Live Wire for the Road: Iwer horns Machel with Kees, plus Nicki’s ‘Petty-man’ causes a stir

There was only ever going to be one winner in this Carnival’s much talked-about love triangle, which came to a head on top of Tribe’s music truck on Carnival Tuesday.

And, no, we are not referring to Neil ‘Iwer’ George, Nicki Minaj and the elbow of Nicki’s aptly named husband, Kenneth Petty.

The 2020 Road March race saw Iwer George place first and second as the undercard of different soca collaborations. And although his body was with Machel Montano at Tribe, as they belted out ‘Conch Shell’, his mind was probably on Kes and their hit ‘Stage Gone Bad’.

Photo: Trinidad-born US hip hop star Nicki Minaj (centre) poses with soca stars Machel Montano (left) and Kees Dieffenthaller.
Presumably, Nicki’s husband, Kevin Petty, has Iwer George in a headlock somewhere.
(via Nicki’s Instagram)

The final Tuco results read: Stage Gone Bad by Kees Dieffenthaller and Neil ‘Iwer’ George (386 plays), Conch Shell by Machel Montano and Iwer (95 plays) and Nadia Batson’s ‘Fatt’ (nine plays).

Iwer and Kees also teamed up to take the International Power Soca Monarch crown last week. It is the third straight year that a duo has won the Road March title, after Machel, Ian ‘Bunji Garlin’ Alvarez and Gamal ‘Skinny Fabulous’ Doyle’s ‘Famalay’ in 2019 and Machel and Austin ‘Super Blue’ Lyons’ ‘Soca Kingdom’ in 2018.

Almost from conception, though, Machel’s decision to partner with Iwer felt more opportunistic and formulaic than a natural coming together of like minds—something like the UNC, MSJ and NJAC at the 2010 general elections, or Gary Griffith and the PNM.

Those relationships tend not to end well, right? Machel boi, yuh horn was booked from the start.

It is only Iwer’s second Road March crown since he controversially tied for first place with Super Blue in 2000 with ‘Carnival Come Back Again’.

As for Kees, he is now a Road March winner for the first time after missing out last year, despite the popularity of ‘Savannah Grass’. All he needed, it turns out, was a little help from the ‘Mash Up Doctor’.

Photo: 2020 Road March winners Kees Dieffenthaller (left) and Iwer George mash it up, shell it down and turn it over in ‘Stage Gone Bad’.
(via Kes The Band Instagram page)

Maybe Nadia should swing back for them in 2021 with Fay-Ann and Destra riding shotgun.

One thing we can probably agree with, is any future Carnival invitations to Nicki Minaj should probably strike out the words ‘and guest’.

Nicki’s ‘Petty-man’ almost created an international incident when he responded to an inadvertent bump by Iwer on the Tribe truck with a flung elbow, which was caught on video. If Iwer responded with a theatrical yelp and roll like famous Brazilian football-cum-actor, Neymar, all now Keithos withdrawing his ambassador from the United States.

Petty, incidentally, is a registered sex offender in USA and once served roughly seven years for manslaughter. What a gem. Put that on a leash next time, Nicki; and don’t forget the Valium and Xanax.

So congrats to Iwer (and Kees); and hard luck dey Iwer (and Machel).

Just imagine Iwer and Machel could collaborate for the sake of a largely ceremonial title but PNM and UNC still can’t come together to attempt to tackle crime after five years.

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