US Embassy flies Pride flag, as ‘Biden-Harris Administration’ makes LGBTQI+ statement

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“[…] The Biden-Harris Administration has encouraged all embassies and consulates to fly the Pride flag on the same flagpole as the US flag, to demonstrate the United States’ leadership on LGBTQI+ human rights around the world…”

The following is a press statement on LGBTQI+ Pride Month by the US Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago:

Photo: The US Embassy in Port of Spain flies the Pride flag on 26 June 2021.
(via US Embassy)

Today, the US Embassy Port of Spain raised the rainbow Pride flag at its Queen’s Park West compound to mark the start of Pride Month in Trinidad and Tobago, and the celebration of June as LGBTQI+ Pride Month in the United States. The flag will be flown all day.   

June 26 also marks an important turning point in the fight for LGBTQI+ rights in the United States: it is the anniversary of the historic Obergefell v Hodges Supreme Court decision in 2015, which ruled that the fundamental right to marry is guaranteed to same-sex couples and is the law of the land.

“In June, Americans celebrate LGBTQI+ Pride Month by showcasing outstanding examples of diverse, inclusive communities,” said Chargé d’Affaires Shante Moore. “Today is an historic day. This is the first time we are flying the Pride flag over the US Embassy in Port of Spain. We chose this date, June 26, as it coincides both with a significant Supreme Court landmark decision in civil rights, and is official Flag-Raising Day to mark the first weekend of Trinidad and Tobago’s Pride Month, which runs through July 25.

“Pride movements across the globe have made tremendous progress over the past 30 years. We confirm the benefits of recognising individuals’ LGBTQI+ status as an inherent aspect of one’s identity.

Photo: Chargé d’Affaires Shante Moore and Althea Davidson, Gays and Lesbians in
Foreign Affairs Agencies (GLIFAA) representative for US Embassy Trinidad and
Tobago, at the flag raising ceremony.
(via US Embassy)

“Diversity is strength, and the US Embassy is proud to fly the Pride flag today as a powerful symbol in support of LGBTQI+ human rights, which affirm the freedoms and aspirations of diverse communities everywhere.”

The Biden-Harris Administration has encouraged all embassies and consulates to fly the Pride flag on the same flagpole as the US flag, to demonstrate the United States’ leadership on LGBTQI+ human rights around the world.  

In his proclamation of June as LGBTQI+ Pride Month, President Joe Biden recognised the resilience and determination of the many individuals who are fighting to live freely and authentically.

This Pride Month, we recognise the valuable contributions of LGBTQI+ individuals across the United States and the world, and we reaffirm our commitment to standing in solidarity with the LGBTQI+ community in their ongoing struggle against discrimination and injustice.

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  1. Why is the lgbtqi associated with the equal rights for African Americans in new york? Its two different equality.

    • thehandbehindthecurtain

      The biggest losers of this lgbtq are women. Women will end up sharing spaces with men in dresses who because of psychological problems mistake their male anatomy with being female. It will be tranny men challenging women in sports, spas, female toillets etc. For us non lgbtq the issue isn’t even what people do in their bedroom because we not seeing that and don’t need to see it, but don’t come and tell us this is normal. Especially children must learn that while such lgbtq people exist and they shouldn’t be persecuted what they represent is not normal, they mustn’t lose a healthy skepticism of lgbtq because if that happens they will be easier to be sexually abused by certain elements of lgbtq that target children as easy prey. Leftist socialists have glued themselves to feminism, lgbtq and now the climate change thing and they are pushing this on the whole world like some religious fanatics. Nobody needed the US to put a lesbian, gay, bisexual, tranny, queer flag on their pole to know what their agenda is, it’s ridiculous and it is a blatant attempt to push this into our midst.

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