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Fixin’ T&T: Act on Blazer testimony; investigate PP for money laundering

The testimony of Mr Chuck Blazer that he and other FIFA executives conspired to and received bribes for several years to ‘fix’ aspects of world football, along with revelations of cheques paid to Ross Advertising by Mr Jack Warner in the run up to the elections of 2010 dictates that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service immediately launch investigations to determine whether any Money Laundering Laws have been breached and by whom.

Photo: Ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner (left) and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar share a light moment during the 2010 FIFA Under-17 Women's World Cup in Trinidad and Tobago. Warner served as Works Minister and National Security Minister for the People's Partnership Government before his resignation in 2013. (Courtesy FIFA.com)
Photo: Ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner (left) and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar share a light moment during the 2010 FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup in Trinidad and Tobago.
Warner served as Works Minister and National Security Minister for the People’s Partnership Government before his resignation in 2013.
(Courtesy FIFA.com)

This situation demands an urgent probe into the source of funding for among other things:

The political campaign of the Peoples’ Partnership in the run up to the 2010 general elections;

The campaign of the Kamla Persad-Bissessar-led slate in the run up to the UNC’s internal elections of 2010;

The PP’s campaign in the run up to the Tobago House of Assembly elections in 2013;

The Independent Liberal Party’s (ILP) campaign in the run up to the Chaguanas West bi-election of 2013;

The ILP’s campaign in the run up to the Local Government elections of 2013;

Monies, if any, paid to Ross Advertising during and in respect to the aforementioned campaigns;

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (right) and Ross Advertising boss, Ernie Ross.
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (right) and Ross Advertising boss, Ernie Ross.

If it is found after a thorough and transparent investigation that FIFA funds were used in any of the above, the repercussions for this country may not merely be restricted to reputational damage. But can, in all probability, result in criminal proceedings against persons who now hold or once held high political office.

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  1. Rusty Ross gets Rosy contracts!

  2. They better had be. Certainly won’t want Tim Kee as my Treasurer.

  3. I hope Rowley and the PNM are paying attention.

  4. I would not even buy insurance from the man.

  5. All before he knew nothing but he now knows.Damn hypocrisy.

  6. Tim Kee is no whistle blower. He was VP TTFF,clothed with the responsibility to ensure that money was to be properly used for the sport.He had a fiduciary duty so stop talking utter garbage. He ensured JW did shit and he allowed the shit to flow.This is no issue of PP vs PNM .This is simply right vs wrong.He is Unfit to be President of TTFA and the Mayor.Simple.

  7. Y fixin t & t dont ask for emailgate results .allyu pnm bastards .

  8. Just now Vish go clock een fuh he shift!

  9. No argument there Joann Charles. Tim Kee hasn’t been receiving any favours from me. And he should expect none. Same goes for any crooked politician who crosses my path, no matter which party.
    I can’t be expected to dig in every ministry. But I will always have my eye on sport.

  10. I tell yuh these minions only power up dey devices when dey ready tuh puhm, and when dey done dey does bunx!

  11. The man may not have stole a dinnermint but he was part of the TTFF when the candy store was being stolen. He is on record as saying the only reason he left the TTFF was because he is PNM and Jack was UNC. He was apart of the TTFF that gave the socawarriors 5000 TT as their share of the bonus. So Jack is a capital K crook Tim Key is a comon k crook but still a crook.

  12. I can tell you that as far back as 2001, whenever Basdeo Panday and Jack Warner ate lobster in Salybia, the bill turned up at the TTFA for them to pay.
    So Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s protestations and that of Prakash and the rest are so ridiculous that it is laughable and they might as well hold up an Onion article to support their statements too.
    Susan Jurawan, you haven’t mentioned UNC’s involvement in this once. But your party does invite ridicule with such nonsense.

  13. Joann, what ‘fall out’ should Tim Kee the PNM should be mindful of? You realize Tim Kee went to and returned from Switzerland, right? He’s not a subject here. Don’t get roped in with Susan and their attempts to distract from the issue.

  14. But Susan if Jack has no information that he funded the UNC with FIFA money, you must then realize that Tim Kee did nothing wrong because he would have then no proof of Jack and UNC wrongdoing?

    Yuh kinda all over the flicking place woth yuh comments.
    Better yuh didn’t say nothing!

  15. Any fall out from Tim Key the PNM buy wholesale.

  16. I sure as hell not studying Jack, but feel free to if you want I tired of his tsunami of information, his talk that his life is threaten and so on, this is not the first time Jack has come with these same comment look back in the archive you will see he says that all the time when he is cornered.

  17. But Susan that’s all you’re studying right?

  18. Act on what Moonilal said last week in reference to Warners cheques to Ross. bunch of #Racketeers and #consistentliars led by Kamliar, the cabal and many thieves.

  19. This is the situation: Kamla, Moonilal and co are saying Jack never gave any money to the UNC. Tim Kee is saying, he saw Jack use monies from the TTFA to pay UNC bills. That makes him a witness who contradicts Kamla and company’s assertion, nothing else. The debate about whether he should have said it before or not is a separate one and has NOTHING to do with the allegations. Ashworth Jack also conformed he received money from Jack. Are you also going to say Ashworth should have said something before? He’s responding to the allegations. Tim Kee responded to the allegations. The issue is, and always will be, the UNC took money from Jack Warner and it is possible those monies were gotten illegally. Take those distractions elsewhere.

  20. Who attacking anyone if Tim Kee did not come out and make his statement of any dinner no one would of know, but now that he has I cant help but wonder why he said nothing before now, and it does beg the question what else has he stayed quiet on, or what was he part of? Rowley seemed very pleased with Tim Kee appointment to the PNM, he also selected him as Mayor to the concerns of many out here that felt he should of been selected due to his connection with FIFA, especially since Rowley had a problem with Jack holding all these positions. I don’t know if Tim Kee is a witness, this is a on going investigation and before its done many more name will pop up so who knows where all this is going, but to me this was a misuse of funds and if he saw it and said nothing what am I to say now.

  21. She has a point you know?
    Tim Kee in effect has admitted to having prior knowledge of misappropriation of FIFA funds and said nothing……until now.

    But that is a comply separate issue from Jack Warner’s misappropriation of those funds for the purpose of financing the UNC.
    One in no way negates the other.

  22. Why is it UNC people like to focus on attacking witnesses? ‘Destroy the witness’ seems to be their slogan. In this case, Susan, Tim Kee is ONLY A WITNESS! The allegations and the possible perpetrators are STILL out there. Let’s talk about that. No more distractions.

  23. Jack could be equated to a roman emperor,what jack wants he gets,he had unparalleled power,no one challenged him,only a fool would have tried that, it was always known that there were question marks over his head and his longevity was always in doubt,with glee the money was accepted willingly,knowingly that money was tainted and came from questionable transactions.Now persons are now distancing themselves from jack.right now there is a panic mode on jack knows to much enough to bring them down.

  24. Yet Tim Kee was appointed PNM mayor of POS, and the PNM treasure, that did not happen 10 years ago this happened recently. If you read the 164 page indictment you would notice that the TTFF and Warner are heavily involved with all sorts of deals with Tv right Traffic USA and so on when he was attached to the TTFF, the allegation is that Warner was moving money into bank accounts all over. So Tim Kee was there and said nothing, yet am supposed to say that is alright he did nothing wrong and if he did its secondary at best, again I will have to say ok then.

  25. Perhaps he is, but it’s comical how you guys consistently jump over the chief offenders if you perceive a PNM in the back.

    The issue is Jack Warner may have used FIFA funds to finance the UNC. Whatever Tim Kee may have done would be secondary at best!

  26. So Tim Kee is not culpable but everyone else is ok.

  27. Tim Kee is a PNM, it’s the PNM’s fault! Hahaha

  28. Susan, no excuses for Tim Kee, but he was part of an organization where that behavior was ‘normal’. The question still remains, ‘why did the UNC take Jack’s money?

  29. Tim Kee here is the whistle blower and already in this thread we are seeing the beginnings of the UNC’s narrative that would seek to place the focus on him rather than the offenders.

    This is a typical banana republic tactic, modern people know better than this.

  30. hurricane jack warner and tsunami ppp

  31. Now why did Tim Kee when he is at the TTFF saw TTFF funds being used to pay for a political event and go along with it? Is that what TTFF funds are supposed to be used for? This man did not think it was his responsibility at that time to say something? The ease in which Tim Kee has made this statement to the media as if it was no big deal is really amazing, this man is Mayor of POS but like he forgot that one. This place really running by a pack of mad people yes.

  32. Evidence must be provided to police like Dookeran did with Calder hart

  33. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet and a puhm by any other spelling would stink as sour!

  34. Hannibal Najjar

    This topic is getting very interesting – keep it up…ideas are flowing and answers will emerge.

  35. Vernal, is ‘phum’ accurate spelling? 🙂

  36. William yuh mustn’t encourage him.
    He does only put on he computer when he want tuh puhm!

  37. Vishwanath agreed, not only Caribs & Arawaks but a lot of other dead people will also be voting PP hence the call for observers!

  38. Like that’s gonna happen. Steupes!

  39. Aha….. Mr Potato Head….

  40. Trinidad Police. . . Really? And what do you expect them to find??

  41. We live in a democracy and it seems as though everyone has forgotten their morals, values and ethics for a moment. Now is not a good time for Fixing T&T to “shut up” as was suggested by mr. Benjamin, when our country is under moral decay and grossly corrupt.

  42. Who ?
    These puppet police.

  43. Possible charges under Proceeds of Crime Act under Financial Institute Bureau.

  44. tnt the best since 1498!even the carib&arawaks voting ppg!

  45. I vview with total incredulity the attempts by the UNC to distance itself from Jack Warner. Some MPs have even tried to make out that he was in cahoots with the PNM. Jack Warner who epitomised everything Hindu is nothing but a liability now. This government is very much like FIFA but Kamla will not go peacefully like Blatter. Guyana has recently emerged from the darkness as we may about to descend into our dark period.

  46. The police aren’t going to investigate this matter as long as that limp noodle is the Commissioner of Police.
    It’s better Trinidadians start paying federal income tax for their use of United States federal investigators.

  47. Yes Vernal Damion Cadogan, so true….

  48. There is some law for the lower classes, none for the upper.
    Ent Lord Pussyfoot still collecting a state housing allowance while enjoying state housing?

  49. I would like to see the banks on which these checks are drawn on investigated. There is one law for the big guys and another for the general population.

  50. But they obviously haven’t traditionally had to answer to anyone regardless of what the rules say.

  51. Before it even gets to this point… There are the local banks…. Checks were paid, therefore deposits were made… Receiving checks do not necessarily make one part of money laundering… The Banks have a lot of questions to answer…..

  52. This government should not have been allowed to sit an entire term.

  53. Fixing t&t need to shut d hell up they are too selective in their argument

  54. Thank you Vernal. If anybody still need convincing that they should not vote UNC they are UNC fanatics or PNM haters.

  55. Guyanese Mafia aiding and supporting the PP/UNC government?

  56. Any self respecting citizenry would not have allowed these crooks to rule over them this long.

    Where oh where is the Trinidad Spring?

  57. Debbie, i agree but the intent is create confusion and to put enough doubt in the minds of the electorate to weaken the PP. kamla has been unscathe for too long

  58. It’s sad, but Trinidad and Tobago’s law enforcement institutions are completely impotent. T&T is now like Puerto Rico where it has to rely on U.S. law enforcement to bring some measure of justice to it’s shores.

    We aren’t even ashamed of that anymore!

  59. Receiving proceeds of crime under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

  60. Jack’s sole purpose each week since he was fired by the PP was to scrape up rake after rake on them in the form of the Sunshine.
    The first post-FIFA bust story in the Sunshine is the cheque signed by him, paid to Ross Adv. He has now resorted to bussing files on…..himself! This after saying he went by contractors to collect money…. he’s confessing like a teenager after first communion.

  61. Its like someone investigating themselves – saw what happened with the Police investigation into the day of total shutdown

  62. Live in hope Kirk Waithe. That toothless bulldog can’t solve murders even if committed in front his face or emailgate as yet and you want him to dig into this?? What a joke.

  63. “But we never took his money. Actually we never saw that guy…what’s his name…um..Jim, James, Jason..we never saw in anywhere in any of our meetings. We don’t know him!”

  64. Clearly his intent is to expose Kamla and the PP, with the view to a fatal political blow. The challenge is to prove it

  65. Gaiven Clairmont

    Very interesting indeed, reminds me of what I mentioned to an aunt and uncle last weekend, I’m wondering if international bodies like the FBI will issue warrants for the arrest of those high ranking Government officials who knew that Jack was funding their campaign with FIFA money and thus in a way was complicit to money laundering by JW. SMDH the plot thickens, I think JW is at the end of his rope and he was hoping the PP wouldn’t sell him down the river, they have and he seems hell bent on taking them down with him, so sad for this country, will our international reputation ever recover after this. Kamle better take care that the next round of indictments by the DoJ doesn’t have your name on it, smdh.