B&B Ep 1: Shaka on BLM, turning down Man Utd and the making of Russell Latapy

EPL Infrafred Sauna

Wired868 launches its first podcast, The Burdie & Barney Show, with a special guest: ESPN analyst and former England Premier League goalkeeper and Trinidad and Tobago 2006 World Cup star Shaka Hislop!

Listen to the extended B&B pilot as Hislop reveals why he turned down Manchester United, players’ rights in the Caribbean, the day that then West Ham manager Harry Redknapp laid down the law, and what Russell Latapy’s career owes to a certain former Fatima College right back!

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  1. Lasana, did you all let Shaka off the hook by not asking him to make a clear statement on whether William Wallace had “done wrong”?

    I’m certain I’m not the only one who would have liked to hear Shaka’s opinion on the Wallace “scandals.”

    Secondly, is Barney serious about his “Trinidad and Tobago did not produce Shaka, Trinidad and Tobago did not produce Latapy” assertion? I think I know what he means but can he seriously suggest that T&T gets NONE of the credit?

    Thirdly, if Shaka and Barney are going to argue about the ownership of the “a rising tide lifts ALL boats” cliché, then one of them should have pointed out IN WORDS that it only applies to boats that are in the water.

    Barney, of course, makes the point subsequently with his insightful comments about T&T football’s unwillingness to make the necessary sacrifices although all eyes are on the benefits.

    And finally, you probably already have a communication on your phone–or a lawyer’s letter in your mailbox–about Trinidad and Tobago not having ever had a distinctive unified style of football.

    What? The Strike Squad and Kaisoca Soccer never existed? Did wired868 not get a review copy or did you choose not to read the book?

    Dat is really taking dis CIC ting too far, not so, Wayne?

    • Ahhhh finally someone who saw it for what it was. Best boy, it was bordering on almost a herculean task having to deal with those 2 boys from CIC. Im actually in discussions with my agent for a pay raise (although he is telling me some nonsense about “we did this for free”).

      I don’t know if I can subject myself to that level of torture again. I want to take this opportunity to ask parents to make wise choices for SEA. Ma Liburd and Ma Hislop obviously didn’t. And then people like me have to step in and save the day ?

      Yes i want to give Trinidad credit for producing those players yes. Trinidad the community they grew up in; Trinidad the streets they played small goal in. With and against older boys; Trinidad the father or bigger brother who took them along to watch games in PSA or Shaw Park or the Queens Park Savannah or even Pearl Parkway’s field where Shaka’s development started.
      I give that Trinidad credit for producing those players. But if Trinidad is the TTFA I stand by my words as far as those players being developed in spite of Trinidad.

      Development is a process we not only don’t understand . We are very comfortable in remaining ignorant of it.

      As far as Shaka’s use of my cliche; prior to the show when he was asking me to repeat it for him and he was jutting it down I should have known that this is where it would have ended up. My wanting to see the good in the Hislop boy was misplaced . Lesson learnt LOL

      As far as Trinidad and no distinctive style…Liburd and Hislop love court. Not me….not Lois only boy child.

      • Before anyone looks to kill me (and they would be correct to do so if i had not made this correction) its Trinidad and Tobago I’m referring to…not just Trinidad…apologies

        • Barney, what you just did Tobago is like telling the madam: ‘I know I didn’t tell you I love you but you KNOW I was thinking it…’
          (Ahmm… NOT talking from personal experience! ?)

          • Lol….oye…don’t try to get between me and Tobago nah..please and thanks Lol

            • I planning to stop buying the papers once this series still in progress. I only use to buy it fuh the comic strip but who need that when we getting the two ah allyuh fuh free?

              But, seriously, this was a splendid first effort. Keep them coming.

  2. Brilliant! Love the banter. Auspicious start. Not sure how many times you’ll have 2/3s Saints Men on the contents label, but certainly Barny held his end up [despite passing for his second choice at Common Entrance…he seems to have managed well for himself, regardless]
    Great job fellas!

    • Taye, Sorry to puncture your balloon but if he wants to provoke the same honest reaction (“Brilliant!”), he obviously can’t afford to have “2/3 Saints Men on the contents label” too often.

      The good news is that he, having been (note the tense!) a Saints man himself, knows that.

  3. Congrats on the podcast! Nicely done and look forward to more

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