Mr Fete endorses Live Wire; share your own thoughts on Wired868

Wired868 gets a celebrity endorsement. Kinda.

Editor’s Note: Wired868 has been a part of the media world since 2012 and has kept you informed and entertained with local and international football news, insightful blogs on everything from cricket to crime and politics and, of course, news satire. Our aim is to be clever, analytical and innovative.

Whether it was the Haiti aid scandal, Leo Beenhakker’s return, Jack Warner’s or the TTFA’s licensing fee scandal for the Argentina friendly, we were first on the scene.

Our stable of blogs include pieces from a range of local personalities like Sunity Maharaj, David Nakhid, Martin Daly SC, Shaka Hislop, Lincoln Myers, Earl Best, Juliet Solomon, Dr Sheila Rampersad, Roger Bonair-Agard and the late Richard Braithwaite among others.

And Mr Live Wire had you shaking your head and chuckling at the same time with coverage of a wide range of issues including: ex-Sport Minister Anil Roberts’ political demise, Anika Gumbs’ shocking resignation from the Trinidad Express, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s CTV interview, Jack Warner’s farewell show and allegations, a shocking jailbreak and President Anthony Carmona’s pre-action protocol letter to comedian Rachel Price. While Filbert Street was a hoot as well.

We know what Mr Fete thinks. So please, give us your thoughts on what Wired868 means to you and why you would like us to continue!

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About Andrew Friday

Andrew “Fries” Friday is an actor, comedian, impressionist, live event host and broadcaster. He launched his performing career at Presentation College, San F'do (1991-98) and featured in over a dozen plays and films. He had guest roles in Contract Killers (2007) and Girlfriends Getaway (2014) and is currently working on The Longest Wait.

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  1. Lasana, you understand the hunger of trinidadians for gossip, scandal, bachanal and lies and you tapped into that market so I expected you to be successful with your website. You are a smart business man.
    Good news have no money so once the public hear that a politician thief or involved in domestic violence even if it’s a big fat lie they believe and will pay any amount of money to read more. So keep up the good job informing the gossip addicts who always want more and you will always be successful

  2. Yuh see me …. I’s a man!
    Who in tune with de pulse of de lan’!
    When I want … to get it straight
    DE only place I go is Wired868!

    Hui! Hui! Hey ha!

  3. I like the fact that there is no intellectual snobbery. You can say what you have to say.

  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

  5. What I like about wired868? The writers especially Lasana Liburd are fearless, Mr Live Wire will expose wrong doing, stand up against the giants in society all alone with the limited resources he has. It matters not what political party, race, age, office, gender you are he will expose all wrong doing and I respect that. I like a fighter because I’m one myself. The satire is entertaining and clever and he’s quick to write stories so we’re always in the know. Wired868 is filling a void, so I hope the movement grows from strength to strength.

  6. I love this Mr Fete endorsement just as much as I love Wired868!!! As a Trinli living abroad this is my ink to the “word on the ground” daily…

  7. Special thanks to all the mods who help keep things relatively sane and spares us the crazy illogical flaming that seems to happen unchecked elsewhere…and Wired868 is the best source for news that covers all important aspects of whatever news is covered, unbiased and fearless.

  8. Great satire, facts and opinions, that always give me food for thought….

  9. I consider Mr Live Wire my friend. The privilege of friendship is that we can talk nonsense all the time, and the funny thing is that, nonsense is ..understood, discussed, valued, liked and respected.

  10. Love this group, intelligent banter.

  11. On another note..I enjoy the mixture of facts and satire

  12. With the absence of stephen colbert and now john stewart in my life and giving me news and views with satire sophistication and uncompromising truth and accuracy with no bias whatsoever I look to wired868 it’s staff and more importantly it’s star forward Lasana Liburd to continue giving us news that matters articles that are relevant and essential for good intelligent dialog and sometimes to even make us smile so thank you wired868 your value is immeasurable may GOD keep you safe from bias agendas and immorality

  13. For the real scoop with consistent insightful and probing journalism concerning Trinidad, but particularly sports and politics one need only vibes Wired 868.

    The satirical pieces are an added bonus!

  14. Wired868 is required reading on a daily basis for me. Excellent satire and factual reporting!

  15. Love the articles, gives a fresh insight to the happenings of the country. Lasana, well what can I say? He’s the best and always makes me laugh (crushing on him long time). Wired868 journalists are fantastic, keep up the great work

  16. Really enjoy being a member of this group. Straight talk from real people. Honest opinions that add value to many discussions. The articles themselves are truly gems. In particular the political satire will often have me buss out laughing. I think Lasana is a very gifted writer who can deliver extremely funny lines without tipping over to edge into offensive. Yeah we all miss John Stewart but we have the next best thing right here?

  17. Stepping up the game. Excellent

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