Central captain, Darren Mitchell, swaps Pro League for Philippines outfit, Davao Aguilas FC

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Central FC captain Darren “Chucky” Mitchell has swapped the Trinidad and Tobago Pro League for the fledgling Philippines Football League, as the bustling midfielder agreed a one year deal with Davao Aguilas FC earlier this week.

Mitchell, who played from the start in Trinidad and Tobago’s 2-0 friendly win over Barbados on 10 March, will be one of four non-Filipino signings at the club in accordance with league rules.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Darren Mitchell (left) meets young football fans of Davao Aguilas FC in the Philippines.
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Darren Mitchell (left) meets young football fans of Davao Aguilas FC in the Philippines.

Davao coach Gary Phillips signed two players from his native Australia—goalkeeper Luke McDonald and midfielder Brad McDonald—and is expected to announce their fourth foreign player this week.

The move will leave Central without their captain for the upcoming Caribbean Cup tournament where the “Couva Sharks” will look to secure their third straight regional title to go along three successive Pro League crowns.

Mitchell, who was a free agent, is represented by Australia-based Zenith Sports and Event Management company whose local representative, Sheldon Scipio, is a former paramedic at Central.

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He was arguably the Pro League’s most outstanding performer this season and returned his highest goal tally of nine league goals from 18 matches. His outing against Barbados was his third international cap for the Soca Warriors—all in friendly matches.

Photo: Central FC captain Darren Mitchell (centre) tussles with San Juan Jabloteh players Nathan Lewis (right) and Akeem Benjamin during Pro League action at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 5 February 2017. (Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)
Photo: Central FC captain Darren Mitchell (centre) tussles with San Juan Jabloteh players Nathan Lewis (right) and Akeem Benjamin during Pro League action at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 5 February 2017.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)
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    Good luck my friend stay strong b safe and always remember god is d boss an he dont give a person more dan they can carry

  2. Not making any sense which mean that like the Philippines paying more or our football league is not good enough good players going in other country to play that failure

  3. Don’t understand even if u can’t make big European leagues you can’t play on Australian league, Japan league, South Korea league or even mls

  4. Wtf he deserve to be out there this guy iz good y there phillippines wayyy ..this country err boy hmm??

  5. Hilbert Aguila Manalo …maybe I will visit Philippines to see a Trinidadian play ?

  6. Spoke to a friend in the Philippines, the club owner also has a team in Australia so this maybe a stepping stone. The club formed this year and in the city where the current Phillipine President was Mayor for many years so maybe big things. 100 million people in Philippines so a massive market though basketball is favorite sport. Lastly, quite a few foreigners in the league and many have modeling contracts and get cast in tv shows and videos if you good looking..opportunities abound

  7. Otto fister said the same thing some years ago. All the local agents and clubs see is a quick paycheck when they sell the players.

  8. Enjoy the new experience Darren Chucky Mitchell

  9. I’ll like to honestly know what kind of money these players earn in these sub par leagues. I definitely know this move can’t possibly be because of footballing reasons.

    • Many of those Asian countries pay between US$2,500 to US$8,000 a month. And that often comes with housing including.
      Pro League salaries are usually between TT$2,500 and TT$8,000 a month with the rare player making TT$10,000 or TT$12,000 per month.

    • Big disparity in salary. I hope these guys put their money to good use.

    • Even some of the big money ex-Premiership players suffer financially because of the huge drop in salary after you quit. Because they aren’t equipped for a job that earns anything close to as much as they were earning before as a player.
      Definitely hope they put away what they can.

    • Sometimes the biggest issues for footballers are relatives, friends and girlfriend/wife who think a small move means they’re earning as much as Messi and feel they don’t have to work anymore or that they all deserve a monthly allowance.
      I wish I was joking. Poor kids often try their best and often end up in financial trouble.

  10. Enjoy the adventure and do your best Darren Chucky Mitchell. Good luck!

  11. While understanding this bredda will be earning a paycheck — it has to be higher than he’s earning at Central! — I can’t help but — always — wonder how come these fellahs end up going to these obscure leagues! Did I just read that he’s probably the BEST in the league this past season?? And that’s where he ends up, the friggin Phillippines???

    • Lasana Liburd Lasana, not sure if you it did it on purpose:) But you know me by now; how come they don’t have “those kind of options anymore”? Lack of agent’s connection in Europe??

    • I’d say he was the best performer this season although not the best player in the league in terms of attributes. A decade ago, I think Mitchell would have made a lower league team in England or even a Scotland Premier League team very happy.
      He has the engine and a terrific attitude. Sad that our players don’t have those kind of options anymore.

    • One thing for sure is that they changed the work permit law. And they made it much, much harder for players from smaller football nations to get it.
      Another thing is the tv money just blew up over the last four years or so and that means Premiership is buying some of the best talent in the world. That has a trickle down effect on their lower leagues and makes it harder for us to get those clubs to take a gamble.
      Just imagine Boucaud has a British passport and is playing in what is effectively their fifth division. That’s mind blowing.

    • Thanks for the explanation Lasana. I often wonder if the MLS mightn’t be a better option…unless they getting much more money in them far-flung places than they would in MLS?

    • The MLS treats Caribbean players without much respect still. Do you know Hughtun Hector was making more in Vietnam than Joevin Jones is making at Seattle Sounders?
      And Hector had accommodation paid for by the club while Joevin would still have to pay rent, etc.
      It is easier culturally to move to the US and you’re nearer to home and the standard is better and so on. But you might earn more in places like Vietnam and Thailand.
      Some countries like Finland paid local players between 900 and 1,500 Euros and when you consider cost of living in those places, you know it can be a tight squeeze.
      Still, most countries see about accommodation for players except the English speaking nations. There is apparently less love for employees in places like the US and the UK. They give you a salary and the rest is up to you as far they are concerned
      Anyway, the US teams DO have the money. So hopefully when you show your worth, then you can try to push for a raise. I’m sure Kenwyne Jones and Kevin Molino are on good contracts.

    • Thanks again Lasana. You’ve answered questions that I’ve always had. Now I understand why these guys would have no problem jumping to Vietnam and these other places.

    • Yes lasana everything you explained is so accurate and have been going on for years now. And one of sad point is most of our players go to the Indian I – league but non of them cannot have a contract in their Indian football premier League where they invites all the world known over the hill football stars.

    • Yeah. A decade ago, Pro League players got between TT$4,000 and TT$15,000 and clubs had enough money to bring players from South America and the best from the Caribbean. So the league was much stronger and guys like Aurtis Whitley and Cyd Gray could step off the Pro League field and compete with top players from big nations.
      Once the Pro League isn’t financially strong, we have a problem.

  12. Congratulations. Chucky remember you still owe me for giving you your first contract. Just joking young man. Stay focused and keep God in charge.

  13. Oh Lawd they just continue to send our ballers all over the place eh, oh well I am really happy for Chucky he really deserves his break. BOOM.

  14. newly formed Philippines league … more money, more TV, more commercially viable … could lead to even stronger Asian leagues for Mitchell if he does well

  15. Former national striker, Darryl Roberts, currently plays in the Philippines with Global FC.

  16. Did you contact and tell him that Simone ? And I dunno .. But what’s wrong with phillipines ? (I seriously don’t know )

  17. Phillippines? Wow was hoping to bring him to Central America this summer

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