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‘Unlike other Pro League teams, we’ve been training for three months…’; Terminix Rangers explain reason for blanking Warriors training

“As we understand, the local-based players were called to train [for the Trinidad and Tobago Men’s National Team] because there is no local football being played at the moment and this training would help them to prepare physically. In addition, none of the Pro League teams are training at the moment.

“However, our club has been training since January 2019—[for] some three and one half months—and during this time we have played nine practice games. As such, we believe that this training by the National Team is not applicable to our team…”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago assistant coach Stuart Charles-Février (second from left) has a word with head coach Dennis Lawrence (centre) during training at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 15 April 2018.
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The following letter was submitted by Terminix La Horquetta Rangers managing director Richard Ferguson to Trinidad and Tobago Men’s National Senior Team manager Richard Piper and explains why Rangers will not release players to train with the Soca Warriors in the build-up to their 29 May friendly away to Venezuela.

The requested players are veteran defender Carlyle Mitchell, new call-up Ross Russell Jr and former National Under-20 players Kevon Goddard and Aikim Andrews.

The international friendly against Venezuela falls outside the FIFA match calendar and therefore the TTFA cannot compel clubs—whether local or foreign—to send their players to take part:

Re: Release of Rangers players to train with the national team between Wednesday 24th April 2019 to Sunday 26th May 2019.

We reply to your correspondence dated the 17th April, 2019 regarding the above captioned subject. In addition we take this opportunity to thank you for considering our players in regards to training with the National Team Coach. However after discussions with the club’s Board of Directors and coaching staff, it was decided that it was not prudent to release the requested players at this juncture.

Please consider the following reasons:

We are currently in negotiations to arrange games against the national teams of Guyana, Grenada and St Lucia and these games are expected to take place at the end of May and early June 2019. As such, we would like to have our team at full strength when  we travel abroad to represent the club at these critical matches.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago winger Aikim Andrews (right) forces his way past Haiti defender Stephane Lambese during the 2014 Under-20 Caribbean Cup.
Andrews is now a member of the Terminix La Horquetta Rangers team.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

As we understand, the local-based players were called to train because there is no local football being played at the moment and this training would help them to prepare physically. In addition, none of the Pro League teams are training at the moment.

However, our club has been training since January 2019—[for] some three and one half months—and during this time we have played nine practice games. As such, we believe that this training by the national team is not applicable to our team.

We expect an invitational league to begin in early July 2019 with over TT$675,000 in prize money and it is very important that we prepare for this league vigorously. Therefore we need to have full access to all of our players to compete effectively.

Our coaches have developed an extensive training and fitness program for our players for the upcoming games and competitions and, as a result, the absence of key players for over one month would affect the plans of the club adversely.

Bearing in mind the aforementioned facts, we wish to convey our greatest commitment to the National Team of Trinidad and Tobago and by extension the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association; and we stand ready to assist them in any way possible in the future.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago and Terminix La Horquetta Rangers midfielder Kevon Goddard (centre) looks to peel away from Panama midfielder Omar Browne during friendly international action at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 17 April 208.
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In addition, we are also certain that this decision by the club will not prejudice the selection of Rangers players on the national team in the future.

Should you require any additional information please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Editor’s Note: National Team manager Richard Piper is also chairman of Terminix La Horquetta Rangers’ three-man Board.

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  1. Well since they have been training long before the other teams and maybe more scientific, they better win the league for the first time and not get relegated Them really good yes hahahaha

    • Earl Mango Pierre is the scientific part killing me 😂😂😂

    • This reminds me of every time our Soca Worries be it the youth or senior teams getting ready to play in tournaments the Coaches or the other blind patriotic folks always talking about this and that and how we are going to do well and after the loosing results it is always back to the drawing board you know how many times I have read in the newspapers about the excitement of the games and when I decides to attend the games and witness for mehself is always ah set ah ta ta and I always leaving the game steeuuussppping and always saying not me again eh Them really good yes

  2. So…after all the criticism levied in this group to the TTFA and the various coachces at all levels….perhaps Rangers training is better organised, more scientific and more beneficial to getting the best out of their players than national team training. If that were the case, should they send them to the national team sessions instead?

    • Kion S Williams I thought of that as well. However, they needed to state that in their letter and it wasn’t. Similarly, TTFA personnel can make the same claims.

      If it is better then they should state it and prove it to each other.

      Either way, compromise on both sides can see everyone benefit in this.

    • Regardless of fitness, Lawrence would still want to see if/how the players fit into what he wants to do. If they can carry out his instructions, how they match up with other players etc?

    • Yuh hundred percent correct but Rangers don’t have the currency for the type of correspondence they sending out and is where mist people having a problem

  3. “Training by the national team not applicable to our players” that’s hilarious talk bout ignorance

  4. Nonsense. And we wonder why our football us the way it is. Administrators with no sense. But i guess they will get international exposure un the Pro League (whenever that comes around)

  5. The question is, were the players in question consulted by the club? If yes and the player was in agreement then…ok….if not then we have a problem here

  6. I hope ppl pay attention! This is the reason why our football cant rise. Nobody is working with the idea of cohesiveness. Training together builds a unified team, players get the opportunity to gel a bit………but no somebody has to do it their way. Now if the coach dont pick these guys the same Rangers coach gonna complain, but he will conveniently forget he put his players in that position.

  7. what is so funny you training for a league starting in maybe Aug and no prize money at stake

  8. Rangers has a valid point here in my opinion. However, I don’t think this is a difficult situation to work around.

    They can be released to national team when convenient for Rangers and Lawrence, so they can be assessed to see where the players are.

    A little compromise on both sides and they can get through.

  9. And we wonder why our football ain’t going anywhere fast.

  10. Cyar agree with Rangers on this one. You mean allyuh couldn’t come to some sort of compromise? You have players who could potentially represent the country at the most prestigious tournament in our Confederation, and you turning that down? Nah man, come again.

  11. What foolishness is this by the La Horquetta Rangers?

  12. So he sent a letter to himself.. What a joke.

  13. Maybe I am missing something but if there is no league being played, why deny your players the opportunity to play with the national team?

    • They’re preparing for a tournament themselves and have a Caribbean tour set for the same time. And their team is in training already.
      That’s their view anyway.

    • Nigel Noel Egos are front and centre. Disharmony and poor performance will prevail.

    • Nigel Noel Complete collapse of football nationally. The national team coach have to put men in camp for a month to get them fit due to inactive leagues locally. Rangers owner took initiative for tournament and tour for his organization that has priority over national teams. Brian Jordan just said it best” disharmony and poor performance will prevail”

    • Maybe we have reached to where even Pro League teams just see diminished value in the National Team.

    • Have any of you seen rangers play or train? Who are their coaches?

    • Trey Hart, their head coach is Dave Quamina who is in this group as La Horq LH.

    • Lasana Liburd I know was a sarcastic response to your previous comment on diminished value in the national team lol

    • Lasana Liburd the Club must have set goals and at this present time they would rather have their paid players working for the Club objectives.
      Who arguing this have no idea of running a professional football team

      • Part of the club objectives must be the development of the players and by extension the club.

        One of the best ways for professional clubs from our region to grow is to develop a feeder program and a key component of the program is the ability of the feeder club to get national team caps for their players, as most if not all of the major leagues will not accept players without a certain amount of caps.

        So it is in their best interest to allow players to train with the national team with the hope of gaining a cap. If this is not an objective for Rangers, then what is their objective?