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Warner misquotes himself over controversial letter

National Security Minister Jack Warner further highlighted the importance of Wired868 after he misquoted himself during his budget contribution yesterday.

Warner claimed to have told Sport Minister Anil Roberts, in a letter on government letterhead, that: “and therefore I would suggest that you tell them (TTFF) the gravity of the situation that it may even affect their funding.”

Had the former FIFA vice-president first refreshed his memory by reading Wired868.com, he should have remembered that his words actually were:

“I wish to recommend that no support be provided to the TTFF… I suggest therefore that the government of Trinidad and Tobago do not contribute one cent to any organisation that fails to support the progress of its people.”

Just to be clear, Warner suggested that the organisation which does not support its people is the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) due to its unwillingness to back his friend Harold Taylor—believed to be at least 79-years-old—for the post of Caribbean football president. Incidentally, Warner removed Taylor from a CFU executive post, seven years earlier, on the grounds that he was too old.

Warner was not referring to the Sport Ministry that funds events for private clubs like the Queen’s Park Cricket Club while coaches, taxi drivers, caterers and tutors involved with the national football teams go unpaid. And he certainly did not mean the football body under his watch, which refused to honour commitments to 23 World Cup 2006 squad members and Chaconia Gold medal recipients.

Mr Live Wire knows how much Warner despises shoddy journalism and he must have been livid about misquoting himself. And, worryingly, the National Security Minister knows where Warner lives.


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  1. Sigh, of course he can’t remember……………..too many lies in his head.

  2. Of course he can’t remember what he said….why should our National Security minister be bothered with mundane affairs like accuracy in reporting or in this case quoting…and of course the letter he sent has clearly been destroyed, or he may have been able to refer to it to refresh his memory!