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Athlete questioned over hit and run in Tobago; Lenora Patrick killed three months ago

A Trinidad and Tobago Police Service release indicated that “a Trinidad and Tobago athlete is to be placed on an identification parade today, in connection with an alleged hit and run accident which resulted in the death of a woman in the Tobago Division on 1 July 2018.”

The athlete, accompanied by an attorney, surrendered to the Barataria Police Station on Sunday 30 September and was taken to Tobago at roughly 10am today. The athlete should be placed on an ID parade tomorrow.

Editor’s Note: Wired868 cannot name the athlete involved, since they have not yet been placed on an ID parade.

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  1. Kindly enlighten me Liburd. With respect to your Editor’s note, is there a distinction between your headline that has named an athlete and the report itself which hasn’t?

    • Lasana Liburd

      The guidance from the TTPS was not to use a photograph until after the ID parade. I would not want to interfere with the course of justice and tried to immediately correct the error. If we changed the URL, a lot of people will go to a dead page. We felt that was unnecessary. But we do intend to take advice from the TTPS on any position we might have in relation to the case.

  2. the link has a name in it?????????