, I will be there.

    • Lasana Liburd even if it’s one of your most ardent supporters?

    • Cla Tones ..Me? Thank God I don’t owe a soul in this world because what I can’t afford I avoid. Mama’s rules..

    • Lasana Liburd is Keith Look Loy That chaining you up lol

  8. We keep on forgetting one important thing the blueprint of how TTFA works has been followed for years………. case in point Center of Excellence! It was built on the premise it was to be a FIFA operated football oriented center. It became the home of Joe Public FC. If we forget our history we are doomed to repeat it. I say it again some of the same ppl who are crying the loudest under DJW sat idly by when the TTFA blueprint was being laid in stone, now that its here to stay you hear them crying like the now realise that its wrong to operate the TTFA in the manner they have been doing forever. Nothing new under sun. TTFA needs to be purged of all and start a new, cant see how we can support any of them, we tend to forget how long many of them have been part and partner to how corrupt and badly run TTFA has been and continue to this day.

  9. Well look at that “Clarkie” get a position ….for all those who wondered why he was always on here defending John Williams #weseeyoulol

  10. Maybe UEFA are going to give some

  11. If this is accurate. Now we know what ‘Cla’ was up to .

  12. The new centre of excellence ,straight out of the playbook

  13. ..The Big Boss sees this facility as his private property. We like it so..

  14. Surely they’re not shocked. Didn’t Renee go on some trip early in his tenure?

  15. Great analytical point. However I wonder If DJW has done all that why is it he has all that support in the association. He has just begun I guess. He really good yes

  16. Lasana Liburd, I keep saying you and Liz Williams need to stop taking articles from the Enquirer. Lol
    This is really a story? After everything that has gone on?