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MATT president vows to continue ‘business of the association’, as Javeed, Dowrich and Hosein quit executive

Three of the seven members of the Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT) executive resigned their positions today citing ‘a divergence of views’ with the leadership.

Vice-president Asha Javeed, assistant secretary Laura Dowrich and treasurer Kalain Hosein formally announced their departure to the group in writing. President Ira Mathur subsequently relayed the news to the media fraternity and then to the public.

Photo: Trinidad Express investigative journalist Asha Javeed was one of three MATT executive members who resigned today.

It was at the request of a few journalists that Mathur shared the resignation letter, which ran thus:

‘After much introspection, we regret to inform you of our decision to resign from our posts as Vice-President, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer of the Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago.

‘We have appreciated the opportunity to advocate on behalf of the fraternity. However, at this point, we have come to the conclusion that our vision for MATT would not be realised due to challenges and a divergence of views with the leadership.

‘We are grateful to have served and remain committed to the cause of journalism.’

Beside Mathur, the remaining members of the current executive are Nicole Romany (secretary), Mark Lyndersay and James Saunders (both floor members).

Photo: MATT president and Trinidad Guardian columnist Ira Mathur.

Mathur said the remaining executive members will ‘continue the business of the association’.

The MATT constitution says that four members of the executive ‘shall constitute a quorum’ while the executive ‘may appoint any full members of the Association to fill such vacancy for the un-expired period’. It means that the media body will not need to return to the polls to replace the outgoing executive members.

“We have accepted their resignations and acknowledge their service since this executive took office,” stated Mathur, in a MATT release. “MATT has grown into an active community of people dedicated to upholding the Fourth Estate and uplifting and supporting journalists.

“The executive remains committed to transparency, democracy and good governance and we are guided by elders in the journalism community who have offered support as the organisation reorganises.”

Particularly over the past decade, mid-term resignations from the MATT executive have become routine.

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