Fyzabad principal submits report to MoE; Williams: SSFL and MoE must look at player transfers

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Fyzabad Secondary principal Troy Jebodhsingh has submitted a preliminary report to the Ministry of Education as the investigation continues into the fraudulent registration of two footballers, Dez Jones and Maurice Dick, into the lower sixth form at the school.

Jones and Dick had two and one O’ Level passes respectively; but forged documents—presented by the school to the MoE—suggested they had four passes each and, on that basis, they were given Sixth Form places and allowed to represent the “Fyzo Tigers” in the 2017 Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) Premier Division season.

Photo: The Fyzabad Secondary team pose before kick off against Trinity College East on 20 September at Trincity.
Maurice Dick (bottom row, far left) and Dez Jones (top row, far right) were both in the starting line-up.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

On Thursday, the SSFL suspended Fyzabad from the Premier Division while Jebodhsingh subsequently withdrew all his school’s football teams from competition.

One MoE official, who spoke to Wired868 under the condition of anonymity, said the Ministry was only concerned about the claims of “doctored” exam documents—and not the football-related issues. He would not say what repercussions lay in store for either Jebodhsingh, the players and/or team manager and PE teacher Nigel Lakhan if they were implicated.

“Investigations are currently ongoing,” said the MoE official. “Given the findings of the investigation, we will know what course of action to take.”

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Fyzabad coach Brian Williams, who is also the National Under-20 Team coach and a former Strike Squad stand-out, claimed that he resigned from his post at the school before Jebodhsingh shut down its football programme entirely.

Williams said he could not work in an environment where things of this suspicious nature were taking place.

Photo: Fyzabad Secondary head coach Brian Williams (far right) gets animated during SSFL action against Trinity College East on 20 September at Trincity.
At his left is assistant coach Kerry Jamerson.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

“It reflects the society we are living in,” Williams told Wired868. “What example are you setting for the young men and women who are supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow?”

Williams, who took Trinidad and Tobago to the CONCACAF Under-20 Championships earlier this year, urged the Ministry of Education and the SSFL to take a closer look at the transfer of players within the League.

“In the [SSFL], players transfer solely to play football, […]”he said.  “Nearly every good Under-20 player wants to play in the [SSFL] because of the good exposure they get.”

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    The Ministry of Education has no formal policy on Sports or even Extra curricular activities in Schools .
    The Ministry of Sport is now seeking to formulate a Youth policy
    I am not sure what is the official philosophy of education held by the Ministry

  2. Rather than a “lynch mob” kick them out and who is to blame, would love to focus energies on how does the SSFL fix this mess before it gets worse and leads to more kids getting used and eventually possible loss of sponsorship. Love the idea of pre-season admin briefings on rules and regulations. Use of better technology such as databases with criteria matching capability. This could mean development of interfaces with ministry of education and TTFA and zones. They may also want to consider getting independent people in strategic committee or subcommittee areas to nullify conflicts of interest. Lastly, attendance and passing grade criteria must be considered for all student athletes. Why be allowed to play if not attending school or passing subjects?? Just some thoughts for consideration. Would love to hear some more.

  3. So coaches have no say in who they want in their team ?

  4. Hmm.. I went to a “Football” School.
    Nothing new..

  5. A long time well they paying for paul

  6. This going on since the 90’s nothing new to me

  7. i am sure that nit only in this Organization it happening he wss just unfortunate check out other places all what we seeing now is not now and I sure in other places these are going on not only in School for football

  8. Other schools in TnT need to be checked also. Some younger children are out of school due older returning students for extracuricular activities. Smh….

  9. I find the rest of players and de girls and the u16, u14 should not have to pay for dat , dat is rubbing the rest off the players of wat dey have u know wat it is to come and watch my daughter play football for fyzo school now I will hv to go and watch shivs boys game now I find it unfair to the rest of the players u understand mr troy jebosingh I don’t like dat.

  10. This is dishonesty,disgusting, disgraceful and all who involved in this needs to be dismissed immediately….

  11. Ok ok the screening comettee is headed by the principal and Lakhan. Talk done they are to be held responsible let’s hear the next move

  12. Oh yes this was the story we we’re talking about the other day ???

  13. Yep.. only the kids because like some parents dont have a clue…

  14. Brian is right in that the SSFL must address the transfer issue. For too long a blind eye has been cast. Truthfully only the kids end up getting hurt…

    • If the SSFL gets a document signed by Principal and Supervisor saying this
      The student is a member of a particular school what can they do ?
      The SSFLhas rules about passes but what if they get from theSchool documents showing the students have the passes

    • Oh come on, let’s not be naive…. this type of crap has been going on for years. From numerous reports there was a player at a school in the East, who wasn’t going to school after November but every year he back in school in August…

  15. Lasana are their any more player issues pending?

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