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Ramdin faces challenge to shed bad image and revitalize West Indies

Eight of the 12 people I asked to share the first thought that came into their heads when they heard the name Denesh Ramdin said, “Yeah Viv, Talk Nah;” only three of the eight remembered without prompting that the “Talk Nah” incident had followed a century made by the West …

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Open Letter to Bravo: Windies names ODI squad for Pakistan

I don’t know about you, Dwayne, but I got a bit of a surprise when I read the WICB’s media release announcing the squad for the upcoming One-day Internationals against Pakistan. The first thing that struck me was not the absence of Denesh Ramdin’s name. Nor was it the omission …

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Captain Caribbean: Bravo’s blueprint for brilliance

Not for nothing were West Indian teams prior to Kerry Packer’s crucial intervention in the late 1970’s ritually called “Calypso Cricketers.” Sparrow’s “Slave” contains a line that perhaps epitomizes the regional attitude to the game. In that classic tune, the Calypso King of the World as first person narrator describes …

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Thanks and goodbye to Sammy and silent WI selectors

In Charlie’s Angels, an American television series later adapted into a movie, three attractive private investigators work for a boss that they never met and who gives instructions through speaker phone. It is tempting to believe that the West Indies cricket team shares a similar relationship with its selection committee, …

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