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Golden Girl Makes Integrity Commission Must-See TV

It seems that Integrity Commission meetings were as colourful as any low-brow reality television show and dishonesty, bullying and even threats of violence were apparently not uncommon occurrences.

The Lady Gla Ga show kicks off in court on June 18 and, judging from the highlights, it should be compelling viewing; unless you have a soft spot for Trinidad and Tobago, of course.

In the past few weeks, citizens discovered that the Director of Public Prosecutions’ vocabulary—which includes four-syllable words like “investigate”—is much too extensive for the tastes of the Police Commissioner and Attorney General. And that the Police Service Commission (PSC) doesn’t know what its press officers are up to much less the nation’s lawmen.

Now, it seems that the body entrusted with promoting integrity in Trinidad and Tobago society spent more time trading insults than being useful; something like Basketball Wives without the weaves.

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