Jogo colapso: Netherlands swats aside sorry Brazil

Gems at Lajoya

Hopefully, the Brazilian football federation will locate the black box one day.

Never in the history of the World Cup has a host team faced the embarrassment suffered by Brazil, the five-time champions, over the past five days. This was more tiki-torture than tiki-taka.

Photo: Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar (right) fails to save Netherlands midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum's (not in picture) goal during the third place play-off match at the National Stadium in Brasilia on July 12, 2014.  (Copyright AFP 2014/Damien Meyer)
Photo: Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar (right) fails to save Netherlands midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum’s (not in picture) goal during the third place play-off match at the National Stadium in Brasilia on July 12, 2014.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Damien Meyer)

It is one thing to have a number nine, Fred, who is so anonymous that automatic doors probably wouldn’t open for him. But when it becomes easier to picture your team’s most expensive player, David Luiz, with a red nose and oversized shoes than a football boots; you know that you have missed a turn somewhere.

Brazil coach Luis “Big Phil” Scolari said his team would play for pride today. Yet, within the opening two minutes, the “Samba Boys” were already behind after conceding one of the quickest goals of the tournament to a Netherlands team who argued beforehand that the third-place game was a waste of time and should be abolished.

The final score read: Netherlands 3, Brazil 0.

One suspects you could scoop up any 11 players from the Copacapana beach and expect to give Scolari’s team a run at the moment.

The Netherlands team was a different class from the hosts and the result never looked in doubt.

Robin Van Persie got the opener from the penalty spot inside three minutes although it was the second, gift wrapped by Luiz for Netherlands utility player Daley Blind, that really showed how shambolic Brazil has become.

Photo: Strong password wanted.
Photo: Strong password wanted.

And 23-year-old midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum capped a fine display with the third item in the closing seconds.

In between, Brazil huffed and puffed to minimal effect while playing a game of “Hit the Dutchman” in which winger Arjen Robben seemed to resemble a walking piñata. Unsurprisingly, they barely scratched him as the Netherlands strolled to third place.


Today’s World Cup action

Third place play off

Netherlands 3 (Robin Van Persie 3 pen, Daley Blind 16, Georginio Wijnaldum 91), Brazil 0


Star of the Day

Netherlands winger Arjen Robben seems to spend more time on his back than the after-hour ladies of Woodbrook. But what a dashing, entertaining player he can be when he is in an upright position.


Villain of the Day

Former England defender Gary Neville said, two years ago, that David Luiz plays as if he was controlled by a 10-year-old on PlayStation. Well, that 10-year-old is clearly not getting any better behind the controllers.

But it is Brazil coach Luis Scolari who gets our pick; mainly for his remarkable chutzpah in attempting to keep his job despite overseeing his nation’s most humiliating World Cup campaign. Ever.

Photo: Hey! Is that you Moyes-ie?!
Photo: Hey! Is that you Moyes-ie?!

In October, Brazilians head to the polls and president Dilma Rousseff, a popular leader before her country started preparing for the World Cup, faces the possibility of losing her job.

Rousseff staked her political capital on the World Cup, on which she spent US$14 billion of taxpayers’ money. And Scolari choose to repay her by starting Fred for the active part of the competition and giving Luiz the captain’s armband against Germany?

Mr Live Wire thinks Rousseff should give her military police Scolari’s home address before October.

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  2. Horrible refereeing. The Confed cup champs of a year ago (when they thrashed the world) shall be back to full form upon recovery of existing setbacks.

  3. And we will remain supporting Brazil….but for this final I support South America,Trophy must stay in THIS REGION….HAHAHAHAHA

  4. The orange that Brazil got to suck surely tasted like 3 limes. Not just with the TTFF, but apparently the phone lines were cut on that Brazil as well because there was no answer. Only a recording of the embarrassment faced a few days before.
    When a team needs to foul over 30 times to get into a semi-final, it is a symbol of desperation. When the same team concedes 10 goals in 2 games and replies once, it means 1 goal is given up every 18 minutes and one is scored every 180! This is a symbol of I mean, who can play much worse than that. The Soca Princesses may not even have given up the ghost so easily. Forget Copacabana Mr. Live, a couple of guys from Maracas would have given something better to cheer about.
    What does this mean for gamers in the next edition of FIFA who want to choose Brazil? Would Brazilians be bowing to Ataullah at the start of gameplay?
    On a positive note, T&T fans now have the opportunity to become more patriotic and shift their focus to their own national team during this time. It makes no sense to even consider the Brazilian team in the same breath as the Warriors. It is plain for all to see that what we have right here cannot be worse than what we try to copy.
    I am sending out an obvious request to the TTFF not to bring Scolari in case they are thinking of mortgaging any of their homes to do so. The dog on the Credit Chex sign looks a bad one.

  5. I’ll remembeer this as the Bedrock World Cup yes.It had Fred, Dilma (Wilma Flinstone), and Barney Rubble (Scolari) who always messing it up !

  6. You bound to hit Robben that low blow boi Lasana Liburd

  7. Germany is going to win the worldcup

  8. We are only hrs away from what I hope should be a gr8 game….

  9. Such a shame that I dislike the Germans so……………A rock and a tough place hahahhahahhaha

  10. You what is funny? We are not citizens of Brazil yet still we are scratching our heads as to why……I wonder how come those bigwigs in the CBF hasn’t done the same? All they have done is kick the ppl of Brazil along with supporters in the behind by saying the job is his as long as he wants it Lol

  11. … Straight until 2018 when we defend the Cup. 🙂

  12. As a trini we have to blame someone….hahahahahahahahaha…he could not be so stupid by himself he must have had help by ppl higher up

  13. Hassan not sure if FIFA had anything to do with Scolari’s team selection before the World Cup. IMHO this was where it all started and ended.

  14. As a follower and a person who played football watching Brazil play for the entire tournament it was pure torture. This was the worst team as to me the has no chemistry what so ever!! This is something I’ve grown accustom to when I watch any team from Brazil play in most World Cups. Years gone by when they kicked off every player would get a touch on the ball before moving forward…..knowing where each person was at any time sorry to say I did not see any semblance of this with Scolari’s team.

  15. Just imagine four years of this! Hahaha… C’mon Argies!

  16. Hmmm. Enjoy it while it lasts Lasana.

  17. Don’t worry. Argentina will represent South America well. 😉

  18. Keeping Scolari is a slap in the face to the dozens of top flight Brazilian coaches who have all had much more recent successes. I thought Brazil would try to get things right quickly. But I was wrong.

  19. Good luck to the Germans tomorrow.

  20. Brian I could not put it any better,you are so right…..he is not a patriot maybe there is a conspiracy by the FIFA mafia to destroy Brazil as a football nation….just a thought…I have never seen a team so full of millionaire player play so badly

  21. It was a complete embarrassment and humiliation on the pitch. And to think the next head of the Brasilian FA wanted Scolari to stay on before the game. Madness.

  22. Scolari had a poor record leading up to the brasil job. What does big Phil have over the federation?

  23. Any other Manager in the world who got those sort of results at home would have stepped down especially if he was a patriot and disciple of the beautiful game. Also the CBF should be ashamed to make such a comment after seeing what Scolari brought to the table at the end of the day.

  24. FIFA made them build a stadium in the Amazon which really and truly may not be used after this and they were told that they have to sell beer in their stadia something that they never did …..what a thing from the Mafia…shucks i meant FIFA

  25. Yes it is true….he said he is not stepping down and the federation told him he stays….well that is real sad but what do you expect from a bunch of idiots

  26. Lol. We will see who gets the shaft all right. 🙂

  27. Posted something similar earlier which was a shock to me! If this happens it’ll be sad for Brazilian football……………….. Scolari should keep his job says CBF official.

  28. yeah it remind me of our FA….HAHAHAHAA

  29. And Brian Manswell, I’m amazed that Big Phil might keep his job. But then the CFU president recently threw Cafu out of their dressing room. So that tells me all I need to know about that administration.

  30. Just the big two left Rhoda Bharath and Sim Simmer! 🙂 Good job Sheila Rampersad

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