Dear Editor: It is wrong for Weekes to be required to declare her sexual orientation!

“Is that a new standard that the society is being asked to now adopt? Are our colonial hang-ups and archaic societal constructs so rigid and prejudiced that we cannot see beyond a person’s sexual orientation to determine if (s)he is competent to perform a task for the benefit of the nation?

“Assuming but not accepting that the President-elect was of that persuasion, how would that impact on the performance of her official duties?”

The following Letter to the Editor, which raises questions about the relevance of the President-elect’s sexual orientation to her appointment, was submitted to Wired868 by Satyanand Maharaj, Spiritual Head of the Satya Anand Ashram in Aranguez.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago President-elect, Paula-Mae Weekes.
(Copyright CNC3)

It is indeed extremely unfortunate the President-elect Paula-Mae Weekes was essentially forced to declare her sexual orientation after social media trolls began spreading propaganda and hate asserting that she was a lesbian.

How exactly does the sexual orientation of the President-elect have anything to do with the competence of the individual elected?

Is that a new standard that the society is being asked to now adopt? Are our colonial hang-ups and archaic societal constructs so rigid and prejudiced that we cannot see beyond a person’s sexual orientation to determine if (s)he is competent to perform a task for the benefit of the nation?

Assuming but not accepting that the President-elect was of that persuasion, how would that impact on the performance of her official duties? To suggest that the sexual orientation of a person would affect his/her job performance is akin to stating that the sexual orientation of the Chief Justice would affect the justice dispensed by the courts.

Sexual orientation has no place in the selection of a candidate for any job subject to very rare and extraordinary exceptions. Our nation’s common law and constitutionally guaranteed rights make provision for equality of rights of all citizens, irrespective of creed and race as well as of sexual orientation.

Photo: Chief Justice and JLSC chairman Ivor Archie (left) signs a MOU for use of a new automated Case Management Information System. (Copyright Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago)

Previously, I had expressed concerns that the Government could not have found a single qualified Hindu for the position of president and thereby make history. Having regard to the election of Paula-Mae Weekes, as a nation we must respect the appointment and not attempt to sully the good name of the President-elect before she assumes office.

The Hindu view is that we reincarnate several times, also switching gender as we are born again and again. Hindu astrology also points out that, in one of these births, while the body may have an assigned gender as male or female, the person will have to choose his/her sexual orientation.

Discrimination under any guise such as race, religion and sexual orientation is offensive and reprehensible. In the history of Trinidad and Tobago from their arrival in 1845 to the very recent past, Indians in general and Hindus in particular have borne the brunt of State-sanctioned discrimination in various forms. It is therefore inconceivable that any Hindu can participate in any discussion that accepts State discrimination.

It is time that the Parliament debate the issue of protection of rights of all citizens who may have a different sexual orientation and keep up with the rest of the modern world.

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    I wonder if her answer was
    “I am neutered” what the response would have been?
    Lef d woman to do her job please thanks!!

  2. How is this relevant to the performance of her duties?

  3. can wrong if it was a man will they ask just because she does not have a man hang in on is on the other side I am sure she happy than most of u have husband or boyfriend and walking with a printed smile on their face forget does haters and be your happy self God bless u

  4. whats wrong with asking a question that addresses the most mentioned talking point of her appointment on social media discussions?
    we are living in a post-truth world; a world where the instantaneous nature of communications do not cater for the delays in publication of traditional media.
    I don’t have to wait for “De Gahhhhdian!” to tell me Weekes’s is not a lesbian if I have IG, FB, whatsapp, twitter and radio talkshows telling me that hey…maybe she is.
    ANY mainstream media that marries the social media the way that T&T MSM has is duty bound to report on it.
    And, as a journalist myself, I have to wonder: what is wrong with asking a question? ANY question. To ANYONE?
    We have a DUTY to ask what our public is either afraid or unable to!

    • The media also has a duty to the public to sift out and report what is truly important, rather than publishing sensational news to sell copies. Not every question is worth asking, and not every question deserves an answer. If it doesn’t serve some genuine public purpose, then why ask? This isn’t celebrity news.

    • what you just described can also be defined as censorship.

    • it is the publisher’s RIGHT to put whatever they want into their paper.
      And since we have seen no reprimand of any senior editorial staff at any newspaper, we can only assume that the publishers have endorsed the content directives of the papers

    • Free speech and free press comes with the responsibility to use it wisely, as with all Constitutional rights.

    • I have to agree with Marcus. Or else you would be asking Rowley if he had sex with the young lady a few Carnivals ago. Or asking Kamla about how many extramarital affairs she may or may not be involved in.
      Can a paper ask questions like that and still expect to be taken seriously?

    • We all make mistakes. We’re human. Wired868 would have done clumsy things too—hopefully with good intentions.
      I won’t go overboard in condemning the thing.
      But I believe if your defence is you can ask anything people have been saying on social media, you’re going down a slippery slope. Best to turn back from that road now and save the integrity of the paper.

    • Lasana Liburd THAT is the real issue here: does publishing toxic content have negative repercussions on the publication?
      I can ask anything i want!
      The editor elevated a question into a headline.
      Then the EiC elevated the headline to the front page.
      but the public wants blood for a reporter asking a question?
      The woman ANSWERED the question—on the record!
      SHE was not offended by the question. Why should we be?

    • does T&T care that there is a possibility that the future Head of State of our Republic mayhaps has skeletons in her closet?
      All things considered—and in light of the reporting of the CJ’s alleged proclivities and the negative impact it’s had on that office and the possible negative light cast on the legal profession (and not because he may be gay, but because he could have been entertaining his paramour abroad at the State’s expense) then this is a valid line of questioning.
      it satisfies the timeliness aspect of what makes something newsworthy.
      the other aspect is that everyone was talking.
      and here we are having a sober, robust discussion of it.
      IMO: internet gold!

    • In her own words:
      “I was just fascinated as to why that was of interest. It didn’t offend me, you ask me a question and I would give you an answer, but I just couldn’t understand why of all the things you would want to know about the person who is likely to be your next President is that, I should think there are far more important things that you would need to know.”

    • I won’t use Paula Mae Weekes decision to answer as justification. Suppose she hadn’t answered?
      The headline might read “New President refuses to say if she is lesbian!” or “New President refuses to squash lesbian rumours”.
      Paula had little choice really.
      Once the reporter included the question in his copy, he gave the editor the option of using it and from there on everyone has to take responsibility for the eventual story.
      I don’t know if Jason regrets it now or not.
      I don’t want blood. I just want people to understand why it is a slippery slope.
      And Paula? Well, hypothetically speaking, if any embarrassing personal details ever emerged she would then have this article that would show her as a liar. That would be unfortunate.

    • this is part of the discourse that sets the new rules for digital age media.
      The old rules don’t always apply

  5. It should have never been a f…… issue in the first place. Wth. Are these reporters lacking interviewing skills. It’s best her had asked what she had for breakfast and what she’s having for lunch if he did not know what to talk about.

  6. Allyuh couldn’t come up with anything to stop her becoming president so allyuh decided to try and shame her with this shit,we see you and we know who you’re and it will not work

  7. She said she’s not gay , so she’s not. Straight pride forever

  8. So what’s next, asking Calypso Rose about her private life instead of focusing on her massive contributions to the country and the international acclaim she has brought to our art forms? Should anyone who does not fall into the narrow pigeon-hole of assumed respectability and obvious heterosexuality even BOTHER to put their talents, intellect, backbone, love into this country, if that is the way they will be reduced by the media? To just a reproductive function?

  9. Why do some people continue to behave in this manner….lets stop the JUDGEMENT nonsense

  10. Nobody asked what Carmona’s sex life is like. And his wife’s. And if the aforementioned two questions are in anyway related. Lol. Dais dem business.
    I care about performance.

  11. Equality of rights? Since when for the LGBTQ community in Trinidad and Tobago. I must be living under a rock.

  12. Wondet if they have enough BALLS to ask Barry Paradath..if he is Gay or a Drag Queen

  13. U all expect her to say what she really is

  14. Successful female with no husband or children MUST be gay, right? #MaccoMentality

  15. My 2 cents worth: all of a sudden sexual orientation doesn’t matter? I know many actual people who would say otherwise. Many regular ordinary people , who get harassed at work or in the streets. I’m yet to see legislation brought forward to aid these people. But on all fairness , not because a woman isn’t married or have children , she’s a lesbian. Tit for tat and the monkey break he back ….

  16. I said yesterday that the Guardian is fighting to survive and therefore very desperate. Ask the workers there.

  17. Again to use a catch all phrase “Trinidad joournalism ” is to miss the point. We have had front line internationally respected publications like Caribbean Contact by the Caribbean Council of Churches. .Vanguard by OWTU. ..but they were trade union /activist based publications. Under CLR James. .the PNM’s the Nation led a Caribbean campaign to make Frank Worrell captain of W.I..We need to learn/remember these the facts and demand that Comrade editor Liburd keep telling us these things

  18. I wasn’t going to comment you know, because it is pointless, but I really don’t see what all the hubbub is about.
    Trinidad journalism has never adhered or aspired to any lofty standards, why should it? It’s not like there is a market for excellent journalism here, just slap some photos of murdered corpses and severed heads on the front page or show videos of minors and special needs people being sexually assaulted on TV crime shows and call that George, yuh will make yuh money. And who vex lorse because much like the stories of the 15 year old murdered and torched along with his unfortunate taxi driver and the story about someone who never applied for the office was appointed CoP, our anger only lasts 9 days max … and even then only on facebook.

    Who we foolin?

  19. Some us need to explain that the ‘media’ is NOT an objective, independent, naturally occurring phenomena..Rather it is a tool, a mechanism, a form of capital which serves the interest of the class that owns it..The Guardian which like a retail outlet or manufacture, is profit driven,,It is in merciless competition to drive the consumer in a particular direction. $3 or $4 a day a paper does not begin to meet the cost of production..Ads which drive consumer spending, articles which influence thought and drive policy making..There is nothing NEUTRAL about any publication..Paula Mae weekes is good copy.Ethics/morals/standards? THe guardian is the worst performer of the dailies..It is the only paper left in quantity at outlets by 3 or 4 p.m. Paula Mae Weekes is ‘good copy’ at the moment..”Good copy=more sales”

  20. this is going too far…If was me I would’ve resigned…too much damn nonsense…is it worth it??? The media in this country is just a total waste…where is TATT now…no moral values now….

  21. that is such a disrespectful question and highly inappropriate! I wonder why they never asked the yellow queen what was hers! I just don’t even understand what constitutes as “news” in present day furthermore…why would any professional media body print/broadcast shit over and over in tnt???

  22. A truly misogynistic view , disguised as a need for public awareness. Lesbianism is one of the first insults which Trinidadian men hurl at single professional women. It is getting old, people.

  23. Isnt “required to declare ” a bit inaccurate. ??

  24. And that journalist who even asked that questions really? That journalist just made T&T look like we are 2 decades behind. Her preference has nothing to do with her ability to do an excellent job. Smh…. constitutional reform please

  25. Whoever asked the president elect about her sexual orientation should be made to publicly apologize for attempting to put the lady in an embarrassing position.

    • No one asked her, she volunteered the info she said she saw on some FB posts. She is on FB inno

    • Savitri, this is the direct quote from the Guardian:
      “As a result of this, the T&T Guardian asked Weekes whether or not she is a lesbian.”

    • Quote from the article starting at the top: “Social media talk stuns President-elect

      President-elect Paula-Mae Weekes,left, during a one-on-one interview with Guardian Media’s Deputy Head of News Investigations, Joel Julien, at the Office of the Parliament, Port-of-Spain, yesterday.
      “No, I am not a lesbian.”

      That was the firm response of president-elect Paula-Mae Weekes yesterday as she sought to put to rest questions, raised on social media, about her sexual orientation in light of the fact that she has never been married or had any children.

      Speaking to the T&T Guardian in an one-on-one interview, Weekes said she was “fascinated” that some people would be more interested in her sexual orientation than her character and ability to do the job as this country’s next head of State.

      “Somebody drew to my attention a photograph that was a composite of me and another person and saying that I was a homosexual and I wondered ‘well how did they arrive there, based on what?’ But you know you can’t really spend any of your valuable time looking at those things,” Weekes said.”

    • Savitri Maharaj that doesn’t take away from fact that Guardian specifically asked that question. She didn’t offer to say “I am not a lesbian.” She was responding to a Guardian question.

    • However, Weekes, who has a Facebook account, admitted the social media site is a “savage world.” It was there questions about her sexual orientation were raised.

      As a result of this, the T&T Guardian asked Weekes whether or not she is a lesbian.

      “No I’m not, but you know what fascinated me is why were they going there at all? Why did they think it necessary to either find that out, or make up their own story,” Weekes said.

      “I was just fascinated as to why that was of interest. It didn’t offend me, you ask me a question and I would give you an answer, but I just couldn’t understand why of all the things you would want to know about the person who is likely to be your next President is that, I should think there are far more important things that you would need to know.”

    • I can post the entire article…everything in context inno

    • Let me put it this way. Savitri Maharaj did the Guardian ask Paula Mae Weekes if she is a lesbian?

    • There is already a link to the Guardian article in the story eh. But thanks. Whatever reason they might have found, the question is did the Guardian ask if she was a lesbian?

    • After she volunteered the info, he did, maybe for emphasis and she could address it directly

    • Well there you go. The Guardian asked the question because they felt it was worth asking. And that was the choice of the reporter/paper.
      They didn’t have to.
      There is all sort of stuff said online and many libellous. You can choose to bring it into the mainstream or you can leave it in the gutter.
      Their choice and they have to own it now.

  26. Society will naturally speculate, but it was wrong of the Guardian to pose that question to her. However, I feel like the onus was on her to use it as an opportunity to put Guardian in their place.

    • It is an awkward position. As President elect, she is already joining the circus. I could understand her opting not to rattle cages too early.
      That is if she was offended at all.
      Having seen the furore around Carmona and Archie, I don’t blame her for wanting to pace herself.

    • It could never be wrong of the guardian …. As s Madame she is supposed to know the laws governing sexual orientation and declare such before entering public office

    • Devon there is a law against anal sex. There is no law against being gay. And I might be a layman here but I don’t think anal sex is an integral part of lesbianism.

    • Lasana Liburd I guess that’s true, she can’t continue to be the lecturer I knew in law school, she would adjust to being in office. Devon London She’s under no obligation to disclose same, and likewise breaching no written law relating to same. Further, she knows the law better than most.

    • Research and see for yourself my boy that’s all I’m saying…. Its not written but there is a level of moral obligations to disclose…. But the law is there governed under sodomy

    • There is a law Lasana Liburd but I must admit that I misinterpreted it… It deals with openly gay non citizens/nationals and entering the country … Not for born locals…. My apologies Marcus R. Seepersad

    • Devon I’d actually forgotten that law for foreign visitors which was actually invoked by one party when Elton John was due to visit for a Jazz festival.
      So I suppose you literally can ask visitors: Are you gay?
      What a thing.

    • No law exists that prohibits someone from having a certain sexual orientation.

      The law is the same old Victorian-era law against two men bulling and just like the Victorian law, it cannot be enforced unless you catch those men in flagrante (in the middle of the act) or if one brings charges against the other or if a police officer goes undercover and tries to entrap men (as police officers in the UK used to do in public bathrooms generations ago) which I doubt any officer would want to do. Also, the law is ridiculous as the sex acts it prohibits (anal and oral sex) are also practiced by heterosexual couples.

      Yes, Lasana Liburd is correct, Elton John, Tim Gunn (when he came to visit Anya during Project Runway finals), among many other known gay men have entered T&T.

      We know the law is outdated and stupid and without any rational merit. We know if we enforce it, our Human Rights record slumps even lower in the global mind space. So we don’t enforce it and might as well repeal it.

  27. Big fat watery Cheups (at the headline)
    Not tonight eh …iz Kes Tuesday!

  28. And what if the response was “yes”? What would’ve happened next?
    Surprisingly a man like Dale Enoch of ALL people, didn’t find nothing wrong with the question. How come?

  29. I will admit that I personally have an issue with gay people. I just cannot come to terms with accepting it as a way of life. If we continue this way maybe one day man will be fighting for the rights to be in relationship with animals and we will be arguing if its right or wrong. Where do we draw the line?
    Nevertheless I believe that the Guardian was very out of place and disrespectful for what they did.

  30. Weyzzzz dawg, the ignorance smelling high in here tonight

  31. While I respect the author’s views and do find the enquiring of the good lady’s sexual preferences totally out of place, may I also mention that homosexual relationships are still illegal in our law books and I am one that will be hesitant to align my friendship to anyone so inclined. You are free to term me offensive and reprehensible, but that’s me and I ain’t changing. Finally, until the laws are revised, anyone in a homosexual relationship is breaking the law, and that applies to all, from Prime minister to Soil engineer. What is a “modern” world to you, is a sick, perverted world to me.

  32. Objectively speaking, public office must hold up to public scrutiny.

    We have been dodging LGBT issues decades now, preferring to bury our heads in the sand and invoke religious doctrines whilst blatantly celebrating fornication and adultery. I always remind the bible thumpers… big gootie, small gootie… same shot! You cannot cry down one sin and big up the other two!

    Anyways, I digress.

    I heard the rumour, I don’t care! What two consenting adults do in their bedroom is none of my business. In Rwanda a government official said that he does not even kiss his wife in public far more to talk about such matters!

    I am far more intetested in her jurisprudence. See, if Volney was suggested I woulda mount a campaign against him for sure. Brad Boyce, Abu Bakr amnesty, Section 34 etc… I coulda mount a case! Who is Paula Mae Weekes though? I knows nothing of her other than her name. As a former appellate judge, that is phenomenal!

    I was surprised to learn that she had never been married. Usually, because of protocol matters, it is usually better if there is a Mr & Mrs in the office in order to receive other visting heads of state and their spouses, it’s much easier that way. At the recent state funeral for President Richards, I found myself asking who is this Mr. Garcia? Hmmmm! lol

    As I have said, public office means public scrutiny and it is my sincerest hope that whatever might be Auntie Mae’s personal life story, when brought to bear on the office of the President, I hope it is positive. From what I’ve seen thus far, I am very optimistic and wish her every success whilst holding the office.

    • I wonder which wife assisted the father of the nation Dr. Eric Eustace Williams to welcome guests when he was PM fo so many years? Who assisted a Kamla to welcome guest?

    • The “Doc” was married (more than once), and has 3 children. AND, contrary to popular belief, there is a MR. BISSESSAR! ????
      Also doh forget, PMs are not Heads of State.

      Whilst there are even a few gay heads of state around the world, I think there are even less that are not married or at least in a common-law relationship.

    • Ezra Joaquim pure did not answer the question. He divorced his first wife before he was ever prime minister. The second one died before he became prime Minister. The third marriage was a sham. Incidentally note that for a long time his daughter Erica assisted him in welcoming guest to T &T.. from your statement that PM are not obliged to have wives.

  33. It’s really refreshing to read your inquiry. However when the allegations swirled around in respect of the CJ, I can’t recall any person going to his Defence.

  34. I guess no one would bat an eye if she had three or four children by three or four partners like many of our National heroes That would have been Soo much more acceptable

  35. Can anyone tell me the real function of a president besides replacing some jackass governor general?

    • In a country deeply divided by political tribes with distinctive bases, it is good to have a national figurehead who’s apolitical.

    • The former Governor Generals were a leftover from the Crown representatives who held the Prerogative powers of the Crown, same as the Queen does in England. Legally and politically, they represented the Crown and exercised the Prerogative powers. When Trinidad and Tobago adopted the Westminister political/legal system, the countries got a written Constitution modelled after the Brish system. That required a Head of State who could continue to exercise the Prerogative powers which are meant to be Independent of the Government and in keeping with the principle of Separation of Powers.

      The British system is different from the American federal system, because of the ‘top-down’ power structure and the principle of Parliamentary Supremacy.

      Being fully Republic, Trinidad and Tobago can probably remove the Office of the President and replace it with a ‘Council’ of some sort, but the Office is already written into the Constitution. Removing the Office will require a major change to the Constitution itself.

  36. Colonial hang-ups? What does that have to do with the subject matter?

  37. On the bright side, if there is one, the issue is now out of the way and we can focus on what really matters- her installation and performance as Head of State

  38. Uhmm..Anybody actually read the story? Or just the headline?

  39. If a particular lifestyle is against the law, then we must know if someone aspiring to high office indulges in such behaviour. Remember, in lesbian sex, one party will have to insert a foreign object into the other party .

  40. I admit I was a bit surprised (outraged?) that was the headline on a daily newspaper on the heels of such a historical appointment.
    Question: if sodomy is against the law, is being gay and female legally acceptable?
    In any event, whether this person is gay or not, I trust good sense would prevail and we judge her performance based on her deeds/actions rather than any perceived sexuality.
    Same as for any other office holder.
    To my mind, this only becomes an issue if it is actually true, and it is against the law, which the officer holder is beholden to upkeep.

  41. Yeah, you guys are right, I suggest we change the name of Buller Street to Dillon Johnson Street..

  42. Happy to see almost everyone come to the agreement that someone’s sexuality has nothing to do with their ability to do the job. As we move forward, hopefully parliamentarians and other public figures, especially the men (like Padarath) are treated as fairly. Treat with their substance and actual character.

  43. And the story now takes on a life of its own which has nothing to do with the person’s ability/suitability..”Yellow journalism” it is called..

  44. It is not just about the competence of a person in this position, but also her moral character. If she were in fact gay, this wouls not bode well for the direction in which tnt may head.

    • What, pray tell, does a person’s sexuality have to do with their character?

    • What? Are we still that archaic in our thinking? Are we so judgmental and misinformed to assume that if someone is gay that they are immoral and incompetent to lead? I think you need to educate yourself because LBGT people have ruled many nations of this world since time immemorial. You know what…. maybe that’s what T&T needs because none of us who are ‘straight’ have been able to govern T&T effectively for the last 30 or 40 years. The heterosexuals have made a mess of this beautiful two-island nation. Geezannages, boy…

    • Ah really wish Ms Weekes was gay and did come out so she could say, “So what? Piss off.”

    • After reading your article I am not surprised, Ms holder… #dwnwdeva

    • Its not an issue of Character. Our current CJ is most likely gay or bi but his conduct in office is seemingly above board.
      The correct thinking is do your job without bringing the office into disrepute. Being gay or hetero has no effect on that unless you add scandals. Keep it in the closet so we dont have TT’s name dragged in mud because you wanna live flamboyantly. So Paula is cool. If they chose Padarath we would be within our rights to ask why, by what reasoning would such a choice not shame us. Even Kamla was a poor fit with her nocturnal trysts with glen and company. We need leaders above reproach. People whose conduct is unfit are the ones to avoid.

    • So their sexual preferences ? Why can’t a successful judge be heterosexual and single and a woman ? We’re a hot mess oui

    • This has to be THE most backward comment of 2018

    • Being openly gay is considered unfit conduct?! ????

    • Sexual orientation is not a moral issue. How one uses their sexuality is. Does not matter if you are gay, bi or straight, you can be honest, ethical and responsible in your pursuit of sexual satisfaction/relationships and treat your partner/s with honesty, respect, consent and regard for their health and happiness OR you can be a lying, abusive, predatory, oathbreaking, irresponsible douchebag.

      We have plenty of the latter among ALL orientations. Many of the same people who are quick to condemn gay people are SILENT when it’s a heterosexual from the party they support, behaving in the latter manner. They would cry down a lesbian in a committed relationship that is happy and healthy but turn a blind eye to a philandering heterosexual spreading trauma and illegitimate children everywhere.

      More attention to substance and less attention to style, is needed.

    • So if a politician preaents themselves isn clown costume I must take them seriously?
      Sorry but miss me with the bullshit. Flaunting sexuality is not okay. If Rowley turned up in a tank top ir tight fitted jersey to parade muscle it would be inappropriate. If Paula turned up in a navel breaker with deep plunging neckline and mini skirt or fitted jeggings in would also be inappropriate. Padarath is free to screw whom he desires or be screwed. Wearing the flaming outfits however is not appropriate to his station. If Annisette were to come to parliament dressed in a costume from a section in Harts or Tribe we would condemn the act for the disrepute it represents. Deportment and conduct are part of the package and anyone who thinks otherwise hasnt a clue what representation means.
      Those are the ones who see no issue with a drunken lush for PM.

    • You do know they’re openly homosexual persons that dress very normally and walk amongst us everyday right? I’m never able to understand why people believe to be openly gay it mean you’re automatically flamboyant. ?

    • There are also flamboyant people who aren’t gay, like Prince (RIP). Some men have higher voices than others, it also does not mean they are gay. Some love creativity and high fashion, and it does not mean they are gay. We just need to stop pigeon-holing and oppressively policing people’s harmless self-expression. Just let people be.

    • All. Of. What. Jessica. Said. ALL

    • Jessica self expression is fine. Be aware however of roles. If I want to self express then go be a showman or artiste. Politics is supposed to be about expressing for those you represent. Your electorate. Not just those who voted for you. All of them. To say justify his self expression as him being himself is to forget that he isnt there for himself. He should be there for TT not just his saffron wearing voters. Not just his lgbt minority. Your defence of his ignorance only provides proof of your poverty of knowledge.

    • So do you think gay people are not part of the electorate? Or only straight voters matter?

    • Chris, you are making no sense. None.

    • This fight down says more about the opposers than those fighting for change. The insecurities are there. It’s obvious.

    • Im saying represent all and leave self expression for other forums. To suggest that we allow politicians opportunity to express any fool ideas a minority feel comfortable with is pure ignorance.
      LGBT were considered textbook mental issues until the sexual revolution whereupon all manner of filth was given license. The stark reality should hit home when there is a man claiming that he is to be considered six year old girl despite his fifty plus years as a man.
      Gender reassignment surgeries do not change DNA. All of this nonsense is plain madness and suggesting otherwise is delusion.
      Science has never found any evidence to back opinions about feeling different. Conjecture has never at anytime brought proof of physiological differences between hetero and LGBT individuals.
      Until that changes your points are moot. If a gay personage wishes as a politician to give support to LGBT sufferers he may do so in speach or by attending their groups openly. In parliament however he is to represent TT and as such should never present himself as partisan. To accept this error is to allow racists a forum for their hate and facists room to spread errors.
      Let wisdom be your guide. Not popular sentiment.

    • A former St Mary’s College student with the worst arguments ever. I’m utterly confused. It must be me yes. I’m out.

    • Wait for me Andrew ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

    • Andrew to call it worst requires a rebuttal. With none all you contributed was an ad hominem attack that suggests no actual logic or truth to work with. I dont worry about sentiments because they are as useful as a handkerchief to stop a rifle’s bullet.

    • Chris Mark D “representing all” will eventually mean to represent those disadvantaged by the majority. Your arguments for LGB activity being classified as disorders by old textbooks is as potent as an argument that people once believed the earth flat, after the world has moved on.

      Just so we are clear, “Hysteria” “female hysteria” and the “vapours” were also textbook mental disorders, equally as obsolete as homosexual behaviour. ( i purposefully exclude transgenderism, as medical opinion still views it as gender or body dismorphia.)

      Nevertheless, your slippery slope technique (used to protect bigoted opinions by creating false equivalencies) has been used to protect the opinions of slavers, inquisitors, racial segregation, religious integration and now homophobia. Your attempt at linking paedophilia with homosexuality is a fallacy in of itself, thus causing argumentative depreciation.

      furthermore, one does not have to be LGB to advocate for their human rights, the same way one does not have to be black to argue for racial equity.


    • Not once have i equated paedophillia with lgbt. I spoke of a man who deludedly believes he is a six yr old girl

    • As for your rebuttal it lacks both truth and substance. At no time has psychiatry or psychology found lgbt delusions to be sane. At no time can anyone show why they were removed. Therefore saying its old does not make it less true. Feel free to quote anyone with credentials that can explain the delusions as sane. Make my day. Either by edifying or entertaining. Getting the popcorn while I sip my tea.

  45. We have a straight PM and he cant do the job so what is the problem if she is a lesbian or not?

    • Why don’t you apply for the job? Every single PM has been subject to widespread criticism. I think the critics should all come together and take over since they have all the answers.

    • They are only critics. Not one of them has given a single solution that is workable. Remember mr death march Cadiz? Contribution? =00000.
      They all run mouth but have no plan of action that brings results. They talk about crime in ways that sounds like they wish to remove all the disadvantaged to carrera and think that solves problem. They dont acknowledge white collar crime, political mischief or exploitation by business people as the drivers that create the environment. In effect they are really just seeking to have their friend in office. They seem to have either class or race bias and cannot stand scrutiny. Example PEA who lost jobs because of embezzlement and theft offers himself. Take him serious? Only if you want wastage, graft and theft by office holders.

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