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Who’s in charge of the dirty MATT?

Today’s Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT) press conference was never done.

Its former president Suzanne Sheppard didn’t know who promised one; and its former vice-president Judy Raymond has a paper to run.

Photo: Trinidad Guardian editor-in-chief and recently resigned MATT vice-president Judy Raymond. (Courtesy Trinidad Guardian)
Photo: Trinidad Guardian editor-in-chief and recently former MATT vice-president Judy Raymond.
(Courtesy Trinidad Guardian)

Mr Live Wire thought about a pun; but opted for a poem, just for fun:

(Cough, cough)

Who is in charge of the dirty MATT?

When the public steups and the press attacks,

At the dirty laundry on media’s front door,

And Guardian’s missing ethical core,

Judy will only answer by text,

A press conference was too much to expect,

So a half dozen releases had no owner,

Suzanne and Fran can’t answer either,

Media confidence has fallen flat,

For shame is in charge of the dirty MATT.


Editor’s Note: This poem was inspired by Edwin James Milliken’s “Death and his brother sleep” otherwise known as “Who is in charge of the clattering train?”

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  1. We depend on the same press to let us know what we don’t know and what’s happening around us. To say we get distracted is nonsense. When there is POLITICAL INTERFERENCE, it means the press is not allowed to print the wrong doings of the Gov’t. I don’t see how that could stop us from attending to other issues that are just as important.
    I am glad there are lots of people who would stand up against the ILLS of the society and not just call it SHIT and move on. WE ARE NOT TO ACCEPT SHIT. MATT had two senior members at the Guardian and things was allowed to reach to a walk out before they decided to hold talks. This is a wake up call to all media to come together and be a strong force against SHIT.

  2. It’s sad, really, how often T&T gets distracted by non-issues. While there is real work to do with children, with the economy, with poverty, with corruption… we get distracted by bacchanalia. Emailgate and the Chaguanas byelection are two other examples of manufactured, all-consuming conflict. I for one am making myself a promise not to get carried away with other people’s drama and to take everything with a grain or two of salt. As a nation we’re investing far too much time, energy and emotion in utter shit.