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Controversial autopsies and an impending GESTAPO

Scene: Office of the Minister of National Security Phone rings. Jack Warner: “Good morning, President of Trinidad and Tobago speaking.” Fuad Khan: “Erm, sorry, I meant to call Minister Warner.” Warner: “Oh, yes, sorry. Warner speaking.” Khan: “Jack, it’s Fuad. Did you say you were the President?” Warner: “No, no. …

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Transparently opaque

I noticed in the 2012 Corruption Perception Index that T&T are maintaining a fairly constant mid-table position. But for a country such as Trinidad & Tobago, armed with everything needed to join the first world league, the result means continuing disappointment and leads you to wonder why the Government has …

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The Prime Minister must lead her government

“Cometh the hour, cometh the man” is a cliché often heard in politics and sport as a leader emerges to rescue a seemingly lost cause. These six words crystallise the political events in Trinidad and Tobago over the last three months. Except that no man or, in this case, woman …

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Is the AG corrupt, inept or just useless?

Not guilty. Attorney General Anand Ramlogan is not guilty of anything so it’s about time we, as a nation, give the good gentleman a break. Let’s leave the man alone. Let’s forget about Section 34. Let’s stop the witch hunt. Let’s move on. I listened to the debate in Parliament …

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Rowley reloaded and the PR myth

Hands up for all readers who know what village their boss was raised in? Anyone knows how and where whoever writes your cheque met their significant other? Are there any raised hands yet? Here are some more questions. Does it matter what your boss is wearing when he or she gives …

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The Government must hold Section 34 Inquiry

I really don’t care who runs the country. Be it UNC, COP, PNM or any other trilogy of capital letters, all I want is a government whose first concern is improving the lives of its citizens rather than their own. Is it too much to ask, I sometimes ponder. I …

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Introducing None Of The Above

In the current political climate in Trinidad & Tobago, freedom of speech is under attack; it is already gasping for breath, some may say, under the government’s jackboot. Recent statements, particularly by the Minister of National Security, do seem to suggest that those who speak out may be under threat. …

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No news is bad news for Opposition

Scene: Studios of C News Desha Rambhajan: “Good evening, Trinidad & Tobago, and welcome to C News at 7. In today’s headlines, there are no real headlines. There was a landslide in Diego Martin but nobody was hurt and nobody was killed in a two-vehicle accident near Grand Bazaar. And …

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Doubles vigilante confesses… to his innocence

Scene: Interview Room, Central Police Station. Investigating Officer: “So, Mr Shane Gopeesingh-Aleong, can we go over your statement again, please? Now, you said you were working in a soup kitchen all morning helping to feed women who were victims of domestic violence. Is that correct?” Shane: “Yes, sir. You see …

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