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Aunt Phyllis: Saintfiet is defaming Cyrus; T&T defender had just one glass of Bailey’s!

Does one glass of Bailey’s on New Year’s Day constitute excessive drinking for a professional athlete?

Phyllis Andrews, the “aunt” of 26-year-old Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team defender Daneil Cyrus, insisted that national head coach Tom Saintfiet has defamed the Soca Warriors player. And she is urging Saintfiet or the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) to clear Cyrus’ name.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team coach Tom Saintfiet (centre) and Dr Terence Babwah (left) talk to defender Carlyle Mitchell during training at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain on 15 December 2016. (Courtesy Nicholas Williams/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team coach Tom Saintfiet (centre) and Dr Terence Babwah (left) talk to defender Carlyle Mitchell during training at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain on 15 December 2016.
(Courtesy Nicholas Williams/Wired868)

Saintfiet dropped Cyrus and 22-year-old national midfielder Jomal Williams and told the media that the players missed their noon check-in at the Cara Suites hotel on New Year’s Day and smelt of alcohol.

“Two of the players came one and a half hours too late in camp and had still decent smell of alcohol around him (sic),” said Saintfiet. “That was Daneil Cyrus and Jomal Williams. Both were immediately sent home, back to party—but are replaced in the squad.”

Aunt Phyllis admitted Cyrus was late for their residential camp in Claxton Bay. However, she is offended by the insinuation that the versatile W Connection player turned up for national duty reeking of alcohol.

“If [Saintfiet] says the other fella was drinking, he has to prove that too but that is their business,” said aunt Phyllis. “You can drop [Cyrus] for any other reason but don’t say he was stink of alcohol. That boy never came in my house stink of alcohol. And I open the door most of the time for him because he always loses his keys…

“So I want them to clear that up.”

Cyrus did, she admitted, have a glass of Bailey’s. The national defender told Wired868 yesterday he did not touch alcohol that morning. However, he confirmed that he had one drink.

Photo: W Connection defender Daneil Cyrus (left) tangles with Atlantico FC flanker Adrian De Jesus during 2016 Caribbean Club Championship action in Couva. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)
Photo: W Connection defender Daneil Cyrus (left) tangles with Atlantico FC flanker Adrian De Jesus during 2016 Caribbean Club Championship action in Couva.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)

She insisted there was a social context that should not be overlooked, though. It was New Year’s Day and just one glass of “weak” alcohol. Don’t players in England, Belgium and other European countries, she asked, have a drink to celebrate too—once they do not end up drunk?

“He slept by me that night and he left from my house to go to camp,” she told Wired868. “We had a family lime and my children don’t get to have much time with him anymore, so they are always happy when he is around.

“He had just one drink and they were laughing at him and saying ‘Bailey’s boy?!’ I have all the alcohol in the world in house and he would hardly drink. All he would say is ‘Ms Andrews, I am taking a shandy’.

“So I really, really take offence to this. This is tarnishing the boy’s name.”

Aunt Phyllis first opened her Santa Rosa Heights home to Cyrus a decade ago when the Plymouth-based teenager needed a place to stay in Trinidad to train with the National Under-17 Team.

She was friends with the mother of National Under-17 forward Stephen Knox. One day, Knox’s mother introduced her to then National Team manager Chris De Silva who asked whether she would give a place to stay to a teenaged boy she had never met.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago's Daneil Cyrus (centre) hurdles Mexico player Adrian Aldrete (left) while his teammate Carlos Pena looks on in the 2013 Gold Cup quarterfinal at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.     (Copyright AFP 2014/ John Amis)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago’s Daneil Cyrus (centre) hurdles Mexico player Adrian Aldrete (left) while his teammate Carlos Pena looks on in the 2013 Gold Cup quarterfinal at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.
(Copyright AFP 2014/ John Amis)

“[Knox’s mother] asked me if I could take him and then Mr De Silva and Daneil’s mother came and met me,” said aunt Phyllis. “Daneil was 15 and he has been with me ever since. I have two younger children and everyone welcomed him with open arms, so we are all like family.

“If anything, my children felt I spoiled him. But they are like brothers and sisters.”

Cyrus went on to play in two World Youth Cups for Trinidad and Tobago—the Korea Republic 2007 Under-17 and Egypt 2009 Under-20 World Cups—and cement his place in the National Senior Team.

Aunt Phyllis gave her account of what happened on New Year’s Day, as Cyrus set off for his noon check-in time with his national teammates in Claxton Bay.

“He left [Santa Rosa Heights] about 11am and, when he was in the back of St Helena, he got a flat,” she said. “So he had to call another partner [to come and help him since he did not have a jack]. He called and spoke to the manager [Azaad Khan] and the manager said: ‘Okay come… The coach is really upset but still come’.

“[Cyrus] wasn’t sure of the time [he spoke to Khan] but he thinks it was before 12… I know he left by me a little late and he could have been earlier. But he would have been on time, if not for the flat he had.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams (second from left) welcomes new National Senior Team coach Tim Saintfiet (second from right) during a press conference at the Marriott Hotel on 7 December 2016. Looking on is new general secretary Justin Latapy-George (far left) and technical director Muhammad Isa. (Courtesy Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams (second from left) welcomes new National Senior Team coach Tim Saintfiet (second from right) during a press conference at the Marriott Hotel on 7 December 2016.
Looking on is new general secretary Justin Latapy-George (far left) and technical director Muhammad Isa.
(Courtesy Wired868)

Aunt Phyllis said she called W Connection co-founder and TTFA president David John-Williams to complain today.

“I called John-Williams and he said he is not charge of the team and that is the [coach’s responsibility],” she told Wired868. “But he said that could be fixed. He said: ‘you know he has a reputation of being late for Connection practice’. But what does that have to do with this? I am dealing with the defamation of character with the [coach claiming the] boy was smelling of alcohol.

“I don’t have a problem with him being dropped for being late. But not for alcohol.”’

Wired868 asked John-Williams to confirm if he said said Cyrus’ issue could “be fixed” and what he would have meant by that. But, although he read the message, he did not respond up to the time of publication.

The website was unable to get further comment from Saintfiet, Jomal Williams or national team manager Azaad Khan.

The Soca Warriors face Suriname from 7pm at the Ato Boldon Stadium on Wednesday in the first game of a round-robin series, which also includes Haiti. One of the three nations will advance to the next Gold Cup playoff round against Central American opposition.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Carlos Edwards (left) takes on Sweden midfielder Anders Svensson during the Germany 2006 World Cup group B opener on 10 June 2006 at Dortmund stadium.  Edwards is the captain of the current Soca Warriors team. (Copyright AFP 2016/Odd Andersen)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Carlos Edwards (left) takes on Sweden midfielder Anders Svensson during the Germany 2006 World Cup group B opener on 10 June 2006 at Dortmund stadium.
Edwards is the captain of the current Soca Warriors team.
(Copyright AFP 2016/Odd Andersen)

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  1. Does anyone have a link for the live-stream of the game tonight?

  2. bacchanal in sports , what’s new in T&T. what’s the real deal here?

  3. Go read about Jermain Defoe for Sunderland , a true professional never drinks alcohol thats why at 35 he is stil terrorizing defense and scoring goals

  4. Unlike you skiled and knowledgeable gentlemen my football know how is not as sharp. When there is noise in the stands then something good may be happening.Discipline is discipline though and I think it helps with success. It seems our players thought that it was a fete match like what is usually played by men in nighties on Christmas morning with licquor flowing and no order. I think it could be a good start to new beginnings.The thoughts of a loyal supporter..

  5. I fully appreciate your efforts Lasana.

  6. I never need to be in the mob Lance. I try very hard to get information so I can pass it on to readers. If I knew just as little about a topic as everyone else, I would be useless to readers.

  7. Everyone else is sticking to your original post and discussing indiscipline,while you and Keith are talking coaching ability.

  8. Lasana,It seems that only you and Look Loy hearing what you two are saying.Look at all the other posts.


  10. Lol. Lance Noel, if you google Look Loy and Dwarika your question would be answered. You just are not listening to what we are saying. So this is a waste of time.

  11. All I ask is a simple question sir.

  12. ..Lance. You really don’t know about football do you? Or about me?..


  14. Would you have sent home two of your best players if they turned up late for practise,while also smelling of alcohol,Keith Look Loy?

  15. You can put Trini Don as coach and he might drop the players too. Would that necessarily make him a great coach Lance Noel?

  16. Keith LookLoy I tort u gone….

  17. I do not know about coaching or about this coach.What I do know is,he has earned my admiration with his handling of indisciplined players ,so far.

  18. ..You debating for spite. Several comments above you liked my comment:..”And I ain’t vilifying anybody by saying that. But I not getting tie up and doing cartwheels because a coach with a shit CV drop some men. If he does well I will praise him..”..

  19. Based on the coach’s ”failure everywhere”,I guess you are laughing already,Mr Look Loy.

  20. I read and understand you loud and clear Mr Look Loy.

  21. Lance Noel hart was a failure before he came tnt, and left as a failure

  22. .You READING what I writing pal? You UNDERSTANDING it?..

  23. Seems you have already condemned him to the rubbish heap Mr Look Loy.

  24. HAHA.The man has been a failure everywhere he’s been. DJW threaten the man WHILE UMVEILING HIM! Who waiting to laugh?..

  25. Anselm,some of us just waiting to laugh at the coach if we lose,not acknowledging that he is working with a less than professional team.

  26. Anselm I would say inability to analyse and comprehend is a bigger problem.

  27. Lance Noel indispline is a major problem for some of the lawlessness we have in TNT today and you can read it right here from some very intelligent people of TNT.

  28. Mike Rodak
    ESPN Staff Writer

    ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — Running back LeSean McCoy and wide receiver Sammy Watkins, the Buffalo Bills’ two biggest stars on offense, say discipline among players was lacking under coach Rex Ryan, who was fired Tuesday.

    “I think the discipline has been an issue,” McCoy said Friday. “Players just [need to take] accountability for their own actions. … I just think as players, as professionals, we need to step up and play accountable. That’s the biggest issue.”

    “It’s discipline,” Watkins said Thursday. “Whatever around the locker room that needs to be addressed — on the field, off the field, flags, whether it’s a running drill. … I just think being professional as players [needs to be] fixed first.

    “Then the coaches have to be hard on us, not scared of us. Get at us, yell at us, curse at us. Whatever to get the player to do that job the best he can, that’s what they need to do.

  29. .. CARLON!! YOU RIGHT BOY!! I GONE!!..

  30. So hear nah. When you have a school where the students are undisciplined and the teacher has to spend most of his or her time disciplining the students instead of teaching, can that teacher be successful? The same goes for coaching. So to hear people dismissing the importance of discipline while waiting to judge the coach on results is indicative of the shallow culture in T&T football especially among local coaches who are just as culpable for the culture of indiscipline in local football. Discipline be damned. Winning is everything

  31. The thing is this.. if any big name coach had come here and done the exact same thing everyone would have been singing his praises. However, this coach doesnt have ‘a name’ so he’s judged by a different standard.
    But look at it this way.. the easiest thing for this coach to do was to keep those guys and look for ‘results’ to appease a clearly skeptical footballing public, yours truly included. However, he’s sticking by HIS principles, just as Mourinho, Conte, Klopp et al would do and I respect that. I’m not crowning him a saviour or even giving him a pass but he has to be given credit for that.

  32. Allyuh bring out some drinks now,nah man(lol)

  33. Always comment early in a thread….after a while the comments and comprehension deteriorate at equal pace

  34. So to make a long story short,the coach was right to do what he did.We now await the two games to judge his ability to coach,by the onfield performance of the team.

  35. So you not waiting to see if he wins or loses lance? You happy already?
    You don’t have a sink or something that you can pay me to fix and then write a Reference for me before I do the job?! ???

  36. ..And I ain’t vilifying anybody by saying that. But I not getting tie up and doing cartwheels because a coach with a shit CV drop some men. If he does well I will praise him..

  37. So we are waiting to see if he loses,then we would say,yuh see,he shoulda pick de boy dem.Lord have mercy upon us.(lol)

  38. Vilifying is saying he needs to win games to be a success Lance Noel? Seriously? You watch sport? Have a favourite team?

  39. ..Allyuh can”t understand a simple idea. He right to send home men who liook for it. But he will NOT be judged by that. He WILL be judged by what happens on the field tomorrow and Sunday because he is here to WIN MATCHES. Can’t make it any clearer..

  40. Lasana, it’s not about blind loyalty, this is not the PNM or UNC. This is about being sceptical, true, and waiting for results 2mrw and Sunday. Hart had a long time to groove in, in the last year or so, he got soft

  41. Here we are villifying a coach for trying to instill discipline into a losing football team.

  42. And it is the “that man sounds good so let us give him blind loyalty regardless of what he actually produces” that makes our country the mess it is.

  43. I didn’t want to say it Anselm.It’s the win at all cost mentality that has our country constantly reversing.

  44. Keith Look Loy just exposed himself by this statement “THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS WINNING!! EVERYTHING ELSE IS SECONDARY!!..” I would not want to play for a Coach like that because he truly does not have my well being at heart.

  45. So,Lasana,the coach was out of place to send the players home citing late coming and an alcohol aroma?

  46. Can someone tell me if the game tomorrow is on TV please

  47. Politicians can stick around for five years achieving nothing but doling out sound bites and get reelected. Some people accustomed to that. Sport doesn’t work that way.
    That’s why sport has score boards.

  48. ..Have you been reading my comments? Who needs to be disciplined must be disciplined. But Saintfiet ain’t our school master. He here to WIN MATCHES. WIN MATCHES. I waiting on these two CFU matches..

  49. If I recall correctly,we were talking about tanty saying ”dey slander de boy name”.

  50. Who said this current strategy will continue into the future? He had to start somewhere and make the deviants see he means business, once they understand that,all will be well and he will give them leeway

  51. But we aren’t debating the coach’s ability Lasana.

  52. So Mr Look Loy,not being a coach myself,once you are winning,indiscipline is not an issue?Surely that isn’t so.

  53. Anselm, I hear your point but the good coaches know that multitasking gets the ship moving in the right direction faster. He has to fix broken windows and paint and landscape and anything else his staff can assist with all at the same time given the stated mandate to win these games..

  54. It seems like Lasana Liburd was drinking with Cyrus and Williams. If he had to report to reporters Camp the Coach would have sent lasana home to for alcohol on his breath.

  55. So we should give him six months Zen? He got three. That’s what he signed up for.
    If he loses the dressing room, he might well end up like Bob Bradley too.
    This is football.

    • I agree. If he loses the dressing room it’s on him.but hearing Jomel’s interview it’s telling me he’s actually gaining respect…people are falling in line..Jomel is prepared.
      In the end, results are going good to matter, but attitude and culture are going to play a major part in getting there. This shake up may be exact thing to get these same players to get with the program. I could guarantee you that Jomel is never going to be late again.

    • Nice. But doesn’t matter if entire team loves or hates him. What matters is how he uses that to win matches.


  57. You do the sport no good by tolerating indiscipline Lasana.Can’t you see the results of our National team,bro?

    • I’m tolerating indiscipline because I say he has to win games to be a good coach?
      Why not just hire your favorite principal as coach and save money then?
      What he does off the field is fine but he must show that he can do his job on the field first and foremost.

    • Urmm..he played 2 games so far, won one, why can’t we wait to judge him after 2mrw and Sunday?

    • He won one and lost the other. Yes. Against Nicaragua. A team that was eliminated before even the group stage of the World Cup phase.
      In other words they didn’t get as far as st Vincent.
      But those are friendlies so let us see now. You should be just as anxious as me to see what he can achieve.

    • Actually, I am anxious and wishing that we can really put the boot in. You really think we don’t want the team going to the WC? We really eh

    • Ok, I left out the lost one, yes…I tired typing and saying the same thing over and over. When it’s time to bash his tactics, we will, just like we did with Hart.

    • That’s fine Sav. All I’m saying is we haven’t seen whether he can coach yet because he is heading into his first competitive games.
      Trying to discuss his coaching acumen now is talking about how a car handles before it is driven.
      And if you look at his body of work, it is woeful eh. So you should be happy to have us look forward rather than backwards.

    • But Las, we not even analysing his skills as a coach here. Let’s talk about the two games, one he lost, the other he won.

    • Savitri, it was a friendly against one of the weakest teams in Central America. Smh. Competitive games count in sport.
      What if he won every friendly game and lost every competitive game?

    • So they went all the way to Nicaragua for a sweat…coooll

    • Savitri I don’t know what to tell you eh. I cover sport for a living.
      It is a warm up game. Some coaches prefer to not even play them and just keep the team together training.
      If you think a friendly game counts so much then why don’t they award points for them?
      All I can do is tell you what I know about sport from my time in the industry. I can’t argue with you about the value of a practice game.

    • The under-20 team lost almost every practice game Savitri. They then got to the semifinals and qualified for Concacaf.
      Maybe you would have sacked the coach due to the value of those games.

  58. No no, it’s not trying to change it. Most coaches, when they take over struggling teams, have taken adjustments with strategy a day personal before they start seeing results. Why should he be judged differently? You’re seeing it all over the world…Mourinho struggled in the beginning at ManU, Klopp took 6 months to get something going at Liverpool and Content struggled in the beginning get at Chelsea, and the ALL made tough personal decisions. Not saying this coach is of the same calibre, but his approach is the same.

  59. People who see football as a pastime can afford to say winning games don’t matter. Nobody who sees sport as a living can do so.

  60. Lasana yuh losing me with yuh argument bro.

  61. ..Then is a good thing you ain’t TTFA president. Lose all their upcoming games and stay eh? Hahahahaha..

  62. Correct Anselm.It’s not as though he is tinkering with a winning squad.

  63. Ever heard that the theory of broken windows is nonsense that wasn’t proven Anselm? That bit missed you?
    Regardless. We hired a coach to win games not fix windows.

  64. Agreed Lasana,but surely indisciplined players cannot be good for the game.I am one who subscribes to the view that a star player could never be an indisciplined player.

  65. Lasana Liburd is missing the big picture. Even heard of “the theory of broken windows?” You have to fix the little things first and they will help fix the bigger things. That’s exactly what the Coach is doing, I don’t care if they lose all their upcoming games, the Coach is trying to fix a broken machine.

  66. In sport, your preparation, training and effort is gauged in match day.
    End of story Richard Zen O’Brien. Glad you like the narrative so far. But he is hear to win games.
    Only politicians get to stick around based on PR. In sport, you have to actually achieve something.

  67. Fact:We have been losing more than winning with this bunch and their behaviour.New coach,new rules.Let’s wait.

    • Fact: we are in the hex for the first time in six years and got to two gold cup quarterfinals consecutively.
      Now is Saintfiet’s time to show what he can do. On the field. Not in front the tv camera.

  68. Lance we have accepted Kenwyne that shithound

  69. ..And he will be judged by Sunday when we play Haiti. Let the side play shite and everybody will forget who he drop..

  70. Molino was suspended for the last two games.

  71. You would admit what we have been accepting from these players has not gotten us very far.

  72. So he is a success if we lose because he dropped players Richard Zen O’Brien?
    The beauty of sport is the final whistle says if you were good or not. Don’t try to change that.

  73. Whether he can coach or not is debatable.We are not privy to what he is looking for in his players.What we might consider bizarre might be normal for him.The catch here is,he is the coach.

  74. Nah Lasana, you have to cut him some slack. Yes he was brought here to win games, but we cannot realistically expect wins and progress without some level of professionalism. Getting wins after establishing a winning culture may take some time. I think you’re setting up the argument that he’s a failure if he doesn’t win those games (yes, the TTFA did this and they were wrong)but we shouldn’t be playing that game.

  75. No. We are speaking about whether he is doing a good job.
    To gauge that on dropping players seems bizarre.

  76. True dat,but the question of the coach’s ability is not in question here.Aren’t we speaking about disciplining the players?

  77. Aren’t you now judging talent wrongly too Lance? You’re equating Tom’s ability to tell time and tell players off to his ability to coach.

  78. Lance, any school teacher can drop Jomal for turning up late. Doesn’t mean he can coach now does it?

  79. I think we judge talent wrong. What do we see as talent? I think I have made the same mistake myself. We judge talent by people’s ability to strike a cricket ball. The sweetness, the timing. That’s the only thing we see as talent. Things like determination, courage, discipline, temperament, these are also talent. Rahul Dravid

  80. t’s a starter for me,because if players are indisciplined off the field,it might also be affecting their onfield performance Lasana.We have stories of players going on boat rides etc.Maybe,if the squad was winning their games,the coach might not have had to take such stringent measures.

  81. I think the coach was brought here to win games and help us get to the World Cup. That is what he was told.
    All very nice that he might have gotten Jomal to see the importance of sobriety. Lovely. lol.
    Football coaches impress football people by what they achieve on the football field.

  82. So Lasana Liburd and all the rest of naysayers, allyuh admit that the coach was 100 % right nah or allyuh too big to admit that? What about you Keith Look Loy? Folks we need to raise the bar and that’s what the Coach is doing.

  83. After he say he got a flat his aunt Phyllis said he had one glass of baileys lmao
    Can she read does she even follow directions? Does she follow rules or is it ok for him to not do so from time to time because he’s her nephew

  84. In workplaces it’s unacceptable to turn up late or to have had even one drink. Only in Trinidad are such excuses acceptable to so many
    When will we accept responsibility for wrongdoing?

  85. I am disgusted at the kudos this manager is getting for being strict ,,

    Hart has 1/2 as strict, and got mash up by these hypocrite trini fans, for “being too strict” ..

    how the ras, could the fans boo Hart for being too strict and then give this “cant” , kudos for being an unreasonable cya cya hole ?

    Hart’s biggest problem was his faith in Jones, and his exclusion on Cornell Glen …
    But, honestly, if we have to put up with this cya cya hole to get Jones off the team and Glen back on, then I am prepared to live with his stank attitude…

    Clearly – Trini Fans/ Player/ Coaches,, have no clue what football is really about

  86. you know,,

    if he did not have a drink, he still has no excuse for being late.
    the other guy had a flat tire.
    being unable to get a taxi suggests that he was unfamiliar with the area he was travelling from…

    being called to a national training, with a new coach is very, very important..
    stopping off by a relative on the way was a poor decision, especially if he was travelling…

    Also, the guy with the flat, should have called before hand and make the management aware of the situation.
    It is not proper to show up over an hour late, and then present your case.
    That was acceptable before the days of cell phones…

  87. Hart had a lot to deal with, if this is the kindah shape the team is in now. Don Leo had the pedigree and experience to deal with Dwight and Latas on a level that got them to buy into the 2006 dream.
    I can’t see the Belgian waffle doing that. Sorry.

  88. It doesn’t Mata!!

    Does Baileys have Alcohol? Yes?

    Then to ass was he!!!

  89. “Clear up what Tanty” who is you???? That is just to show you how typical Trini behave. Late is focking late! No discipline…….. You could keep him there and give him more baileys.

  90. Aunt Phyllis sounds like one of those who, when they love that child, that child can’t do no wrong.
    If she were a better exampler maybe he would have left way ahead of time in the event he encountered any challenges on the way to camp.
    Disciplining the “so-called stars” on the team sends a clear message to all, comply with no excuses.

  91. If this kinda practice can be done across the board eh RE: All protective services, govt officials and gvt institution.
    No discipline and lack to conform to rules…Get out!!

    Well done coach

  92. Where has dis coach bin all the time…exactly wut we needed #discipline no matter how good of a player u are ??? well done coach

  93. Stephon Nicholas This thing feeling like an episode of Ballers or a sitcom. Nicholas Huggins

  94. I love this manager already, not only did he drop KJ for non performance, he is demanding pros act like pros

  95. At last a coach who is not taking bullshit!

  96. Be quiet Aunty Phyllis……don’t support in discipline.

  97. Aunt Phyllis???? Really?!?!?! National football, aspiring to the next world cup…Aunt Phyllis say…really allyuh?!?!?!

  98. Thought he never touched alcohol doh???

  99. Aunty you put the rope round the man neck .to get to a worldcup is rough not a excursion to maracas.

  100. Aunty Phyllis ya wrong discipline is discipline if there is alcohol in the mix it is not allowed and the lack of punctuality is the lack of discipline ya wrong

  101. Trinidad&Tobago: the words are DISCIPLINE TOLERANCE and PRODUCTION’ DR Eric Williams

  102. thats why our players dont last long abroad. no dicipline at all. we always making some stupid excuse.they are professionals and should know better,they know the rules and feel the are “big boys” so they can get away with everything.no one is bigger than the country deal with them harsh! it have alot of talented young men waiting for a chance to represent this country, well done coach ! support u a million percent..finally someone has the balls to stand up and do their job

  103. This coach is no pet and powder man!!

  104. Could it simply be that these guys were not picked because of disciplinary reasons…Full stop!

  105. Ah glass of Bailey’s really ?????

  106. Here we go again: Family jumps to our defence . ‘ he is ah nice boy’

  107. One glass or two he was wrong no discipline!! ,this is not village or back yard football

  108. Emotional reactions to simple disciplinary problems perpetuated under the watch of a negligent FA… From what I’ve heard these infractions are not new to our national teams – from before Latas time. If this is a continuous issue in the management of the team then a sterner look has to be cast there. This is not a matter of ‘he was a good boy’ so lehwe gih him a bligh. If we are to put precedents in place to deal with the future teams to come then it has to handled from a systemic/structural point of view. These young men need to be saved and re-calibrated/rehabilitated so to speak. We tend to look at that approach as being ‘soft’, therein lies our problem. I’ve heard that there are many players who feel ‘they reach’ and as result they may be unmanageable….then we need to examine how they ‘reach’ there in the first place. This is as much a management issue as it is a player issue….Hart was the FA’s scapegoat, but he had issues with this administration from day one, Noone is blameless here yet it is the players and coaches who are routinely sacrificed and I say ‘sacrificed’ bcz they don’t select or appoint themselves do they? I singled out Cyrus bcz I’ve never heard of any disciplinary issues surrounding him. Despite his gaffes on the field he doesn’t strike me as a player not committed to the cause having been in the national set up since his youth days. This whole thing seems out of character – or maybe we just now hearing about it. The lack of transparency with matters regarding the team and the FA make all this very worrisome for me and I for one am not quick to applaud any of these measures as the way forward. We must be careful of treating necessity with extremity and while some may argue ‘enough is enough’ and that extreme situations call for extreme measures….I say we trying to tend a garden with swiper!

  109. We not serious ..that’s why our nation is struggling

  110. Now who living? He say no alcohol is it still not considered alcohol? He aunt may see Bailey’s but when he left he Parang.

  111. The coach is laying down the law…there must be discipline. That is what is required if we want to board that plane for Russia next year. Professionals must behave like professionals. Let’s hope those young men learn from that experience and that their team mates take note.

  112. Thought he didn’t touch alco and had a flat?

  113. So Keith Look Loy where is the problem with the Coach?

  114. Waut from not having any to one glass lol alyuh on real shit

  115. For your time of enjoyment see what a good time could do. Finely.

  116. ..The whole reality show melodrama. TTFA. Players. Coach. Ringling Bros. ain’t got SHIT on we!. Forget Russia..

  117. Aunty did what any other blood (relative) would do..make a bias assertion in defense of her nephew regardless of the indictment. What she has done, although innocently is prima facie admissible against him, the “innocence” of her statement makes it all the more plausible that he smelt strongly of alcohol. This combined with his late arrival is however not mutually exclusive, the coach’s decision is justified. Cyrus is actually one of the better plays..hope he learns from this.

  118. What is the bullshit u refer too ?

  119. Deh lie, trini’s don’t have one glass ah nuttin

  120. One Bailey’s, one beer, same fucking thing. You eithere serious about pulling on the T&T jersey or you are fucking around. This is the big league. This isn’t five-a-side fete match football. You want to lime and drink there ain’t no room for you. Get out and make room for people who are interested.

  121. It may be a good thing that Coach Hart is out of this mess, but all this is not unexpected as we continue to put mediocrity on a pedestal and excel in coming up with excuses and explanations for any shit that we do as a people. No wonder top class teams of Europe stay away from TnT players due to their PARTY ANIMAL mentality. So let the ‘BIG MAN’ fix it just as he has fixed other similar situations, it is a pity his job does not have a ‘two strikes and you are out’ clause. Goodbye Trinidad and Tobago Football as we continue to defeat ‘Baseball’ teams and feel that we have turned the corner.

  122. They didn’t say how big d glass was eh Sheldon

  123. We always falter over discipline and professionalism. I remember reading about Paolo Maldini ending an interview early because if he was late for training he would be fined. Ibrahimovic and some of his national teammates were sent home from a training camp because they went out for cake and coffee for a player’s birthday and missed curfew by a bit. The coach’s rules are law.

  124. It went from no drink, to 1 glass of baileys ………. where will it end

  125. As a track field coach I implemented a philosophy used by Tom Coughlin, former two time super bowl winning coach of the New York Giants! “If you five minutes early you ten minutes late. ” 100 % of the team came 15 minutes early. Discipline and order is sorely needed in TNT and not just in sports.

  126. No excuses yuh late lack of discipline seeing de same ting at work here as a supervisor

  127. Who lying the aunt or the player.

  128. Aunty eh easy..
    she sell him out

  129. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed too!

  130. Want to bet all players going to be showing up 1 hour before practice now?

  131. Boy, for alcohol to last that long on his breath he had to have drunk the whole bottle of Baileys or he had a new type of Baileys… 150% proof, maybe!

  132. I am puzzled tho do we or don’t we wanna go to the WC,every pro sportsman is required to have DISCIPLINE, I guess everybody is comfortable with our third world mentality,this ain’t no fete match this is about representing your country which BTW has as one of it’s national watchwords DISCIPLINE

  133. Indiscipline ruins progress … Grow up and take responsibility

  134. Depends on what you consider”drinking”.

  135. Again….the response when ‘enough is enough’ is to throw out the baby with the bath water?! Let me repeat…the players are not blameless but we cut out the symptom and leave the cause? The rot starts at the head. We cannot hope to truly ‘eradicate’ this issue and keep morale at the same time by ‘sacrificing’ players at the alter of expediency. There are other ways to deal with this matter….the result against Nicaragua in the second game shows what? Does it provide vindication? I’m curious about Cyrus tho….to me – I may be wrong, maybe Lasana Liburd can shed some light here – to me Cyrus has never had any disciplinary run ins….where does this indiscreation come out from just so??! If this is his so called ‘fist infraction’ does he deserve to be hrown out? Peter paying for Paul is how we propose to inculcate ‘professionalism’ in our players?? That’s just enforcing compliance thru fear and only reinforces the ‘Daddy with the big stick’ mentality….a throw back to our colonial days. Surely, this cannot be a long term solution going forward.

  136. This is turning into a farce.

  137. Same shit different coach. When will they learn.

  138. Tiany Physilis that is all you could teach him

  139. No discipline. Be more responsible. Set examples for the young people

  140. Real shame that so many on the original post actually making excuses for the indiscipline.

  141. Alcohol or not he got there one hour and a half late… unacceptable… lack of basic discipline

  142. I can’t imagine what would happen if these guys were really world class players.

  143. If I remember correctly, didn’t Cyrus say it was only Jomal who was drinking? Now his Aunty is saying something different? And you can bet she’s not telling the truth about how much he drank. The amusing part is if he didn’t publicly say why he sent them home we would be all over him for not leveling with us. The man can’t win for losing. He did the right thing. Get rid of the knuckleheads. Some standards are required no matter who you are.

    • Thank you. Some are saying it’s unprecedented to be so open with the public, I bet if we had done that from the beginning, they wouldn’t be leaving to go to no boat cruise, or drinking Baileys either.

  144. Seriously now drinkers real drinkers only one glass Liqueur can’t sell you out Korrek?

  145. Indiscipline has to be stamped out if we wish to court success No excuses

  146. I understand all of that….I’m saying the reaction is as usual a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to a mundane issue. If we make dismissal a precedent it will become as useless as curfew recently adopted by the last govt. What now after curfew??? Ergo, what now after dismissal….will that now be the default strategy/tactic/sanction for everything? Players will break camp now and in the forseeable future…it happens…., this is an administrative matter, put your sanctions in place and lets move on. This side show solves nothing and helps noone, particularly players who WE have failed despite the fact that they have failed themselves. Whether they are of EPL level or not is irrelevant in this instance. The matter at hand is about discipline and commitment and maturity etc etc….you can’t engender commitment with ‘reactions’ such as this….the ‘result’ will only be temporary.

    • Adam you making too much sense, the mob wants to see “heads” roll. Unfortunately, they do not want to accept nor understand the short term nature of this coach’s one trick pony of discipline. Any simpleton can send people home, that lacks creativity, ingenuity and shows complete ignorance of how to motivate people much less athletes

    • Adam McKell I understand your point but a few things to consider (1) if he was in camp on time the one drink or two would nut have mattered. When you are winning or doing the right thing, you can buy yourself some favors (2) this coach is probably using this to set the tone for what is acceptable under his stewardship. All coaches do that.

      Had the players been on time and given 100% in practice and performed well in the field, after a while the coach will gain respect and become a supporter. Had there been a track record, the coach could then make the judgement that he’s always here and always 100% and so I believe him when he gives a reason for being late. The players also have to take some responsibility because this is the big league

    • I’m in agreement with you here also, but I still question whether Cyrus falls into that category of ‘repeat offender’.

  147. Irresponsible behaviour is just that. Late and having a baileys mouth wash so potent to last so long is really not even fifth world. Can we get serious please.

  148. these guys are not EPL level …neither in fitness nor talent so drinking being late breaking camp when games are upcoming should be a no no .

  149. Adam cant both be late and be drinking …pick a struggle …

  150. There’s discipline in every sport….. Good going Coach!

  151. Sigh, our team lacks so much discipline smh ?

  152. Hannibal Najjar

    George would never want his name associated with late arrivals for important camps, whether, Mas or football – game on Wednesday and all hands need to be on deck. I am not optimistic about Saintfeit but this is what caused us the rapid decline just a couple of months ago – the three camp breaking Musketeers before the Guatemala game and allowing them to play that very Friday. Serious people for serious times. Congrats Tommy! Prove me wrong come March though. Prove me wrong by advancing to the next Gold Cup qualifier at the end of January 8th, though. You come from trying times but little to show; maybe this time, this set of trying times will be what the doctors ordered for both you and us, T&T.

  153. Tanty Phyllis must have some large Coca Cola Promotion glasses at her home!

  154. Wow, she through him under the bus. I guess she was watching him the whole time he was there.

    • It’s a great thing this coach is doing . But we all know the players are all party boys and they will get back at the coach . They will not give a 100% on the field and they will railroad the coach to make him Quit. Let’s be positive and see if they can adapt to proper discipline . Maybe Trinidad can become a force to be reckoned with in Football . It will take time to develop the right team

    • Well that was a good approach by the Coach. If they want to party, them send them home to party the nights away. GREAT JOB BY THE TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO COACH. HE HAS MY FULL SUPPORT.

  155. Good start to cleaning up that bunch of misfits

  156. Very good. That is how discipline works. For the smallest infraction.

  157. It seems to me that Lasana Liburd should be bowling spin for TNT and the West Indies in how he’s allowing the story to spin with him being the bowler.. Ah bet allyuh that the other players will thing twice about even drinking a Shandy before they come to camp under Saintfiet. Isn’t that a good thing for the team? Lasana yuh should have give aunty some advice and tell she to tell Cyrus to abstain from drinking while representing the National team than making it okay for him to take ah little drink.Trinis want to continue with the same type of behaviors and expect different results. Man do we need a few more Saintfiet’s in TNT.

  158. This coach’s stay is short, and perhaps even shorter now, his “newness” might mean that he has made a few enemies in the last 24 hours, perhaps even among the players who made the cut, either way, 1 maybe 2 bad performances could see him being shown the door. TTFA has been uncomfortably silent, I sure hope it’s for the right reason…

  159. Stueepsssss. Such nonsense. Poor excuse.

  160. Santa Rosa to Claxton Bay is a 2 hour journey at least, based on the time he left 11:00 he was going to be late, drink or no drink. Their needs to be the admission from these players that “yes” I have a problem…

  161. Trinidad football has a way of scoring goals on us the loyal fans, so we accustomed. So wah is ah lil scorpion kick goal for de New Years. Take ah Baileys and cool it.

  162. One glass too much. End of story

  163. He said he didn’t , Aunty Phyllis saying he did….someone has to be stranger to the truth.

  164. Bailey’s does not have the level of alcohol content to warrant the label of ‘rum cork’…..plus….pro athletes can and do have alcohol….there is always the matter of the amount one consumes. In the middle of the EPL players are allowed to consume alcohol at their discretion. Some clubs ban consumption all together. It seems to me that the story is just that…a story with many versions and we the realll stakeholders left to wonder who really telling the truth. I’m fed up of sifting through the various agendas….there are precedents to deal with issues like these. These are mundane non-issues that big clubs don’t even bother with bcz there are structures in place. We NOW want to lock the barn after the horse has bolted and I’m noyt convinced by these ‘knee-jerk’ ractions. Bcz really that is all it is….can we seriously expect to make dismissal from the national team a response/answer/solution for what are obviously failings of our social and sport administrative structures? smh….let the band play on yes….we going nowhere with this.

  165. Looks like Cyrus had a history of being late, hence the coach wanting to see the flat tyre.

    But he and his aunt need to be a lil more responsible. If he left a “lil late”, the only way to reach early would have been to speed down the road. Added to that, you gone and take a drink before driving? If a Police officer had stop him, aunty was coming with the “everybody does take a drink on new years” line?

  166. That’s fine Richard Zen O’Brien. The player admitted to being late. So that is uncontested. The other bit is being contested though.

  167. In a prior Wired868 article, Cyrus insisted he “did not touch alcohol”.
    In this article his adopted aunt Phyllis insisted he had “just one glass of Bailey’s”. Lol!
    Her account suggests that the poor lad was also subject to peer pressure, perhaps even taunts from his adopted cousins.
    According to aunt Phyllis: “he had just one drink and they (cousins) were laughing at him and saying, ‘Bailey’s Boy?!'”
    For everyone’s information, Bailey’s has more than three times the alcohol volume than a beer.
    Most beers have between 4.5 to 5.5 percent alcohol by volume. Bailey’s has 17 percent.
    Coach Saintfiet said: “two of the players came into camp one and a half hours too late and still had a decent scent of alcohol around him.”
    Does anyone wish to join me in raising a New Year’s toast to the stance taken by the coach? Salut!

  168. A glass of baileys is very strong eh !!! How big d glass was ?!?!

  169. Professional players get fined for being 10 mins late. If your concern is ‘I wasn’t smelling of alcohol’ after being 1 1/2 hrs late, then we have to give the coach kudos on this one. Also, we’ve gone from ‘don’t touch alcohol’, to ‘only one drink’. Let’s be real here, it’s Christmas time and you’re trini :-)… you want me to believe you’re ‘undisciplined’ enough to reach 1 1/2 late, but you have enough ‘discipline’ to have only one drink? Dude needs to keep quiet.

  170. Ahmm. Did Wired868 make up the story that the players were drunk? So the coach didn’t know he had a game this week and shouldn’t raise potential distractions too?
    Should the coach’s word be final. Or do the players not deserve a say?
    Kion S Williams, an understanding of journalism would show you that all parties deserve their chance to have a say. I can’t not be a proper journalist because it might suit Saintfiet.

  171. Tyler Perry must be probably writing the script as we read. Doh mess with “big auntie”.

  172. I know wired has to earn a living with news but we have a game in a little over a day. As most coaches say, “let’s focus on the players selected and not discuss those not in the team right now.” We could deal with Molino, joevin, Cyrus, Bostock etc after the Haiti game. It seems we will have plenty time to discuss off field issues once Gold Cup and Workd Cup no longer in the picture.

  173. Bailey’s has alcohol like anything else eh ….. it’s our way of thinking as per usual …….

  174. My question is… since when do Trini men drink Baileys? I never see that in my life

  175. Starting to get better than Westwood Park…

  176. Little boys in big man clothes what they think is just so John Williams could get vote out too

  177. Learn? I think is time players get permanently axed

  178. Never is for god who are they and dey represent football or puncheon what are thing what kelvin jones is telling his child

  179. I’m moving on …we get caught up in too much small stuff … you’re out ….. now go home and train harder and move on ….. this coach job on the line so he aint playing around …so they either get with the program or get cut ….. maybe we need a lil crazy to deal with d saga boys lol

  180. I suppose they are his players !!!!!!!!Hmmmmmm

  181. What the hell DJW has getting involved in this?Is this a WC issue or an issue for the Coach ?W C……is DJW a WC..?

  182. Honestly though I’m just Fed up…From boat ridex2 Molino to boat ride and fete match and I just too good.fuh tnt Joevin Jones to Bostock who we cyah find.or.lorse he passport or whatever to Central FC doh wanting their.players.to play…lol
    Imagine if.these guys were actually World.Class like Yorke Stern latapy or Nakhid ?
    One setta back ah yard bush league second.rate team dey with and.head swell up big big big

  183. I’m curious to hear back from TTFA president David John-Williams on how he hopes to “fix” this though. So hope he shines some light.
    All other parties are being quite transparent.

  184. the man said he didn’t have a drop of alcohol.

  185. Lasana….I don’t like this article. It begins to take the issue into the realm of gossip. Aunt or mom or whomever…Cyrus is an adult who made an adult decison/mistake. Whilst the content may be somewhat relevant, the headline and the regurgitation (with some minor adapatation) of what is already in the public domain doesn’t really add value to the whole thing

    • Carlon, the aunt contacted me and said she wanted to clear up the matter. I spoke to Cyrus again. He saw the first article. They still wanted a second piece. And they did clarify some stuff here.
      So I consider it a valid piece.

    • The only other thing I could have said was: No. I refuse to do a second story.
      They are hurting. They wanted to say more on behalf of the player. So I gave them a platform to do so, which is my job.

    • Lasana …the main thing is you are late and did not call none of the management but you call a player ….disrespect….I experience this conduct daily…..time for things to change….if you not committed move on….

  186. From never touched alcohol to one drink…sounding like me when my wife vex…lol

  187. Oh my auntie…leave people business alone and mine your own..from a flatt to one glass of “milk drink with a little spirits” …you don’t “drink” whilst on duty…end of story!!!

  188. I’m reading posts where persons are defending these two players and it is clear why we cannot progress as a nation.

  189. Late is late! And as for having a glass of Baileys, that is still alcohol. He’s a professional footballer and that means being disciplined and making sacrifices.

    • Nio…men breaking camp longtime dong forest reserve to go session without consequence…pro in Trinidad mean yuh make de squad. All other aspects of professionalism is ignored.

    • I agree Nio if yuh late yuh late and it wasn’t 10 mins late it was an entire hour and yuh show up with alcohol on the breath. Eat ah dinner mint nah fool. He should get drop for being dotish.

    • Mitchell Rhet, all yuh good yes; talking bout eat ah dinner mint…lol. Duane, you’re right, that attitude or lack of professionalism has been there for a long time. Only when men go abroad do they realize how serious this thing is. As soon as some of them touch Trini shores again, is like they turn like Transformers and revert to the old (a la Molino and the other MLS contingent).

    • “eat ah dinner mint” Lol!

  190. Thought he said he didn’t hve any alcohol tho ???

  191. ..Conte is said to encourage his players to have a brew after a match. THAT is not the issue here however..

  192. Tanty just close de case!!!!

  193. All the same, it is true that a player having a glass of alcohol (and worse) happens in Europe all the time. So the player could still be correct that he was not “reeking of alcohol”.

  194. And the excuses have begun!

  195. Contrary to popular belief Shandy is an alcoholic beverage and Bailey’s is not a weak alcoholic drink either. There’s no excuse for his tardiness, he’s a professional and hopefully he will learn from this.

  196. I have to assume that the player initially meant no “hard liquor”…

  197. Is wa kinda young and restless soap opera madness really goin on? On the real though…I really hope whoever gets to the bottom of the mess. Smh

  198. Well look how Cyrus story mash up

  199. ..Fourth World bullshit. Straight up Fourth World, Barnum and Bailey bullshit..

  200. Auntie is actually helping to corroborate the Coach’s version of the events. Thanks Auntie!

  201. I’m so over this ish ………

  202. Ha is still sport or a episode of the boondocks