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Joevin: Saintfiet is trying to dirty my name; I always want to play for T&T

“I can’t see why Tom [Saintfiet] is saying I am not interested and I don’t want to play for my country. I don’t know why he is trying to turn things on me.”

The following Letter to the Editor was submitted to Wired868 by Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team midfielder Joevin Jones regarding his coach Tom Saintfiet’s claim that the Seattle Sounders player was not interested in representing the Soca Warriors in this week’s Gold Cup playoffs:

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago winger Joevin Jones (centre) is tackled by two Costa Rican players during Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying action at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 11 November 2016. (Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago winger Joevin Jones (centre) is tackled by two Costa Rican players during Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying action at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 11 November 2016.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

I just want to clear my name. I just want to say I always want to play for my country. It’s an honour to play for this country.

First to begin, me and Tom [Saintfiet] talked face to face weeks ago agreeing on me coming to the camp on the 1st [of January]. Yes, I did agree to [that]. But the problem was getting clearance from my team [Seattle Sounders].

After the Trinidad and Tobago team got back from the two friendlies [in Nicaragua] on the 31st [of December], I got a message from my lil brother [and national team player] Alvin that I have to come in camp on the 1st [of January] at 12pm, which was the next day.

I had no info as yet from my club stating if I can go [to camp] or not… [And] why do I have to get a message from my lil brother to come in camp? What about the manager [Azaad Khan]?

My club gave me late clearance on Sunday morning to go. My lil brother was in camp already, so I sent a message with my lil brother stating that I got the clearance and I would be in camp or training the following evening, which he did deliver.

Photo: Seattle Sounders wing back Joevin Jones (left) controls the ball during MLS action against Real Salt Lake at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah on 12 March 2016. (Courtesy AFP 2017/Gene Sweeney Jr)
Photo: Seattle Sounders wing back Joevin Jones (left) controls the ball during MLS action against Real Salt Lake at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah on 12 March 2016.
(Courtesy AFP 2017/Gene Sweeney Jr)

The only reason why I delivered the message back through my lil brother was because they sent one with him. I think they were unprofessional [in doing] that.

The only reason why I played with W Connection [in a friendly against Haiti last week] was because they asked me to train and stay shape for the upcoming game on the 4th against Suriname. So I decided to play the game with W Connection because I can’t watch football because I love the game.

The person who called me to train with Connection called Tom and asked if I could play in the game. The answer I get was: ‘Yes and be careful’.

I risked my contract with Seattle by playing—just to maintain some fitness to feature in the upcoming games. I can’t see why Tom is saying I am not interested and I don’t want to play for my country. I don’t know why he is trying to turn things on me.

I can’t just come in camp just like that. I am under contract with Seattle. They have to give me clearance.

As I said, I got late clearance on Sunday morning. I was on my way to camp on Sunday evening when my lil brother Alvin said to me they don’t want me again. I said no problem.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago winger Joevin Jones controls the ball during Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying action against St Vincent and the Grenadines at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain on 29 March 2016. (Courtesy: Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago winger Joevin Jones controls the ball during Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying action against St Vincent and the Grenadines at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain on 29 March 2016.
(Courtesy: Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)

I think the communication was wrong by sending messages through my lil brother. I don’t see why Tom is trying to dirty my name by saying [if] I could play for Connection [then] why I can’t play with the national team, when the TTFA told me to go and stay in shape and keep fitness. That I didn’t like, [especially] when I risked my contract with Seattle by playing to say fit and in-shape to play for my country.

I just want to tell the people of Trinidad and Tobago, this has nothing to do with me not wanting to play for my loving country. I always love playing.

I just want to clear my name. If I wasn’t interested, why did I talk to Tom and agree face to face to play and to come in camp on the 1st?

If I wasn’t interested, I would have told Tom I had a long season and I needed rest. Simple as that. It hurt me to read stuff that isn’t true.

Editor’s Note: Trinidad and Tobago coach Tom Saintfiet also claimed that Kevin Molino and Cordell Cato declined invitations to represent their country at this week’s Gold Cup playoffs. He later amended this to say that Molino offered to play but he refused to accept him since the midfielder initially said no.

Defender Daneil Cyrus denied suggestions that he turned up to the team camp smelling of alcohol although Saintfiet insisted that he never accused the player of this.

Trinidad and Tobago play Suriname from 7pm today at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva.

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  1. At lasana those questions that you put in the response to me is exactly the questions we should be reading answers to in these articles. For example on the release of jj and others from their clubs we should have already had the answers as to why jj and not ttfa was asking to be released of if that ever even happened. Did Tom even find out from the manager if anything was done on their part to get in contact with these players club etc.

    What I am saying is we have no answers for these questions which should have been immediately posed to the different parites involved, instead of this he say she say non progressive talk. Now maybe you are actively seeking answers to all these questions and we are just not aware but without all the answers in as yet it just comes across ole talk in a rum shop about our football and slightly irresponsible.

  2. My GOD …are we trying to go forward or just like bacchanal… thing is let us be fair everybody stories have holes …coach say this …he change his mind,player didn’t get clearance but play friendly …who telling the truth ……people there is gold cup place to play for and and a place to play for in the hex …Let us not fuel this BS please and support our country to get a gold cup place and a place in the hex …TTFA get your act together PLEASE …the country will support our boys if they are worth supporting and TTFA will be a big part of that ….Coach and players let us be big men admit who is wrong and move on with the bigger picture ….the country will as well if they see that happen……I’m not too convinced this is the coach we need to achieve this ..but i willing to see what he has before i write him off ……….Eve and Williams you entitled to your say ..but it may not be needed….Mr wired 868 i like that you want to be fair and give the whole story …but i ask be careful in the future with this campaign as to not turn off the public more than they are we looking for hope somewhere and i think you can be a excellent avenue for that …so just keep unnecessary BS out going forward let us hear the more positive stuff ( i no way cover anything up thou) …People let us go out and support our Boys and our country we may not all agree with all decisions but giving those men hope will make them overcome a few things well …respect all

  3. John Gill those players are delinquent, Tom is a serious man, they are only trying to save face eh

  4. This is their off season, why is FiFa clearance needed? He is not in training camp with Seattle? Did Seattle give him clearance to play two “fete match”? Man play who willing to play. Them youthmen head full ah gas.

  5. Wake up and smell the coffee Mr Jones

  6. Blaming coach, manager, president, every official but the damn players who are full of themselves and cant beat nobody. Mr. President diss all them showoff wannabee football stars and train and coach a cadre of local players especially from the SSFL. Focus on 2022.

  7. I find the coach and players should have a better understanding on problems that will affect them both and t&t so my advice is that the manager should call a meeting with coach and players an get things clarified before the shit hit the fan

  8. I think that is a bizarre comparison Marcia. No similarity whatsoever.

  9. So JJ talked to the coach face to face before abt the training session on jan 1st got clearance albeit late but still did not show up. For me JJ is by far our best player for the last year and half but I totally understand the coach for not playing him these next two games although I would have liked to see him there.

    Also these articles are trying to hard to be a subtle defence for players who are known to be undisciplined. It comes across as a lack of professional journalism although I only recently started coming here so maybe its intent was never to have a high standard

    • Lasana Liburd

      I am not sure if you are a good judge of what is “professional” in any industry just because you can spell the word, Marcus. But let us assume that you are for the sake of this discussion–my professional instinct is never to assume but I am giving you a bligh.
      Now Tom Saintfiet made pretty strong statements regarding several of his players: Daneil Cyrus, Jomal Williams, Joevin Jones, Kevin Molino and Cordell Cato.
      For people who know nothing about professional journalism standards, the story ends there and the boys must stand in the naughty corner until the coach is ready to liberate them.
      For those who DO understand what professional journalism is, they know that they owe it to the other parties to offer them a chance to respond:
      Do the players accept the coach’s accusations? if so: Why did they behave in that way? Do they accept their penalty?
      If not: What is their account of what happened? And how do they feel about what the coach said?
      You might not stay around long Marcus. If you only want sanitised news, then you really should check the TTFA website.
      But I hope you learn something. And Google “professional journalism” and read up on what it means before trying to debate the topic with a professional journalist. That would help. It is easy to look silly otherwise.
      Have a Happy New Year, Marcus.

  10. Seems like Tom Saintfiet is really no “saint” but Satan incarnate. How everybady saying he lying on dem, so?
    *said with dripping sarcasm*

  11. I know you have to be discipline with your club team. Every national coach can’t be wrong. Any thing you do in life you have to be discipline.

  12. I must say things not looking good and we have four very important games to play were the margin for error is zero. I really hope the players and staff get their act together. Hoping for the best.

  13. And therein is a problem that I have Lasana! Apparently persons in Management believe that like the Pope they are infallible!!!!! Now he doesn’t need to answer your phone call eh BUT up to now and there has really been no official statement (other than from the Coach) commenting on anything! From JJ playing for WConnection, to players claiming to not have the manager’s cell number and it goes on!!!! Things are done and sometimes they are the correct thing to be done but the manner in which they are done without explanation leaves them open to criticism!!! Aren’t they tired of being bashed?

  14. I think management and the players involved are the ones at fault here. Lack of communication from management. Some should call the manager of the team for his side of the story if any one has his number because it seems like no one has his number

  15. So right away this new coach has shown he’s got poor man management skills

  16. Oh yea….get your tail in place in time and explain yourself. Sure you don’t behave like that with the club. Be disciplined, be smart and be real

  17. Lasana I have stayed quiet and read the posts from time to time on this post… couple of things:
    1. These guys are grown men and whether the Management is good or bad they know what they need to do.!
    2. The Coach asked ppl to be at a specified point for noon. GET THERE BEFORE NOON. You don’t realize you will be late at 11:59 yuh know you recognize this way before! Pick up the phone and call.. it’s just a matter of respect! If the player doesn’t have the manager No. fine call another and see if you can be put on to him which he did in part. Well done.
    3. As to the other player who couldn’t get a taxi… he have no partner, no relative, no outside woman that have a car that could drop him to the hotel?!! Really??!!! You telling me that you tell a taxi man who you are and where you going he ain’t go help you out? Offer the man a ticket to see games free something! Get your ass to the hotel!!!

    The alcohol I don’t think is so much the problem as was the late coming and the expectation that any excuse would do. Alcohol was like the straw that break the camel’s back!

    Yes we are weakened and ultimately it will affect our performance on the field… the coach have to deal with that bc remember supposedly he have two games to save his job!!! Everyone from management to players must accept responsibility for this debacle… look I tell my players point blank when I set a time for meeting and you can’t even call to say you will be late and why… bring a beach chair bc yuh not on the squad.

    • “These guys are grown men and whether the Management is good or bad they know what they need to do…”
      But the management DOES have a job to do though.
      I am not saying your points are wrong. They are fair. But it is easy to pick on players because they are always more visible and they are young men who might not be able to articulate for themselves or are not allowed to.
      To me, you cannot look at a situation and only point to failings on one side. That is in poor faith. To be fair, you have to look at the situation in its entirety.
      You make valid points about the players’ responsibility. But surely management also has a responsibility.

    • Lasana Liburd I fully agree. Please don’t construe that my wrath is aimed only at the players. Management on the whole has to accept responsibility for quite a few things… Firstly, for little QPCC we have created whatsapp groups for the various teams.. that way the Manager has all the players available to communicate. This means that the Manager has EVERY player’s number and at by extension every player has his and possibly a few other contacts on Management side! It sounds childish but at 20 mins till I would be calling and messaging those not at meeting spot to find out what their present location was!
      Secondly, what madness I’m hearing that a player belonging to another Club is playing a “practice game” with an old team as a spar session against another team?!!! Really and the President of TTFA would have thought this proper? The ppl at W Connect thought this would fly? On the whole everyone needs to respectively critique themselves and realise a large part of the problem with the downfall of Sport in the Caribbean is the amateur approach to Management… we still see it as a volunteer thing you do in spare time!!!!

    • Yes. That I agree with. The player is wrong to be late. But I don’t think the management should have been sitting on their hands either.
      If they decided Jomal wasn’t worth the trouble, then so be it. But respect and professionalism goes both ways.

    • If Russell Latapy wasn’t in the hotel and I see time coming close and I am the team manager… I would send a taxi to pick him up!
      (That is of course once Latapy adds to the team when he is present and doesn’t create further problems)

    • Very true and leads to the question of who the coach deems valuable!!!!

    • I’m sure Brazil would send a car to pick up Neymar or Argentina would have sent a car to pick up Messi if was the case!

    • The fellas is get a jet from Spain to South America and then a car to drop them to the hotel or home.

  18. Does anyone have a link for the live-stream of the game tonight?

  19. Once the coach aware that the same way he is not going to tolerate drinkers, late comers and uncommitted players is the same way them supporters in the stadiums not going to accept any loss. Trini supporters are wagonist and will be calling or demanding your removal once the team doesn’t win so good luck coachman you will need it trust me.

  20. Have to respect them? I disagree. First, they have to have self-respect then behave ‘as’ professionals do or as professionals are expected to carry themselves. The leadership of TTFA need to do the same… be professional! Only then they will earn the people’s respect. Having a ‘title’ does not assure you earning respect only your behaviour can.

  21. This whole situation… And by extension all these articles about who said what and what who Tanty said and who took one drink and who didn’t text who are just so so petty and kinda sad and unbecoming of grown men…

    It’s really very simple, if you are not disciplined or committed and if you don’t know how to communicate properly then you deal with the consequences and we move on.

    • There are communication failures on all sides though. Not just from the players.

    • So what will be your next piece… “Breaking: Molino says he never received text as his WiFi was down”?

      Surely we can get some more substance from our National Team coverage than this tabloid fodder of the last few days?

    • Well, it is the national coach that put this out there in the first place. I cannot refuse to give the players their side. They are only responding to him.
      Maybe he should have thought of that. It can’t be fine for him but bad for them.

    • But where do you set the bar for responsible journalism?

      Is the bar so low that a player says he did not touch alcohol then you Wired868 writes up an entire piece on Tanty saying he only drank one glass of Bailey’s? Are we being serious here?

      Players reaching over an hour late for National Team practice and don’t know how to communicate their absence effectively? Texting another player to relay message? Even my fete match team does better than this and these are supposed professionals.

      Players claiming they could not get clearance to train with the National Team but playing practice matches for club teams, worse yet against our upcoming opposition? Are we really being serious?

      Have you considered that giving this nonsense prime exposure is simply enabling the lack of professionalism that we are saddled with today?

    • So because his aunt contradicted him that is irresponsible journalism? It is my reponsibility to make sure their stories match? Are YOU being serious?
      And I contacted Cyrus after to see if he was in agreement with what his aunt said. And he said yes.
      And if you were really paying attention Omar, what you might have asked yourself is: Why is it Joevin Jones’ responsibility to negotiate his own release from Seattle to represent T&T? Shouldn’t that be the TTFA’s duty?
      You see some people see only the salacious points of the story. Some dig deeper and see management issues on all sides. The latter people would appreciate some of the things that came to light here.
      Btw, perhaps your fete match team would arrange for the players who don’t have vehicles or struggle to get around to make it to where they need to be too.
      You would if you cared about them getting there anyway.

    • Firstly… If you think that the Aunt’s account of a glass of Bailey’s was worthy of headline news then we can agree to disagree.

      Secondly as per Joevin.. Correct me if i’m wrong but didn’t the TTFA request previously clearance for all international players who were needed as these game are outside the international calendar? After all we did have a list of who could and who could not… Furthermore, are we to believe that clearance to play for TnT was not forthcoming but the club was ok with the player running out for W. Connection?

      Lasana Liburd, some people see the salacious points.. some people see the management issues on all sides… And yet further, some people dig and dig for bacchanal for digging sake because well…. bacchanal brings readers.

      PS: Yes my fete match team would arrange a lil drop.. However if the National Team calls… Find yuhself dey! It is really that simple.

    • Omar, if the TTFA contacted the club then should not the team manager or a TTFA official have received word from the club? Why would they leave that up to Joevin?
      Did Seattle even send a fax? Suppose he played and they said they didn’t send permission?
      I think that whole business was very unprofessional and that bit can never be Joevin’s fault.
      The Cyrus story was precisely about whether or not he turned up smelling of alcohol. So I thought the statement that he took one glass of Bailey’s was very fair. But we can disagree on that. No big thing.
      As for the player representing W Connection, I’m just as confused about that as you are. And that is another reason why I think some of the stuff here–in between the salacious bits–are worth looking at closely.
      Who is the TTFA person that asked him to play for W Connection and then contacted the coach on his behalf to find out if that was okay?
      I agree that the players have a responsibility to report for camp. In professional sport, you have to at least try to get your best squad available.
      Whether they thought Jomal or anyone else is worth the trouble is up to them.
      If the player was Lionel Messi–or even Russell Latapy–and he has a habit of being late, I would get him a personal taxi to deliver him to camp. All depends on what the player is worth to you.

  22. So we get a manager who is taking a no nonsense approach with trinidad players and their discipline and people vex it good for all ah them time for a change all these men wah play superstar come training late and party when it have matches coming up take bench all star boy ting done

  23. Best Coach ever tolerate no nonsense

  24. Jovin Jones you and Molino are not world class players what are your all ranking in world footballers but u all on foolishness go play with all yuh club when u all come off your high horse in all yuh mind wheel and come again . Go party now and forget about Tnt football smh

  25. Who has to liase with seattle to get clearance; the player himself or TTFF? [serious question]

  26. why would he need a text message from his brother and find it unprofessional that they sent a message with his brother that he had to come to camp when he clearly stated that he spoke formally with the coach already face to face about coming to camp on the 1st of january?

  27. If players choose not to represent d country nothing wrong with dat bcuz u see is from administration d indiscipline starts,,wat we all expect???smfh

  28. Jones just apologise and move on,work it out like a professional

  29. I am reading the post of some .. most seam to know their football .. so hear it is …what are the solutions to our football problems… just solutions please… may also burrow these suggested solutions for the sport am into …..same blasted mess

    • For heaven’s sake be careful with your spelling. ‘Seem’, ‘burrow’, ‘shit hound’. Does not make for good reading.

    • thanks for the spell check ..now the solutions to our sports mess …football ..or are you only an English major? ..hahahahaha

    • We don’t need a symposium for that. If people did their jobs, we would immediately be much better off.
      The solutions here are fairly obvious. A lot of this is management stuff.
      For instance, if the manager started calling around at 12.01pm for the players who were not there, then maybe they might have sent a taxi for Jomal.
      That is, if the aim is to get the best possible team in camp. If it isn’t well then so be it.

    • I guess it’s just the way this management does stuff…when I played for the U23 team back in 2011, the management was so much more professional. We had meeting points where players could meet the team bus to either take us to camp or training and all we had to do was focus on our football…why players have to see about issues both on and off the field being a professional.

    • On the way to a Pro League game in Couva the other day, I saw a player–who is also a former national youth player–trying to run across the highway to get to the Ato Boldon Stadium!
      That’s how much we care about our athletes.

  30. Bullshit you had to get permission from your club to join your national team but did not need their permission to play a friendly for another club you must be living on the moon

  31. I am so tired of these little brats who play for our national team. They will always have a problem with any coach because they are not prepared to make sacrifices and behave responsibly. (Maybe a more attractive remuneration package may encourage them to grow up immediately.)

    • It’s not that simple. This isn’t just a sweat. If Jones goes out and plays without clearance from his club and gets hurt, there may be insurance ramifications, for example. His approach was the correct one. The TTFF does not take care of its players properly when they are injured on duty, so why should he risk it, at the expense of possibly being jettisoned by his club that pays his salary?

    • As much as these are kids and some might be less mature than others, they are also professional athletes. So we still have to respect them as such.

    • I am not refuting either one of your points for they are both valid. However, we all know that respect is earned.

    • I would expect that coaches also have to earn respect.

    • Once again, the coach needs to underatand that players will never be fired, the coach would. He will get fired quicker if he don’t have certain players that are willing to play for him and he doesn’t win games. He needs to stop reprimanding players in the media and meet with them as men, which they are. Lasana Liburd something is also fishy here, do you think some players are upset that Hart were dismissed?

    • I don’t know. I think some players had stopped giving their all for Hart to be honest. So I’m not sure if that is a factor.
      Beenhakker disciplined his players too. But he didn’t do it in the press.

  32. Good to hear Jones’ side of the story. Sounds like the TTFF bungled this one by not communicating to the player directly and not going to his club team, Seattle Sounders, to get clearance for him to represent the country, since this is a game that will be outside of the official FIFA window.


  34. I just read what Eve and Williams had to say Gerard.
    Point one: “Eve said he was unaware of the full details into what transpired between Cyrus and Williams (Jomal) and the national coaching staff, but…”
    Well, I think the bit before the “but” says plenty.
    Secondly, if you know Angus Eve, you would know he refused to coach Trinidad and Tobago for free or a pittance. As he is right to do.
    The players have the same right to decide if they want to represent their country or not. If they don’t, then we move on. Eve wouldn’t offer his services for T&T if it didn’t suit him either.

  35. I’m curious, why would Defence Force and W. Connection play Haiti in friendlies (to help them prepare for the 5th place playoffs) in the first place? Haiti stands between T&T and a place in the Gold Cup. I’m confused ..

  36. Lasana Liburd If you do not want to listen to me maybe you could listen to Eve and Williams. I know you don’t like Tom. Your initial article about the man before he even set foot in the country said it all. But you owe him a debt of gratitude. Wired was on its death bed before he arrived. Now look at it. It’s jumping. Say thanks Tom. lol

    • My initial comments about Tom Saintfiet were not made in a vacuum Gerard Johnson. They were based on his CV. Professional companies tend to look at a man’s body of work to gauge if he is up to the task.
      I have nothing against Tom. Why do you all see personality in everything?
      If I don’t want you to be my account because I question whether you can do the job, does that mean I don’t like you?

  37. The coach is very outspoken and transparent in his account regarding the situation with the overlooked players. I think he should be commended for taking a tough stance while still be willing to compromise [Eg. allowing JJ to join camp on 01 Jan.] He did make some ambiguous statements regarding Cyrus and JW.

    That aside I think that if JJ wanted to play he would show up regardless who was the messenger. Late clearance from his club was given yet he did not communicate or attend. Management not seeing him or hearing from him at the time and place, decided to cut him from the squad. On hearing this his response was “okay no problem”. No attempt to find out why or to explain his absence?

    A foreigner could be so openly critical about our players and we buy into his pronouncements so easily is because of their previous transgressions. We know their modus operandi so it would be easy to believe the Saint. Obvious communication problems exist between the management and the players which the management has to take blame for.

  38. What I don’t understand is that Central FC received a request from TTFA for clearance for Jan, Sean Spanish in mid December. It had the full dates of the camps to the end of these gold cup games. That’s where all the bacchanal started about the club not releasing the players. So if Central received a letter, I’m fairly sure Seattle would have got one too. So the clearance should have come in December. So it would appear from Joevins statement that Seattle are to blame. They had plenty of time to email TTFA with their approval. But I would have hoped that TTFA would have noted that there was no response from Seattle and chased it up as well as alerted Joevin. The only bit that doesn’t make sense is that he played for connection without permission but wouldn’t train with T&T without permission. As a club, we would definitely be vexed about the first, but would understand the second.

    • Not sure that I would say Seattle were to blame. Because they didn’t have to give clearance at all.
      Maybe the TTFA should have done more following up with them to get what they wanted. Especially over the festive season.
      It isn’t Seattle’s job to do us favours.

  39. Klinnsman did the same thing when he got the US team. Klinsmann released MLS players for European players

  40. By the way, what is the team manager’s role in this debacle?

  41. The entire team is being decimated by a number of things including, No leadership, poor management, incompetent administrators, indisciplined players, poor communication, lack of commitment and cohesion among players and officials and a general tardiness overall.
    We need to restart from scratch and get everyone on the same song sheet.

  42. Her we go again with the spin machine which includes the media. He say she say. Very disappointing but the usual. It appears these players really do need professional life skills and more common sense. It’s not to bash them but I can understand how handling being at one level at one time in life and then being on an international stage the next is very very challenging. Life skills, time management , speaking in public , etc. I wish them the best.

  43. Another twist in the saga. Is this a spinoff of Thema and Marissa? Anyway Joevin is saying he to wait on clearance from the Sounders to train with the national team but didn’t he have to get their permission to play in the Haiti game?

  44. earl mango Pierre will have his day russel latapy is now the national coach of Trinidad and Tobago football team … cause he can translate the players behavior better than tom ?? who ? …eh….hahahahaha…all them experts on trini football cant get it right ..eh!….hahahaha…earl’s boy Russell ‘greatest footballer after Deleon’ latapy……..we jokey in Trinidad sports……..cause nobody knows if the players on s$%$t or saintfiel on sh%%t…..no straight answer