Dear Editor: The judiciary doth protest too much! This is T&T—we all know what’s going on

“[…] As the calypsonian Luta said: ‘the system works for the rich, it holds no hope for the poor’. So miss we with talk about ‘bulwark of democracy’, ‘separation of powers’ and ‘sanctity of the process’.

“[…] Are we to expect the Customs, Immigration, Police and parliamentarians to follow the judiciary and make statements denying they too had criminal friends? […]”

The following Letter to the Editor on the judiciary’s response to allegations of criminal links by National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds was submitted to Wired868 by Gerry Kangalee of Rambert Village:

A satirical take on courtroom corruption.
(Copyright Baloo)

With apologies to Shakespeare: The judiciary doth protest too much. Come on people, this is Trinidad and Tobago. We all know what’s going on.

We know how easily the judicial process can be manipulated and stretched out for years and years, while the only people who end up benefitting are the ever-present attorneys (those who milk the cow) and their clients—the good citizens who according to Sparrow are the architects of economic slavery.

Sparrow says they, the good citizens, indulge in graft, corruption, tax evasion, money laundering and trafficking in all manner of contraband: humans, weapons and narcotics. In Sparrow’s words, they “make a mockery of the law and have the law protect them same time.”

As the calypsonian Luta said: “the system works for the rich, it holds no hope for the poor”.


So miss we with talk about “bulwark of democracy”, “separation of powers” and “sanctity of the process”, when we all know it is just a lot of undergraduate textbook old talk to justify the exploitation of man by man.

Are we to expect the Customs, Immigration, Police and parliamentarians to follow the judiciary and make statements denying they too had criminal friends? That would be something, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, what am I beating up for? The ruling elites are so tied to colonial ways of operating that no one should be surprised at all this bluster.

Plenty talk, plenty hot air about who should appoint those for silk; what criteria should be applied to qualify for silk—but no one is questioning why do we still need this colonial hangover from the old moth-eaten wig and gown days.

The Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN), Nigeria’s answer to SC, sport their wigs.

But then what do you expect from the ruling elites when they hold on tightly to the Privy Council and when they insist that you cannot enter a government building with an open-toe sandals, bare arms or short pants.

Meanwhile out on the killing fields, no one is impressed by the charades being played out. Politicians, businessmen, lawyers, policemen, priests and trade union leaders are in a serious battle to determine who has the least credibility among the masses.

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  1. While I hold no ‘respect’ for Hinds, him clearly demonstrating on multiple occasions that he is indeed one of, if not ‘the’, dunciest minister ever to disgrace the halls of Parliament, I must admit that ‘friends in high’ places (or words to that effect) raises two names in my mind – Patrick Jagessar and Sherman McNicolls… both having been found guilty of corrupt malfeasance by the Privy Council in case anyone questions my statement.

  2. They keep underestimating the intelligence of Trinbagonians. Separation of power and all those niceties are only applied when trying to stymie the efforts of this government. Even the Miami judge in the airport corruption trial many many years ago compared our judicial system to ‘wheels that turn ever so slowly’ and we know how that goes (section 34 and eventual discontinuation of the case, simple assault cases taking as much as 20 years before being tried). Their concern, compassion and partiality (contrary to their oath) are reserved only for the well-off in the society.

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