Kamla delivers another Google-y; Live Wire reports her for suspect action 

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday attempted to extricate herself from the email scandal with information supposedly sourced from Google. Again. For the third time. Seriously.

All Mr Live Wire is saying is that Google apparently has more branches than Linda’s Bakery.

“This letter proves Mr Rowley created fake e-mails for bogus charges,” said Persad-Bissessar yesterday. “He must apologise to all the people he lied to.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar. (Courtesy Caricom.com)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.
(Courtesy Caricom.com)

For most other people, Persad-Bissessar’s latest “revelation” proved something else entirely.

Her private sleuth, Computerlaw Group director Jack Russo, said he searched all emails “for the period September 1st 2012 to September 31st 2012” and gave the Prime Minister a clean bill of health. Russo’s letter started off by addressing Persad-Bissessar at her “kamlapb@gmail.com” account but then went on to suggest searches were done on “kamlapb1@gmail.com.”

Mr Live Wire isn’t sure which is worse. That our Prime Minister’s defence for one of Parliament’s most serious scandals hinges on the testimony of a man who does not know how many days there are in September and isn’t sure which email address he should be investigating.

That the former Minister of Education didn’t think anyone in Trinidad and Tobago would notice.

Or that the self-declared Persad-Bissessar SC doesn’t appreciate that most people in Golden Grove right now would probably be declared innocent too if they were also allowed to investigate themselves.

To be fair to the Prime Minister, once told about the errors in the timeframe of the investigation and the emails supposedly probed, she conceded that once Russo’s letter was ‘found to be false, the substance also was.’

“If the backbone collapses,” said Persad-Bissessar, “the whole body collapses.”

Oops. My mistake. That was the logic that Persad-Bissessar used to condemn Rowley’s batch of controversial emails.

She explained the obvious flaws in her suspicious response to Rowley’s suspicious emails with: “Typo doesn’t change facts in letter. There could be 100 days in September, doesn’t change fact that Mr Rowley read fake e-mails in Parliament.”

Photo: Xzibit sees the lighter side of Tanty Kamla's probe.
Photo: Xzibit sees the lighter side of Tanty Kamla’s probe.

Responsible governance, decorum and accountability might all be on their death beds. But irony has never been better.

In the meantime, Google and Microsoft both publicly reveal data shared with countries on the internet. Google had one request from Trinidad and Tobago between July and December 2013 for five user accounts in which no data information was provided.

And Microsoft had one request between January to June 2013 and another from July to December of the same year. In both cases, information on two accounts was sought and only “subscriber/transactional data” was relayed with no content.

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) claimed to have received information from Google on 3 March 2015 that was “voluminous in nature”, which, two months later, they still have not made a pronouncement on.

“Email-gate” apparently did not fall under the TTPS’ total policing drive. The Integrity Commission has also failed to clarify the matter.

It does raise the question: If the Police Service and the Integrity Commission, with all the resources available to them, are still unable to verify the authenticity of these emails and its contents after two years of investigations; then how the hell could the People’s Partnership reasonably expect the Opposition Leader to know?!

Photo: Opposition Leader Keith Rowley. (Courtesy Jyoti Communication)
Photo: Opposition Leader Keith Rowley.
(Courtesy Jyoti Communication)

Meanwhile, Persad-Bissessar continues to bowl her Google-ys with bent logic; wilfully blind to the fact that even impartial citizens are now calling her for chucking.

On 24 August 2014, Ramlogan claimed to have cracked the case with information from Computerlaw’s Christopher Sargent. Then, on 27 April 2015, Persad-Bissessar claimed to have in her possession “all the Google records pursuant to a court order in the case filed by the Integrity Commission.” While Russo’s own error-strewn letter was delivered on 4 May 2015.

Mr Live Wire think it is time for her suspect action to be ratified by the relevant panel. The electorate is waiting Tanty Kams.


Editor’s Note: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar today published an apology supposedly by Jack Russo for the aforementioned errors.

Mr Live Wire prefers not to say too much about the signature on the new document. But even ex-TTFA marketing officer Darren Millien, the alleged $400,000 licensing fee man, might have been embarrassed by that effort.

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  1. By getting us to focus on “Emailgate” and other such trivia, the PP Government is achieving its goal of keeping people’s attention away from the real issue, which is that as a country we are in shit street. Remember, people, that the PM has already said that the election will not be called before it absolutely MUST BE. Ask yourself why.

    • Muy interesante, verdad?

      I feel they sincerely hope that oil prices make a marked upward climb in the next three months so the can campaign about it like they were *personally responsible* for the price change! I note that WTI prices put crude oil at a respectable US $61 a barrel but the prognosis for further price increases is gloomy because of the supply glut on the global market.
      Tooo bad theses words are wasted on the rabid PP supporters; they never want to deal with real issues.

  2. I know how this looks but I can’t help thinking they not that dotish to publish a letter they knew said Sept 31… i feel like that “typo” was a strategic deflection…

  3. Somebody setting up Kamla for a heavy fall……..she couldn’t be doing that to herself.

  4. Does Kamla really feel that everyone in this country is stupid?
    Why else would she try to fool big people?

  5. Dont give them a frivolous & vexatious reason to have another SOE…..thats what they want….election around the corner

  6. What boggles the mind is that with a whole cabinet that mostly made up of seemingly educated ppl they only indulge in dramatics and smokescreens to hide what???? They seem be of the opinion that the whole world is made of mindless sycophants who gorge on the garbage that’s being fed to them daily. Its sad that ppl are politically blind and deaf to what is real and fantasy

  7. I think the election date will coincide with the date in her letter September 31, 2015. LOL

  8. Dan Ethan Martineau, I should be asking you for a legal opinion! Lol. Seems like the PP again found a loophole and, unrestrained by shame or respect for the spirit of the law, went right ahead and exploited it.

  9. My question is ..If the Police and Integrity Commission find there is nothhing to the alleged emails WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG? If google sent info saying there is nothing WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG?

  10. Boy oh boy ,every Monday morning this PP/UNC Gov’t led by Kamliar & her Cabal ,are confronted & accused of some kind of under hand misbehavior.A set of Scamps they are, along with some of their Supporters .The letter Kamliar said she got from her lawyer Jack Russo appear to be FAKE,Examine the Signatures on the letter,dated 4thMay & 11th MAY,one does not have to be a hand writing EXPERT to see the DIFFERENCE. PEOPLE They cannot be trusted,away with them.

  11. Thank you Livewire for lightening a situation that was getting increasingly sickening by the day!

  12. I think Lasana hit then stumps plump here. The only investigations that are of any value ton the population it the on from the IC and the TTPS. We would hope they would be finished before elections on September 31st but it is not likely. Outside of that and official letter from Google is all that will suffice. Facebook, Twitter et all is just for hype, if it were something serious an official press release would have been done from the relevant authorities. We await the Hawkeye, Hotspot and third umpire reviews.

  13. Question Lasana: Do the government actually HAVE the authority to kick out the Opposition Leader? Or can he challenge it? I get the impression that some people believe that this was done ultra vires.

  14. Debbie we do! But they trying to wear us down with the BS. This Russo bizness is a distrction

  15. People don’t give a SHIT. I done.

  16. Nope. I say the people SHOULD act. Just that Russo’s investigation isn’t worth wasting our time on. I’d rather focus on the abuse of power in kicking out the Opposition Leader without due process, which is the Privileges Committee.

  17. Hands thrown in air. I give up.

  18. So then Lasana we just settle that we’re in a dictatorship and mosey on along. SMH!

  19. In theory, any Prime Minister can use their majority to kick the Opposition Leader out of the House and leave a constituency without representation. And that is what they should act on to me.
    I won’t waste time on Kamla and her Russo. Only the Police and IC investigations count. I don’t want to play along with their nonsense.

  20. What are the supposed powers of the absentia President?

  21. The President shouldn’t need an investigation into Kamla’s investigation to reinstate Rowley.

  22. Who does Rowley appeal the decision to? Wade Mark?

  23. Maybe they were aiming to throw him out on the 31st April as well.

  24. But that was the excuse used to throw him out so if they’re fake they are supposed to let him back in and they should be held accountable. I’m just not getting this.

  25. I bet if you proved the emails were true tomorrow they would just find another excuse.

  26. The Opposition Leader was thrown out because they can do it. Not because of the emails. There was no due process.

  27. Pop dung, pappy show, parlourjuice politics

  28. Straight quote from the site: “The firm is AV-rated*, and Jack Russo has been named a Northern California SuperLawyer over years in row.”
    Ahmm… Right.

  29. But our Opposition Leader was thrown out of Parliament because of these bogus emails and you’re trying to tell me there’s nothing to investigate Lasana??

  30. I’m not sure that there is anything to investigate though Debbie. What is the value of Kamla’s FB page exactly? It is only there for gullible people. It doesn’t affect the official probes.
    It might be a waste of police time to ask them to check out this nonsense.

  31. Why isn’t the Police investigating this? Where the hell is our impotent President?? Has anyone checked recently to see if he’s still alive?? Why is Wade Mark still sitting as Speaker. What the hell is wrong with our people?? We should be out in the streets calling for the PM and this Government’s resignation. Why are we such lame ducks? What will it take to wake us up?? After they declare an SOE?? Dictatorship staring us in our faces and we sit and do NOTHING?? Shame! Shame! Shame!

  32. Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad… PM KPB the gods are sending you mad … the next step they will destroy you … get out while you still have time!

  33. Haha. Good one Trin Bagonian!

  34. I am betting that this story will be picked up by the mainstream media in short order.

  35. Needs updating to capture the different signatures of russo when the sept 31st “error” was “corrected”. I guess he has100 signatures!

  36. This is yet another attempt by KPB at very poorly developed fiction not even worth the paper the newspaper prints this on…good thing Wired868 is an online newspaper…I would laugh, but this is supposed to be my leader….tears feel more appropriate…cannot wait for September…hopefully they are not trying to set elections for the 31st!

  37. “calling her for chucking?”..we way past that
    time for her to exit the game

  38. wrong things: No letterhead,; no qualifications; no reference number on the letter (legal correspondence usually have reference numbers so as to keep track of which document belongs to which case); not sure of the dates; not sure of what email he was researching: no one can get hold of him now.

  39. This is a sorry state of affairs. No prominent lawyer in a prestigious law firm would have sent a letter with so many errors. It will be an embarrassment to them. Then for the second letter to have conflicting signatures? Come nah man how daft do they think we are? Why the rush to vindicate themselves? Why not wait on the investigations to be completed? The more they come out with so-called ‘evidence’ the more worrying things get.

  40. waiting with an itchy right index finger to boot

  41. Under all the ole talk though. ..why is it taking so long for the IC and the police to conclue this investigation? If Google provided them with “voluminous” information as was reported…then they should be able to wrap this up.
    It’s not like the police busy catching criminals. I’m thinking there must be some truth to the emails and for security reasons they are withholding the information until after the elections. It wouldn’t do to have a sitting government facing criminal charges. I’m pretty sure this is the reason we would never get to the bottom of this. Same reason why we would never find out the who and why of Dana’s killing. Maybe “We can’t handle the truth!”

  42. Methinks the Madame is preparing her own political death certificate, to be written in electoral ink.

  43. “Mr Live Wire isn’t sure which is worse. That our Prime Minister’s defence for one of Parliament’s most serious scandals hinges on the testimony of a man who does not know how many days there are in September and isn’t sure which email address he should be investigating.
    That the former Minister of Education didn’t think anyone in Trinidad and Tobago would notice.
    Or that the self-declared Persad-Bissessar QC doesn’t appreciate that most people in Golden Grove right now would probably be declared innocent too if they were also allowed to investigate themselves.”
    Seriously!!! Come better KPB…or better yet…just leave parliament now….please!

  44. Can’t. Comment. Too. Busy. Laughing. “most people in Golden Grove right now would probably be declared innocent too if they were also allowed to investigate themselves.” Take win!!!

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