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Five-star Jamaica humiliate T&T U17s with 5-1 caning

The Trinidad and Tobago National Under-17 Team’s Chile 2015 World Cup dream ended in disaster this evening as the junior “Soca Warriors” collapsed to a 5-1 loss against bitter regional rivals, Jamaica, in San Sula, Honduras.

The Warriors, who lost three successive 2015 CONCACAF Championship Group A matches against Guatemala, the United States and Honduras, would have kept their chances of a Play Off berth alive with a win today. Instead, it was an evening of humiliation for Trinidad and Tobago as they got front row seats to a range of “Reggae Boyz” dance moves in a lopsided result.

Photo: Jamaica Under-17 attacker Nathaniel Adamolekun celebrates an item against Trinidad and Tobago at the 2015 CONCACAF Under-17 Championship in San Sula, Honduras. (Courtesy MexSport/CONCACAF)
Photo: Jamaica Under-17 attacker Nathaniel Adamolekun celebrates an item against Trinidad and Tobago at the 2015 CONCACAF Under-17 Championship in San Sula, Honduras.
(Courtesy MexSport/CONCACAF)

The Boyz are favourites to beat Guatemala to the knockout round now. While Trinidad and Tobago will play for nothing more than pride when they challenge Cuba from 4.30 pm on Wednesday in their final World Cup qualifying outing.

National Under-17 coach Shawn Cooper might have expected more today after his Warriors tested the United States and Honduras for long periods of their respective contests before succumbing 2-0 to both teams.

Trinidad and Tobago started brightly too and should have taken the lead in the 26th minute, as striker Chaz Burnett cut in off the left flank and dribbled past an opponent before spanking his low drive off the outside of the post.

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But Jamaica’s Peter Vassell was first on the score card, in the 39th minute, with a shot from outside the area that took a slight deflection before beating Trinidad and Tobago custodian Levi Fernandez at his near post.

The Warriors responded with arguably their most breathtaking move of the tournament in the 42nd minute. Captain and full back Noah Powder stepped up to a dead ball on the edge of the Jamaican 18-yard box and produced a brilliant left footed effort that climbed, curled and dipped to comprehensively beat opposing goalkeeper Jahmali Waite.

Powder raced over to his own bench to “high five” coach Cooper. But Trinidad and Tobago lacked the concentration or tactical discipline to build on that momentum.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Under-17 coach Shawn Cooper gestures from the sidelines. (Courtesy Mexsport/CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Under-17 coach Shawn Cooper gestures from the sidelines.
(Courtesy Mexsport/CONCACAF)

Two minutes into first half stoppage time, Jamaica striker Nathaniel Adamolekun restored the northern Caribbean island’s advantage with a lobbed effort after being left criminally unattended by Trinidad and Tobago defenders Tekay Hoyce and Kierron Mason.

Cooper opted to replace Fernandez, who has struggled between the uprights in this competition, with Tyrek James and, for 35 minutes, it might have seemed an inspired substitution.

But as the Warriors pushed forward in a vain search for an equaliser, the dam burst as Jamaica scored three times in the final 10 minutes.

Jamaica substitute Tajae Brown was in the right place in the right time as Powder’s attempted clearance struck him and looped over James for the Boyz’ third. Brown’s second, in the 84th minute, was a bubbled shot that hit his boot twice and fortuitously looped over the Trinidad and Tobago goalie.

And the Warrior defenders were at sea when Donovan Dawkins hooked in the fifth, in the 89th minute, as Jamaican players peeled away for yet another dance routine on the touchline.

Photo: The Trinidad and Tobago National Under-17 Team prepares for kick off against the United States in CONCACAF competition. (Courtesy MexSport/CONCACAF)
Photo: The Trinidad and Tobago National Under-17 Team prepares for kick off against the United States in CONCACAF competition.
(Courtesy MexSport/CONCACAF)

Somehow, Trinidad and Tobago must put this embarrassment behind them for their final outing against Cuba on Wednesday afternoon.


Trinidad and Tobago: 1.Levi Fernandez (GK) (20.Tyrek James (GK) 45); 19.Noah Powder (captain), 4.Tekay Hoyce, 12.Kierron Mason, 3.Keston Julien; 6.Kareem Riley, 8.Joshua Burnett; 7.Shakeem Patrick, 10.Morgan Bruce (11.Jerren Nixon Jr 72), 14.Isaiah Hudson (16.Shobal Celestin 68), 9.Chaz Burnett.

Unused substitutes: 2.Isaiah Garcia, 5.Shirwin Noel, 13.Kishon Hackshaw, 15.Darnell Hospedales, 17.Jeankeon Alexander, 18.John-Paul Rochford.

Coach: Shawn Cooper


CONCACAF Under-17 Championship results

(Sun Mar 8)

Jamaica 5 (Peter Vassell 39, Nathaniel Adamolekun 45, Tajae Brown 80, 84, Donovan Dawkins 89), Trinidad and Tobago 1 (Noah Powder 42) at San Sula;

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  1. Hannibal Najjar

    All the points by contributor Sean Powder are understood but these are the faces that we would continue to face in T&T for almost, forever! Why suggest something that in reality is not attainable, vis-à-vis, ADULTS doing this and that – the entire culture has a anomic way of dealing and living. There is really no care for the future of our children. Leaders are caught up in their success oaths and paths and are resistant to all threats to their leadership, this especially in public sector affairs; not so however, in family and private sector entities. Stating that this is the worst ready team is not a blame casted on the student-athletes but one on the leadership, the ADULTS, thus, in agreement with Powder’s expressed and hurt feelings. Let me say this however, our children are not being raised in the correct home and school settings either, and they are soon to be responsible for their own decisions and actions. What should we do to help them – gain their trust and for them to know that we care for them and love them and want to see them fulfilled and eager to be the best that they can and in turn build a level of trust and quality assurance amongst their peers and protégés. They need us to be truthful, strong, honest, and to show to value an order that is Godly, based on family, and surrounded by hard and honest work. Other important things will follow.

  2. Sean Powder

    I look forward to the boys claiming all 3 points today. For those who question the quality of the team look at their performance vs. USA and Honduras. Unfortunately, they played down and below the competition against Guatemala and Jamaica but the lack of competitive games going in to the tournament is a major cause of the mental and tactical lapses.
    The 3 points today will be a consolation well deserved for their efforts, I thank the MOS for ensuring that these boys got this experience. I hope that we can witness quarterly camps for this age group going forward in preparation for U20. This group still has a lot to offer National Football.

  3. Hannibal Najjar

    I know Sean Cooper and believe him to be a very dedicate coach and fighter for the cause of football development. He has many successes in local youth football at both the club and high school levels. He is currently flanked with two very fine leaders in Ross Russell and Gilbert Bateau. And, from what I understand, we also have senior veteran Mohammed Issa present. With this however, I believe that this is one of our worst ready and or talented national team I have seen for many a decade. When we see that the three teams that came from the one group in CFU qualification play, namely Haiti, St. Lucia, and T&T are still to gain a point in their 4 of 5 games played thus far, we understand just how second-tier Caribbean Nations are in the CONCACAF Region. Now, Jamaica is the only Caribbean nation that has salvaged some pride and given what I see lurking, they would have to play either, Mexico, home team Honduras, solid-playing Canada, or talented and difficult-to-play, Panama. They therefore are homeward bound after the semi-final play-off. Cuba, the other team that is lifting our CFU flag, seems destined to at least salvage another draw (4 in 5 games) versus T&T. This would be a near-perfect emulation of their bigger brothers’ accomplishments in the recently concluded U-20 CONCACAF Qualifiers in Jamaica.

  4. That we talk about Jamaica make we proud

  5. The U 17 team played great football despite their defeats. Apart from Honduras our team gave the best showing of all the teams who played against the USA.

  6. Coach need to be fired. I heard him say 4-0 to Panama in warm up game was a good result. A coach that enjoys losing, what do you expect?

  7. An the coach will still have his job as always an don’t forget additions because of name
    Don’t worry we going forward hahahahaa….what a joke

  8. Get rid of the coach. Looked at the games via live stream and it makes you wonder if this team had a coach. Blunders after blunders as though the lads just form a side on their own. Was not impressed with the new additions to the team; was more impressed with Dareem Daniel as opposed to Nixon Jr.

  9. Sean Powder

    These are not the results we would want however, I find it disturbing how WE adults can make statements about this being the worst U17 team they have seen. I say that this is the worst TTFA and the worst Ministry of Sports ever. I further state that this is the worst generation of adults in Trinidad and Tobago history allowing their children to go to battle in Honduras without proper preparation. What kind of adult sends their children out calling them Warriors to face armies(teams) without investment, without resources, without training?

    The Jamaicans were in Florida and Costa Rica preparing for this tournament, we took a good trip but only one 10 day trip to Panama.

    The results in Honduras is a reflection on all of us adults, that don’t act when TTFA official collect 400,000 in a car park, don’t act when Minister Two Pull spend 200 million on LifeSport, dont’s act when Women’s team have to get food from Haitian team in USA. We don’t have high standards for our organizations but yet we want our YOUTH to perform at a high level. Who we fooling? Not the youths, they know the ADULTS full of kaka.

    Until, WE the ADULTS mature and start handling our responsibilities like ADULTS then we can’t say nothing about these youth. Adults get the TTFA in order, ADULTS get Pro League in order, Adults get the Ministry of SPort and SPORTT in order then we will have the infrastructure to hold the youth to high expectations. Imagine, we the ADULTS cant handle nothing properly but we asking the youth to compete against other countries whose ADULTS handling their business properly.

  10. ok so What. the big ones always get embarrassed and now the young ones. the women try at least

  11. Goalkeeping errors for the entire tournament!

  12. This is De worst T&T U-17 I could think of and they are suppose to be of future footballers.. no way!!

  13. 5:1.. Now for the excuses…

  14. Sorry to break the news guys but the drubbings will continue until we get serious and do the mere basic things to at least have a chance at competing. Anyone serious about competing at a high level should read this article.

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