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MSJ condemns Trump’s shamelessly hypocritical actions against Cuba

“[…] It is more than ironic and shamelessly hypocritical for [Donald] Trump and [Mike] Pompeo to say that Cuba is a state sponsor of terrorism when, at that very moment, Trump was actively inciting domestic terrorism and an insurrection against his own Congress while, of all things, invoking the US Constitution…”

The following press statement was issued by Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) political leader David Abdulah:

Photo: US president Donald Trump (centre) signs an executive order.

The Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) condemns the decisions taken by president Donald Trump and his secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, that are nothing short of shameless attacks on Cuba and the Cuban people. 

Trump has unilaterally declared Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism without a single shred of evidence and has imposed sanctions on Cuban ministers and other state bodies. 

These decisions have been taken in the dying days of the Trump regime that has become a national disgrace and which has totally lost respect internationally, following the events of Wednesday 6 January when an insurrectionary mob attacked the US Capitol while the Congress was in session in an attempted coup d’etat—all incited by Trump himself.

Indeed, it is more than ironic and shamelessly hypocritical for Trump and Pompeo to say that Cuba is a state sponsor of terrorism when at that very moment Trump was actively inciting domestic terrorism and an insurrection against his own Congress while, of all things, invoking the US Constitution! 

Photo: Supporters of president Donald Trump climb the west wall of the US Capitol Building on Wednesday 6 January 2021, in Washington.
(Copyright AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

It is well known that the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has said that domestic terrorism is the greatest threat to US national security and that the growth of domestic terrorism in the US is directly linked to Trump’s stoking of racial hatred, anti-immigration sentiments and the encouragement of white supremacist and fascist organisations.

It is obvious that Trump and Pompeo have taken these most recent actions as a means of preventing the incoming Joe Biden-led administration from moving to normalise relations between Cuba and the US. 

In the last four years Trump intensified the blockade against Cuba by reversing all the Barack Obama-era reforms that facilitated greater economic, cultural, trade and diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba. 

These had an adverse impact on the lives of millions of Cubans as earnings of foreign exchange through the tourism sector, among others, was reduced. Indeed, in a manifestation of Trump’s total lack of humanity, he refused to abide by the call of the United Nations Secretary General to remove sanctions and ease the blockade during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, so that Cuba could purchase much needed medical supplies and equipment.

Photo: A hospital braces for Covid-19 cases.

And he even threatened Caricom countries with sanctions because we utilised the services of Cuban medical personnel to assist us in the fight against Covid!

Trump’s strategy has failed. The Cuban Revolution is still alive and well, while Trump and Pompeo have to leave office in disgrace. Trump will slink away to one of his resorts and face impeachment, criminal investigations and a business empire that is in deep trouble—as nobody wants to be associated with the Trump ‘brand’.

Pompeo in his last days as secretary of state is being told by many countries, including Europeans, that they do not want him to pay them a visit. Instead of isolating Cuba, it is Trump and Pompeo who have become isolated and international persona non grata!

The MSJ stands in solidarity with the Cuban Revolution. We are confident that Cuba will continue on its own path of development.

We thank the Cuban people for their international solidarity and generosity as they have shared their medical personnel and expertise with this country and so many others in the Caribbean and throughout the world.

Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago prime minister Basdeo Panday (right) shares a joke with then Cuba president Fidel Castro during the closing ceremony of a CARIFORUM meeting in 1998.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Roberto SCchmidt)

The MSJ also congratulates the Caricom Heads of Government for their clear statement issued last week which condemned the US government for its decision to declare Cuba as state sponsor of terrorism. It was a principled and correct decision to take. 

And we urge Caricom to take the opportunity of the incoming Biden Administration to meet with the new US Government at the highest levels in order to urge it to normalise relations between the US and Cuba—including the complete removal of the illegal, illegitimate and unilateral blockade against Cuba.

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