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Letters to the Editor

In Memoriam: A celebration of the life and work of iconic folklorist, Al Ramsawack

“[…] Al Ramsawack’s stories gave extensive life to the details of jumbies, Papa Bois, soucouyants, Lagahoo, Mama D’Lo, douens, jins, bhutes, La Diablesse and other characters that populate the region’s folk tales and oral histories. He also published fictional narratives that include the much cherished Monkey Polo and Sly Mongoose.  …

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Dear Editor: Caribbean Airlines must provide accountability and efficiency, not mere platitudes

“[…] CA never does look into these issues but seems to be quite skilled in issuing platitudinous and well-rehearsed statements which never admit culpability or offer apologies for their shortcomings. “[…] CA’s response? We will bring your concerns to the attention of management for guidance. No apology or compensation for …

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World Migrants and Refugees Day: T&T society must ‘counter xenophobic thoughts and actions’

“[…] The Catholic Commission for Social Justice (CCSJ) and the Archdiocese’s Ministry for Migrants and Refugees (AMMR) call upon the society of Trinidad and Tobago to come together in the spirit of community and counter xenophobic thoughts and actions so that we may best ‘welcome, protect, promote and integrate’ the …

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Thane: T&T heading to ‘national security predicament’; why PSC’s behaviour is untenable and dangerous

At a time when the country needs strong institutions to uphold the principles of our democracy, the deafening silence of the Police Service Commission is untenable and simply inimical to the public interest.  In the midst of what can quite easily escalate into a full-blown national security predicament, the PSC …

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