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TSTT hangs up on Machel

Can you hear me now?

After weeks of speculation and some public grumbling, TSTT seems set to finally hang up on soca star Machel Montano, according to a Trinidad Guardian report, as a backlash to his conviction for assault.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago soca star Machel Montano

And, in keeping with a well honoured tradition, TSTT will apparently disconnect Montano at the most inconvenient time. The Road March champion was due to be the “Life of the Party” at the Soca B Square today in Woodford Square and thousands of Port of Spain employees might have already planned their lunch dates.

But then the customers are always the last to know about an impending disruption to their service.

Montano was actually convicted of assault on 10 December 2012. But Mr Live Wire understands that all technicians were busy and unable to remedy the situation during that timeframe. No doubt, TSTT apologises for any inconvenience caused by seven weeks of static over the Xtatik boss.

There was no official comment from either the company or the entertainer.

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm whether Montano is “Super Blue” about the snub but expects that he will 4G up the place when he is good and ready. Fans are advised that today is not a good time to demand autographs unless wearing protective gear.


Editor’s Note: See TSTT statement on Machel Montano

TSTT statement on Machel Montano

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