Portugal loses its head as Germany makes flying start

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The good news is that Portugal played like World Cup champions; the bad news is we mean the 2014 version of Spain and not the one that lifted the trophy, four years ago.

After Spain’s 5-1 humbling to the Netherlands on Friday, there was more pain for fans in the Spanish capital as Real Madrid’s Portuguese contingent was humbled in an emphatic 4-0 loss to Germany.

Portugal and Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo failed to score—despite a joint tournament high seven shots—while defender Pepe was sent off and versatile full back Fabio Coentrão was stretchered off with an injury.

Photo: Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo. (Copyright AFP 2014/Francisco Leong)
Photo: Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Francisco Leong)

Mr Live Wire understands Ronaldo was distraught; until he got to the dressing room and looked in the mirror.

In the other Group G match-up, “Team USA” made its best ever start to a World Cup as captain Clint Dempsey dribbled around Ghanaian defender John Boye before driving home, just 32 seconds into what proved to be an exciting 2-1 win. Andre Ayew scored an 82nd minute equaliser for Ghana but then John Brooks struck with the winner in the 86th minute.

And, let’s be fair, you never see “Mr Brooks” coming do you?

Thus far, three of CONCACAF’s four representatives have won in Brazil.

Elsewhere in the World Cup, Iran and Nigeria played to a goalless draw in a contest loosely described as a football match.

Thankfully, they could not spoil another thrilling day for football.

After Argentine captain Lionel Messi opened his 2014 account with a brilliant solo effort, all eyes were on his Portuguese rival to answer—as is often the case in the pair’s Barcelona/Madrid rivalry.

But Germany, to quote the Tourism Minister, was “not in that s**t.”

Thomas Müller scored three times while defender Mats Hummels powered home a header as the Germans treated their fellow European team like a light snack and treated to the tournament to an excellent all-round display.

The match did have its moment of controversy, though, as Portugal played for roughly an hour with ten players.

Pepe, Madrid’s provocative defender, poked his head into Müller’s face in the 37th minute and was rewarded with a straight red card from Serbian referee Milorad Mazi.

Photo: Portugal defender Pepe (right) leans in on Germany forward Thomas Müller before being sent off during the Group G contest. (Copyright AFP 2014/Patrik Stollarz)
Photo: Portugal defender Pepe (right) leans in on Germany forward Thomas Müller before being sent off during the Group G contest.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Patrik Stollarz)

It was a needless and annoying act from Pepe; but could that really be described as a head-butt? Really, ref?

Maybe the next person that Mazi high-fives should bring him up on assault charges.


Today’s 2014 World Cup score summary

Group G

Germany 4 (Thomas Müller 12 pen, 46, 78, Mats Hummels 32), Portugal 0

USA 2 (Clint Dempsey 1, John Brooks 86), Ghana 1 (Andre Ayew 82)

Group F

Iran 0, Nigeria 0


Star of the Day

Germany attacker Thomas Müller scored the first World Cup hattrick since Gonzalo Higuain’s treble against South Korea, four years ago. Not bad for the beanpole that Diego Maradona once mistook for a ball boy.


Villain of the Day

Pepe (Portugal) for spending more time trying to annoy opponents than play football; and referee Milorad Mazi (Serbia) for thinking that being annoying is a red card offence.

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  1. It is not a match report Machel. Just entertaining colour commentary. The jabs and gags are part of the irreverent fun and Ronaldo won’t lose any sleep over it.

  2. Sim I know my American people eh they really put their hearts in it man and I always say on any given day even the best team can be beaten the ball is round hence the reason I am not a fanatic when it comes to the sports and while other team send their best to the Olympics my team Brazil never does just saying VIVA Brazil lol

  3. “Mr Live Wire understands Ronaldo was distraught; until he got to the dressing room and looked in the mirror.”- yea,your bias is showing

  4. Earl, I know that past performance is no guarantee of future success but Mexico beat Brazil to win the Olympic 2012 title. Just saying. But, nah, I like Brazil too.

  5. Mexico beating who eh if Mexico beat my Brazilian team……………. whatever rum you drinking change the brand nah.Lol

  6. Ronaldo is not a team. Your whole side has to show up.

  7. What ever happened to the “great” Ronaldo…. fizzled out like a candle.

  8. People underrate and even dismiss the USA (smh) but under Jurgen Klinsmann the USA is going straight into the top ten! It’s a mistake to overlook CONCACAF teams nowadays. Won’t shock me if Mexico beats Brazil today. And I say that as someone who has Brazil pegged to win the Cup.

  9. As usual the USA bought that game the first goal was really to easy, that defender from Ghana took a bribe and the second goal steeeuuppss. that wasn’t Ghana bomb squad team. Them really good yes.

  10. To me, rankings is just a number… nothing more!!!

  11. Costa Rica has beaten Uruguay in this World Cup and Uruguay is ranked higher than Italy. Yet Costa Rica is only 3rd in CONCACAF, behind USA and Mexico. Just saying.

  12. Javeed, I see that Holland and France are below the USA in the FIFA rankings. Just saying.

  13. Germany has began every major tournament since 2006 red hot. No trophy yet, so these blistering starts amounts to nothing much.

  14. Love the intro. to this piece.Pepe always doing some nonsense…always ! He & Ramos totally compliment each other.I feel Germany would have beaten them regardless of the red card.

  15. As far as I am concerned, there was no strike or attempt to strike. Just someone leaning in to press his head against an opponent. I think the referee was wrong to interpret that as a strike.

  16. Wayne Caesar point taken. What do you think of a match review committee, That analyzes matches for dives and fake actions?.

  17. Hahaha. For anyone who doesn’t know, Wayne Caesar is a qualified referee and the former head of local referees association.
    But Wayne, I don’t think Pepe struck or attempted to strike the player. He did exactly what he intended to do, which was to lean in and rub his head against Muller’s in an annoying way.
    Anything in the referees’ law book on annoying rubbing? 🙂

  18. I was certain that Ronaldo was gonna get a booking! But the protest was necessary!

  19. That comment by Davis Melville is why we have WWE at corner Kicks and Free Kicks near the goal. Until FIFA stands up and defends Referees who have the testicular fortitude to make these calls, All the skills of the game will be gradually eroded and we will end up watching wrestling!!!!!

  20. I agree he was dotish but the referee can have let a yellow card be the outcome and let the game continue. You keep a good game. How come he didn’t yellow card Ronaldo after he ran him down. Cussing him out. He got nothing!

  21. Lasana, Pepe is one of my favorite defenders, but that act was “the most dotish” I have ever seen in World Cup History. Not even Zidane’s head butt compares. I also wish to state that the law clearly states ” STRIKING OR ATTEMPTING TO STRIKE”. I await your comment.

  22. When a referee takes center stage in a huge match like that, it just kills it. Sometimes i wonder if they think the game does not go beyond the 22 players on the pitch.

  23. But i am Scared for the next two group games….hopeful that we could gather six points or worst case scenario4 pts..

  24. Giving Portugal the benefit of the doubt that we will make a quater final, USA doesn’t stand a chance…. you talking about eliminating teams like Holland, England, Italy, France( the Benzema era), come on…. lol

  25. Javeed, the USA will next go up against Portugal who have injuries, a red card, and a yellow card. Looks good to me.

  26. Man the weapons off the bench for Germany is something else. Sim yuh drunk?

  27. Really? After that sloppy performance? lol

  28. I think Germany looked like a really well balanced team. If Gotze and Ozil are just getting warm, then I wouldn’t want to see what they are capable of in three games or so.

  29. Tie a noose around USA and pelt them back up the road…hahahaha

  30. I will Admit Germany did play a well organized game today….

  31. Javeed Shadiel Moonesar 50 push-ups y’all drop points against the US

  32. There is a lot of goals in this World Cup but I haven’t really see a fluent team. That just moved the ball at will. Maybe Germany today. And sometimes Mexico

  33. Yes a fair chance to put a goal on the score sheet…. 4-1… we would have been third on the Table…. but no worries that gonna change Sunday and next thursday… then we will move on to either Russia or Korea…

  34. And Portugal deserve a penalty

  35. And Portugal deserve a penalty

  36. Yea Lasana spoiled a great game

  37. Yea Lasana spoiled a great game

  38. Haha. I don’t think it was violent at all. Look at the clash with Palacios and Pogba or Muntari and Jones today? Both referees used commonsense in those cases.

  39. CONCACAF teams doing well…only Honduras lost.

  40. Yellow card at best. I don’t think he meant to touch him. His big head weighed him down

  41. He leaned over to say “I love you”

  42. Im Proud of Pepe, that guy desreved the head butt… acting like lil silly baby girls……

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