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Hart problem! National coach in limbo as TTFA technical committee votes for shake-up

Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team head coach Stephen Hart and his technical staff appear to be in limbo after the local football association’s technical committee met this afternoon to discuss the state of the Soca Warriors.

The meeting was called on the request of technical director Muhammad Isa. And, according to a well-placed source, the recommendation from the technical committee was: “changes have to be made.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago coach Stephen Hart reacts to the final whistle in the 2016 Copa America play off contest at the Rommel Fernandez Stadium, Panama City on 8 January 2016. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago coach Stephen Hart reacts to the final whistle in the 2016 Copa America play off contest at the Rommel Fernandez Stadium, Panama City on 8 January 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)

The source was tight-lipped as to exactly what change would satisfy the committee but, as head of the technical staff, Hart is believed to be in a precarious position.

Trinidad and Tobago have made a poor start to the CONCACAF Hex, as the Warriors lost 2-0 to Costa Rica in Port of Spain on 11 November and 3-1 to Honduras in San Pedro Sula on 15 November.

At present, Trinidad and Tobago are second from bottom in the six team standings with only United States below them on goal difference. The Warriors were also eliminated from the Caribbean Cup in the group stage, after losing to Martinique last month.

Incidentally, the TTFA technical committee, which is chaired by TT Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene, is yet to hold a formal meeting with Hart and appears to have been guided by reports submitted by the coach as well as their own impressions of the team. Hart has yet not handed in his technical report on the Honduras defeat while technical director, Isa, did not travel with the team.

Regardless, the technical committee arrived at a decision without hearing from the coach—in writing or in person.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago winger Cordell Cato (centre) tussles with Costa Rica right wing back Christian Gamboa while T&T coach Stephen Hart looks on during Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying action at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 11 November 2016. (Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago winger Cordell Cato (centre) tussles with Costa Rica right wing back Christian Gamboa while T&T coach Stephen Hart looks on during Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying action at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 11 November 2016.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

There are still eight games left in the Hex and the top three teams advance automatically to the Russia 2018 World Cup while the fourth placed team enter a play off with Asia’s fifth placed nation. And the Warriors can still qualify for the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup via a play off series that starts with matches against Suriname and Haiti on 4 and 8 January respectively in Trinidad.

TTFA president David John-Williams denied rumours that he travelled to South America, almost immediately after the Costa Rica defeat, to sound out potential replacements for Hart or that Jamaica 1998 World Cup coach Rene Simoes— a Brazilian who also had a brief, unsuccessful stint with Trinidad and Tobago in 2001—is the preferred choice.

Instead, John-Williams insisted that he only left the country to attend a CONCACAF course in Miami.

Last weekend, John-Williams called a special general meeting for the football body’s board of directors from 5.30pm on Wednesday 23 November in Port of Spain, although the TTFA’s AGM was already carded for 9am on Saturday 26 November at Naparima College in San Fernando.

According to the TTFA’s constitution, only the board of directors can hire or fire coaches and the 13-member body must now rule on whether to ratify the technical committee’s decision or reject it.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team head coach Stephen Hart (left) and Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams enjoy each other's company during a press conference at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Port of Spain on 19 May 2016. (Courtesy Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team head coach Stephen Hart (left) and Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams enjoy each other’s company during a press conference at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Port of Spain on 19 May 2016.
(Courtesy Wired868)

The current TTFA board of directors comprises: John-Williams (president), Joanne Salazar, Ewing Davis and Allan Warner (vice-presidents), Samuel Saunders (Central FA), Sherwyn Dyer (Eastern Counties Football Union), Karanjabari Williams (Northern FA), Richard Quan Chan (Southern FA), Anthony Moore (Tobago FA), Joseph Taylor (Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association), Sharon O’Brien (Women’s League Football), Wayne Cunningham (Eastern FA) and Skeene (TT Pro League).

The TTFA technical committee consists of: Skeene (chairman), Dr Alvin Henderson (vice-chairman), Bertille St Clair (former World Youth Cup coach), Errol Lovell (former national goalkeeper), Jinelle James (ex-national player and current administrator) and Isa (technical director).

However, Henderson—who is abroad—and the Tobago-based St Clair were both absent from this afternoon’s meeting.

W Connection coach Stuart Charles-Fevrier is no longer a member of the technical committee since, according to a member, he expressed an interest in applying for a coaching position. Fevrier, a former Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team head coach, resigned from the technical committee roughly six months ago, although the public was not informed.

Ironically, just an hour after the technical committee’s decision, United States Soccer Federation (USSF) president Sunil Gulati announced that their football body has sacked head coach Jürgen Klinsmann.

Photo: USA coach and former Germany World Cup winner Jurgen Klinsmann cheers his team on.
Photo: USA coach and former Germany World Cup winner Jurgen Klinsmann cheers his team on.

Klinsmann, a former Germany World Cup winner as player and 2006 semifinalist as coach, took over the US team in 2011 and led them to the 2013 Gold Cup title and the quarterfinals of the 2014 World Cup.

He had another two years to run on his contract and claimed to have the support of outgoing United States president and Nobel prize winner, Barack Obama, who, according to Klinsmann, knows “the dynamics of soccer as a global sport” and “understands that it’s a long qualifying process.”

“It’s important to put this in the right perspective,” Klinsmann told Reuters. “We lost the two opening games [after we] played the two best teams right away. We have eight more games to get the points needed to qualify…

“I’m 1,000 percent sure we’ll qualify.”

In Trinidad, Hart was not nearly as unpopular as Klinsmann became in North America—Obama notwithstanding. A recent i95.5FM poll revealed that 52 percent of callers will welcome a new man at the helm but roughly half of the respondents still felt Hart can turn things around.

But the football body’s technical arm no longer appears to believe in the coach who was named on the CONCACAF Coach of the Year shortlist for two of his three and a half years in charge.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago coach Stephen Hart (right) passes on instructions to left back Aubrey David during 2018 World Cup qualifying action against Honduras in San Pedro Sula on 15 November 2016. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago coach Stephen Hart (right) passes on instructions to left back Aubrey David during 2018 World Cup qualifying action against Honduras in San Pedro Sula on 15 November 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

At present, Hart leads a technical staff which includes Hutson “Barber” Charles, Derek King (both assistant coaches), Michael “Brown” Maurice (goalkeeper coach), Dave Isaacs (trainer), Tobias Ottley (trainer/conditioner), Dr Terence Babwah (doctor), Saron Joseph (massage therapist), William Wallace (team manager) and Shaun Fuentes (media officer).

Former UWI SPEC director and Tobago House of Assembly (THA) sporting director, Justin Latapy-George, is also expected to be formally unveiled as successor to interim general secretary Azaad Khan at either Wednesday’s special general meeting or Saturday’s AGM.

Latapy-George is the younger brother of former World Cup 2006 player and local sporting icon Russell Latapy, who is employed by the TTFA as a youth coach at present.

Incidentally, controversial former TTFA general secretary Richard Groden was part of John-Williams’ screening committee for the general secretary post.

Groden was publicly warned by FIFA for his role in the infamous cash-for-votes scandal, which saw then vice-president Jack Warner banned for life, while he was intertwined in the World Cup 2006 bonus case between 12 players and the football body.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago head coach Stephen Hart (far right) holds court with (from left) TTFA interim general secretary Azaad Khan, president David John-Williams, technical committee member Muhammad Isa and TTFA vice-president Ewing Davis in December 2015. (Courtesy TTFA Media)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago head coach Stephen Hart (far right) holds court with (from left) TTFA interim general secretary Azaad Khan, president David John-Williams, technical committee member Muhammad Isa and TTFA vice-president Ewing Davis in December 2015.
(Courtesy TTFA Media)

Despite a High Court order, Groden refused to reveal what money was banked by the TTFA during its Germany 2006 World Cup qualifying campaign—even under the threat of contempt for court—and the two parties eventually settled out of court.

However, Groden became a cooperative witness for FIFA against Warner and helped steady the football body at its lowest ebb after the departure of the Special Advisor in 2011. He was replaced as general secretary by Sheldon Phillips in May 2013.

Latapy-George, whose appointment is the call of the football president according to the constitution, seems set to become the body’s fourth general secretary in 13 months, after Phillips and interim appointments Paula Chester-Cumberbatch and Khan.

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Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. Why are so many Trinidadians so insecure and suffer from this inferiority complex where they need a foreign coach to come to save them.. Hart was doing fine until the tyrant was appointed and everything went down hill ..because the tffa are corrupt

  2. Replace the ttfa. . I’m shocked to hear the idiots they have on the board still.. what a joke.. Hart needs real football people there.. one set of curry favor and none of them have the football iq

  3. The US don’t stick. Them made a change already. Trinidad too backwards

  4. Changing the coach ain’t make sense dropping kenwyn Jones might make a difference …? that’s just my views

  5. Changin coach during ah tournament doh make sense hart need tuh drop summah dem shit hounds

  6. you listen some commentators and you start to believe that Trinidad and Tobago has a population of over 10 million to choose from…………..each and everytime that the National Team takes the field it becomes a case of David vs Goliath…………..and we on the sidelines WILL DO WELL to realise that and try being more supportive………….and STOP WAITING until ” mission accompli “!!!

  7. Here we go again…..saw this before

  8. D games big people play. If you going to fire the man fire him.

  9. IT has noting to do with hart every game you playing with one man short replace the captain and the hold side would now play the game hart have plan for the team ,now is the time K.J give somebody the arm ban just like wi team you have falldown and dead or get old before they make that move

  10. Simon Benjamin i agree with you.

  11. Mr Brian Harry the old saying is those who has eyes to see would see and those who have ears to hear would hear, look closely people at the problems with some players on and off the pitch,listen now to the technical staff divided,and then look at our results thus far.
    This may not be enough to enlighten you sir

  12. Just change kenwayne jones..and dat come like ah bypass

  13. That TTFA statement sounds like a railroad to nonsense. Very unprofessional and quite distasteful!!

  14. Fire d damn captain an the whole mindset of the team will change for the better,make Bocaud who is quietly being exiled an is our best midfielder the skipper

  15. Or and before I forget look at the crowd support at the last World Cup game against Costa Rica eh, only about 13,000 eh and most of the crowd like if they was attending a show on Broadway in the theater steeuppss quiet, quiet, quiet, but the Costa Rica team had about 50 supporters eh and you can hear then chanting and making a set ah noise eh from the beginning to the end of the game and they were also dancing to our music to eh, it was only Shawn Abasali, his brother and crew that is always in the stadium with his bull horn trying to get the crowd to make ah set ah noise eh. I attended the game on Sunday in the Barataria complex San Juan Jabolteh vs Rangers eh and if you see the little a crowd compared to when Jabolteh played on the same field vs Army eh, so because it was against Rangers eh plenty crowd didn’t attend the game eh, and they always want to beat up my second sweetest country eh.Them really good yes.

  16. Shawn Abasali I agree with you 1000% , and the problem isn’t really our Coaches eh, well at least some of them, the real problems are with some of our players who really feels that they are all that eh, and when most of them goes on trials in the real football countries eh, they are sent right back on the iron bird because they are not ready as yet and the owners of the professional teams in our sweet country does be asking for big, big monies for them to eh steeuupss Look where most of them are plying their trade eh in the bootleg MLS league, NASL, USL, and the lower division leagues in Europe to eh, and this is just to show us that they never really learn ‘t the subject from some of the youth Coaches back in the days eh, and no fault of theirs nah hence the reason why I will keep on saying unless there are top of the line Youth developmental Coaching schools and there is a real professional league in our sweet country eh, we can forgetting about competing with the real organized professional leagues abroad, where many of the players that are representing their countries continues to play in the real top flight professional leagues abroad. Them really good yes.

  17. The writing has been on the wall as soon as the new king ascended the throne. It has been widely assumed that the powers that be wanted to install Latapy in the position of Head Coach for many months.

  18. We just don’t have what it takes to be out there right now.

  19. a step back wards it was in the writing on the wall wicfh i blame as the main distraction that has us nin this position at this moment .

  20. Earl Mango Pierre these players not convince Mr.Hart is the right coach for them,and Mr Hart still believe in them,why you still holding on to a runaway train?

  21. Lasana Liburd make it a headline or issue an apology that was a big part of the story! And this story have many threads and this is d only thread that retraction on stop feedings d mob!!

    • Coach Hart is my coach!! I start with that but coaches live and die by results. Coach results have totally taken a nose dive in the last year and initially i thought it was just a period of unsettlement that he would have worked through but from d lost to Haiti in the copa play off, to the lost to Caribbean cup to now the loss in the two world cup games something have gone wrong. Team selection is puzzling so is team tactics something has to b done whether firing him is d solution i don’t know, he has earned the right to lead us in the hex but this is bigger than d individual. If coach Hart can’t come up with concrete solutions going forward let the chips fall where they may! On a side note Lasana Liburd i feel that coach Hart have allowed his personal uneasy of job security to spread among the team and this is being fed by the media and public! Hart needs a coach Randy waldrum moment to galvanize his team and push forward!! The question is can he find one??

    • Gordon Pierre I respect your contribution. As a National coach myself, in a different sport , I think you need to undestand that in order to ‘galvanize’ a team you need full support of the Administration. Coach Hart does not have that. He does not have the Administrative support to get friendly matches nor does he have their support to get proper travel arrangements or practice fields.
      Gordon if you can work under those conditions and produce results I salute you.
      Once we work outside of Trinidad & Tobago with National teams of other countries we will realize how backward our system is here and how predatory and selfish our Administrators are.

    • If I may also add. When you have parents pulling their children off a National team because they are being rested or riding the bench and use the guise of “he is injured” you will realize what my statement meant when I said we are predatory and selfish. In my system I don’t care how good you are if you pull out you go home. You are never too good and regardless of what people say about small talent pool that is hogwash.

    • Tony Maxwell Hatt i agree with u how backward we are in terms of our system but i disagree that he didn’t have d support for friendly matches in fact he was refusing them because he couldn’t get his best team available bc of club commitments, the training on d national stadium field was a sportt company issue not ttfa. Personally i found that coach Hart allowed his perception of DJW to almost paralyze him in the way he operates, its a great shame because they are the two best men for their respective jobs if only trust and respect could be restored in that relationship!! Smh

    • Actually we just don’t have the ‘stones’ to stand up to those in positions of authority for fear of retribution.
      We fear for our jobs because these people only know one thing – get rid of him if he is not on board.
      I was filming a workout with a sophisticated slow motion action camera and the manager of one of our stadiums told me that cameras are not allowed. My intention was to observe and correct stride pattern and length etc.
      That is where we are now. I did eventually get to finish the filming however the next session he told me to not walk on the grass because it’s a football stadium.
      I just laugh at our inadequate system.

    • Check the headline again Gordon. And I won’t be taken on a tangent with something that was one paragraph. The story is the decision of the technical committee.
      I cannot prove what the source said or what DJW said. But I published his denial in fairness to him. That’s it.

    • Put it in d story bc it shaped a big part of the story!! Or guess as usual i can’t understand!! U just sneak it in by chance

    • No mister man realize how quiet i am on this issue? Just as i was quiet about Latapy coaching in U 17 tournament

    • So what is your take then Gordon?

  22. I wonder if Fenwick wanna/gonna get een this mix …… Just wondering

  23. “TTFA president David John-Williams denied rumours that he travelled to South America, almost immediately after the Costa Rica defeat, to sound out potential replacements for Hart or that Jamaica 1998 World Cup coach Rene Simoes— a Brazilian who also had a brief, unsuccessful stint with Trinidad and Tobago in 2001—is the preferred choice.

    Instead, John-Williams insisted that he only left the country to attend a CONCACAF course in Miami.”

  24. And doh matter who gets the job eh. our Soca Worries still won’t be going back to any World Cup in a hurry, where will the real World Cup players coming from eh, “JUPITER “steeuuppss. Them really good yes,

  25. Underlying the calls to sack the coach seems to be the assumption that the coach is at fault and the players are the greatest! Good luck with that !

  26. Latapy came to take Hart’s job. Thewriting is on the wall. The deal is done both Latapys are in

  27. Just heard Dr Babwah and possibly one other member of technical staff resigned.

  28. i said when the game against Honduras was in progress that the little magician would replace Hart and now his brother has a has been appointed to some position connect the dots people. I do not agree but that is the direction we look to be heading in.

  29. Hannibal Najjar

    I am very encouraged by the substantive contributions made in this episode. The heart of the team’s problem is in some way on the hands of Hart but more so, it belongs to the entire team. First, I’d like to say that qualifying out of the HEX is, in and unto itself, a monumental task, this, even if we were at our best. Remember the quality of the team, its collective experience, and, the coach – the size of the dog in the fight back in the HEX for 2006 was somewhat big? Expect some Trini lingo from here, as dis one really hurts and it churns meh inside! And even then, what had to happen – many a pull and tug to geh de 4th place that den take we to a neat 1-1 tie at home followed by dat dramatic 1-0 win in, wid a memorable header from we long-man, in Bahrain. The level at the HEX is a serious notch above where we are altogether in we football. And, given what has transpired dating back to and before the Guatemala game, at home, with dem three stooges breaking camp, the climb was then made more difficult as we was now incurred a limp, a small fracture to go wid it. And as if dat wasn’t enough damage, chief stooge, Kevin Bergdhal Molino, Molidghal, came along and saw it fit to, in quick succession, break camp again – and from what we understand, all by he lonesome self. De small fracture now became compounded, and we “Trini-to-de-bone” effort that all had been giving to geh we to and take we through de HEX, was now evermore thwarted. My contention is that Hart did have a hand in the slide when he elected to play Molidghal, and maybe de udder two, in the Guatemala game. Den, dat bugger had de gall to drop annuder plank on we, telling he country dat he want a year off from national competition – wha de rarse rong wid he! But now, the issue is not Hart, it is wid de the HEART of the team – what we have in we to get over this first two-game, “0” point, hurdle and to get sized up for the March encounters as when we host powerhouse, El Tri, and then, surging and ever-competent Panama in, Canal-land – sorry for the pun, buh, by then, we could really be in de canal. I continue to say that we are a wounded club and wounded nation and this gives us a chance to show what we are made of, what only a true champion is like – I use a motivational phrase that I coined in 1994 with the Belhaven University, No. 1 nationally ranked, team, to build our confidence, “A true champion is one who gets up when lame, shares the fame, and always takes the blame”. What we have at hand, is best illustrated in the Wounded Warriors Project, for Warriors we are, and wounded we are too; and only True Champions, rise up to deal with the wound and, wounded. Read Bruce Lee’s, The Warrior Within, those who want some inspiration from the small, big man.
    Hart should be allowed to show what he has left in him and if the team is truly still with him. He should be given the two January games against no-goats, Suriname and Haiti as we aim to reach the Gold Cup, a much needed phase as we try to stay on the HEX task. If he fails, and already we have to also understand that we have not shown to do too well at home to equal-to or, better-than us, teams, then he goes!
    A caution to anyone that might be taking over from Hart, if we go that route whether now or after January, doh give Molidghal he place back – puh he arse through some serious bench wringers, and leh he re-earn he stripes and respect. He is good and needed but he has to geh rid of de old self and put on de new; punto finale! And, I say wid that, shound JA, JK (Klinsman) gorn, de task geh even harder – dat US team back in business with Arena or Vermes at the helm – dey go play like dey could play – hard, disciplined, and organized. We assignment just gorn from stone hard to, diamond hard. Buh, as we said, it go take de True Champion in each one ah we, whaever happens. Preparation will be our key: don’t prepare and we don’t have a chance, and prepare and we only give ourselves that chance – no guarantees. C’est la vie; que sera, sera! Wha come, come!

    • Lasana Liburd

      Well, at least we always expected USA to be above us. I think they would have started winning games anyway, even if they kept Klinsmann. But we have our own problems.
      I agree with you in principle on Molino. But the reality is we need to start winning games quickly. And whoever is in charge, they can see that the team needs extra quality. We don’t have much of that lying around.
      If they want our best shot at qualifying, they almost certainly will call Molino, have a firm talk with him and cross their fingers.

  30. Like it was still there too for Messi, Mourinho and Harty.

  31. I meant Molino. The yampee was still in meh eye when I read this crap.

  32. this happens when players dont show up for coaches especially the appointed captain

  33. Dey better try and get Klinsman quick …it can’t get any worse anyway…

  34. And the only three qualified real professional Coaches in our sweet country that will never be given their chances are Prof Jamaal Shabazz, Prof Stuart Charles Fevrier, and Prof Terry Fenwick and we all know why. steeuuppss. Them really good yes.

  35. As a footballer an a football fan, I’m sorry but he have to go…u as a coach can’t be playing the same game an have the wrong men in the wrong positions an the wrong men on the field…but if ur letting him go ur muss bring in a quality coach…we were 1 point after 3 games last time when we made the WC then Ben came in as coach…only difference is, York, Latapy, Shaka, etc. Came bk to the team…

  36. In 2000 St Clair was fired after reaching but losing a semi final match at the CONCACAF Gold Cup so judging from this Hart maybe in trouble. Maybe good sense will prevail

    • Lasana Liburd

      Agreed. They said St Clair was supposed to win the whole thing! Hahaha. Jack Warner was an excellent comic. But even that wasn’t as nasty as these seemingly empty claims that Stephen Hart intentionally jeopardised his goalkeeper’s safety.

  37. Failed to win Caribbean cup, failed to make it to Copa America, failed to make a straight Gold Cup but rather to go through play offs, and failing so far to qualify for the World Cup. If this is not enough grounds for the Sack then I don’t know what is. In my opinion they are taking too long. The earlier the better.

  38. And all the speculations that the Magician is going to be the next Coach of the Soca Worries, Alyuh think that my dictator president doesn’t know that it will take a real professional foreign base Coach to try to take us back to the World Cup again once more eh, because our local Coaches just doesn’t have what it takes eh. Them really good yes.

  39. I hoping Hart stays because he has done so well with the team! If Hart is replaced it better be someone who understand our culture and knows how to deal with the players. I remember even Rene Simoes taking the job and making a mess of things.

  40. The main question is if heaven forbid Stephen Hart dose get sacked does TTFA go after a European coach or go with Latapy

  41. Firing Hart does not make any sense

  42. Why don’t they just leave the man alone?

  43. Changes need to be made to the technical staff. Sadly, the coach and his staff chooses the wrong starting XI in my opinion. I think the coach should stay because it would be stupid to change the coach now but the rest of the technical team needs some change.

  44. Justin is a good person i hope he does not caught up in the nonsense

  45. They could hire Klinsmen. He need a wuk.

  46. Typically…short sighted in vision…nothing can be changed now…we can only open up all our resources to the current team and hope for the best

  47. I too feel Stephen Hart should be given the next two games in March to turn things around…he deserves it having gotten us this far… Bringing in a new Coach who has little time to put together a squad for the games vs Haiti and Suriname in early January.

    • Alyuh too sentimental and friendly.

      Whereas the U.S. mean business !

    • Friendly has nothing to do with it…I’ve seen this movie SEVERAL times before and it only ended well ONCE in 2005… before that 1997 Gally & a Brazilian replaces Vranes FAIL 2001 Porterfield replaces Bertille FAIL after that 2009 Latapy replaces Maturana FAIL and those are just the ones off the top of my head there were others as well…so I speak not out of SENTIMENT but EXPERIENCE…THOSE WHO DONT KNOW THEIR HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT THE MISTAKES OF THE PAST!

    • If you’re saying Hart deserves to stay because he has gotten us this far, that is a pretty weak argument and definitely sentimental.

      If we’re saying history and experiences show us that every time we changed we got nothing out of it really, that’s also a weak argument to me.

      Hart should be staying because the board believes he has the capacity to give the team a meaningful shot at qualification. Anything else is just mamaguaying ourselves

    • Kirwin Weston the definition of madness is doing the SAME thing over and over and expecting a different result…Nuff said.

    • Lol, yuh sure right about that Brian Springer. Yuh sure right.

      So let us continue on, and see what the next 4 games brings him…and we’ll see what is being done over and over expecting a different result

  48. Who are these esteemed members of the committee? I suppose coaches with buckets of international experience and credible records?

  49. He was never ever supported by this President His lack of public support for his coach, even against indiscipline by players speaks volume. He will be fired, this is what they have been engineering for a while now.
    Will see how the boys cope. I wish my country all the best. We must support whoever is at the helm….

  50. Replacing Hart now is ah dotish idea! To deep in qualifying zone to add new blood.

  51. Would be a huge mistake to get rid of one of our best coaches – a local man to boot. Hope the BOD rejects the recommendation and give Hart another couple matches to turn things around. He really deserves a chance to finish the job. Molino and his shenanigans really effed things up.

  52. maybe maybe not. But the thing is Beenhaker got all he requested and that would have had a part to play in the success in 06. Maybe if St Clair had had the same resources things would have been different. But that’s hind sight we can’t do anything about that now. We are here and we are still hearing the same cry from a local ( well in this case Trini born) coach not getting the support and facilities require and requested to consistently perform at top level.

  53. That technical committee is loaded with an obsolete bunch of coaches who’ve had their time. Plain talk!

  54. He don’t have much talent to work with stop blaming d man d dam team ain’t good steups

  55. Did it make sense firing bertille for beenhakar after 1 point from 3 games ?!?! ….

  56. Well my Coach Hart you did your part but it wasn’t your fault that your two most important players did their madness eh, first Keron Ballpest” Cummings and then Mollino eh, and sorry that the bootleg professional league doesn’t have the real professional players that you could have really turned to eh, hence the reason why my German Coach Jurgen Klinsmann was also fired because my second sweetest country really feels that their MLS players can really compete against the real professional players in the real professional leagues in Europe eh, so good luck with your future endeavors with plenty blessings. Them really good yes.

    • Pressure boi Earl Mango Pierre ?

    • The corrupted TTFA put the pressure on themselves eh, they doesn’t like to pay my Coaches and players, they nominate my dictator president who owns a professional team in our sweet country, which is definitely a conflict in interest, they doesn’t even have their own professional training fields and office after so much millions of monies passed thru and is still passing thru the corrupted organization and I can go on and on steeuuuppss, Them really good yes.

  57. one of the issues with a protracted decision process is that it also creates concerns in the minds of players. One cannot underestimate the possible relationships that players might have developed with the technical staff and coach. I can only hope that the decision will be properly orchestrated and communicated. The idea that the president went to south america (as suspected) scouting coaches etc. is not a good sign. Well run organizations would have had some properly designed processes which will reduce disruption and uncertainty at a critical time like this. The decision made now we will live with for the next few years and given this to and fro, I remain skeptical. If replacing Mr Hart was going to be the strategy, they must have been thinking of this a while ago and so much of this would have had to be in place

    • Brian, I agree with most of your comment. However, I am hesitant to believe that he has developed any special relationship with his players that would be impacted negatively if he leaves at this point.

    • Marcia, I’m not at all suggesting that that’s a reason to keep him. What I am saying is that the succession must be properly orchestrated. At the moment from reports it appears that his goose was cooked some time ago. If we John Public know that I’m sure the players might have had a smell of it. Going behind his back to look for a replacement while he’s still actively coaching is bad business and not done in properly run succession planning. The way this seems to be happening can further damage morale. Im not putting in a plug for coach hart or against him as I dint have enough details. I just wish we learn to manage better in TT. A few weeks ago when I suggested that we need better corporate structure around TT football I was taken to task as that was seen as an academic idea. But here we go ….. Lasana you will have plenty material to write about – say thanks

    • Well said Brian. And Marcia if one thing is known Coach Hart is well respected and liked by his players, But this coup was in the making long time. Is it a coincidence that Hyland broke camp twice knowing the consequences and got off with a slap on the wrist after the Coach banned him before a crucial match? What about the calibre of our players vis a vis the other teams. The highest ranked player for us plays in the MLS while the other teams have players in EPL, European teams like Dortmund, Lyon etc. Yet we expect miracles from Hart when he also gets little support from the TTFA head and his cohorts. So Hart i agree leave and let the Monday coaches have their day because they could bring Moreno or Guadiola . It will be the same shit different day.

  58. Shake up the “professional” players!

  59. Latapy- George= Not a bad choice

  60. Shake up the effin TTFA Tech Committee!!

  61. Not surprised but not happy about it

  62. Hmmm, when is Hart’s deadline to submit the match report.

    Last time a coach didn’t submit on time, he was promptly fired !

    Look out

  63. Because all of this is to get Hart out?

  64. Why hasn’t technical committee met with Hart? Trying to under that and why there seems to be a rush to suggest a change in team staff leadership without first meeting face to face..

  65. hmmm. You know I really wonder if the players and coaches had been given all they require (As Beenhaker also obtained) if results would be different and also then the sacking if true may/could be justified. I keep hearing the coach complaining about not getting what they need access to the playing field, facilities etc. TTFA I guess is within their right to hire or fire, personally I don’t know if it makes sense at this stage to fire Hart. I guess time will tell.

  66. I don’t know how to feel about this.. without a doubt Hart has made the biggest impact since the Leo. I understand the pressure now with the poor form recently.. but I think it would be difficult for any coach to come in now and get immediate success. Hart has guided us through the Gold Cup before and knows the depth of our players.. I wudve stuck with him

  67. . The question is – replace Hart with who? Something has to be done about this team but the RIGHT thing. Let’s see what the TTFA’s next move is..

  68. Wow, would be disappointing to see Hart sacked but it seems like the writing has been on the wall for a while now. On the subject of Richard Groden, it seems like his co-operation with FIFA in the scandal has rid him of the ”controversial” tag, so much so that FIFA installed him as temporary General Secretary of the Guyana Football Federation last year, using him as a ”role model” for Guyanese administration.

  69. Jurgen Klinsmann gone so I’m certain that this group must look at Hart and if he has the ability to turn things around.

  70. The truth is that we trying to qualify on a shoe string budget. Without government support for big $ for a high end coach which is unlikely in the current economic climate and without major corporate sponsor then I think we would be hard pressed to find a better option than Hart. He has been able to work magic before and they should hear what he has to say. He clearly needs to shake up his team. He wanted Bostock badly which shows that he knew he needed some new pieces but that hasnt worked out so well so far. A trip out to talk to him might be in order. Wonder if there are any other players out there with Trini connections. Wonder what Leo is doing these days since he was sacked by Poland…having him in as a consultant might be a good idea as well….

    • Lasana Liburd

      Hart didn’t have a budget to fly out to scout or talk to potential players abroad. I don’t know that this has changed. Three years ago, Beenhakker refused to come to Trinidad to work for a football body that was owing its staff. I don’t think he would change his mind there. Doesn’t seem like he is wanted again anyway.