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Dear editor: Will you tell your children to accept abuse, once there’s money in it?

“[…] I imagine the people who support Fifa’s intervention, in the face of a High Court ruling, would give this advice to their children: ‘When you’re accepting payment from someone, abuse is justified’…” The following Letter to the Editor on Fifa’s takeover of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) …

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Dr Mahabir: ‘Black power agenda’ threatens ‘national treasures’; Gilkes: Colonial monuments carry offensive symbolism

Dr Kumar Mahabir: “[…] Despite the horrendous history of Columbus, his statue represents a tangible historical link to the Europe, Africa and Asia since 1498. It is one of the few statues of Columbus in the Caribbean and is a destination site for local and foreign tourists…” Corey Gilkes: “[…] …

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