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Bad bosses: Is stress affecting your constituency?

Breaking news: Trinidad Tobago bosses are sending their workers crazy! Never mind. You can go back to talking to yourself.

Dr Varma Deyalsingh’s assertion yesterday at the Employers Solution Centre in Aranguez seemed akin to a headline that states: “PM’s dog barked at lunchtime.”

But maybe the Secretary of Association of Psychiatrists had something else that he wanted to get off his chest.

“You can have someone coming into the workplace looking sad and you can have someone else coming in hearing voices and being paranoid,” said Deyalsingh, “thinking their colleagues are against them and always bad-talking them.”

Deyalsingh did not say whether the voices said: “I bet you can win back your constituency” or “Suruj trick-sy… he wants the precious.”

Photo: Is your psychiatrist a dog? How does that make you feel?
Photo: Is your psychiatrist a dog? How does that make you feel?

No one, Deyalsingh stated in today’s Trinidad Guardian, is immune to the pressures of stress, which can affect us socially. Perhaps it could even cause us to neglect our friends and family in the United States.

“Stress in the workplace is also related to stress in the home,” he said. “You cannot isolate one from the other.”

For the sake of mental health, Mr Live Wire recommends that all past and present Government ministers and everyone else should seek independent advice and counseling before embarking on crusades against once cherished co-workers. And please visit estranged relatives; wherever they may be.

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  1. Lol!…….Yes Jack go visit ur relatives nah……..I dare u! ; )

  2. “Suruj trick-sy… he wants the precious.” – This has to be one of the funniest things i have ever read. rofl.