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Crime Watch embarrasses police into action… But Alleyne still vex

A controversial public figure yesterday stood in defiance of a legal request and pleaded for indulgence to stay the course. But enough about school principal Sita Gajadarsingh-Nanga’s attempts to remain at the Tunapuna Hindu School—everyone else is talking about the arrest of TV6 Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne.

Alleyne was yesterday led away from CCN headquarters in handcuffs to the dismay of an angry mob and a sizable section of the population, which sparked a series of conspiracy theories.

Wired868 does not possess a legal staff but will try to apply a dose of common sense to the chaos for the benefit of its readers:

“Why did the police have to handcuff him? Are they just jealous?”

ASP Ajith Persad informed Alleyne that he was wanted at the police station. Alleyne’s response, according to the Trinidad Newsday, was: “Let them come get me because I’m not coming out.”

It must have taken considerable self-restraint for the police to apply no more than handcuffs. If the scene had occurred at Panorama and not the CCN car park, there would have been no questioning the validity of the defiant self-professed crime fighter’s subsequent medical condition.

“Why did they wait so long to arrest him if the charges were genuine?”

Notwithstanding that the statutory limit for Alleyne’s alleged crime was days away, six months can hardly be considered an eternity in the local justice system.

A bevy of businessmen believed to have defrauded the State of millions over the construction of the new Piarco International Airport in 1999 were not charged until 2004 and, eight years later, still have not faced the Judge.

“Is this, as Alleyne himself suggested, down to the spite of envious Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs?”

DPP Roger Gaspard SC is believed to have given the instructions for Alleyne’s arrest and he remains one of the few public figures who is not perceived to display bias in the course of his duties.

Alleyne, for the record, was hardly remorseful about airing a rape tape of a minor and left saying that he would do it again if he could.

Crime Watch has prided itself on its success on prompting the police to investigate crime. Wired868 believes that it continues to enhance that reputation.

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