B&B (Trailer): Fazeer: ‘If we keep waiting for someone else to fix things, we will stay where we are…’

TV6 Morning Edition host and veteran cricket analyst Fazeer Mohammed explains why Trinidad and Tobago football—like much of life in the twin island republic—is spinning top in mud.

Look out for Mohammed’s full interview on the Burdie and Barney Show from Thursday 24 June as we discuss the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA), sport journalism, standing up for change, and why he is falling out of love with Liverpool FC.

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  1. I am in agreement with the essence of Fazeer’s thought regarding people not standing up and openly rejecting the “big guns” who rule the roost of sports. These people control the byways and highways of sport. They pave the roads, paint the lines, whether white and broken, continuous or double continuous, and those yellow lines as well. The signs all come from them too. The are the micro FIFAs of sports. And, they are fully aware of the weakness in the characters of those around that assist them. But more so, they are practicing what the country is plagued with – corruption and the Clintonian, “under-the-table” dealings of those with lesser means and minds. On a point that Fazeer made, I wish to correct his claim – long before Brian Williams, that “one person” that Fazeer stated was the only person to come forward to voice support for George Hislop, following the 1989 stadium fiasco! I know of the one that rose to the occasion by his lonesome self – my Essex teammate, Noel “Sammy” Llewellyn. For his openness and banner-waving objections, he was declared persona non grata and banned from continuing representing the T&T national team.

  2. Well said Faz ,i think the senior players ,past and prrsent need to take a stand

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