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Volney tries Warner defence as section 34 farce continues

MP Herbert Volney tried a classic “Jack Warner defence” yesterday in regards to the on-going Section 34 controversy that has already done for his Cabinet career and threatens the credibility of the People’s Partnership government.

The Jack Warner defence, named after the colourful National Security Minister, is famous for its shamelessness, logic-deficiency and repetitiveness to the mainstream media; thereby leading the more gullible to believe that its appearance in the press makes it as credible as the cinema listings.

So, Volney told the Trinidad Express: “It would be good if there is some time to probe (Section 34) because I know at the end of the probe, the Government, and that is including me at the time as part of the Government, will be totally vindicated.”

His statement ignores the fact that he is the only Cabinet member whose role in the Section 34 scandal is undebatable; hence the reason his own party gave him the boot.

Still, the Warner defence comes in second to the provocative Moonilal/Jack counter, which brushes off serious financial concerns with snickers and snide comments about their thriving businesses in pholourie or cucumbers respectively

Wired868 cannot confirm and is not suggesting that Volney and influential members of the People’s Partnership were rewarded for the controversial Section 34 with shedloads of pumpkin and cucumbers and more pholourie than Shane Aleong could fit in his van.



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