Chasing Greatness868 (Video): David Rudder on Bahia Girl, Uzi diplomacy and High Mas

What is the pathway to greatness in Trinidad and Tobago?

Musical icon David Rudder shares the secret of Bahia Girl, the aftershocks of the 1990 attempted coup, High Mas and what music says about our lives today.


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About Lasana Liburd

Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the managing director and chief editor at and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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    Great dialogue, keep it going so necessary

  2. Thanks much for this. The one part I have a problem with is at 22:01 when he attributes the current “unruliness” to how the members of the Jamaal al Muslimeen essentially got away with all what had transpired during the coup of 1990. I reject that argument; the culture of criminal impunity goes back long before Bakr was born. The historical record is very clear on this.

  3. Will Always Be Proud Of You David M Rudder Keep It Coming.

  4. Calypso and Soca, Soka Icon. David Rudder helped shape Trini Music. Thanks for your contribution.

  5. Hail the

    Hail the King, a date to be top priority in all the madness

  6. Thanks David Michael and 868 for this Interview. Very refreshing Always One of my favourite calypso singer. We go back a long time.

  7. David rudder is and still the best…

  8. Greatest music ever. Artists nowadays cannot even compete with him, David Michael Rudder!!!

  9. We attended Belmont Boys RC Primarily School, and grew up in Belmont at the same time. He would often be called upon to sing a hymn on the school stage.

  10. this was when calypso use to make sense not everything was about woman bottom and verses that made no sense

  11. This man is one of my favorites. His musicianship is fantastic. Nice interview

  12. bring de sweetness back, please, please!!!

  13. David thanks for the great music school mate Belmont methodist

  14. For real this generation really dumb down.

  15. wire u chasing after music too i didn’t no dat

  16. The fella has class and is well grounded.

  17. Thank you Dr. David Rudder keep the education coming brother. #bostoncarnivalvillage

  18. Enjoyed the conversation it opened up so much meaning to the calypso music that I love so much……Thank you Professor

  19. Thanks for the music King, great input…..nice interview.

  20. I’m a fan of him as well …..intelligent dude!!

  21. Belmont’s great contribution to our Society.

  22. He is our living legend celebrate. Him now let us don’t wait till he is gone. Thank u Mr David Rudder .

  23. I am keeping the variety of melody in my life. Will always be a devoted fan of David Rudder. Keep bringing the spice in our music. It will infiltrate the masses again.

  24. The bell belonged to Brother Resistance.

  25. Reflections that should make each of us sit-up and think deeply about how we can and must make a difference in our country. Gratitude

  26. I salute u King David Rudder, a true Kaisonian

  27. Lasana Liburd thanks for this, truely a memorable and important interview. Well done

  28. top class…well done Lasana Liburd and Mr David Rudder

  29. ” See the Raggamuffin Congregate “

    • Thanks Dan. I really enjoyed that. It was an hour long chat and it was almost cruel to cut it so short.
      Hopefully one day, I can use some more as he spoke at length about creating “Calypso Music” and the drama of the 1987 final when he went toe to toe with the Black Stalin, the 1990 coup, his love for sport, his Belmont upbringing and raising Trini children in Canada.
      It was all good enough to be in this.

    • I’d love to see that sometime. It seemed like there was more to be said.

  30. Always a historian yes… My favorite Kaisonian… Hoosay always makes me teary eyed… Anthony Morgan Beach ah kno yuh go love what he say about “mumble rap” I think he should be featured in a song writing camp yes… proper song composition seems to be a dying art in our culture…

  31. That’s what I’ve been saying…

  32. One of my favorite artistes ever. Just finished watchin it. Very insightful.

  33. Belmont you did a great job keeping the culture alive

  34. I can’t believe I edited out his making of “Calypso Music”. Smh. Shame on me. Maybe sometime I can revisit that interview and throw in an additional eight minutes.
    But I agree DeNyssa, he is blessed. It’s amazing how he harmonises words on the street, emotion and current affairs into something so gripping and touching.

  35. Rich history lesson too I love David Rudder so creative

  36. Excellent production Lasana Liburd and team. So very true too “me and” it’s a me first world we’re living in. He is still so relevant

  37. Michael Samuel, thanks again for being so generous with your time. There was so much more that I would have loved to share from our talk… but I was forced to cut (sigh!) to stay within particular time frame.
    This is already long for online and is almost an experiment in attention spans. Lol.

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