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Cyrus: I had a flat tyre; and didn’t touch alcohol! T&T defender responds to Saintfiet

Trinidad and Tobago defender Daneil Cyrus insisted he did not have a drop of alcohol on New Year’s Day and said he felt unfairly vilified after coach Tom Saintfiet told the media that Cyrus and his former W Connection teammate, Jomal Williams, came to camp late and smelling of alcohol.

Both players were axed from the Trinidad and Tobago squad to face Suriname and Haiti in 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup playoff action on Wednesday night and Sunday afternoon respectively at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago's Daneil Cyrus (centre) hurdles Mexico player Adrian Aldrete (left) while his teammate Carlos Pena looks on in the 2013 Gold Cup quarterfinal at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.     (Copyright AFP 2014/ John Amis)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago’s Daneil Cyrus (centre) hurdles Mexico player Adrian Aldrete (left) while his teammate Carlos Pena looks on in the 2013 Gold Cup quarterfinal at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.
(Copyright AFP 2014/ John Amis)

However, Cyrus said his reputation could be unfairly tarnished by Saintfiet’s statements. And, although he stressed he did not want conflict with the Soca Warriors coach, the defender disputed any suggestion that he touched alcohol before joining the team camp.

“People think I came into camp smelling of alcohol,” Cyrus told Wired868. “[Saintfiet] asked Jomal: ‘You are smelling of alcohol’? And [Jomal] said ‘Yes, I took a drink with my family’.

“He never told me anything about that. And I never took a drink.”

Saintfiet’s exact words to the media were:

“Two of the players came one and a half hours too late in camp and had still decent smell of alcohol around him (sic). That was Daneil Cyrus and Jomal Williams. Both were immediately sent home, back to party but are replaced in the squad.” 

Cyrus, who has 62 full international caps, tried to explain the chain of events that led to him being dropped from the national team.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago right back Daneil Cyrus controls the ball during 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup action against Cuba. (Courtesy: Arianna Grainey)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago right back Daneil Cyrus controls the ball during 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup action against Cuba.
(Courtesy: Arianna Grainey)

The Connection defender, who also played professionally in Vietnam and the United States, said he got a flat tyre while driving to the team’s camp in Claxton Bay and realised he did not have a jack in his vehicle. He was in St Helena at the time.

Cyrus claimed he then called a friend who came from Santa Rosa in Arima to help him change his tyre.

The setback meant he was over an hour late to meet his teammates at the Cara Suites Hotel. All players were supposed to be at the hotel by noon but, according to Cyrus, he got there at 1.26pm.

On the way, he said he picked up Williams, who was supposedly having trouble getting a taxi to the Cara Suites. Cyrus said he relayed his mishaps to the technical staff via national teammates Alvin Jones and Aikim Andrews, who are both also Connection players.

“I called and told Alvin what happened,” said Cyrus. “And then Aikim called and he put on the manager, Azaad [Khan], who told me the coach was mad…”

Cyrus said when he and Williams got to the hotel, he went to see Saintfiet who immediately demanded to see the flat tyre to verify the defender’s story. He said they were heading to check the flat when the Belgian coach got a whiff of his teammate.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Jomal Williams (centre) tries hold off Costa Rica defenders Johnny Acosta (left) and Francisco Calvo during Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying action against Costa Rica at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 11 November 2016. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Jomal Williams (centre) tries hold off Costa Rica defenders Johnny Acosta (left) and Francisco Calvo during Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying action against Costa Rica at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 11 November 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

Everything changed quickly after that.

“The coach asked me to see the flat tyre that I changed and I said okay,” said the 26-year-old Cyrus. “But before we could do that, he said: ‘Jomal, you are smelling of alcohol’? And Jomal told him that he took a drink before he came with his family.

“And then coach told us to wait in the lobby. And when he came back, he said: ‘Okay, you can go home. Go and party’.”

Wired868 tried unsuccessfully to reach Williams for his account of what transpired.

Cyrus said he was stunned by Saintfiet’s reaction but shook the coach’s hand and left. He insisted that he is fully committed to representing Trinidad and Tobago.

“It wasn’t anything that I could control,” said Cyrus, who is a former two-time World Youth Cup player. “I am fully committed to play for my national team—anytime!”

Tall, mobile and aggressive, Cyrus was considered one of Trinidad and Tobago’s top prospects when he broke into the senior squad, six years ago. But, like most of his teammates, he disappointed in 2016.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago right back Daneil Cyrus (left) tries to hang on to Costa Rica attacker Christian Bolanos during Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying action against Costa Rica at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 11 November 2016. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago right back Daneil Cyrus (left) tries to hang on to Costa Rica attacker Christian Bolanos during Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying action against Costa Rica at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 11 November 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

Cyrus looked especially vulnerable in the Warriors’ two World Cup qualifying defeats in the Hex to Costa Rica and Honduras. But he held his hands up and admitted that his performances have not been good enough.

“I wasn’t really at my best for the last two [World Cup qualifying] games and everybody knows that,” said Cyrus. “I know that too. Sometimes a player might be going through a good patch and sometimes a player is going through a bad patch.

“For the Guatemala match [on 2 September 2016], I thought I had an okay game but for the last two games I really wasn’t at my best. I am not hiding. I just had two bad games.”

Cyrus plays central defence for Connection but was a regular at right back under former National Senior Team coach Stephen Hart. And, in his two outings under Saintfiet, he appeared in central midfield.

“I can play anywhere on the field, once I get time to adjust to the position,” he said. “A footballer should be able to play anywhere on the field. In the last game [against Nicaragua], I even got a chance one on one [with the opposing goalkeeper] and I missed…

“I do prefer to play centre back, honestly. But any position they let me play, I play it to the best of my ability.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team coach Tom Saintfiet (centre) and Dr Terence Babwah (left) talk to defender Carlyle Mitchell during training at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain on 15 December 2016. (Courtesy Nicholas Williams/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team coach Tom Saintfiet (centre) and Dr Terence Babwah (left) talk to defender Carlyle Mitchell during training at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain on 15 December 2016.
(Courtesy Nicholas Williams/Wired868)

Cyrus will have to look on from the outside as Trinidad and Tobago try to book their place at the Gold Cup without him. The Warriors face Suriname from 7pm on Wednesday at the Ato Boldon Stadium.

He hopes his stay on the sidelines is brief, though. And he insists that he did not have an alcoholic drink on New Year’s Day.

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Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. While Bruce Arena putting things in place for the US to win the friggin hex, we coach telling Cyrus them to go home and party and telling Cornell Glenn that he could bring the baby to the hotel and somebody could pick up the baby later:)

    I will continue to enjoy the humor and wait until qualification for 2022 WC before I take these fellahs seriously…bring the baby and someone will pick her up later hahahaha

  2. sooooo….Tanty lie den? o.O

  3. Bro as i keep saying we just have to sit back and watch this BS, as much as we lov this game and want to see our country do well its hard to watch this play out!!!! More to come SMH!!!

  4. See if this wasn’t about football and FB people just chiming in with their opinions about an ungrateful woman with an HDC I wouldn’t mind…but yo this is serious WC aspirations stuff man.
    This is about a man in charge who carries himself like a low-life, third world dictator.
    This is about a no-name, no-resume (I’ll take the least amount of money you all are offering) coach who was embarrassed like a little boy at his introduction.
    This is about no-poise totally-expendable Daniel Cyrus, lying (yes he blatantly lied when he said he didn’t have a drop of alcohol!) and being sold out by his Aunty Phyllis.
    This is about Joevin Jones and Kevin Molino being un-motivated to play for the country.

    This is about the hurt and abject frustration felt by the true, legit fans (those who follow the team religiously) who have to sit here and watch one debacle after another unfold…smh

  5. Great to hear from Jomal admitted he was wrong now he can move on and fight for his place on the team if he wants to represents T & T good luck bro.

  6. Jomal Williams must be given credit for his forthrightness and honesty. Also very thoughtful and professional approach . He sounded sincere and contrite and it’s all that we can ask. I hope that the coach can accommodate him going forward

    • I do respect his explanation and apology but what TNT needs is also players that are not willing to play Russian roulette with their careers ??

    • Kurtwyn Baird I agree with you. I’m not condoning anything here. I stated right here a few months ago when Molino and two other players broke the curfew that a stiffer penalty should have been applied (more than the $6000 match fee). Had a stiff penalty been levered we probably won’t be having this now. I just liked the heartfelt apology form the youngster

  7. Lol… yuh mean d all important “check” that Michael Samuel forgot to include in his New Years Resolution… ????

  8. I wonder if those players who gave up Christmas with their families to represent Trinidad and Tobago in Nicaragua got their match fees and per diems yet?
    Not saying they didn’t. I genuinely don’t know… But I will find out sooner or later.

  9. Whatever happened to a phone call?

  10. Knowing he was on his way.

  11. Would you drop a player for reaching camp late

    • Was that a serious question Timothy? The team has been plagued with indiscipline over the last few months. The lack of discipline has contributed significantly to our current predicament (i.e. WC qualification and Gold Cup qualification). It’s time to put a stop to the unprofessional and childish behavior of our national team players, both young and old. The player left home late, claimed he suffered a flat tire, but yet didn’t feel the need to contact the manager or coach before the scheduled arrival time. Totally irresponsible behavior. He deserved to be dropped and my only hope is that he learns from this lesson. We need to start holding these players accountable.

    • Thanks Carlos Lee, just put the question out there to see if anyone would have handled the situation differently.

  12. But then,Cara suites is really a good drive from Arima so flat or not he would of been later,l drive that route every day and there is always traffic in Marabella!

  13. Better he get dropped he not even good all the goals score dow the right side

  14. Riiggggghhhhtttt…Daniel Cyrus. Smh. The patterns of behavior with these players are habitual..
    “I believe ya” ?

  15. Wait nah . How long it does take to change a flat tire ?

  16. Hear what dan…is different management so you have to tighten up on certain things that you would have probably overlooked or be relaxed with for instancs communication, punctuality. According to you
    the gaffer asked to see the flat tyre so you know he just not taking any excuse just like that. Let this be a learning experience and you have pledge your commitment to red, white and black so hopefully you will get back in soon. My youth, discipline and unwavering commitment are required for qualification to Russia next year or we can just forget about it.

  17. Them guys feel is ah show thing, it int no show, is work

  18. Do you consider all this publicity bad player management?

  19. I have studied our coach methods and it’s sad to say he would not be a coach that have the best players able to compete at the highest levels,but he would have the players that are willing to comply to rules….not seeing any hope with that method getting us through the Hex… but I support his stance??

  20. Cyrus is contradicting his aunt who said he had a glass of Bailey’s. Who’s not telling the truth?

  21. It failed too many times. All the goals came through him.

  22. Joann, I am not a coach, but believe that Cyrus is a right side central defender not a right back. Playing him out of position in such a key position of right back is a decision the coach made based on his resources.

  23. I think may be they are being to hard on the guys . What about if someone spill alcohol on their clothes while fixing the spare tyre they were not drinking poor innocent guys ???????????????????

  24. After the SHIT Cyrus play in the first two world cup qualifier I feel he drink rum to because he can’t play that just so.

  25. The missing ingredient. Discipline.

  26. this new coach is an a$$

    but he DID drop Kenwyn Jones and bring Cornell Glen back into the team….

    So it means he know MORe about Foootball than 90% of the jack arses in T&T ….

    I though Hart had the fortitude to drop that clown Jones..
    Hart did himself in, and Jones’s failure was hart’s failure…

    Hart has no one to blame but himself…
    He should have ditched Jones ages ago ….

  27. Why didn’t you call the TTFA or a Manager? Feel all yuh to MC big… I eh doubtful of what you saying yuh know but you should do better.

  28. Tanty say he had one drink of Baileys.

  29. Oh gosh man! The boy got a puncture in front the bar he had yo borrow a jack fromm the barman so yuh wha him borrow the jacket just so?
    That eh making any sense, he had two buy a beer or 2, 3, 4

  30. This is our problem……we are too Deliquent…..it is about time someone takes a stand on this…..they cannot make this mistake in a foreign country….

  31. Smh. I would like a flat tyre like that. Clown

  32. Bruce I hear u but I want Cyrus of d team long time. So situations like this I refer to as the Al Capone.

    They got him for something. So Cyrus off the team the means may not justify the ends but happy he is gone.

    Plus if yuh coming late with a man spelling of alcohol you will be guilty by association.

  33. Are we not still in a democracy? Is someone not innocent until proven guilty?
    Why did the coach smell alcohol on the breath of one player and decide that the other is guilty? Had he continued to check to see the flat tyre

  34. It’s called a personal jab …I’m ok with it

  35. There is something call a cell phone

  36. Not sure how Molino end up in your post though

  37. Was the coach the “only person” who detected alcohol ?

  38. He isn’t even that good as a right back he should have been dropped ages ago

    • I swear I was the only one that felt that he wasn’t all that…
      He makes so much mistakes at the back …..

    • In his defence he is a centre back and the wider position is alot different. We have a youngster who was in ssfl just over 2 years ago by the name Shannon Gomez. He is a right back playing for New York City FC. That means he’s training with guys like Pirlo, Lampard and Villa under the management of Patrick Vieira. I’d honestly have given him a chance in the friendlies and see if he is worth it. Anyone but Cyrus at this point

    • Felix Atasha No bredda you not the only one…evidently MLS teams felt the same way, hence the reason why he doing it in the pro league back home…yuh see the sitter he miss last Friday:(

  39. I had a flat tyre so I said f**k that I going for a drink

  40. to the folks on this link, please be honest with yourself and keep it real.
    These guys got called up to an impromptu training camp to fly away from their families at a very special time of the year; completely unforeseen, then got penalized for showing up 90 minutes late. The last coach and team rejected an impromptu game.
    I am telling you guys this coach is going to follow his Jamaican and Haitian counterparts and lineup an European born/base team against Panama. This team he farting around with will not line up against Panama and Mexico.

  41. This revelation regardless of whether 100% or 50% correct confirms why I was so uncomfortable with the initial report and response by the Coach. Frankly, I was shocked by the bravado and arrogance of the coach in his response to the indiscipline and unprofessional conduct of his players. Furthermore, it is not the first time he has OVER reacted to common matters with players. What happens in the SQUAD should stay in the SQUAD, Football business must be resolved with the player, team and management not in PUBLIC.

    Tom the Cat trying to be a Tiger but will prove to be a Paper Tiger!

    He seems to have one tool in his tool bag of discipline; send players home. Tom seems to have had the same responses with players and administrators in “third world” Africa.

    How will this win him the dressing room? Who will show commitment and go to war for a manager with this emotional disposition? Will DJW be pleased with so many of his players sent home?

    I observed the managers of Joey Barton, Mario Balotelli, Paul Gascoigne even the vampire Saurez standing by their players publicly and treating their transgressions delicately. Then again, those are world class players with world class managers; I guess we get what we paid for and our players are not quite world class yet.

    Someone said Tom has a psychology degree, if he does he must not have taken a class in cultural relativism because he doesn’t understand the players actions relative to their culture and how to deal with them.

  42. Poor officiating from Mike Dean and team. 3 points to Manu again…

  43. I noticed that no one ☝️ is giving the player a chance. Isn’t it possible that what he said happened ?% factual?

    • Really, there could be some truth, but Sean if you on your way to even a lil non important lime, you call the boys tuh say ” ah geh ah flat” or some thing happen.
      So something of significance like practice with the National team, the effort to communicate..or at least what was reported to have been said, one wonders.

    • Communicate
      If ur running late to something for some reason
      What u do????? not call an inform the individual that is expecting you of the situation ?????
      I love it
      Shape up or ship up ❤❤❤❤

    • Felix Atasha did you read the article?

  44. The BOAT RIDE probably went a BIT late.LMAO

  45. Allyuh peeps have a real mob mentality …… every situation has to be treated on “merit” this defines wether or not someone is judgemental. If Cyrus was legitimately late because he had a flat tire and attempted to get in touch with coaches there is nothing wrong with that. If the man is being judged because the player he came with is drunk and HE isnt then that’s a judgemental call by association and that’s unfair. You guys can talk all you want about years of indiscipline and all that ish ….I’m ok with him dropping the primadonnas for not showing (Molino is rubbish to me ) but if you taking out your frustrations on other players because you having a rough day …it shows why you’re a coach that only DJW could find. Right is right fair is fair. I wonder if you guys would be so quick to abandon your player and side with that “half head belgian” if it was Carlos etc and not Cyrus. Fair is fair !!!

  46. Daz a Jack-arse excuse… he better wheel and come again and spare we wid da BS… ?

  47. For that man to smell alcohol on the other player breath meant that man had more than one drink. And even if you had a drink there is such a thing like chewing gum or mouthwash that you could have used before going there. Being that Cyrus picked him up from his house? Again, this is all part of that learned behavior of laid back anything is anything behavior that has been reinforced in our society and has now become a part of our cultural worldview. Im not againt the coach on his decision with williams at least.

  48. Lasana Liburd can I troll this post… I mean… we’ve had almost all of the best criticisms and advice from some of the most die-hard football fans in trini… there’s not much else to do but make light of the situation!


  50. I fully endorse the coaches’ decisions cmon we all HD that excuse already. I reached late to work because in had a flat tyre.

  51. I think football in Trinidad is about to reach somewhere now,i like Saintfiet attitude

  52. I think the coach is seeing a pattern of tardiness and was fed up of hearing excuses for late coming. In this case he sent his message early and Peter paid for Paul.

    I didn’t see Cyrus indicating when he got the flat tyre, but where. So maybe he was already running late and the flat tyre and additional pickup just made him later.

  53. He said he spoke.with the manager

  54. A flat tyre smalls like alcohol….

  55. I am sure the coach talked to his assistant coaches and made a decision on this….

  56. And the late entrant for ” chupidee of the year….drum roll….Daniel Cyrus.

  57. The nitrogen in the tire got all on meh clothes…he believable like the woman who went paranging for a week. Ah wonder if he geh kidnap?

  58. Everyone is expert on changing tires and proper protocol

  59. So hear this nah Lasana Liburd. Lets assume that he really did get a flat tire. Did he also not have a phone to call and say he will be late? #jessaskin

  60. Comedy team. Comedy management. A professional footballer having trouble for transport? I would think that someone will have a little bit of foresight to mabe hire a taxi before time? Or make arrangements with someone to get a ride. A flat is also no excuse to be 90 mins late.

  61. Discipline, on and off the field, is an essential core factor for success. It’s one of the prime factors critical for T&T football to move forward. All (TTFA leadership, management, players, and coaching training staff) must be held accountable for respective responsibilities and actions. No excuses should be tolerated. I recall Thierry Henry while playing a game for Arsenal being benched second half even though he scored the only goal in the first half… his coach’s plan was for him to stay on the right side but in frustration, Thierry Henry switched to the left side. Although he scored he was benched one and a half games. Discipline is an essential factor. Soca Warriors lack discipline.

  62. Cyrus driving an 18 wheeler owa ? In Trinidad so many people stop to assist, unbelievable that absolutely no one did…so he eh flag down anyone…not a police jeep self…hmmm

  63. ^^^^isn’t he also Muslim?…

  64. Judge not if you do not wish to be judged.

  65. So 2 big hard back men take so long to change a flat…. then they really shouldn’t be on the team

  66. I think Cyrus really wanted to convey that he did not drink alcohol and felt it unfair that people now think he did.

  67. Lies….he cuda call or tex d coach n said he will be late….poor excuse..i say drop they ass..some off them feel they 2 big n cant get drop….they head swell big like a melon….i stand with d coach….give other men opportunities…it have plenty talent out there

  68. To be fair, I think the point that Cyrus was trying to make was he did not drink any alcohol and he thought it was unfair to be accused of that.

  69. Good move coach! I’m 100% sure at the next training session every player shows up early and well-rested.

  70. Flat tire maximum 15 mins.Digicell call while delayed 15 secs.

  71. Jokey warriors that’s there name from now

  72. I had a flat, no jack and I couldn’t get a taxi. You mean to say you not even prepared to reach to camp on time? In the mean time the rest of the team had the courtesy to arrive not just on time but probably early!

    More like this needs to happen.

  73. Good going coach stand for something if they not committed to representing their country. let them go and play fete match .

  74. I believe in hearing two sides of the story ! Cyrus and Jomal sides are very symptomatic of the level of illiteracy they portray as players ( very low football IQ) .
    Still waiting on Jovin Jones and Molino , both of which has had recent incidents of leaving camp to party ! Won’t be surprised .

    The ISSUE now is that we have a coach that is very disciplined and strong enough to crack the whip . LAtapy has just arrived on the coaching staff and I fear that the players will use LAtapy to undermine the coaches discipline .. LATAS must not allow the coaches stand to be compromised !!!

    These “PROFESSIONAL” players recent behavior are nothing short of disgraceful !

  75. It will take a while before these kids learn how to behave and be respectful, especially to themselves. So more benching to come.

  76. Good thing that the coach is putting down his foot. You know how Trinis are.

  77. The flat tire is a soft excuse! Don’t believe it!

  78. I had to take my pet goldfish to the vet

  79. Yea Timothy Rochford… ➡Trinidad and Tobago Football Association!! ?

  80. He mussy rub up on Jomal ???????

  81. My crystal ball tells me on Monday the 9th this coach will put out an open invitation for foreign born/base players. He is going to take the same road as the Jamaican and Haitian coaches.

    • Oh wait the crystal ball is being more specific. European players. I see 7 European born/base players lining up against Panama

  82. ^^^^^he had a tyre… but no jack

  83. Lol I was thinking the same thing yes. Can’t afford a car and did not have a spare tire.

  84. Well said and spot on Lance Noel. This attitude will continue to affect our society at all levels in very profession.

    • It’s a societal problem ,where anything goes.

    • It seems in Trinidad as though anything that can possibly go wrong can go wrong here. The thing is, this behaviour is so ingrained in our psyche that unfortunately we are going to remain like this for years to come in a technology driven age where we are witnessing the rise of many nations while we here apart from declining oil and gas revenues are not producing anything that the world needs. What a shame for TnT

  85. Btw..professional footballers can’t afford a car?

  86. Lol…. sweet.Tnt yes…sweet

  87. Basic manners and lack of professionalism continue to plague us as a society.Why didn’t the player with the flat tyre call the coach,manager or a member of the technical staff? He eventually called another player,why? Wasn’t he in possession of their telephone numbers,if not why?

    • Well said Lance. You know you’re running late, call and give the manager heads up. Common sense man. Don’t wait until the arrival time has expired then call to say why you’re late. Lasana – I think you missed asking Cyrus why he didn’t call before the arrival time to give the manager heads up. He’s been on the team for years. Should know better. I do like the fact that the coach is not tolerating these schoolboy behavior. The players behavior is akin to the old “the dog ate my homework” excuses we tried using in years gone by.

    • Exactly my sentiments Lance Noel when i read of this ‘flat tyre article’. If his story is authentic or not???…i’m certain we trinis used that line many times.

  88. Guess he may be guilty by association.

  89. Be diplomatic and drop him for the right reasons.

  90. Drop him if you have to, but to accuse him wrongfully is utterly stupid and disrespectful.

  91. Idk if cyrus literally had a flat tyre but I think this drop was needed for him to get his act together…total rubbish since the Guatemala game from him

  92. I believe the bloke.. But…I also believe in Santa. the Easter Bunny. Traveling. Calling. Telling the truth. and that the children are the future

  93. Why isn’t anyone being objective here

  94. Lasana better you call Jomal to hear his excuse and his version of the events too. I can’t wait to hear him come up with an excuse like “is was the new alcohol scented perfume I was wearing, I just got it for Christmas” smh

  95. Oh yeah…flat tyre…I sure Jomal got a really good cologne for Christmas and wasn’t drinking !

  96. This is excellent discipline protocol… I wish the Trinidad government could adopt the same no nonsense regimen!!

  97. Primary school excuses (the dog ate my homework). He will have another opportunity to show discipline and commitment. But I fully agree with the coach that he should sit this one out (go back and party)

  98. I believe Cyrus’s story that he had a flat tyre. Have you seen him after 20 minutes in a game?

  99. I am starting to love this low rated cheap coach , He appear to look more value than he is .

  100. The only person he is accountable to is the Manager so why did he call fellow players. Then you are late but find time to pick up your friend. What is the Coach expected to think?

  101. Daneil Cyrus: I had a flat tyre; and didn’t touch alcohol! Defender responds to coach Saintfiet; and pledges his commitment to T&T.

    So why didn’t he make a simple phone call to the manager explaining his problem before turning up to train.

  102. Thank god for flat tyres and forgetful managers……he was a liability and it was wondrous how Hart kept him on the team.

  103. W Connection are producing some sterling young men! What’s the secret, I wonder.

  104. The coach is absolutely right!! For yrs and yrs the attitude of players hv been terrible!!!

    Unless Molino was playing in those pick up games to keep fit. If he’s really not committed to playing for his country, then why select him? As for JJ, if the coach gives u time off to rest, but u played in a friendly to keep sharp, that’s fine. But not showing up at all is unprofessional & unacceptable!!!

  105. Lass I dunno what to make of this …. I’m all for dropping people if deserved not because you just reacting impulsively….. if the excuse is legit then “Mr. Afro” acted hastily ….still not feeling this dude …anyhoo

  106. By making this public utterance he is already in conflict with the coach and his reputation tarnished. I!s called indiscipline. In this age of modern technology, surely he could have communicated his plight to the coach prior to his late arrival.

  107. If we could only convert comess to WCQ points we probably would be seeded in Russia already.

  108. Phone dead as well so could not call.

  109. These jokey Trinidad and Tobago footballers we have now is so dissapointing. This country could never reach World cup with these Alcoholics, Boat Ride and fete footballers we have now. Them fellas not serious at all. Its really to late now so take the under 20 and let them play in the World Cup qualifiers. It will work out for us in the future.

  110. The good old flat tyre excuse