Alert judge’s odd fine to abusive ex-husband

Thirty-one-year-old Imamshah Ali’s fine for hitting his former common-law wife with a teacup in her chin, slapping her across her face (both causing injuries) and forcibly shaving her head: 

$300 by San Fernando Magistrate Margaret Alert

Ali’s fine for throwing a bottle meant for his former common-law wife that hit his two year old son in the face:

$300 by San Fernando Magistrate Margaret Alert

Photo: So Imamshah Ali can hit; but can he dance?
Photo: So Imamshah Ali can hit; but can he dance?

Fishmonger Rajh Ramroop’s fine for attempting to sell five morocoy tortoises, which are protected animals:

$1,000 by San Fernando Magistrate Margaret Alert (who described the penalty, which was the maximum permitted, as “woefully inadequate”)

Twenty-year-old Isiah Rhondon’s fine for breaking six window panes belonging to a neighbour he accused of obeah:

$1,000 by San Fernando Magistrate Margaret Alert

And guess what fine Ali would have faced if he was not wearing seatbelts while driving to present roses and toys to his ex-common law wife and son respectively?

Yes, it would have been $1,000.

Proof from Mr Live Wire that the law is an ass:


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