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St Augustine routs Pres; CIC, Arima keep 100 percent records

There was no place like home for St Augustine Secondary as the “Green Machine” kicked into gear with a 5-2 win over Presentation College (San Fernando) this evening in SSFL Premier Division action in St Augustine.

Photo: St Augustine Secondary goalkeeper Michael Logie (left) grasps the ball under pressure from Presentation College (San Fernando) striker Levon Bass. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868
Photo: St Augustine Secondary goalkeeper Michael Logie (left) grasps the ball under pressure from Presentation College (San Fernando) striker Levon Bass.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868

St Augustine was hammered 3-0 in its season opener against St Mary’s College on Wednesday but rebounded in positive fashion today thanks to a hattrick from playmaker Jesse Joseph. Levon Bass scored twice for Presentation to take his tally to three goals from successive matches but it was not nearly enough to avoid another lopsided defeat for the San Fernando schoolboys.

Arima North Secondary whipped Presentation 3-1 on Thursday evening. And the “Dial Dynamos” were at it again today as they whipped guest team East Mucurapo Secondary 3-1.

The Arima team, which has a 100 percent record from its two outings, already has six different scorers this season.

St Mary’s College is the other team that has snatched maximum points from its games thus far although all-action midfielder Ethan Shim was again an inspirational figure. Shim, who got among the goals in midweek, scored in the 42nd minute to give the “Saints” a slender 1-0 win away to Naparima College.

There was disappointment in La Romaine as today’s fixture between St Benedict’s College and St Anthony’s College never kicked off. Up to the time of publication, there was no referee’s report to explain the problem there.

In the remaining two matches, Navin Suraj scored an 85th minute winner for Shiva Boys Hindu College against Chaguanas North Secondary at Guaracara Park while Fatima College endured a nightmare trip to Bourg Mulattrasse as the northerners were routed 5-1 by San Juan North Secondary.

Photo: Presentation College's Akiel Bridgeman (centre) is sandwiched between St. Augustine's Joshua Marshall (left) and his teammate. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Presentation College’s Akiel Bridgeman (centre) is sandwiched between St. Augustine’s Joshua Marshall (left) and his teammate.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

SSFL Premier Division results 

(Sat Sep 6)

Carapichaima East 1 (Larry Brown 34 pen), Trinity College East 1 (Easie Stephen 57) at Carapichaima;

Arima North 3 (Ashton Mollineau 14, Johnson Anthony 48, Jeffrey Chuniesingh 90 pen), East Mucurapo 1 (Kathon St Hillaire 67) at Arima;

Shiva Boys HC 1 (Navin Suraj 85), Chaguanas North 0 at Guaracara Park;

St Augustine 5 (Anthony Samuel 24, Keishawn Marcellin 28, Jesse Joseph 45, 66, 89), Presentation (San F’do) 2 (Levon Bass 13, 78) at St Augustine;

San Juan North 5, Fatima College 1 at San Juan;

Naparima College 0, St Mary’s College 1 (Ethan Shim 42) at Lewis Street, San Fernando.

St Benedict’s vs St Anthony’s, 3.45 pm, La Romaine; (Did not play).


Upcoming fixtures

(Wed Sep 10)

St Anthony’s vs Carapichaima East, 3.45 pm, St Anthony’s;

St Benedict’s vs Arima North, 3.45 pm, La Romaine;

Trinity College East vs Shiva Boys HC, 3.45 pm, Trincity;

East Mucurapo vs St Augustine, 3.45 pm, TBA;

Chaguanas North vs San Juan North, 3.45 pm, Chaguanas;

Presentation (San F’do) vs Naparima College, 3.45 pm, Guaracara Park;

Fatima College vs St Mary’s College, 3.45 pm, Fatima;

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  1. That Arima squad with papa , trotman and Mr Brent Bennett was a bomb squad colleges league based on what clips ive seen has deteriorated tremendously but I’m a Roylian for life:)

  2. These were good competitive teams though we can all admit.

  3. Woaps woaps, big teams get big team calls by refs and assistants. Maynard was making big team calls. ha ha ha.

  4. Not ah change… refs still atrocious …

  5. Hahahaha is Ref Maynard you referring to? He is still around

  6. We get our rough up in 89….. flickin’ Nixon score offside goal after Gustine couldn’t find dey way against CIC on serpentine rd… ent Kester Lendor 🙂

  7. Yeah our 1990 squad was loaded… disappointed we didn’t bring home a national title because i felt it was our best chance. Thanks to that &%#$ Maynard lol….

  8. That 1990 squad, if memory serves, had Brent Bennett on top with Granville Millington and Kerwyn “Papa” Emmanuel in centre and Mickey on the right. My good pal Joel Nesbitt on the left…
    You might be right. Papa was one of my favourite all time Trinidad playmakers.

  9. I’d argue that Arima’s 1990 team was better… but hey I’m biased

  10. Ok. Allyuh had a lil spell there Chaim. 🙂
    That Arima squad in 92 is one of the strongest I’ve seen btw.

  11. Qrc after 1993 still did well with Marco Elcock and team

  12. No bird the only time CIC beat QRC during my time was in a big 8 down in south we played a bad game that day and that was the only title we didn’t win in 1991 other than the intercol finals that never played which should have been QRC/Arima in 1992 when we didn’t do well we still beat CIC and 1993 we did as well.

  13. If qrc lucky, they will draw the Saints in the Intercol for some licks for ole time sake!! Right Chaim Mckain and Walter Alibey?

  14. Crazy eh when I left Trinidad QRC was ah force to be reckon with! They need to rise again!

  15. TIKKI TAZZA!!!!! (CIC for life)… 🙂

  16. I feel we could do it, every year we getting better. East zone intercol at least!

  17. Make allyuh history Aaron Pollard just not this year and not against the Dial Dynamos

  18. Ok. I think ILP might have a better shot at the next general election. But nice to have ambition. 🙂

  19. Trinity is the only team in the 14 team premiership that have never won a zonal or national title, but we changing that this year for sure!!!!

  20. Hahaha. Ouch. Give us the history of Trinity College East Inka Raphael and Aaron Pollard

  21. And as for you Ms. Inka, who on earth are the Blue Hawks?

  22. Blah blah blah, Briggsie, Aaron Pollard and Lasana talk allyuh talk now now. Yuh cyar put Bolt to run in the 5,000 m steeplechase in the olympics. (lol)

  23. I understand Trincity College East is not yet at full strength either.

  24. Agreed.
    Pres San F’do will really br a force to be reckon with on the return of their players

  25. I saw CIC in the opening. I am very impressed. They are the most organized team I have seen so far

  26. That Etham Shim fellah looks like a prospect to me too. St Mary’s is the best team I saw so far. But I still have to see Arima.
    And the south teams will be better when W Connection returns from Italy with their players.

  27. Interesting that no one is commenting on CIC’s early form

  28. Yea…I in shock. I saw them in a pre season match just before the season started and I found they looked poor. They clearly found their way now

  29. Never hear about him but kudos on his first 2 wins

  30. It’s John Henry. He was the assistant coach of the relegated ElDo Blue. He only came in this year. Before him was the PE teacher at Compre

  31. Kester Lendor is that old kiss meh ass principal we had that cause Gray to leave. Anyway anybody know who is the coach of Arima?

  32. Kester Lendor I supporting the blue hawks now…no hating on Aaron Pollard either.

  33. hmmmm… dat sound like an undercover “gun talk” shot dey Kester.. Kester Lendor… wha is dat one Lasana Liburd? lol