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Put those Dicks away, Cuffie family takes centre-stage with bizarre graduation photo

It has not been an easy week to vault into the spotlight, as Trinidad and Tobago remains transfixed by the twists, turns and flips of the local gymnastics saga. Yet maybe it should not be altogether surprising that Pastor Winston Cuffie is emerging as a strong contender to get a jump on the Dicks.

Photo: Pastor Winston Cuffie. (Courtesy Miracle Ministries)
Photo: Pastor Winston Cuffie.
(Courtesy Miracle Ministries)

So Hannifer Dick’s tale about her race down Hell’s Highway in Fort McMurray on Friday April 15 was less plausible than Superman using AK47s to shoot terrorists?

That’s nothing. Pastor Cuffie invented time travel. And, just to be sure it was safe, he let his daughter, Victrina Cuffie, try it first.

How else can he explain Victrina’s graduating in 2016, yet somehow appearing in a University of London 2013 graduation photo?

The miraculous Miracles Ministries photo, which was also published as an advertisement in the Trinidad Express newspaper, was meant to be a public show of congratulations to Victrina by the doting Pastor Cuffie.

And, as Proverbs 18:12 states, “Before a downfall the heart is conceited, but humility comes before honour.”

Eh. Maybe Mr Live Wire pulled the wrong bible verse there.

Photo: Victrina Cuffie, the daughter of Pastor Winston Cuffie, graduates. Mr Live Wire cannot confirm without Victrina got a Bachelor's in BS. (Courtesy Miracle Ministries)
Photo: Victrina Cuffie, the daughter of Pastor Winston Cuffie, graduates.
Mr Live Wire cannot confirm whether Victrina got a Bachelor’s in BS.
(Courtesy Miracle Ministries)
Photo: A University of London graduation ceremony in 2013. But where is Victrina Cuffie? Look on the bottom right hand side of the top photograph another time.
Photo: A University of London graduation ceremony in 2013. But where is Victrina Cuffie?
Look on the bottom right hand side of the top photograph another time.

On Facebook, ‘doubting Thomases’ reacted by criticising Pastor Cuffie for photo manipulation, which, frankly, is a sad indictment of how cynical Trinidad and Tobago has become.

So, a man of God cannot alter the space-time continuum and send his daughter back three years to photobomb some law students without eye-rolling?

Next, they would probably be saying that Tanty Kamla didn’t turn a spliff back into a green leaf-like substance.

Mr Live Wire sees the Cuffie parable as the most heartwarming family tale since two Dicks got together to jam an unsuspecting 20 year gymnast.

“And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be belittled,” said Matthew 23:12, “and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.”

Photo: Then Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (second from left) poses with (from left) Pastor Winston Cuffie, his daughter Winsie-Ann Cuffie and US evangelist Benny Hinn. Mr Live Wire has no way of knowing whether Tanty Kamla is thinking: Okay, which one of you suckers can turn water into wine?! (Copyright Trinidad Guardian)
Photo: Then Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (second from left) poses with (from left) Pastor Winston Cuffie, his daughter Winsie-Ann Cuffie and US evangelist Benny Hinn.
Mr Live Wire has no way of knowing whether Tanty Kamla is thinking: Okay, which one of you suckers can turn water into wine?!
(Copyright Trinidad Guardian)

Undoubtedly, Victrina is a model of humility and understated success. Not many students graduate from law school with a degree in photoshop.


Editor’s Note: The photograph that the Cuffie was family was too humble to share…

Photo: The snap that the Cuffie family was too modest to share. Nice one, Vicki! (Courtesy Anonymous)
Photo: Nice one, Vicki!
(Courtesy Anonymous)

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  1. I will never forget this lol. Messed up thing is that she did in fact attend the graduation. Idk why her father didn’t use d actual photos. Smh

  2. Never gets old where she can appear

  3. Twisting the holy book to suit himself

  4. OMG; Victrina photoshopped in grad pic. Fraud.

  5. Preaching and bleaching …end the sentence anyone

  6. Cuffie you’re a big fraud .

  7. Ignoring the photo (which is a fraud). Did she graduate from the said university?? I tried checking to find her name as a graduate of the university and I am coming up empty.

  8. What is latest with this? Was any statement forthcoming?

  9. He’s doing the very thing that the Government does..rub shoulders with the rich and robbing the poor; you going to church,living in ur one room apt,paying tithes and offerings and those bitches getting rich of you..and his kids are the only ones that excels at the school ?

  10. It’s a miracle what Photoshop can do.

  11. Why photoshop it ? If she did in fact graduate from the school, wouldn’t there be a legitimate picture that they could’ve shown ???

  12. To everyone let us not judge this man and his family let God judge him and his family .Why not highlight the positive stuff this man and his ministry doing instead of focusing on the negatives.Half of allyuh who making comments robbing god tithes and people who holding higher office in this country doing more wrongs than Cuffie but the piblic not seeing that .Let God be the judge on judgement day not flesh but spirit

  13. …that’s a piss poor job at photoshopping ..

  14. The video where she bowed like the chinese before her did?

  15. The sad part about this is the girl actually did graduate and attend the graduation ceremony. It’s on video. Why he would do this rubbish to have her subject to all this ridicule is beyond me.

  16. De man is a false prophet, plain talk!!!!

  17. Sometimes you wonder how stupid do people really think people really are! Sigh


  19. but is pastor cuffie we speaking about have some respect

  20. OMG OMG……I thought you all were bad until I read the story and saw the pics. Conceited is not the word I want to use but will have to suffice.

  21. In the last days son of men say it will have plenty of faults preacher, and lots of sin and today watch around and tell me , He is just doing what he was Order to do by forces

  22. Pastor Cuffie you need to explain this.

  23. The man has always been a businessman he not on Jesus its about show business, that’s common knowledge ,who has ears to hear let them hear and see

  24. This photo is actually on the Miracle Ministries Facebook page posted by the church…u tell me ?

  25. ????. Them lower than the white line in the road. ?

  26. Oh… And congrats to Victrina Cuffie on graduating from law school. Yayy! (Get “better” photos next time tho!)

  27. While we at it, what going on with that next fraudster; Kitty Lutchmansingh? They get back the results of the DNA test yet?

  28. Lasana Liburd…AMEN! Thank you for calling a spade a spade…and not…a piece of earth moving equipment.

  29. I sorry for the poor child. Sins of the father! Now she is being ridiculed.

  30. Oh gosh I love it…my talented Trinis Lasana Liburd use this one too

  31. Sooooooo shouldn’t that photo from the University have copyright rights?

  32. Didn’t he get his PhD from a fake university as well? What’s good for the goose…

  33. Reay, I wonder if God put a billboard in the middle of Jerusalem with his son, Jesus, walking on water. Lol.
    Is Cuffie a better father than Jehovah? I’m just ad-libbing here. 🙂

  34. This is what investigative journalism about .

  35. Maybe is time someone does some research concerning all these awards given to his children

  36. Very strange indeed . And which hospital is his daughter who is the doctor employed in .?

  37. On a serious note, we (including myself) laughing but this is very dishonest, if he can do this and see nothing wrong with it then what other dishonest things he did hiding behind God? What he’s doing to his daughters is not healthy. He holds his daughters so high, nothing should be wrong with this because all parents will do the same. However, how he does it is very strange and unhealthy. Seems like his daughters skip being teenagers to fulfill his will and dreams. He better hope they don’t break out with the slightest smell of freedom.

  38. Imaging this man got the chaconia gold from the UNC government…them good yes smfh

  39. Your brand of satire is priceless Burd even when it trained on my own…keep doing thing in your professional way…lol…and I’m not surprised when a ‘ man of God’ used his weekly inspirational spot to defend anything political wong for the 5 years between 2010 and 2015…at least Mr Sat Maharaj didnt hide his opinion behind religious beliefs…

  40. Lasana I don’t know why he felt it necessary to go through such lengths because I can confirm she attended the graduation. He sick yes … smh

  41. And he got money from the UNC government for Xmas. Wonder what he did with it…

  42. Question: Does Pastor Cuffie think the world is filled with idiots?
    Answer: He has a million dollar lifestyle funded by poor people on the back of sermons about the merits of living humbly and averting one’s gaze from material things…

  43. The next thing cuffie will photoshop is his daughters receiving Nobel Peace Prize

  44. Is to distribute prints of this article at his church this morning

  45. Cuffie is known for these type of fraudulent shenanigans. Her doctoral degree is also fake. Purchased from a degree mill.

  46. Cuffie used his congregation s money to purchase false papers for all his children.Check out the timeline that his daughter became a doctor.Yes Dr winnsie Ann cuffie,she became a doctor in less time that is required to study to become a doctor.I’m sure that is one doctor I don’t want to put her hands on me.Is time they investigate this fraud star of a pastor, because clearly he is storing his treasures right here on earth.God will deal with these Antichrist.

    • No. She spent 5 years at UWI. Her certificate is real. I do not know about the others but she worked for her degree.

    • Wade mark papers was real to until they found him out,I’m not gonna believe anything coming out of Mr cuffies mouth again if you could stoop so low to photoshoot your daughter’s graduation pic that is dishonesty and I know that the God I serve do not like dishonest people so he must be representing some other God and not the one who stands for truth,honesty and integrity.

    • I went to UWI at about the same time as his daughter, Sherrose. Her degree is real

  47. Wiston Cuff He, Dick and Photoshop pic

  48. All the photos in that montage ad are suspect! Each and every one!

  49. All the photos in that montage ad are suspect! Each and every one!

  50. Sheep in wolf clothing false prophet nearer to church further from god

  51. The wise must live off the fool

  52. And the truth shall set you free…..I’m sure he didn’t see that coming…..getting rich of the poor and needy….typical pastors in Trinidad….

  53. All I have to say is…”OH GOD!”

  54. No man. He not serious about life

  55. People really surprised by this?? Lol… come on … oh, what was that commandment? “Though shalt not be vain”?? Like no one realizes there is a particular “favored” family who happens to be the epitome of vanity. . Especially the father and his doctor daughter..

  56. damn but then again I’m very cynical about Christianity on the whole though 😉

  57. Dem 2 saddd weee..wonder how dey sleep at night.. Dat is jus wrong

  58. Thanks,Steven Khan.I feel Victrinated.They also told me I can’t get the Zika virus.

  59. This is really sad, I sacrificed to attend this graduation but had I known I would hv just photoshopped my way man … smdh … Sad just sad

    • He embarrassed his daughter.

    • Total embarrassment. It bothered me so much I literally went back and looked at our webcast to see if she really attended and she did so all of this made no sense. I shared the webcast with friends and family and gave them the exact time to skip to and they would see me, is best he had done that instead of all this folly … smh

  60. According to Tyler Perry’s alter ego Madea:
    “Oh Lort..”

  61. Oh how wonderful! Jesus was at her graduation too? She must be pretty special ?

  62. ‘Man of the cloth.’ He has so many followers. How much lower can he get. Not surprised though.

  63. They beat back the Dicks ????

  64. Ppl really believed that every one of his daughters top the world in sonething ? Yet somehow every media house and social media platform miss it? Only paid ads to inform us of their awards?

  65. coughs, sputters, chokes, jamette laugh…kyar kyaaarrr buh wah de arse iz this…but why some people so unnecessary, just to boast and put up billboard and trick people into sending their kids to your school. Why Why, if your children bright then great for you and them. Geez pride really goeth before a fall. #narcissist #cultleader?

  66. I thought I saw Anil in a corner there but I may have been mistaken.

  67. Lasana you never cease to amaze me aye these people not easy nuh…..

  68. Lasana Liburd someone needs to do some more investigation into this. because if he went though the trouble to get her “certified” as an accountant, we need to know who was in charge of the finances at his church.

  69. This was unnecessary. Why do something like this? Smh

  70. Imagine how utterly gullible you must be to be a follower of his. The man is clearly a narcissist and megalomaniac, his Express columns display such a sorry lack of logic and reason, it is embarrassing. Rachel Price put it best yes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPudrCp29uQ

  71. This is unbelievable. More disappointing and unnecessary.

  72. Listen to me! Jesus himself came down!

  73. I have to figure out a way to ban Sana from the Internet yes ????

  74. As Benny HInn might say, ‘pass the sick/er offering bucket.

  75. I dying here….he not serious, that is a poor attempt at photoshop

  76. They clearly took the crash course.

  77. Wait nah….I now watching this thing good…is photoshop them photoshop she in de pic? Lmao nah man

  78. any chance of taking back that national award?

  79. So what? We don’t believe in miracles anymore? Smh

  80. i feel i going to open a church to yes

  81. I’ve always known he was a fraudster!

  82. Earl Best

    I hope your pastor have a direct line to Heaven too because if eh don’t, your ass in Hell. Pastor Cuffie doh make joke with he famlee, yuh know…. And he have strings on earth too so yuh better make sure and go to church tomorrow and pray fuh forgiveness.

  83. Cuffie and his family so strange. Everything about them strange, now they give us this photo. The guy put up about 3 billboards on the south highway with his daughter collecting an ACCA award, for a man of the cloth he is obsessed with dying his hair black. He wears so much makeup it looks like he use cake soap on his face. The guy and his family strange.

  84. The calypso of a few years ago by Bodyguard comes to my mind… “False Papers”… By the way, who was cuff he supporting????

  85. Then again this fraudulent behaviour shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  86. Lol. Clearly we live in a cynical era.

  87. Damn you Lasana Liburd you beat me to the punch with this post! lol

  88. bawls out!!! hahahahah bvawahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  89. And he came unto his own,and his own believed him not.A wicked and faithless generation.

  90. Lasana Liburd, you keep me on toes

  91. Behold the power of Photoshop! Fraud!!!

  92. hahahaha oh gosh… no words…

  93. This was so very funny. Isn’t he the Trinidad version of innocent Cuffie? Cuffie started to cry cry cry Lol

  94. That laugh was very much needed! I know it’s a stupid question but is Winsie Ann really a medical doctor?? Did Sherose really win an award?? Find out next time on our new reality show “THE BIGGEST LIAR” !

  95. this can clearly be seen as photoshop madness. How shameless of these people.

  96. The pastor lied. Is that irony or expectation at this point?

  97. Lolol I giggling about this alllll day

  98. Man you on de ball! Pardon de pun! I just read about this!??