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POS gets a Red wedding… in, uh, white; Live Wire gate-crashes Machel’s big day

Guess who just made it on to President Paula-Mae Weekes’ next Independence Day couples retreat? Hunnngh!

Yes, Trinidad and Tobago soca star and Road March juggernaut Machel Montano is now a married man, after he tied the knot with long-time sweetheart Renee Butcher on Valentine’s Day at the Red House in Port of Spain.

Photo: Like a Boss? Machel Montano (right) and wife Renee pose during their wedding ceremony at the Red House on 14 February 2020.

A video clip of Machel and his beautiful bride walking down the aisle while a DJ played one of the soca bard’s many hit songs is already circulating on social media. Mr Live Wire cannot confirm that the ‘Happiest Man Alive’ tried to book himself to perform live at his wedding, only to balk at the prices. With oil prices as they are, it is best to be sensible—particularly as a married man.

Ever a lightening rod for controversy, Machel’s wedding did not escape criticism. Some were aghast that the Red House’s hollowed halls could be used as the stage for the moment of a lifetime by one of Trinidad and Tobago’s few genuine international stars.

It should just be preserved for the philosophical musings of Dennis Moses, Wade Mark, Roodal Moonilal and Fitzgerald Hinds nah. Steups. Live Wire has heard more productive, nation-building exchanges during recess at pre-schools.

In a media release earlier this month, Parliament’s director of corporate communications Colleen Holder announced that ‘ceremonies will be held at the Red House on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays’ with a maximum of eight persons allowed excluding the marriage officer.

Presumably, every day is ‘Machel Monday’ when the soca god is in town… and someone hired the TTFA’s auditors to do the headcount of his entourage.

Photo: Soca star Machel Montano (right) says his vows at the Red House on 14 February 2020 with, uh, six friend and dem.

Doh study it nah, people. Is ‘we boy’ who visited the Red House today. Not Abu Bakr.

More concerning, though, were rumours that Machel included an exotic dancer on his guest list. Seriously, hoss?! I could understand for the bachelor’s night… But on yuh wedding day?!

Being a responsible news outlet, Mr Live Wire sought confirmation from the wanna-be Chippendales dancer in question. But no response was forthcoming up to the time of publication.

Wired868: Faris, answer quick… yuh was there in truth? Or that was photoshop?!

There was a slight delay in the wedding party’s departure at the end of the ceremony, as the heavens poetically burst into tears. Mr Live Wire could not confirm whether thousands of women were weeping at the retirement of the ‘Life of the Party’.

Or if they just realised that Trinidad and Tobago’s next most eligible high-profile bachelor is a certain: Dwight Yorke.

Presumably, at least one photograph from today’s celebrity wedding will find its way on to the Red House walls for posterity. And Live Wire knows just the one.

After all, it is not every day that a politician makes himself useful at the seat of Parliament.

Photo: The Wedding… Featuring Machel Montano as Himself; and Faris Al-Rawi as Rihanna…
So wait, Keithos couldn’t come to open a door self?!

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