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Warner makes flying start; Kublalsingh grounded

National Security Minister Jack Warner was true to his word in making an early and emphatic start to his new portfolio.

On the weekend, Warner flippantly declared his desire to reintroduce his interpretation of the “Flying Squad”—a group that is as synonymous with murder and drug dealing as it is with crime fighting.

“Mr Big” was not the figure in his line of vision, though. Warner’s first action was to head a joint police and army raid on the Highway Re-route Movement, which included the arrest of UWI lecturer and activist Wayne Kublalsingh.

Not even Syrian President Bashar al-Assad appears to be as hands-on in his direction of the armed forces as the PM’s so-called “man of action.”

Criminals might not be trembling yet. Maybe Warner would get to them eventually.

But people who get in his way will know he means business.

Wired868 is brushing up on its jailhouse lingo.

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