Ex-COP chairman suggests Machel Law

Former COP leader Joseph Toney thinks Trinidad and Tobago citizens should dip in their pockets for a good cause.

Not for cosmetic surgery for a baby girl who had a chunk of her face bitten off or to aid the recovery of the Diego Martin flood victims, offset legal fees for the 2006 Soca Warriors or beam the 2012 Caribbean Cup finals live from Antigua and Barbuda at a cost of US$5,000 per match.

Toney wants Trinidad and Tobago to “chip in” to foot soca star Machel Montano’s legal bills for assaulting four partygoers in a nightclub, five years ago. He further advised Magistrate Maureen Baboolal-Gafoor that a custodial sentence would “be too draconian.”

Montano has never apologised to his victims. And Toney did not ask him to either.

Rather, it is Trinidad and Tobago that should say sorry for having the audacity to criticise the 38-year-old Montano for enjoying the perks of stardom, which may or may not include breaking the law and beating up fans.

Toney, an attorney, seemed to suggest the introduction of “Machel Law” which would allow successful artistes more far-reaching powers than policemen on Panorama duty and should provoke a name change from “Zen” to the more suitable “Fight Club.”

“Which person in our society, in his or her younger days, has not committed similar acts of folly?” Toney asked the Trinidad Guardian and, presumably, the two island republic. “He ought to have known better but let us not condemn him. He has much more to offer T&T and the world with his music and his energetic stage performances.

“What I find disturbing is that some members of the public seem to want blood from a national icon.”

Too bad sacked Minister Collin Partap cannot sing soca; the only thing he assaulted was a “Bloody Mary.”


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  1. oh my Karlene Edwards 5 against 1 “advantage”. and its not the first time, it the first time he was held. even if the learning magistrate jail him he could appeal and could end up in the privy counsel..so i say a custodial sentence…

  2. there will be no carnival without machel yes he can be a real ass somtimes but that is besides the point is not him alone.. i dont think he is a mad man to beat somone just like that they must have done something to him.. that guy should not get one f***88^^^55665k not one red dollar he went there to look for fight he an he gal is two blight
    and i dont care what no one say MR Machel is the best and will always be .. so people please stop hating………. good luck to you machel and i truly wish you the best..

  3. Mr. Toney, 33 can hardly be termed “young”…Machel was old enough to understand the consequences of his actions and he’s definitely old enough and rich enough to pay his own way.

  4. Well Mr Joseph Toney you is what my grand mother would call an educated dunce….Machael won over 4 million $ in 2 yrs…the present government gave him millions to do an anniversary album ….why must the public go out their way for this ignorant fool ..when alot of other people need OUR help…Mr Toney you better sober up….and Machael need to grow up…and get out of the Peter Pan syndrome

  5. What I expect from ALL public figures – is that they follow the law more strict than anyone else.

    Especially public figures who is idols for some of the growing ups…

    Asking people to accept this bad behavior is very very low-minded thinking.

    Grow up! – and stop abusing all the Rum

  6. Machel wasn’t the one who gained millions over the last couple months from the Government whom he seem to have very friendly ties with??? Why must i take my chicken feed (when in comparison to his income and Govt. “perks”) to help this oh so worthy cause? Cmon Mr. Toney, wake up from that dream!

    • Notice too that Joseph Toney has never suggested anyone chip in to pay for the medical expenses of the victims or help with THEIR court fees. For me, that is the level of immaturity in some of our politicians who are so desperate to be popular and a part of the “in-crowd”. It is an insult to right thinking people

  7. I honestly believe when individuals acquire the age of sixty and they are still physically able to perform their duties (more so in public office) they should be made to go through psychiatric evaluation every six months. It is obvious in some cases that the depletion of brain cells is more rapid….Lord have mercy!!!

  8. WTH!! Joseph Toney HAVE TO BE CRAZYYYYY!!!! Clearly he was under the influence of that bloody mary or beaten by Machel to make such a senseless statement!! Toney who did you beat in your younger days?? TELL US!! I certainly don’t remember beating anyone in my days!!! I thank GOD you are NOT in a position to implement this waste of time “law” don’t you have laws to protect the children of this nation to rally around??If you can’t make logical sense Toney GET OUT OF ANY GOVERNMENT ARENA!!!

  9. Ok I officially change my mind about “2013 Machel Monday” – was going for the lime and Kes (not particularly to watch MM! My $$ stays in my pocket – he should have enough to foot his bills after winning soca monarch & being awarded the contract to do the olympic song amongst other government assisted contracts (he should be shrewd enough to put some away for rainy days such as these – he could even give me some … there was carnival before Machel & there would be carnival after….

  10. He has to be MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Yes Mr Toney,dats exactly wot I want to do. Give up my hard earned dollars to a man who has been convicted and who has refused to apologise to his victims. Yep, u read my mind.

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