T&T U-17 Women eliminated from WCQ series after 3-1 loss to Jamaica

The Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Under-17 Team was dumped from the Uruguay 2018 World Cup qualifying series without even facing CONCACAF opposition. The junior Women Soca Warriors were eliminated after a 3-1 loss to Jamaica today at the Stade Sylvio Cator in Haiti.

The result meant Trinidad and Tobago finished bottom of the Caribbean group, behind Bermuda and Jamaica. The Jamaal Shabazz-coached team failed to win any of their last three matches with two draws against Grenada and Bermuda preceding tonight’s loss.

Photo: The Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Under-17 Team pose before kick off against Jamaica in World Cup qualifying action in Haiti on 20 October 2017.
(Courtesy TTFA Media)

Trinidad and Tobago attempted to play off the counter attack and got a dream start as star forward Aaliyah Prince put the junior Women Soca Warriors ahead after four minutes.

But, according to the TTFA Media, Jamaica were easily the superior team and pinned Trinidad and Tobago back in their half. The “Reggae Girlz” hit the post on two occasions before striker Monique Perrier equalised, after a blunder by Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper Makeda Herbert.

Tied at one-goal apiece at the interval, Jamaica eased away in the second half courtesy of a Olufolasade Adamolekun double to seal a play off spot against Puerto Rico.

“I am disappointed that we are not able to continue our World Cup journey but it was definitely a game where we played with heart and determination,” Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Kara Trotman told the TTFA Media, “and it hurts that our efforts weren’t reflected in the final score.

“We have learnt a lot from this tournament and hope the program continues so we can really benefit from this experience.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago attacker Aaliyah Prince (left) eludes a Jamaica opponent during World Cup qualifying action in Haiti on 20 October 2017.
(Courtesy TTFA Media)

It was a bleak return for the women’s programme, which seemed to be set for take-off in January when the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) hired vaunted Italian coach Carolina Morace and a foreign contingent that included assistants Nicola Williams, Elisabetta Bavagnoli and Manuela Tesse. The overall package of the women’s coaches was rumoured to be US$24,000 per month.

Tesse, the Under-17 head coach, quit the programme in May while Bavagnoli was also quickly conspicuous by her absence.

Morace and Williams finally downed tools in July after the alleged non-payment of salaries by the David John-Williams-led football body.

“The right terminology is,” Morace told Wired868, “the contract [is] terminated for just cause.”

Still, the National Under-17 Team had been together since March and participated as a squad in the local WOLF competition.

But, even with two North America-based players—midfielders Sarah De Gannes and Trotman—in their line-up, Trinidad and Tobago could not even get to the semi-final round of the Caribbean stage.

Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Senior Team head coach Carolina Morace (left) offers advice to attacker Shenelle Henry during international friendly action against Venezuela at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 29 March 2017.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

After their 2-2 draw with Bermuda on Monday, Shabazz suggested that his team was not good enough.

“It is clear that we are a step or two behind the teams in this tournament,” Shabazz told TTFA Media. “It is our ability to stay organised and [our] grit and determination that is keeping us in the game. Where their legs ran out in this match, they applied their hearts and we were able to get a point.”

Trinidad and Tobago have now failed to qualify for two successive CONCACAF Women’s Under-17 Championships under the David John-Williams-led TTFA—despite being Caribbean champions in 2013. The two-island republic were also eliminated at the Caribbean stage of the Men’s Under-17 competition in 2017, despite being the host nation and having previously qualified in 2015.

Trinidad will host the 2018 CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 Championship from 18 to 20 January.


Trinidad and Tobago U-17: Makida Herbert (GK); 3.Roshun Williams (Kayla Baboolal), 5.Moenesa Mejias, 7.Afiyah Cornwall (10.Maria- Frances Serrant), 8.Nathifa Hackshaw, 11.Aaliyah Prince, 12. Aaliyah Pascall (Chrissy Mitchell), 13. Kya Edwards, 15. Tianna Daniel, 18. Kara Trotman (captain), 19.Sarah De Gannes.

Unused substitutes: Tyanna Williams, Isabella Collins, Nia Rampersad, Chelsea Ramnauth.

Coach: Jamaal Shabazz.

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  1. Tell me something different nah!

  2. Look at the reception that the Bermuda Women’s U-17 Team received upon arrival in Bermuda, after qualifying for the 2018 CONCACAF Women’s U-17 Championship. This will be their first appearance at this stage of the tournament.

    • Fantastic Reception ….goodluck to them!

    • I’m happy for them. The reward for hard work.

    • I’m 2008/9-10 I was the fitness trainer appointed to the senior women’s football team that was ceremoniously beaten by the then Nat U 17.. I dare say that was their last such loss as their fit program was done at another level? let Evan Pellarud the then Tech Dir tell you of his experience around me??? I still have super respect for that man whom I felt was what the senior men’s team needed.. ask Marlon Charles, Jamal Shabbaz then coach and asst respectively to tell the experience.. CFU was demolished.. post concacaf it ended as the then news carriers said the fitness regime was too tough or rather they were to immature and soft to compete at CONCACAF.. don’t let me reproduce videos, pics and team fitness assessment scores????

    • I wouldn’t doubt those fools making a statement like that

  3. We need proper structure simple

  4. David John-Williams’ leadership is detrimental to the progress of all levels of national teams. All of our qualification campaigns seem to be ending in elimination while the other CFU teams making progress. We need to put football at the heart of it…put aside the pettiness. Get the best coaches, the best young players who have heart and passion and let’s go for it!

  5. The Corruption System I will call nah Tony Maxwell Hatt. Them really good yes.

  6. Yes absolutely correct talent was readily available in the past glory days. Athletes now have a lot of distractions so the focus is not there and they are not as hungry.
    Talent has stopped falling from the trees. A system with a disciplined approach and long term development is needed.
    Coaches now are looking for the ‘status’ they are self centered and not looking out for the athlete.
    How the hell can you have an incident happening like the Fyzabad incident where you have coaches or PT teachers being accessories to willful and illegal activities and turning their athletes into criminals.
    What kind of system is that.

  7. Kurtwyn Baird is correct. But there needs to be a system now. Talent ain’t gonna fall from the trees anymore.

  8. Earl Mango Pierre for me it was plenty youth league and minor league,fete match with older skillful players and watching plenty football on TV

  9. What system the collages league since the 60 ; s 70 ; s and up to the 80; s and only one coach got the bests of his youth coaching was st clair .

  10. There was no system that developed them.

    It was a different time. You became good because you wanted to, these players spent hours daily learning their craft, trying everything to get better.

  11. I don’t know nah because I grew up in my second sweetest country eh so most likely Mr. Live Wire, Nigel Myers, Anthony Sherwood, Dion Sosa, Kurtwyn Baird, Sheldon Scipio and my Proof. Jamaal Shabazz could answer your question.

  12. My question is what happened to the system that produced these players?

  13. ..I amazes and amuses me as the Trini public continues to talk about the chronic failure of our national teams as discrete events. Truth is our national teams are in crisis – as are our football and our football Association. There is no national team that could rightfully claim to be even number five in CFU – CFU MIND YOU! – at this time. Forget the silly and meaningless FIFA rankings. Our natonal youth teams -male and female – have been failing for the past years , while the men (never mind the quizzical celebrations after beating USA) were dead last in WCQ with one win in ten matches. Shout “new era” to the rooftops all you want, our national teams, our football, our Football Association are in crisis. Nationalism is no substitute for cold blooded analysis. Unless there is root and branch systemic change in the TTFA our fate is always to lament the failure of one national team after another..

  14. Veron Skinner, Sheldon. “Mousy” Braithwaite, Big foot Bonnie, Dexter Skeen and ah whole yeap of other great players that can be added to your list eh Mr. Live Wire Them was really good yes hahahaha

  15. Former Alcons players like Stern John, Ansil Elcock and Mickey Trotman? We could do with some more of those.

  16. qualification for the under 20 world cup will be starting next year, are they depending on the wolf tournament as their warm up games.Our ladies need to be exposed to inter national friendlies when you look at Haiti and Jamaica they invest in their players. you want winners invest in them else we eh going no way.

  17. If you givr the re apointed T D our national Teams will be all us collage players

  18. Not so look for Alcons fomer syudents who was on scholarship in the us so Alcons coaches get some perks when the players get national caps an mobe on to a contract outside

  19. Shabazz again. Time for Latapy,Brian Williams and Shabazz to eixt T&T football landscape. Philosophies to out dated

  20. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting better results is insane… we don’t believe in Long Term Planning… everything is a quick fix… just look at the flooding…no LTP.. .
    So I am not sure why we are complaining now…we do not believe in scouting for athletes in the the 8-10 age group so why do we expect better results?
    Our LTP is to scout for foreign born players who has a grandfather or some pumpkin vine family to being them into the National teams. Wouldn’t it be easier to groom our young players and take pride in developing athletes…. ah well… we like it so

  21. Nigel Myers and Cheyenne Hector, we still haven’t gotten a report from the TTFA Media on this game that finished yesterday evening. :-/

  22. From a spectators perspective, since some of you are blaming the failed campaign on lack of talent due to inferior foundations, let us try something different.

    We have enough children of Trinidadians and Tobagonians living in these same countries to which some of you are comparing us. Let us have an open invitation for U15s and U17s from USA, Canada, England. I am guessing that we also have kids living in European countries.
    I am willing to bet US$10,000 we will get the same results if we keep rotating the same coaches. I just want you all to stop blaming the kids that we raise.

    Jamal has been around our national programmes way too long to say we were a step or two behind. He is one of the men responsible for our development. He does not get to make that statement without repercussions. The buck stops with him and a few others. That statement is tantamount to saying he has failed.

  23. At what level, the Women’s team?

  24. Sincere question here, not intended to cause any offense….what is/are Jamaal Shabazz’ successes as a coach?

  25. Every time I read these failures I see my point being proven. Every single association that runs sports needs to be closed down. They are unprofessional and the persons seem lost as their role and responsibilities. Why should my taxes be supporting these ventures into stupidity.

  26. Ian R Briggs shared some excellent ideas above…the system we have here is definitely not working on football and in track. It’s time we use the system as suggested above by Ian… in Canada we see a progressive system from a much younger age with qualified coaches. With us here in Trinidad it’s always a make up plan and no long term development.

  27. Correction Lasanna….. Anika Daniel was not selected for this team …..

  28. This is the worst year ever in Trinidad football or I’m wrong?

  29. There was a national c license an persons who just took part in that course are now coaches for elite program for boys and girls

  30. How we go be up for it, the same regime, just a different leader. Tell me the changes excepting the players.

    Process of elimination, who or what are the common denominators

  31. Grass roots an elite program with fowly in grandie

  32. Well Bermuda were investing more in their boys programme so I suppose they must be doing similarly with their girls.
    There are a lot of warnings signs for us as a football nation. Is the current TTFA up to the challenge?

  33. I wonder what sport you played to contribute to Trinidad and Tobago.

  34. Let them continue with latapy williams they can use king again or even Vranish

  35. Shivaughn go live in another country

  36. How was the team’s performance in the WoLF league?

    • Lasana Liburd didnt really follow wolf this year. primarily due to wolf’s inability to post their schedule with proper notice, if at all. #poormarketing.
      I hope some of that NLCB “development” money goes towards girls programs as well.

  37. I actually saw them practice just before they few out…. not a bad bunch but waaayy too inexperienced for this level of tourney…. not a whole lot Jamaal and Marlon could have done with this group… given the prep that bermuda had I was happy that they were able to get a point from the game… wasnt really expecting them to beat Jca….

    • the work at the ages to get them to any real level of football is not being done… I currently coach a u11 girls team here in the US that would probably give this team a decent run…lol … and they are not really that good… but they have been playing competitively for 3 years now (not including pre development academy) are developing technically while learning tactical acumen (2 games on weekend for 10 months -outdoor and indoor) and how what they can/cant do technically can have a real affect on what can be done tactically… Our girls (Trini) are not exposed to the game early enough for them to fully get the technical learning curve and we dont play enough competitive games at any level hence we will ALWAYS be behind….

    • All past coaches have to accept some blame, what working systems did they leave in place to develop the game?

    • cant speak on the boys side but on the girls side has there ever been a structure?… for example at my club in the US we take kids in our Pre academy as young as 4 (boys and girls).. they start travel ball from U8 (boys and girls)… most programs for girls in trini start at u9…. that is almost a 5 year gap of learning that we will never make up.. and the gap grows wider if we add the playing of games over 10 mths of the year …. developmentally this is a difficult game to start at age 9…. but in trinidad we seem to not want to do anything seriously to address this and the lack of playing opportunities for girls…

    • https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7Ho88CehQADcENRSUE4S180TE0 an idea of what a u11 girls game looks like in US (my team in gold)… mind you these are not even the best teams in the state (MD)…. but we try to have them play the right way (passing and movment while making decisions based on situations).. It is a full 1st half (35 min)… If yuh brave take a whole look..lol… (sorry Lasana Liburd… 🙂 )

  38. I know my friend Jamal is a good enough coachI am wondering why are our girls and boys so far behind

    • Maybe he can coach players who are already developed not sure he can coach players who need to be developed. I don’t see how you can watch this situation and so easily give the coach a pass. They will do what he teaches them (or doesnt teach them)

  39. Pretty much all the girls are making their debuts at under-17 level. And didn’t we play in CONCACAF U-15 competition? You think Bermuda and Jamaica players were more capped than ours?

  40. Nigel these girls are very inexperienced

  41. Men and Womens football is failure in Trinidad and Tobago.

  42. This is the second consecutive Caribbean Women’s U-17 tournament where we’ve been eliminated by Jamaica.

  43. What else is expected when you have an idiot in charge and when you have girls making their debut in the said tournament

  44. By all accounts Shabazz is a good coach and he’s friends with DJW so I would guess he got the kind of support that he would have wanted so I really don’t know what the problem is.

  45. Well if the development isn’t taking place at the grassroots level in our communities at a very young age eh they really expect to qualify for any more youth world cup tournaments eh most of these nowadays young players seems to be learning the game at an older age and plus many of the players in our sweet country isn’t spending plenty time on the playing fields like back in our footbal days eh Kurtwyn Baird they are more interested in the laptops, phones and playing the games on their computers at home Them really good yes.

  46. Oh My what are we really working on,please help me understand

  47. Rebuild the house with same old bricks and galvanise then cry when flood bring frogs in your living room, and your children can bathe in the river in your kitchen.

  48. Well that was expected and until the right things are done the same like in my second sweetest country and plenty of monies are spent in order to do so, no matter who is the coach be it local or foreign our football will continue going backwards eh. Them really good yes.

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