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Toilet principal unflushed

Blackman’s Private School principal Arlene Blackman was yesterday charged on two counts of cruelty after allegedly flushing the heads of two students in a school toilet; or, in American jargon, adding First World “intensive, interrogation techniques” to the school’s disciplinary code.

Blackman faces a fine of between $5,000 and $10,000 each while the aggrieved parents, who collectively pay $8,000 per school term, would face 15 year jail terms if they gave the principal a courtesy flush.

Justice appears to be one of those ladies who looks gorgeous from far but disappoints under scrutiny.

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  1. And here was the response from parents who spoke to the Trinidad Express:
    Eight parents were polled.
    Six of them said that they were going to keep their children at the school.
    One man said, “I’m going to keep my daughter at the school. Let’s face it. It’s a good school. They have good teachers, well qualified teachers and there is nothing wrong with the school.”
    Another parent, a woman said, “How I look at it: there are three sides to every story and I just want to hear the truth. In fact, why should I not keep my child in this school? My elder son did SEA here and he did well.”
    “She’s (Arlene Blackman) is a straightforward woman and I see no reason to move my children,” the parent said.”
    Another parent said, while seated in her car, “This is a very good school and my child staying right here…allyuh write that.”
    Then there were other opinions. Another man said, “what happened was not too good at all. I’m thinking of moving my daughter and my personal thought is that they should shut down that school because as a parent I don’t like that.”
    Another parent said,
    “What happened was sad. If the school remains open it will be stigmatised but at the same time this woman brought out the best pupils. In fact, I have three children in United Kingdom universities and I have my last daughter in here.”

  2. Wow…I will never again envy their SEA placements….not at the expense of scarring the students for life with such treatment…on the topic of her punishment, if the parents would have gotten 15 year jail terms, then Blackman being let off with a two fines is a mere slap on the wrist and a very clear indication that there is no real justice to be had in Trinidad….shame on that judge….

  3. Justice must be served. This principal cannot continue to abuse children.