TTSL Disciplinary Committee ready to act on Hinds’ “Look Loy report” but will TTFA get involved?

Gems at Lajoya

Trinidad and Tobago Super League (TTSL) President and FC Santa Rosa coach Keith Look Loy may well find himself in hot water with the Disciplinary Committee of the TTSL. Worse, as a result of his verbal spat with referee Cecile Hinds on 5 November, he may find himself in trouble with the David John-Williams-headed Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA).

Both Look Loy and his assistant coach Jovan Rochford were sent off by Hinds during Santa Rosa’s clash with Guaya United, after they reacted angrily to Hinds’ handling of a collision involving Rosa attacker Rashad Griffith and opposing keeper Shane Mattis. On 6 November, Hinds sent a report of the incident to the TTSL’s secretariat and copied other administrators such as TTFA president David John-Williams and the head of the TTFA’s Refereeing Department, Wayne Caesar.

Photo: FC Santa Rosa coach Keith Look Loy reacts to action during his team’s 1-0 win over Marabella Family Crisis Centre in 2015/16 CNG National Super League action.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868

It is not clear why Hinds copied her report on the matter to the TTFA nor is it clear whether the umbrella body proposes to take responsibility for the investigation.

Wired868’s efforts to reach John-Williams for a comment have not so far yielded any fruit.

However, TTFA General Secretary Justin Latapy-George told Wired868 that he is yet to receive a formal report on the incident and he was therefore not at liberty to comment on it.

However, Refereeing Department Head Caesar gave the assurance that it is perfectly normal for an incident report to reach him. He pointed out that he had only recently received an incident report for an FA Trophy match in Tobago.

Wired868 was able to obtain a copy of Hinds’ report, which contains the following excerpt:

“Upon arriving, Mr Rochford began shouting in a loud aggressive tone while using hand gestures saying, ‘So you ain’t see the man on the f@#king ground! […] You is one asshole eh!’

“Mr Keith Look Loy of FC Santa Rosa joined his colleague Jovan Rochford in abusing me by using insulting and offensive language in a very loud and aggressive tone […] He said, ‘Allyuh ain’t good one bit, allyuh is some good for nothings. Yuh ain’t see all them referees ain’t good, only f@#king up the game! Waste ah f@#king time! […] allyuh woman referees ain’t good one bit [not] even them in Tobago.’”

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams (right) smiles with fourth official Cecile Hinds before the First Citizens Bank Cup final between Defence Force and Ma Pau Stars at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 2 December 2016.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

Look Loy did not deny to Wired868 that he had hurled the ‘F’ bomb at Hinds; however, he contended that it was not a personal attack on the referee but a general rant on the state of local refereeing.

Look Loy subsequently issued an apology for his own and his assistant’s actions but he maintains in the missive that his behaviour on 5 November came about because the referee failed to provide to his players the level of protection she should have.

“FC Santa Rosa is of the view that the referee in charge of the match, Cecile Hinds, was dangerously slow in her handling of two head collisions involving Santa Rosa players. The second collision resulted in our player being taken to the hospital unconscious,” Look Loy’s statement reads. “This provoked an undesirable response from Santa Rosa personnel, including its coaches […] FC Santa Rosa disputes certain details of the referee’s incident report but, nonetheless, we wish to apologize to Ms Hinds and to the TTFRA for the insulting language directed to her by myself and Jovan Rochford.”

Like Look Loy, TTSL Secretary Camara David expressed surprise that Hinds had sent her incident report to persons outside of the League since, he told Wired868, the TTSL’s Disciplinary Committee usually handles such issues and the TTFA is without any such committee. He added that he has received no correspondence from the TTFA concerning the pivotal clash which ended 3-1 in favour of Guaya.

Photo: TTFA general secretary Justin Latapy-George (left) chats with TTSL general secretary Camara David at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 10 April 2017.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

Adamant that the matter is not one with which the TTFA should concern itself, the TTSL President stated that there was a Disciplinary Committee protocol in place for dealing with such matters and that and not he or the umbrella body will guide the handling of the issue.

“The TTFA has no part to play in this,” Look Loy said, “and it is a League matter which the TTSL will deal with. We will let the protocol handle itself.”

But the issue appears to be less clear-cut than the TTSL President contends. Article 17.1 of the TTFA Constitution does state that Each Member shall manage its affairs independently and with no influence from third parties.”

However, if one sees the current situation as a dispute between the Referees Association and the TTSL, that is covered by Article 66.2 of the TTFA Constitution. It says that TTFA shall have jurisdiction on internal national disputes, i.e. disputes between parties belonging to TTFA. FIFA shall have jurisdiction on international disputes, i.e. disputes between parties belonging to different Associations and/or Confederations.”

Article 18.1, however, is categorical. Matters in relation to referees, disciplinary issues, anti-doping, club licensing and player registrations (ITC) shall remain,” it says, “under the exclusive jurisdiction of TTFA.”

Photo: Referee Hasely Collette (centre) plays peacemaker while then Guaya United captain Ryan Stewart (right) assesses the situation during 2015/16 CNG NSL Premiership Division action at Matura.
(Courtesy Nicholas Bhajan/Wired868)

David pointed out that a three-man TTSL Disciplinary Committee presided over a matter involving Queen’s Park Cricket Club earlier in the season. In that instance, the Committee dealt with referee Joel Cox’s report and fined QPCC player Chad De Freitas TT$500.

De Freitas had got himself into hot water when he picked up a red card for showing dissent in a 2 July game in which his side drew 1-1 with WASA. And the TTSL Secretary sees no reason why the Disciplinary Committee, comprising lawyers Chandelle Delzin, Rhyjell Ellis and Stefan Fabien, should not also preside over the matter involving Hinds and the Santa Rosa coaches. According to David, possible sanctions range from a warning to a fine to a fine plus a ban.

David insists that the Disciplinary Committee is a completely independent body which is not required to take any account of Look Loy’s position as TTSL president.

“These are independent committees so Board members cannot influence decisions,” he told Wired868. “I can have an input or give my opinion but ultimately the decision is up to the Committee.”

Article 8.1 of the TTSL Constitution states: “Members are required to take all reasonable precautions necessary to prevent assaults on players and officials before, during or after matches. Members shall also be held responsible for any misconduct or unsporting conduct of their coaches and other staff.”

Photo: FC Santa Rosa coach Keith Look Loy (centre) talks to his players at half-time while then captain Jovan Rochford (right) has a drink of water during 2015/16 CNG National Super League (NSL) Premiership Division action against Club Sando Moruga at the Marvin Lee Stadium in Macoya.
(Courtesy Nicholas Bhajan/Wired868)

By all accounts, the TTSL’s “Clasico” lived up to the billing as, with the Arima Velodrome full of vocal supporters, Guaya’s Carlon “Judgment” Hughes and company did the business on the field, arguably deciding where the TTSL trophy will reside this season. The fans may have witnessed a thrilling spectacle but David feels that football was not the final winner on the day.

“A lot of people have been talking about the game for the wrong reasons,” he said. “All around the world, we see coaches and players get into disagreements with officials but, because of the individual involved, I think this has been blown out of proportion.”

Perhaps the personality is a factor, perhaps not; there certainly is pre-history as well. Look Loy’s displeasure with the standard of local refereeing is no secret. In his team’s penultimate game of the 2015/16 Super League season, the vocal coach stood in firm defence of Rochford—his then captain—after the player was shown a red card for hurling an expletive at referee Gregory Guevarra at the end of a fixture with Club Sando Moruga.

“This is Match 31 and they’re getting that nonsense match after match after match,” Look Loy told Wired868 on 21 January 2016. “By the time you come to the end of the season in a must-win game, he got frustrated and told the referee something.”

Photo: Guaya United forward Carlon Hughes (left) is congratulated by his teammates after completing a beaver-trick against Cunupia FC at the Guayaguayare Recreation Ground on 9 July 2017.
Guaya won 6-2.
(Courtesy Nicholas Bhajan/CA Images/Wired868)

So will the TTSL’s Disciplinary Committee deem Look Loy and his apprentice Rochford to have faced extenuating circumstances?

That Committee will have the last word—unless John-Williams’ TTFA decides otherwise.

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    For some reason because she is a woman she wants to stamp an authority that she running the show there is no reasoning with her her attitude is disgusting and her judgement towards the game and players is even worst I think coaches and players are totally fed up with her incompetence maybe they should look at her and not mr Keith Look Loy

  2. Deplorable behavior. Unbecoming of the leadership position he holds. The league must come down hard on this disciplinary incident. An example must be set to nip this in the bud.

  3. She have to understand she is not the game.

  4. Stand up for your rights Cecile Shorty Hinds don’t make them feel they could talk to you how they want. I stand with you. Keep doing what you do my friend

    • With this issue going on with the female referees, is it that the both Super League and Professional league is so poor or is the both female referees physical capabillties isn’t of the high standards that is required to do the men’s game?. Them really good yes.

  5. Well said Carlos Lee and if I was there and still in meh police uniform eh I wudda lock up the both of them for cussing the woman referee eh Them really good yes.

  6. We experienced poor referees at Howard U in the seventies and it didn’t affect the quality of our football. Neither did it affect Mr Look Loy to the extent that he would resort to this type of behavior. But then we didn’t have women referees.

  7. Cecile boi… the baddest referee in T&T

  8. As Prez of the league Keith should have controlled himself but the greater matter maybe the dual roles conflicts and risks similar to TTFA Prez. The reference to woman referee is borderline sexist with the caveat our culture tends to see certain professions according to gender i.e. the foolish often used term woman police. For me this is all standards and professionalism; the referee was not up to the 2nd Division standard. Will the referee be sanctioned? Will the referee be retrained? What is the corrective action plan for referees? The physio ran on the field without referee approval in violation of the rules. Will the physio be punished? The actions of Mr. Look Loy and the verbal abuse is likely governed by the game, suspend him and fine him and move on. What is critical is the improvement of the referees? For me video eviden1ce shows a referee ignoring a primary responsibility of a referees job which is to insure the safefy of the players

  9. if “f” bombs led to suspension and disciplinary procedures the world over then there would be no footballers

  10. I feel for referees…especially those who try to better themselves but the time has come for better compensation for better caliber/quality male/female. Just by video evidence…she made a bad [late] call! What Santa Rosa did/said still remains punishable.

  11. My mystery is why she copied it to the TTFA when the TTSL has its own disciplinary committee .

  12. See this was/is my point. People don’t really want to have meaningful discourse. It’s simply about I have my side or position and not interested in ventilation of all sides so as to come to useful consensus. This is the behavior pervasive all TT society and sectors.

  13. Lasana Liburd, are there prescribed punishments for certain behaviours in the TTSL rules or are they left up to the TTSL to determine?

  14. So i can safely say Karma is a bitch right lol

  15. Allegiance lol. I tell it as it is . ALL the referees in trinidad are crap. ALL without exception. And fyi the TTSL under which mr Lookloy is president ruled against my club in a matter of a referee being deliberately biased towards my team and it cost us promotion to the top flight. A yrs work gone down the drain but rules are rules .so trust me i aint backing lookloy but truth is truth. Coaches.players. are held accoutable referees should too. And i will fight that battle till i can fight no more.

  16. If he goes through due process and is found guilty, then whatever is the appropriate punishment should be meted out to him. It is especially incumbent in this case as he carries the title of president of the league. Hopefully this situation may make him re-examine his dual roles and its impact on the league in scenarios like these

  17. But whatever… I am sure Keith will carry on as normal. The man has exposed his deeply sexist views and the blind allegiance to him will continue. Nobody will call for his resignation. Almost as if none of you have mothers, daughters, wives, or sisters.
    Hope everybody sleeps well knowing that they are part of the problem with sexism in sport.
    Carlos Lee, thanks for being an ally. It is sincerely and deeply appreciated.

  18. If a woman and man commit the same crime under the same circumstances then they get the same punishment. I don’t see how that is debatable.

  19. So what is equality? Then there should be zero tolerance for obscene language period. But i maintain equally mrans equality of treatment. So i ask if a woman commits murder in a country where death penalty is enforced should she not face death because she is a woman?
    With regards the nigga word. Black people need to stop hating.killing one another then they could complain bout being called nigga.

  20. And the idea that’s gender equality means that men should be able to use the same vile language that they use with each other towards women is beyond ridiculous. Just now you all will tell me white ppl should be able to drop nigga.
    Ta-Nehisi Coates has a great response going around about why white ppl can’t say nigga and in it he includes why he doesn’t use the word bitch even though his wife does.
    You all should read it.

    • Chabeth thanks for your response. My questions are primarily to start a conversation as it seems that we don’t want like discussing tough subjects like diversity openly in TT. So we just take sides and avoid the origin and impact of biases. Thanks for the direct response

  21. LoL. President? He was coach on the day bro. I agree with the sexist statements have no place in the game but then again how we know the referee ‘s report was tge truth the whole truth and nothing but yhe truth.

  22. Travis bro – how can you condone such behavior? Especially from the president of the league. You can’t have the president of the league verbally abusing a ref. If he is allowed to do it and then refs will be open game for abuse by others. Not only do you have the verbal abuse of a ref you also have potential gender discrimination. That’s totally unacceptable behavior and should never be condoned.

  23. Referees seem to be beyond reproach . Make crap decisions and cost a coach a title or in some cases his job as in the case of Dunga in the 2016 Copa.Then next day they go to their day jobs and return next saturday to ef up another game.And i say gender equality means if a man referee will get cuss up or whatever why should a female referee be exempt. Because she is a woman??? But then again i dont know nothing bout discipline.

    • You wanna cuss people up, Travis? Then cuss people up. But the minute you start talking about woman referees you are bringing sexist biases into it. And the attitude that allyuh woman referees eh no good is sexism at its finest. And since the belief is that woman referees are crap it means that men referees are good. And so the approach to a male referee would not have been the same. Because there is already a bias about the quality of the referee based on gender.

    • I never agreed with singling out the women referees Chabeth Haynes. That is bound to illicit the reaction and allegations of sexism. BUT those referees in question are DISHONEST i can say that from first hand experience . But the dishonestly is not exclusive to them alone yhe male referees are even worst. My thing is if you wantvequality deal with the same reaction a male has to deal with . Thats equality isnt it???

    • And I am telling you the reaction is not the same because if it were a male referee, there would have been no mention of gender. That is an indication that the attitude to the referee is not the same therefore we cannot pretend that the reaction is the same.

    • I agree but trust me Chabeth Haynes Cecile is incompetent , poor concentration levels, slow reaction but as i said there are males who are

  24. Super league clubs still proud to have elected this man?
    Anybody who needed this report or admission to know that they dropped f bombs and these sort of insults is blissfully oblivious to the realities women in sport face.

  25. “……] allyuh woman referees ain’t good one bit [not] even them in Tobago.”

    Lasana, you still want to promote that ridiculous gender blind belief?

    • If correct–I’m not sure if Keith Look Loy will contest the accuracy of that quote–it is sexist.

    • The suggestion being that even after she said they were abusive and you doubted that and said you didn’t hear… now they say they cussed her… and you still doubting the veracity of her statements.
      Un bleeping real.

    • My mistake Chabeth. I thought we were talking about whether they brought her gender into the argument. Why not tell me exactly what you want me to comment on so I can keep up.

    • She said they were abusive. You didn’t believe her. You needed proof. They admitted it. Clearly she wasn’t lying.
      She said they brought gender into it. You still just can’t believe her.
      So she was honest about the first thing despite your doubts and you’re still doubting her on the second thing.
      Nothing more left for you to say.
      Just sleep well knowing that the attitude you’re displaying is the reason women don’t always speak up when they’re on the receiving end of abusive behaviour. Laters.

    • Chabeth, you tell me. Is it conclusive when one of two parties in a dispute gives an account? Or when both parties agree to it? Or maybe an independent witness is found?
      Who says if someone is honest about one thing means they are honest about everything?
      Maybe Look Loy will admit to saying that too. If not, maybe the Discipline Committee will rule that they believe Cecile Hinds. Or maybe not. That ent my decision to make.
      You are convinced you have heard the truth after one person speaks in an issue involving two persons. I don’t agree but I am willing to live and let live.
      Now because of that I am at least partially responsible for gender abuse? Smh.
      What I do believe is that reckless, over-reaching statements like that undermine the fight for equality. I might tell you to calm down. But then I wouldn’t want that to be viewed as a sexist statement too…

    • If you don’t understand how consistently doubting women when they speak up on these issues contributes to the problem then.. wow.
      And you can tell me whatever you want. Your group, your rules.
      Just a pity you don’t see the need to condemn sexism as emphatically as you do racism.
      And you can try hiding behind your journalism cap all you want and play the impartiality game as if you have never condemned anybody without hearing their side. But I see you. Clearly.

    • And just out of curiosity… do you tell people to calm down about racism too? Or is that just reserved for sexism?

    • And what about if Look Loy said Cecile punched him? Case closed? Only a court can decide guilt or innocence.
      Why are you so anxious to have an early lynching? Why not wait wait for the relevant body to rule? You think this situation should not warrant a hearing?

    • I’m not telling you to calm down about sexism. You are not focusing on what I’m saying. I’m telling you to calm down with the wild accusations, which are now aimed at me.
      If you are speculating a bit with Look Loy, I don’t even know how to describe your assertions about me.

    • Punched him in the context of that match? After they cussed her? I would find that very believable.
      And I am not talking about a hearing…
      I am asking you why you are so reluctant to call out this sexism?Why you are so doubtful of her account?
      Why is it so difficult for you to believe this sexism in sport exists? Because you condemn racism in sport and elsewhere, but this condemnation of sexism seems to be giving you a problem. Calling Keith out seems to not suit you.
      To the point now you’re trying to turn the tables on me and accuse me of wanting a lynching.
      When I said it was obvious they were being abusive in the tape, you didn’t believe me. Turns out I was right. Because I live it. You do not. And you refuse to take female reality as actual reality.
      So now there’s no audio of the comments. So if Keith says he didn’t bring gender into it, where are you? Doubting her. Contributing to a narrative that says she exaggerated, she was emotion, she tried to make him worse than he was. So yes, your doubt and by extension you, are part of the problem.

    • You’d swear there’s no context to this man. That nobody has ever said anything about his temper. That no woman in here has ever said how he cussed her. That he has never made at best questionable comments about gender. Even within that context, you still choose to doubt the veracity of the woman’s comments. Smh.

    • Chabeth, if you took that tape to a court and said it showed verbal abuse (with no audio), do you think you will win the case?
      Maybe your answer to that will give a real gauge of your proof.
      I believe sexism exists in the world and in sport. And I condemn it. I’d condemn Look Loy of that IF he is found guilty by an impartial body.

    • I don’t doubt Cecile. And I don’t accept what she says as gospel either. The Disciplinary Committee will consider a lot more evidence than I have, or Look Loy will confess, or Cecile will change her testimony.
      Either way, the Disciplinary Committee–with both parties before them and hopefullly some impartial bodies too–will make the call and then we can really have this conversation.

    • And prosecutors take tapes of white police officers shooting unarmed black men to court and the officers walk free so really, what’s your point?
      But at the end of the day, you’re dismissing female reality in favour of not condemning a man with a history of a temper and who at least one woman has said cussed her. And you’re doing it under the guise of neutrality or fairness or whatever you’ve convinced yourself… so ok.

    • Unfortunately, it is not criminal for the police to shoot someone and it is up to the other side to prove malice. So you’d rather live in a world where people are convicted without a trial? And where everyone was not equal in the eyes of the law and assured of a fair trial?
      This is Facebook and people are free to speculate once it does not become libellous. I condemn sexism generally and I would condemn it in this case if Look Loy is found to have said those things. And now I wait for the disciplinary committee to investigate…

    • “And prosecutors take tapes of white police officers shooting unarmed black men to court and the officers walk free so really, what’s your point?”

      Actions are visible. Spoken words are not.

    • Chabeth, it seems that you are privy to a context that not everyone is entitled to, vis-a-vis Look Loy’s alleged sexism. That informs your opinion of Hinds’ allegation. Others, lacking that context may not as easily accept her statement as fact. It doesn’t make you wrong for believing her… but neither does it make them sexist for not accepting her unproven allegations as truth.

    • Lord… both of you missed the point. Lasana asked if a tape with no audio would win a verbal abuse case. I said a tape showing one person shooting another unarmed person doesn’t even win a case.
      So if actions on tape can’t even win a case then what do we expect of a tape with no audio? To show verbal abuse? And because you can’t hear the verbal abuse, I guess it means it didn’t happen… ????????

    • But I’m done with this thread… nothing more to say.

    • You are getting frustrated for no reason… and yes, I would say that to you even if you were a man. At no point did I (speaking for myself) say that the abuse did not happen. That he was abusive is now beyond dispute. Where there is dispute is as to what specifically was said. You weren’t there, but you are comfortable accepting Hinds statement on the specifics that were said. If that standard of proof suffices for you, then fine, but don’t act like it’s preposterous or irrational for reasonable-minded people to demand more.

    • Nigel, I am not privy to anymore than anybody else.
      Lasana is well aware of the man’s temper as are others in the group who are the ones who have talked about it. Lasana is also aware of the comments surrounding the incident where a female member of the group said he cussed her out.
      Idk what Cecile has ever done to make one think she would lie on a coach. Maybe Lasana has context about her that I lack.

    • Chabeth, Cecile doesn’t have to be a liar, but saying “I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see” is a far cry different from saying “she dam’ lie.” No?

    • Chabeth I have no idea which woman ever said Look Loy cussed her out. I certainly haven’t read every comment ever posted here.
      If I were to guess though, my guess would be Bass Cleff. And if there was anyone perfectly capable of trading salty language with the best of them, my guess is it would be Bass Cleff.
      Again, just a stab in the dark. And I have no idea about the context of any cuss out.

    • I think is Bass Cleff she talking about, I seem to remember Bass making insinuations, if not a direct comment. Does cussing two women equal a trend? Perhaps. Does it define character? Lord, I hope not.

    • My word… Nigel… if you think I implied that the abuse didn’t happen then you’re misunderstanding my comment.
      But my bad.
      My eye rolling should have been precluded by “just like the officer didn’t kill an unarmed man.”
      I thought it was implied within the context of the statement.

    • “if you think I implied that the abuse didn’t happen then you’re misunderstanding my comment.
      But my bad.”

      Yuh loss mih dey… I accept that you believe the abuse happened.

      EDIT: What I’m saying is Lasana and others saying they need to wait for more doesn’t equate with them calling Hinds a liar.

    • Lasana, she’s said it more than once. And whether she can trade salty language with him or not is beside the point. But there you go making excuses again.
      In any case, I’m really done with this thread now.

    • I don’t even know where we are now. So is Look Loy a serial cussbud? Or just a serial cusser of women?
      Did he subject Bass Cleff to gender abuse or just a cussing? Is there even a difference to you Chabeth?
      Explain clearly why the possibility of him cussing Bass Cleff is relevant nah. Because he admitted to cursing the ref already, so that is not being contested.
      What I don’t know is that he admitted to sexist abuse. I can’t tell if cussing someone who happens to be a woman is the same as sexist abuse in your eyes.

    • Did I say he was calling her a liar? Idk. There are a lot of comments. Maybe I did. But I know I spoke about his doubting her and how that doubt contributes to the problem of women staying silent when abused in whatever form.
      If you don’t think that doubt is part of the problem, then ok.
      Good night to you both.

    • I doubt everyone. I’m a journalist. Lol.

    • By training and professional experience I have learned to never take one side of the story as gospel.

    • Okay. Sigh… really last comment.
      She said he cussed her. I didn’t ask for details. The relevance of it was that we know he has no issue cussing a woman and before he confirmed it in this instance you doubted that it happened. So even knowing that it happened before, you still gave him the benefit of the doubt over the new accuser. That was the point of it. Well at least I thought you knew. But now you say you never saw those comments, which even Nigel saw.
      Do I think there’s a difference between cussing somebody out and “gender abuse?” Gender abuse being sexism? (Since that’s what I’ve been talking about?)
      Yes. Sexism is systemic oppression and devaluation of women for no reason other than they are women. But you see, ow you’re doing that thing where you want to make it sound like I’m irrational so you’re asking silly questions… maybe to mock/ridicule? Idk. And quite frankly don’t care.
      What is Look Loy? To me a man who has issues with women. To you? Beyond reproach. To others in this group? Someone to support so blindly that they elect him to a presidency without him even having to submit a manifesto.
      And no, you don’t doubt everybody. But you can hide behind your journalist cap with a snicker when it comes to sexism.
      Or maybe you’re not hiding. Because lord knows the male and female side of football don’t get equal coverage here.

    • What I said to you was that I don’t know that Look Loy cussed Cecile based on an audio with no sound that didn’t even have Look Loy in it!
      You gotta be a damn good lip reader to know what Look Loy is saying even when he isn’t even in the video.
      You took Cecile’s word for it. And I preferred to wait for something more substantial. That’s it.
      As for the women’s game, we cover as best as we can with our resources. I guarantee you if you send us stories and photos of good enough quality, we will publish. Failing that, if you raise the finances for that purpose, we will hire and train someone for that job.
      Other than that, you can wait and see.
      We get these complaints all the time for instance. And there is a whole lot we cover far less than women’s football. But we try.

    • Btw, we already have personnel rostered to cover the Girls Intercol semifinals with writers and videographers. I can prove that this was in place before you jabs. Just in case you don’t want to take my word for it…

    • Look Loy was in the video. Not on the field, but in the video.
      And ok if your resources allow you to cover 2 match days for the boys’ SSFL and 0 for the girls.
      The point isn’t what you cover less than women’s football. It’s about the coverage in relation to the men’s game which highlights the value you put on both sides of the game.

    • There are many things we should cover more of, including girls football. Every day we get requests from different leagues (all sexes) and most are valid. But we consider our resources, responsibilities and commercial returns and do the best we can.
      We covered/written on national girls football at national under-15, under-17, under-20 and senior level in 2017. In 2016, we did maybe two girls school games.
      But, no, we haven’t covered any girls school games yet in 2017.

    • “Sana, like you on trial or wha?! Waaaze!!

    • Lasana, reading your assessment of your coverage and I’m thinking that maybe you just don’t understand what it is to be part of the problem.
      And for the record, whether Hinds is telling the absolute truth or an all out lie is wholly irrelevant to the damage that is done when women come forward with stories of abuse and the first thing out of somebody’s mouth is “if this is true” and to cast doubt on the veracity of the woman’s word. Kind of like if I say I’m raped and the first thing the police say is “if you were then…” I’d just be thinking wtf you mean “if”
      Women are not stupid or devoid of logic despite the constant attempts to paint us as nothing but emotional. We all know that claims have to be investigated but when the response is to doubt the veracity of the claim from the outset, it prevents others from coming forward. And that’s exactly what you did when you said “if.” You didn’t say “that’s really awful, idk if Keith will own up to it or if he even said it.” You started off by doubting the woman but whatever ??‍♀️

    • Lasana Liburd why Bass Cleff? Becoz u kno it is me. Listen I will reiterate… good man for football, good man for the business of football… nasty, stink, horrible “personality”.

    • Chabeth, if I were a policeman and you said you were raped or robbed. You can be sure that the first thing you have to do is offer some proof that you were.
      You think the DPP gives instructions to charge someone based on fact that the complainant is a woman?
      So yeah, we clearly are not going to be anywhere near the same page on this topic and that last comment from you confirmed it.
      Sorry if it hurts your feelings to be questioned. But the law doesn’t operate in the way you like and doesn’t automatically side with a complainant because it is a gender-based crime against a woman.

    • Yes Lasana, because women are stupid and think when they file a rape complaint, the police say who did it and the guy goes straight to jail.
      Women don’t know that they have to be examined, photographed, give a statement to the police. That the police have to talk to the accused. That victims then go through witness prep saying the statement over and over if the matter is going to trial and then relive all the details again during the trial.
      I specifically said we know claims have to be investigated. But here you are talking about hurt feelings and one sided law.
      Whatever yes. It’s almost as if you think I believe gender equality means replacing an oppressive patriarchy with an oppressive matriarchy.
      If your initial reaction to a woman reporting rape or abuse is “show me your proof” then you keep doing you yes…
      I really can’t tell if you genuinely don’t see the problem with initially greeting a claim with doubt and how that contributes to the larger problem of under reporting and therefore the continuation of the treatment or if you’re being purposefully obtuse.

    • Chabeth your words: “Kind of like if I say I’m raped and the first thing the police say is “if you were then…” I’d just be thinking wtf you mean “if”… when the response is to doubt the veracity of the claim from the outset, it prevents others from coming forward. And You started off by doubting the woman but whatever ??‍♀️”
      I officially give up on this discussion.

    • Ok. Well just a word of advice. Because you really don’t seem to understand the problem.
      If any of the women in your life come to you and say I was raped, don’t start with if you were raped we should…
      Just start with I’m really sorry that happened to you. How can I help? What do you need?

    • Chabeth if there is a woman in my life? Sure. If I am a policeman? No.
      And I’m willing to bet that neither Cecile’s nor Keith’s significant others doubted their stories. That’s hardly conclusive though, right?

    • Lasana. God bless you bro. Seriously.

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