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CAL sets up additional flight to NY, students prioritised but anyone can apply

Caribbean Airlines (CAL) is creating an additional flight to the John F Kennedy International Airport in New York—and, although priority will be given to students, anyone can apply for a seat.

CAL did not reveal the projected date for the trip. However, interested parties must lodge their interest by 5pm on Tuesday 25 August. Click HERE for more information. Once more, the flight is being coordinated in conjunction with the Ministry of National Security.

At present, CAL is putting on a trip for international students only to the Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados, where ‘they can make onward connections to other destinations’.

Last month, CAL also arranged a flight to Miami for locals who are studying abroad.

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  1. Good Evening. I would like to be considered in the flight to get to Barbados please. I am at this point trying to find out if I can get a connection from there to Sint Maarten to get back to work. Thank you and I hope for a favourable outcome. Take care and stay safe!!

    • Lasana Liburd

      Please click on the link in the story. Find the ‘click HERE’ passage and a click in the right spot will take you straight to where you need to lodge your interest.