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Wallace shares accomplishments and goals as he starts new term as SSFL president

The following is a statement from Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) president William Wallace who was returned unopposed at the body’s AGM during the week:

It is an honour to serve, especially where our nation’s youths are the beneficiary of this service. It is a humbling feeling to be elected unopposed after one’s first term in office. The feedback that I have gotten from membership is very encouraging and the general consensus is that people are happy with the trajectory of the Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL).

Photo: SSFL president William Wallace (centre) greets players before kick off in a SSFL match up between Shiva Boys Hindu College and Naparima College at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva on 8 September 2017.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)

The League has made some strides over the last two years and I must give credit to the officers and executive members who have been extremely supportive to the initiatives and projects that were presented. After 50 years in existence we were able to set up for the first time a full time office, and for me this was a major accomplishment.

Among other things we were able to accomplish are the following:

  • Create a players database;
  • Launch the league’s website;
  • Forge links with a major international entity in GPS;
  • Set up the framework for a scholarship programme;
  • Attract a sponsor for 4 of our lower divisions and another for our Form One Division;
  • Make constitutional changes to minimize registration infringements;
  • Introduce Match Commissioners;
  • Hold a stakeholders meeting;
  • Train persons through a First Responders course;
  • First ‘B’ License Course ever conducted in Trinidad and Tobago;
  • Conducted ‘C’ and ‘C-prep’ coaching courses;
  • Started online registration;
  • Introduce the North vs South classic;
  • Conducted combines in Trinidad and Tobago;
  • Enhance the League’s closing ceremony and the Intercol Finals;
  • Weekly broadcast of League games on SportsMax;
  • Sign Shaka Hislop as Ambassador of the League.
Photo: St Benedict’s College midfielder Keon Boney (right) tries to hold off Trinity College (Moka) player Sean Pierre during SSFL action on 6 October 2018.
(Copyright Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

For the new term, the SSFL executive intends to:

KFC Munch Pack

  • Launch a scholarship programme inclusive of SAT Tuition—we are embarking on a drive to get corporate Trinidad and Tobago to buy into this project;
  • Launch a National Community Outreach Programme in collaboration with GPS;
  • Conclude negotiations on a major uniform deal for the Premier schools—95% of the negotiations have already been concluded and we are on the verge of signing off;
  • Continue on a drive to expand viewership.

The SSFL executive for the 2019-21 term is:

William Wallace (president), Phillip Fraser (vice-president), Tevon La Rose (2nd vice-president), Gerald Elliot (assistant secretary/treasurer—administration), Laurence Seepersad (assistant secretary—operations), Azaad Mohammed-Khan (general secretary/treasurer).

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  1. As a general council member representing Chaguanas North Secondary for the past six years I salute the SSFL leadership. There is no other operating league/sport adult or school based in Trinidad and Tobago

  2. Despite some hiccups I think SSFL [President & Executive] is one, if not the best functioning body within national football. I don’t think anyone else or any sport could boast about attaining a multi-million dollar television deal.

    • Nicholas Lochan why do u think they’re better run than the zones, TTSL, TTPL, Primary schools league or minor league?
      It does appear to be so I’d admit.

    • Kestor…excellent question. I’m not sure the answer & stand to be corrected but I’ll say it may be four things: 1. Prestige associated to keep doing better, 2. Membership play an active role [because I don’t hear about defunct parts/zones] 3. Good leadership by Executive to enforce 2 and 4. Independent of the parent body…ie SSFL doesn’t need TTFA politics, depend on their decisions or beg for funding or anything. At the moment they have a self sustainable brand