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St Augustine routs Pres; CIC, Arima keep 100 percent records

There was no place like home for St Augustine Secondary as the “Green Machine” kicked into gear with a 5-2 win over Presentation College (San Fernando) this evening in SSFL Premier Division action in St Augustine.

Photo: St Augustine Secondary goalkeeper Michael Logie (left) grasps the ball under pressure from Presentation College (San Fernando) striker Levon Bass. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868
Photo: St Augustine Secondary goalkeeper Michael Logie (left) grasps the ball under pressure from Presentation College (San Fernando) striker Levon Bass.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868

St Augustine was hammered 3-0 in its season opener against St Mary’s College on Wednesday but rebounded in positive fashion today thanks to a hattrick from playmaker Jesse Joseph. Levon Bass scored twice for Presentation to take his tally to three goals from successive matches but it was not nearly enough to avoid another lopsided defeat for the San Fernando schoolboys.

Arima North Secondary whipped Presentation 3-1 on Thursday evening. And the “Dial Dynamos” were at it again today as they whipped guest team East Mucurapo Secondary 3-1.

The Arima team, which has a 100 percent record from its two outings, already has six different scorers this season.

St Mary’s College is the other team that has snatched maximum points from its games thus far although all-action midfielder Ethan Shim was again an inspirational figure. Shim, who got among the goals in midweek, scored in the 42nd minute to give the “Saints” a slender 1-0 win away to Naparima College.

There was disappointment in La Romaine as today’s fixture between St Benedict’s College and St Anthony’s College never kicked off. Up to the time of publication, there was no referee’s report to explain the problem there.

In the remaining two matches, Navin Suraj scored an 85th minute winner for Shiva Boys Hindu College against Chaguanas North Secondary at Guaracara Park while Fatima College endured a nightmare trip to Bourg Mulattrasse as the northerners were routed 5-1 by San Juan North Secondary.

Photo: Presentation College's Akiel Bridgeman (centre) is sandwiched between St. Augustine's Joshua Marshall (left) and his teammate. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Presentation College’s Akiel Bridgeman (centre) is sandwiched between St. Augustine’s Joshua Marshall (left) and his teammate.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

SSFL Premier Division results 

(Sat Sep 6)

Carapichaima East 1 (Larry Brown 34 pen), Trinity College East 1 (Easie Stephen 57) at Carapichaima;

Arima North 3 (Ashton Mollineau 14, Johnson Anthony 48, Jeffrey Chuniesingh 90 pen), East Mucurapo 1 (Kathon St Hillaire 67) at Arima;

Shiva Boys HC 1 (Navin Suraj 85), Chaguanas North 0 at Guaracara Park;

St Augustine 5 (Anthony Samuel 24, Keishawn Marcellin 28, Jesse Joseph 45, 66, 89), Presentation (San F’do) 2 (Levon Bass 13, 78) at St Augustine;

San Juan North 5, Fatima College 1 at San Juan;

Naparima College 0, St Mary’s College 1 (Ethan Shim 42) at Lewis Street, San Fernando.

St Benedict’s vs St Anthony’s, 3.45 pm, La Romaine; (Did not play).


Upcoming fixtures

(Wed Sep 10)

St Anthony’s vs Carapichaima East, 3.45 pm, St Anthony’s;

St Benedict’s vs Arima North, 3.45 pm, La Romaine;

Trinity College East vs Shiva Boys HC, 3.45 pm, Trincity;

East Mucurapo vs St Augustine, 3.45 pm, TBA;

Chaguanas North vs San Juan North, 3.45 pm, Chaguanas;

Presentation (San F’do) vs Naparima College, 3.45 pm, Guaracara Park;

Fatima College vs St Mary’s College, 3.45 pm, Fatima;

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  1. Unless President Nixon gone back to school in a green shirt, Arima has no reason to fear St Augustine! 🙂

  2. Mr. Brent around the world big clubs attract big players and as importantly big coaches so if the man gone Green is because he always wanted to work with a big team. lol

  3. To all the Green machine haters Mr. Brent Bennett and Aaron Pollard please remember the old adage eh “the race is not for the swiftest but for those who can endure”

  4. Well this is going to be interesting

  5. Have to wait on the ref’s and match commissioner report

  6. I spoke to Coach Grovey. He was upset concerning a tent the team had to change under and some pitbull that was chained close to the tent. The officials had problems with the field

  7. I heard St Anthony’s were claiming the ground was not fit for play.

  8. Well, first we need to know why it was postponed.

  9. Wait so that game that was cancelled will be replayed?

  10. Lol. But I understand. I know Connection youth teams do have a lot of the top south players. So I understand.

  11. Nah nah nah nah…. at least I hope not. I don’t even know who the coach is or any of the players but I wore that turquoise shirt with pride. …..

  12. Lolol….. I am not a Gustine fan Aaron Pollard…. in fact it hurts my heart that coach Grayson coaches them. I’m Arimian tuh me heart. AAAAAAAAA….Arima!!!!

  13. I was referring to the pattern of goal scoring during the game..but licks is licks lol

  14. Brent I can’t wait to play gustine, they does take all Trinity players who can’t get into out Form 6

  15. Hey. A rout is based on the score not on who’s missing. 🙂

  16. He will talk less when they come back

  17. I hope we can get plenty of decent and unbiased reporting though since the competition isn’t zonal anymore.

  18. I wouldn’t call that a rout though..from what I understand Naps and Pres have a lot of players on National duty and on tour overseas.

  19. Doh worry. The guys coming back from Italy shortly

  20. Lol. Which is your school Kierron Yip Ngow?

  21. Look out for my team…we coming hard

  22. St. Mary’s deserved their victory today. The security escort for the referees was understood, as some questionable decisions were made in favour of Naps most times.

  23. 26 games would have been too much for 12-14 weeks

  24. Yes, only 1 round. “Buy nuts from meh nah”, is deeply concerned about this. Apparently, he didn’t get the fixtures to see games are Wednesday to Saturday. This may work in his favour eventually.

  25. No “round” as in 2nd round of games..lol… you are correct… it is only one round of games.. so some teams will need to pick it up quickly…. otherwise they may not have time to recover….

  26. That’s true Keith. There is just one round.

  27. Second round? Isn’t it just one round? Everybody plays everybody else once?

  28. Lasana Liburd… Up until the changeover of all Secondary Schools it was a Comprehensive… A name to explain its subject offerings…. Then as with all Comprehensives it became a Senior Secondary… Then a Secondary.
    For me, Arima will always be Compre!

  29. We taking we points early… beating up on the teams we supposed to take points from

  30. Actually St Augustine was a senior secondary before… But I’m with you on Arima!

  31. There are only two Compres in football… One is Green Machine and the other is Arima… Dial Dynamos to the World!

  32. Ian R Briggs at the start of the season all over the world, crap teams don’t know they are crap yet. After the first two weeks, they see the writing on the wall and start playing tighter and stop trying to outplay opponents.

  33. I think the word “Compre” is outlawed now anyway. They are only secondaries and colleges. 🙂
    Like Kirk, Compre means Arima for me!

  34. Everybody in Arima backing Compre too:)

  35. No wait. It have more than one Compre though!

  36. You cyah be serious… Compre all the way, Liburd… Like I ain’t say it loud enough!

  37. a lot of these teams will look different in 2nd round….. teams have players on international duty and school just open so players still coming in and out…. some routs should be expected with the 1st few games…. should be a little more competitive by 4th round as teams settle down and have a better idea as to final rosters…..

  38. lol…. horse the fact yuh get scores posted THE SAME DAY is a vast improvement on ANYTHING we had prior…. :)… only thing is right now ah know Tony ( Anthony Sherwood) would prefer the old method of reporting…lol….. TONY!!!!! 🙂

  39. On a bad day, routs can happen. Remember Bayern Munich routed Barcelona? Germany’s rout of Brazil?
    Still early days…

  40. Wasn’t the point of the league to gather together the highest level local schoolboy teams, and cull poor performers at zonal level? The routs seem to belie the purpose.

  41. Anthony Sherwood, the season not looking too bright at the moment pardners.

  42. Ian R Briggs, I was under the weather today so I didn’t get out. A summary and score panel will have to do just this once.