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Blunder after plunder: Kamla discusses Reshmi, LifeSport and Vikings in odd Q&A

“Have you ever seen a TV show called Vikings?” Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar asked Dr Morgan Job, who was one of her three interviewers last night.

‘Vikings’, in case you don’t know, is an Irish-Canadian television drama that is not short of historical inaccuracies but big on sacking and plundering. It was a simpler time when tendering policy was usually “take what you can carry” and ship captains never asked to see CVs.

Photo: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (centre) and candidate Khadijah Ameen (left) during the UNC's unsuccessful by-election campaign in Chaguanas West. (Courtesy Jyoti Communications)
Photo: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (centre) and candidate Khadijah Ameen (left) during the UNC’s unsuccessful by-election campaign in Chaguanas West.
(Courtesy Jyoti Communications)

Mr Live Wire could say much more about that. But it would be too easy. And there were enough dead horses being whipped on air already last night.

Somehow, Tanty Kamla managed to turn a one-person debate into a bizarre battle of wills with herself, as she insisted on more time to give non-answers, asked to return to a previous question—after probably being advised during a break that the correct response to the cultural context of corruption probably does not lie in ‘Vikings’—and gave responses that would insult anyone with even a vague grasp of the issues.

The Reshmi Ramnarine SSA scandal, according to the Prime Minister, was a “flaw we took action on… within a day or two.”

It was a pretty flippant way to describe fraud. And, lest we forget, Ramnarine—last we checked—was employed at the Ministry of Health under the name of “Shashi Rehka.”

If only all suspected criminals were so lucky.

And speaking of criminals, Persad-Bissessar was asked about LifeSport too.

“There were administrative issues…” she replied.

Photo: Ex-Sport Minister Anil Roberts (left) and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.
Photo: Ex-Sport Minister Anil Roberts (left) and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

It was an interesting way to summarise a program that spent over $250 million in taxpayers’ money with little to show for it except, if the police are right, a dead Senior Counsel and a badly shaken DJ/deep-sea diver.

But Persad-Bissessar was not asked about Anil Roberts or Rajaee Ali or even Anand Ramlogan. And, even if she was, any journalist knows that a question without a follow-up is virtually meaningless.

But don’t take Mr Live Wire’s word for it.

Ask a three year old boy to describe Pythagorus’ theorem. Maybe he would say: “jello.” Or maybe he would start singing: “Hakuna Matata.”

Either might sound like reasonable responses to the uninformed without the option of cross-examination.

So, when asked about if her Government was failing on crime, the Prime Minister responded: “I want to disagree with you that we are not on top. We could possibly be higher on top. But we are on top…”

Maybe someone squirmed in their chair. So she continued.

“That’s why we don’t have the kind of instability…”

Photo: Murdered prison escapee Hassan Atwell poses for the camera during his good old days as an inmate.
Photo: Murdered prison escapee Hassan Atwell poses for the camera during his good old days as an inmate.

Someone in the studio, who was not under a rock for the past week, might have inadvertently winced.

Persad-Bissessar went further.

“Within a very short space of time, everything had been brought under control…”

Control, apparently, meant the murder of escaped inmate Hassan Atwell by still unknown criminals. Good lord, Kamla was debating herself!

And losing!

But it was an aberration. Usually, she ambled along at her own pace accompanied by panelists who, despite their stern faces, might as well have been egging her on.

“Come on, Kamla! You can do it! Almost there!”

Political analyst Derek Ramsamooj wanted to know whether she considered herself a pragmatic leader.

Persad-Bissessar responded that she was when necessary but gave an example of her humanity to “what’s-his-name” who waged a hunger strike in front of the Office of the Prime Minister.

“It was a very hard decision,” said Persad-Bissessar, as she recalled being trolled by “one individual on a hunger strike”. “Should I take a view of this one person and his band of followers or look at the bigger picture…”

Photo: Activist and UWI lecturer Dr Wayne Kublalsingh.
Photo: Activist and UWI lecturer Dr Wayne Kublalsingh.

Her best example of humanity, as online commentator Dion Jennings pointed out, involved her not remembering the name of an activist, Wayne Kublalsingh, who almost died on her doorstep.

She was scoring so many own goals that Sport Minister Brent Sancho might have been feeding her information from somewhere.

Isha Wells, whose red beret was as distracting as Job’s oversized suit, was always ready with a cardboard cut-out of a question that seemed fierce enough but, ultimately, lacked depth.

“Do you smoke marijuana?” asked Wells.

“No,” replied the Prime Minister.

Case closed then, eh?

Wells was well stocked with them.

“Is enough being done to address the drug trade by your government?” she asked, at one point.

The obvious answer from any Prime Minister would generally be: “yes… and we know exactly how we can improve in our next term too.”

Or at least, she might have gone with: “I told whoever was bunnin’ it by my house to stop.” Wink wink.

Photo: So how high were you to leave weed on the window sill?
Photo: So how high were you to leave weed on the window sill?

But Tanty Kamla went off another tirade in which she pointed out that Trinidad and Tobago does not manufacture drugs or guns nor do we buy and sell guns…

She was swerving from bleedingly obvious in one moment to obviously wrong the next. It was like watching a car crash in slow motion.

In her next term, if voters want to see what the People’s Partnership can do next, Tanty Kamla promised a Ministry of Defence to “deal with border control.” She did not say whether soldiers or coast guards will be moved from National Security to facilitate that plan. And it would be unwise to assume.

After all, under the People’s Partnership, the Minister of National Security ran basketball tournaments, the Minister of Sport paid criminals and the Minister of Justice drafted bills to set them free.

The Prime Minister was all over the place last night too.

One moment, Persad-Bissessar pointed out, with some merit, that no male prime minister would have faced the criticism she did about her choice of shoes. Yet in the same breath, she said she would happily retire to “cooking and reading.”

There really was no common thread.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar. (Copyright AFP 2014/Frederic Dubray)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Frederic Dubray)

The other major talking points?

Despite calling an election at virtually the last possible moment, the Prime Minister still has no manifesto.

Her legacy was the work she had “done for children” whose missing Children’s Life Fund cash is the subject of an another media-instigated police probe. And, in a dare to land pirates, she promised that all squatters on State land would be regularised after September 7.

Presumably, Opposition Leader Keith Rowley immediately filled a knapsack with biscuits, cheese and water and headed for a month-long camp at the Office of the Prime Minister.

The Vi-Queen, at this rate, is in danger of losing her throne.

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  1. Check the PNM Blunder is every day from 8th sept

  2. That was a nail in her coffin ?

  3. Oh the “good” times. Lol

  4. This was like reliving the entire two hours.

  5. And where are the journalist who got a wad ah my money to conduct the interview.

  6. 400 not 250
    Long live Life Sport with loud desk thumping.

  7. IN reading some of these commments here – One can fully understand why Corruption is very, very lucrative in TnT – It seems no amount of corruption, pilfering, mismanagement and incompetence can change the minds of Die-Hard PPers and PN’ites…..Just as long as the same race, same colour, same religion gets into power – we good! yeah! we good!

  8. ‘Debate’ or ‘monologue’?


  10. What about the drugs in the orange juice cans?? Has someone been arrested or???

  11. @ Jeremiah Steele….Eric Williams was the father of Laventille for all the single mothers there. The present PNM is a bunch of rehashed dunces. They cannot even run a 100 meters race far less a country.

  12. So much hate and scorn in these comments, it’s nauseating. Thing is none of these haters would do what it takes to get into government and be the change they want to see. Just criticize and complain, criticize and complain…

  13. Kamla is the devil incarnated! Let’s get rid of her and her gang of thieves!

  14. Kamla will win the elections – i have faith in her surfing ability – she surfed off the dying NAR into Panday’s UNC at the final hour in 1995 – Panday jettisoned Govindra Roopnarine and the dying NAR morphed into Dookeran’s CORPSE! She surfed from under Panday’s coat-tail in January 2007 just weeks before the UNC internal’s elections, to become the face of the Jack Warner’s efforts to ensure that his political efforts bear fruit – after a year or so of Ram-Jack-Gy(psy), she surfed in to become the smiling empty headed face of Jack’s challenge to Panday, replacing de twist-mouth man, with whom Jack realised he was getting no traction. If she really could surf, before September 7th, she just may well , surf into the PNM – it is her only chance this time around, of continuing a surfing career, based on a smile, without ideas!

  15. Kamla Persad Bissessar, the Mother of the Nation.

  16. Scotty Ranking

    Since we have well ventilated that fact that these ‘hard-hitting’ questions and their ‘erudite and articulate’ answers were an exercise in intellectual vacuousness, allow me to lighten the mood with another observation ….
    Was it just me? Or did Morgan Job look like his foundation was done with Horlicks, Milo or Highgate Cocoa?

  17. That’s it right there..thats y they cant have her in a real debate. people are going to ‘see’ her.

  18. I like your emphasis on the new PNM Richard. That is what i’ve been trying to tell people who still want to focus on the Manning era. If that’s what keeps them happy so be it. The new PNM seems to be a threat which they don’t want to recognize. Like you said she lost the last four campaigns and she will lose a 5th if Trinis really take a long hard look at her history.

    • We noticed the “new tactic” of trying to use the IC to make a fake case against the leader of the UNC to have them jailed …
      We also noticed , lots of lying in parliament about letters from FCB impugning the Minister of Finance and lying about being the line minister responsible for Las Alturas ….
      We noticed the lack of commendation for racist statements made against indo-trini’s .
      We noticed one proven corrupt American Politicians , being paid to represent the PNM ..
      And we noticed the other American Politician who hates the nation of India , also being paid to represent the PNM ..
      I noticed Faris Al Wari using parliament to further the financial means of a relative who awarded a very questionable contract in April 2010.
      I notice a continuous use of sexually derogatory comments made by the leader of the PNM to describe the sitting Prime Minister ! ! ! (and I do recall Mr. Montano, being booed for his comments made about Mr. Manning and what he could not do to Mrs. Manning in 2010) .

      I hope you would notice none of these are “accusations” , but noted fact..
      and none of them are about the Manning Era ..

  19. Chabeth Haynes, the PNM is a 60 yr old party. They know how to run campaigns.. they have won and lost. This team has won 3 out of the last 4 campaigns. They kinda know what they are doing so dont worry about their campaign. All you have to do is make sure you vote on the 7th and take people to vote.

    • the PNM’s problem, is that WE the PEOPLE, Also Kinda know what they are doing ….
      it is just much harder to make people believe lies nowadays ..

  20. Ok, Richard. I mean it really doesn’t feel any different to be honest. But I’m an outsider and not in the thick of things so that might be why. But like I said I am rooting for you guys.

  21. Manning was a law unto himself in 2010 and living in La La Land. Only Manning thought he was winning 26 seats. Every other PNM candidate knew otherwise.

  22. Chabeth, why are we talking about Manning? This is the Rowley PNM. There is a difference.

  23. Debbiehear what ill tell you..trinis past their judgement on this gov’t 3 yrs ago. People had already concluded this..she lost 4 elections. What people are looking for is a viable alternative. They are not prepared to just ‘vote in the PNM’. So the PNM’s job is to demonstrate they are ready to lead and manage again. and it’s not the old PNM. That’s whats going on now..look at the candidates, watch the campaign, the type of events..it;s to make sure people come and vote.

  24. So Manning was just lying when he said all the internal PNM polling showed the result would be different?

  25. Chabeth Haynes The PNM knew they lost the 2010 election the minute Manning called it and that is no secret.

  26. I don’t need to see the UNC’s candidates or anything about the no rowley campaign for me to know how I’m voting. That’s not the point though. The point is I live in a marginal that did not vote PNM in 2010 and so I talk to the people around me and I have no reason to be as confident for the PNM as you are. But y’all are running your campaign so seriously good luck and all the best. I’m rooting for you guys. Really, I am!

  27. Are you serious, Richard Zen O’Brien? The guy has called every election correctly. Please don’t tell me that this PNM confidence is based on internal polling as was the case with Manning in 2010.

  28. Well said Richard Zen O’Brien and i hope to God you’re right. I hope good sense will prevail come Sept 7th which can’t come soon enough for me.

  29. Dude, who is depending on Nigel Henry’s polls? Didn’t you grasp what i said? You focus on YOUR campaign and message!! Have you been paying attention to what’s been going on for the part 2 mths? Have you seen the UNC’s candidates yet? Have you seen ‘no rowley’ .com yet? I guess you think that’s a brilliant plan!

  30. Ok, Richard Zen O’Brien. Here’s hoping Nigel Henry’s next poll reflects the momentum that y’all seem to think y’all have.

  31. Chabeth, as in running campaigns you try as much as possible not to be reactionary to the other person’s message. The best plan is to be in control of your message…talk about the things YOU want talk about. So far that seems to be working for the PNM. They have been driving their agenda, they have the momentum right now, they have the the crowds. That non debate/debate was Kamla’s attempt to change the narrative so people would pay more attention to her. The strategy is correct, dismiss it as a sham and concentrate on your campaign. That event only satisfied the UNC’s base and if they have to secure their base at this stage, they have major problems.

  32. AS long as they’re prepared to go out there and give him a hearing Richard Zen O’Brien. Some of them not even prepared to do that but i was heartened at the turnout in Westmoorings on Monday last. They came prepared to lash him but Dr Rowley handled himself like ah boss and i think he got some to jump off the fence.

  33. Because Rowley is talking every week, Richard, it doesn’t mean that on the fence voters are listening.
    Kamla’s discussion was carried in the media, I think ppl would expect him to respond to at least some of what she said.
    I keep talking to PNM ppl who seem to think this election is in the bag… I keep hearing “we winning”. I don’t know what that “over-optimism” is based on. Nigel Henry is the only person who seems to be able to call elections correctly in this country and thus far he’s generally calling the general election as too close to call. Which is concerning given then absolute amount of total crap this government has done.
    I think it would be a missed opportunity if he says nothing about anything tht she has said. Really? He’s not going to say anything about a ministry of defence? Apart from the obvious idiocy of it, apart from having just to have it and say you’re doing something, seriously, how many ministries do we need on these two little rocks upon which we live?

  34. Richard Zen O’Brien them so called “on the fence” won’t listen to that. They want him come and sit in everybody individual living room and tell them his plans and policies. Then they’ll say he has none

  35. Chabeth ‘on the fence’ votes would hear from Rowley every Monday on ‘Conversations with Dr Rowley’ and every time the PNM has a public meeting. AND when they see the difference quality of candidates, quality of campaigns, etc. Lots of factors for them to base their decisions on.

  36. As Debbie said what’s scary about this is that there are people out there who thought she did an excellent job! Nothing that is said or done would dissuade them from voting for Kamlaor aany other UNC candcandidate living or dead!

  37. Albert Edwards, Kamla is not self-destructing amongst her supporters… and Idk that ‘on the fence’ voters would be compelled to vote for Rowley simply because Kamla “self destructs”.

  38. We know the truth…people just haven’t been held accountable yet.

  39. The whistleblower will be free to come out then!

  40. So we will never know the truth about emailgate?

  41. All investigations being done by the TTPS are heading to the elephant graveyard …

  42. What has become of the emailgate investigation being done by the TTPS?

  43. i would not support that view,let her self destruct ,her handlers are simply set in her up for a high fall ,the debates commission is the only recognised forum for this,this was just simply grand standing .similar to the emailgate a letter clearing her of the accusation

  44. Well that’s just silly because you should care about your opponent. I’m hoping that Rowley listened to it and studied her comments so that he can massacre the nonsense she said when he has his whatever it is that he’s having.

  45. PNM didn’t care bout her nor the debate.

  46. Well PNM missed an opportunity to coach her and have Kamla on the defensive.

  47. Fmr PNM counsellor, but a ‘Manning Girl’. She opposed Rowley and she was part of the Gladiator ‘anti-Rowley’ faction, but she seemed to have calmed down after she wasn’t selected as a candidate. She said she spoke to Rowley about being on the panel and she said he told her, “do what you think is best” which to me means, shes basically on her own and he didn’t care whether she did it or not.

  48. I am getting scared with the people who are not UNC sycophants who seem willing to give this government a second term. They don’t like Rowley and seems to be the reason. Rowley may not be likeable but he may get the job done while we know KPB doesn’t have a clue!

  49. I think they said former PNM counsellor. But I guess someone more versed in PNM matters can tell us. Richard Zen O’Brien?

  50. I loved how she kept mentioning that she needs a special majority to do some of the stuff that she wants to do. As if that’s even a possibility this time around!
    But speaking of these people who were asking the questions… the Isha chick… she’s not a PNM something? The PNM couldn’t prepare her better?

  51. the depth of the questions,not penetrating enough,in situation the idea would be to get as much information in the public domain and to be critical of the process,at most the answers were very superficial ,more like practised of rehearsed ,the issues were not elucidated ,just simply begging for a 2nd term,not good enough,nothing conclusive on handling the crime situation corruption,

  52. Well, Chabeth Haynes, remember one of her ultimatums was the debate must be in July. So she penned herself in there.

  53. Ridiculous answers aside… As a political strategy, it was dumb to go first.

  54. From what I understand that circus more moderators than speakers, none of them called out the Prime Minister on the inaccuracies of her answers?

    That alone shows it wasn’t impartial and why it was a good idea for the Opposition Leader not to participate.

  55. Lmaooooo ????? Lasana always on point!

  56. The PNM leader eh have time to waste on that farce that passed for a debate. I like how she tied for second. Too fuuny. But hear nah there were people who thought she did fantastic and handled herself admirably. I guess that’s because she was debating herself. SMH.

  57. If myself can give myself silk why are we surprised myself debated myself

  58. You so ignorant to call Dr Eric Williams name. The father of this great nation after God. Unc is a johnny come lately ,fly by night, cabal. All inclusive for friends, family with many biases. An extension of gopio .

  59. So nobody thinks If the Pnm leader was present,he could have called out the PM on her answers?

  60. I have to find a way to earn a living off of facebook yes.
    The amount of time I spending! LOL

  61. You like torture Aaron. Lol. Try CTV website or Facebook page.

  62. And she still lost the debate as reported by one commentator today!

  63. pnm haters all the way from williams to present.

  64. Lol. Kamla is a good Krystian. She wouldn’t get up to such nonsense!

  65. Why was this even called a debate. I always thought that a debate was between two individuals. And reading the above, it is quite clear that this lady is unfit to run this nation. Tell me again, why was she elected in the first place. If Trinis wanted to make history by voting for the first woman PM, it would have been much easier if they had tried to make the history books in some other way. Like getting 50 or so citizens to stand on top of the Red House dressed in red, white and black and pee in unison.

  66. No, that was actually the cigar she was playing with! Hahaha

  67. That stained Monica’s dress..haha

  68. Bill Clinton was just playing with a cigar, I don’t know what Kamla was playing with! LOL

  69. Actually Vernal, Bill Clinton knows about that well

  70. Was about to ask Lasana what debate he talking about

  71. If that was considered a debate then a man jocking could be considered sex!

  72. What debate?
    Hear nah, I look like the type of fella with patience?

  73. I think her mentioning Kubs actually cancels everything out! LOL

  74. Lol. Vernal Damion Cadogan, how would you sound saying: “You know when I really showed what a good guy I was? When I showed how much I cared about what’s-his-name…”

  75. I have to take exception with you here Lasana Liburd –
    “Her best example of humanity, as online commentator Dion Jennings pointed out, involved her not remembering the name of an activist, Wayne Kublalsingh, who almost died on her doorstep.”

    We all know now that Kubs was faking the whole time………….best we forget him!

  76. Lasana Liburd, that Pythagoras theorem reference tho…

  77. What we witnessed last night was, without a doubt, an exit interview! Kamla Persad Bissessar’s education policy is the distribution of laptops. How shallow is that? Extremely shallow!

  78. Anyway I can view the interview online?

  79. Lol. Only you pulled out that one Eric A St Bernard! ???

  80. What ‘other’ participants Mitra Persad?

  81. Lasana, you should try writing calypso- “DJ/deep sea diver” hahaha. Spoiler has nothing on you 🙂

  82. I stopped watching when no one called her out on her Children’s Life Fund. She was making a mess of herself anyway. I switched to Dr Rowley’s speech in San Fernando Tuesday night. Far more scintillating.

  83. National award William …but which govt will be willing to give it….? lol

  84. If she was that bad why did the other participant stay away?

  85. Vernal, if the man’s performance is worth mentioning, then his name is by definition worth remembering, especially if you are the PM. You do yourself no favours by referring to him in that dismissive fashion, particularly when you are trying to sell yourself, as you pointed out somewhere, as the caring three-in-one.

  86. What we witnessed last night was an exit interview!

  87. I suppose Anna Ramdass will contrive to put a positive spin on last night’s performance but even she cannot now make it less than pellucidly clear (as Mr Manning would say) why KPB dared not take on KCR. Even Houdini would have, if this report is to be believed, would have been unable to disentangle the knots into which she would most likely have tied herself under pressure from (a) genuinely independent moderator(s) AND an opponent.

  88. Scotty Ranking, the amazing thing is not that she came second when debating herself but that she tied for second.

  89. I am struck – and consoled – by the number of comments which make clear that people interested in the politics didn’t have the stomach for it. I managed to stay up for Job’s first question although I was already taking extraordinarily deep breaths after Paul Richards’ introduction. It is clear from this excellent coverage that I missed nothing. Thanks, Lasana. Looking forward to getting more ZZZZZZ’s between now and September 7 – and reading Wired to get brought up to speed.

  90. As such as I love to hate you sometimes 🙂 this was a sound analysis! Spot on!

  91. I would have been surprised if the rant had turned out differently. What is disturbing however, is the fact that this whole farce was considered an excellent idea by people who are being paid good money as advisers and campaign managers. It was an exercise in arseness. Is this a representation of the best this country has to offer. I heard blatant lies and the lambs couldn’t follow up with questions. So it was a panel discussion done like a debate but the answers had no time limit and you could prep the PM and she could go back and correct an answer after the break and allyuh better give me a chance with the self inflicted torture i put myself through and run on sentence that can’t seem to end.

  92. Did not see the debate. She matched wits with herself. Who won?

  93. One great mention in this is that any professional and serious journalist knows that a question without a follow up is meaningless. Half the criticism should be placed on the moderators, as they have tip-toed on the surface and have not provided any real depth of questioning. They have also allowed her to skip lightly over questions and divert. We should not just want to know the truth, we need to know the truth.

  94. Our Prime Ministers…..One was selectively Deaf! The other Duncee! The next Shallow (if u believe reports on the Harbour)! Another did his best work under Ladders! Whilst, one spoke exclusively in the Third Person, followed swiftly, by one who speaks for three persons in one (I’m a woman, mother & grandmother)! Anybody lil apprehensive bout who is next!?!

  95. I am in NY and sorry I missed this interview. Excellent article I dying with laughter here

  96. Come on guys you did not know the woman has a split personality so she believes that there were two persons debating herself and Irene?

  97. It really showed last night how she really never had a plan for national security, if you can’t discern that the coast guard is a part of the defence forces and she didn’t even mention the air guard, that whole unit is part of a proposed defence force coupled with customs and immigration and all your intelligence units, but hey we are all laymen so who cares

  98. It is better to be called mad than to be caught up in the madness of a sane society. in this case i hope the prime minister MADDER THAN MAD lordy good work Lasana

  99. I tried to watch…I really tried…but whe fadda..

  100. I tink Lasana should get ah award (not sure what tho?) and you guys counselling after watching dat kaka!

  101. It is alright to talk to yourself, and it is alright to answer yourself…it is when you start asking yoursef….”what you just said?”…well that’s a problem.

  102. She said the Police and Defence Force are already under the Ministry of National Security but she is going to establish a separate Ministry of Defence to protect our borders….does she know that the Coast Guard is part of Defence Force? Or is here to be some separate staff? Help?!

    • The Fishermen will be added to the task force…last line of defense so a Defense Ministry is needed, why are you all not getting this.

  103. “There really was no common thread.”

  104. In her defence(and she is organising an entire Ministry for this) she was better than the Shelly Dass interview. I saw bits of the replay ( who paid for the replay?). I expect very little from KPB but I thought the co interviewers dropped the ball. Then again that was the plan. The only thing that we will hear KPB boasting that she was not afraid to face the ‘tough’ question unlike KCR. Even in a sanitised environment she was woefully inadequate and I am being nice. Just picture KPB with sheets pulled to her neck saying “i see corruption everywhere”.

  105. I looked at it and she never answered the questions posted really, a lot of preamble and speeches like the Monday night platform and the separation of national security into defence and whatever o distinctly heard Gary Griffith explaining his proposal for such a plan

  106. I watch some snippets, couldn’t watch the whole thing. Isha looked irritated at one point and Job (smdh) was PM struck. Never seen anyone smile so damm much

  107. I missed the “debate” but I think I’m caught up quite nicely now. Thanks Lasana!

  108. With all due respect Lasana, I couldn’t read after…. “There were administrative issues…” Thank God I didn’t watch this , I would have lost a good tv …jeez

  109. I so love the picture, tells the story without makeup

  110. Up to now I haven’t heard an answer to the questions asked only PR what she will do when she gets back in power I heard training and education for almost all questions,procurement. The best when asked if it had corru0tion in her government she replied no none at all but it was through the governance. Well I will be damned who governs not a government. Who is governing not her government? This lady ent easy……

  111. Farse and outa place to make reference to the Vikings ..in that context….

  112. You have real belly…I couldnt watch/listen

  113. I couldn’t read pass “wink wink”!!!!!

    You have enough material for the entire weekend. I didn’t get to see it but it sounds like she had a mirror in front of her and she was fighting herself for the entire “debate”.

  114. Good article Lasana. The Vi Queen! ! Lol. I didn’t have the testicular fortitude to continue watching it

  115. LL I owe you a beer for actually sitting through that spectacle. And, from what I’ve read, she still screwed up!

  116. This is just too much material Mr. Live. Forget the “bizarre battle of wills within herself” Athelstan would’ve read this and easily resolved the conflict within himself a few seasons ago. Would have probably killed himself laughing too. What baffles me is that red party fight down the yellow over a brain coral off Toco few years aback.
    It now has its plan to make a highway and harbour there itself. The yellow party still does not have a manifesto and accuses the red party of having no plan. The yellow party wants to build a suspension bridge to Tobago instead. Is that brain coral really dead or are these politicians? Maybe it is a race to destroy something else with a brain other than those of the poor electorate.

  117. Scotty Ranking

    This woman … really in a battle of wills against herself and still managed to come out second! Amazing!

  118. I was waiting for this will read b4 i head to bed

    • So some twat gave a thumbs down for a thank you response? Pahahaha. Aye I cya lie we have some good duncy people in Bananistan ino (ah bite that boy Vernal Cadogan..that name could not be anymore perfect to describe this place.) But to the PM now…all kicks aside if she doesn’t smoke weed well it’s best she starts asap because at least she would have been able to blame some of those contradictory and ridiculous answers on something…anything! What I saw yesterday was nothing short of disastrous. That lady would manage fourth in a three person race yes!! Imagine you getting easy questions( with no follow up questions), you’re possibly prepped, and you still can’t ace your answers? Oh gosh boy!! To vote that lady back for a second term is basically saying that you are quite happy with unintelligence and cluelessness from the nations’s leader( remember this person speaks on our behalf when she leaves these shores eh) Haven’t read the Express yet..but I expect a pro PM story from Anna Ramdass. It’s way too obvious now! If only guessing the lotto numbers were as easy….sigh!

  119. The ViQueen is in danger of losing her throne ?

    “After all, under the People’s Partnership, the Minister of National Security ran basketball tournaments, the Minister of Sport paid criminals and the Minister of Justice drafted bills to set them free”


    Great piece Lasana. Shameful occurrence though but great article

  120. Hahaha… Ok. I will soon. 😉

  121. Lasana Liburd go and sleep.

  122. Gaiven Clairmont

    It was always going to be a farce, but she looked or should I say embarassed herself when Dr. Ramsamooj had to ask her 3 times about being “pragmatic” I do agree that Isha Well’s questions lacked depth, they didn’t even phase the PM at all, the best moderator was undoubtedly Dr. Ramsamooj, he was the only one who kept the PM on her toes, but yes this was a indeed well written as per usual (Y)